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Who called me 01244478037

View informations about the number 01244478037 SHOW
Phone number: 01244478037
Country: UK
Region: Leeds
Kind of number: Landline
Prefix: 113
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If you know the number 01244478037 and you want to share this information with other Internet users, leave your comment. Remember that according to the law in force, at the request of the owner of the phone, the comment may be removed and in specific cases the phone number may be blocked in our database.

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Comments for the number 01244478037

anonym2019-03-06 00:43:21

Keeps calling and when I call back won't give any info on the company

anonym2019-03-06 00:43:21

Confirmed telemarketing accident chasers....added to block list, suggest you do the same....only 2 clicks on an iPhone!

anonym2019-03-06 00:43:21

Some bored idiot asking about car claims! These lot need to get a life

anonym2019-03-06 00:43:21

Giving missed call in midnight

anonym2019-03-06 00:43:21

I just want to know who called me because i rarely pick unknown numbers.

anonym2019-03-06 00:43:21

Kept calling and hanging up every time I answered

anonym2019-03-06 00:43:21

this number called my 87 year old mother. a lady was screaming in the background. they said they would hurt the lady unless my mother sent them money........ police were notified

anonym2019-03-06 00:43:21

Random caller

anonym2019-03-06 00:43:21

Aggressive telemarketer - put the phone down on me when I asked who was calling. When I called the company to complain, they denied that they made the call.

anonym2019-03-06 00:43:21

Charged twice for this number on my ee billing don't know who it is

Anonym2019-01-30 15:01:58

fortunately I wasn't at my desk when they called, however, googled the number, thanks guys have now blocked the number.

Anonym2019-01-29 22:02:37

It was silent on other end after i received the call. Cut after 10 seconds and blocking the number.

Anonym2019-01-17 14:19:49

Rang once and hung up straight away.

Anonym2018-12-25 09:36:23

0124448307 Blocked , get about 10 of these from different numbers every week.

Anonym2018-12-14 03:26:45


Anonym2018-12-13 01:49:39

Another 1 which will b blocked absolutely sick of them

Anonym2018-10-11 08:15:33

Call centre generated - silent for about 30 secs, someone said hello as I ended call.

Anonym2018-08-15 16:22:47

this number dialled me - not an expected number, and using google to find this page, was helpful as indicative of a nuisance call. i might phone them up and see how long i can string them along for.

Anonym2018-07-26 04:45:37

Called today . Usual ppl crap. They should get a life.

Anonym2018-07-20 06:37:06

Got a call from 01244478037. No idea how they got my number. I've blocked it!

Anonym2018-07-01 04:14:33

They phoned my number and it only rang for two seconds. I won't be calling back!

Anonym2018-06-28 20:06:53

Haven't had this one before so tried a ring back - don't bother.

Anonym2018-06-05 23:15:57

01244 478037 - rude individual. Laughed when I told him to take my number of the system and then went on to question why, as apparently whatever they had applied to me??????!!!!

Anonym2018-05-30 14:32:16

01244 478037 Cold call

Anonym2018-05-27 15:54:12

keep calling i will block them after reading the comments on here

Anonym2018-05-11 12:11:30

Comes up as calling from Chester. Seems to be no one on the other end and then the call ends after about ten seconds.

Anonym2018-03-28 07:39:25

another one to ignore

Anonym2018-03-28 03:36:40

unwanted call - looked up on this site and decided not to call back - thank you

Anonym2018-03-15 10:44:37

Yes received this call today, bank holiday Monday.. from Chester England.. BLOCK EM... SCAM!!

Anonym2018-02-24 01:31:25

I stayed polite as the female caller refused to listen that I was sorted on PPI check. The straightforward 'no thank you' from me was responded to by her hanging up. Not a thank you, have a nice day or anything. Rude girl. No need for it.

Anonym2018-01-28 00:50:31

Called today which is bank holiday. Spammers call you in hours /days that you have your mind distracted

Anonym2017-12-29 17:25:31

Thanks for the useful comments. Glad I ignored my phone now! Didn't recognise the number so didn't pick up straight away and thought I'd check first. Cheers.

Anonym2017-12-16 04:17:31

Bl---y fed up with these people, I hope that some day they get as pissed off as we do, d---heads

Anonym2017-11-15 00:07:30

Cold calling PPI call

Anonym2017-11-13 14:12:34

Bollocks to them

Anonym2017-10-26 16:30:57

Scam - block it

Anonym2017-09-25 20:08:25


Anonym2017-09-21 07:46:19

It has not been possible to connect your call - this was the message I got from this call I received. After saying hello and a 10 second silence - blocked number now as I don't know anyone I m Chester which is the area code. 01244478037 - I suggest to block to anyone.

Anonym2017-08-25 17:53:14

I've come to recognise these types of calls. Usually asking about PPI or car accident compensation.

Anonym2017-08-07 06:34:59


Anonym2017-07-02 21:08:36

Blocked thanks to this site!

Anonym2017-06-11 21:29:11

Hung up as soon as I answered really sick of these calls probably scammers

Anonym2017-06-09 21:57:05

Cold call PPI. Very persistent and bullying and drew me into a conversation I didn't want to have. Upset me wanting details of my dead husband.

Anonym2017-06-03 00:46:27

PPI claims

Anonym2017-06-02 19:05:31

Scam call! Said I was driving my car and in an accident

Anonym2017-05-08 14:32:16

PPI rogues

Anonym2017-03-31 20:54:18

Pain in the backside!

Anonym2017-03-27 12:56:27

Called and connected but no answer just stayed connected until I hung up.

Anonym2017-03-16 20:39:49

PPI claim check company cold call. Kept saying that even they could check for hidden charges even if I never had PPI. Kept talking over my repeated requests to be removed from their phone list until they cut me off. Added to my blocked number list.

Anonym2017-02-08 11:59:16

Picked up the phone to this number but there was silence on the other line before saying they couldn't connect my call. Waste of time. Blocked

Anonym2017-02-01 02:25:25

Getting calls on a weekly basis. Dont recognise the number so dont pick up. Glad i dont

Anonym2017-01-17 05:51:03


Anonym2017-01-11 20:37:22

these id**ts and bloody p*sts need stopped and quickly - 01244478037

Anonym2017-01-01 04:24:14

Yet another pack of devious time-wasters. Ignore.

Anonym2016-12-30 05:43:46

repeated caller

Anonym2016-12-26 13:17:06

Just received a call from them and I've been in an accident even though I don't even own a car!

Anonym2016-11-29 00:16:12

Unsure who so didn't answer - spam obviously.

Anonym2016-11-25 02:18:01

Knew my name. Calling about a potential refund. Asked if I had made my PPI claim yet. Jog on. Blocked!

Anonym2016-10-03 22:11:21

PPI cold call

Anonym2016-10-03 13:54:24

Called 'Help my claim' (PPI douche bags).

Anonym2016-09-27 04:39:08

obvious scam

Anonym2016-09-20 20:34:42

constant phone calls, block this number

Anonym2016-08-23 07:16:51

Pain in the arse

Anonym2016-08-02 13:37:20

Spam call. Dont pick up

Anonym2016-07-21 12:27:27

good guys

Anonym2016-07-16 12:01:35

I answer unknown callers even if it's a genuine call they will leave a message or contact you some other way. Block it. Never call back it can be a scam to charge you for the return call .....And now it seems they are hiding behind 0800 codes on landline calls that in our case is ex-directory thanks goodness for these web sites and the ability to block these calls from our landline and mobile providers.Block it.

Anonym2016-07-09 16:28:27

Knew it was spam... DECLINED

Anonym2016-06-07 16:24:12

My new phone with updated android seems to know when some spam calls are coming in and this one came up as "possible spam call" as it was ringing. (I'm very impressed with this new feature) Needless to say, I pressed "block number" and then checked on here so glad I blocked it and really pleased my phone warned me before I answered!

Anonym2016-06-06 22:06:00

No one replied when picked up the phone. Blocked them

Anonym2016-06-05 16:53:28


Anonym2016-05-28 06:20:39

Called asking if I had claimed any PPI. It was a nice and polite woman at the end of the line, but after I told her I didn't have anything that would result in PPI she apologised for called and hung up. Number now blocked.

Anonym2016-05-27 12:08:40

Having read comments on this site I have now blocked the number.

Anonym2016-05-23 07:02:29

made me cry - confused me and laughed

Anonym2016-04-13 00:53:19

Checked on here and blocked them!

Anonym2016-02-15 23:30:50

PPI call. Never answer a call if they don't know your name.

Anonym2016-01-30 23:41:09


Anonym2016-01-19 09:44:52

PPI call.

Anonym2016-01-11 20:59:04

I already have this number blocked but it comes up on my screen as Aql Wholesale.(spam)

Anonym2016-01-10 13:57:02

Had a phone call saying I had ppi and I said I haven't had any loans or anything out to get ppi back so asked nicely for my number to be taken off there list and the woman was quite rude saying I don't understand and trying getting my details but wouldn't give to her I am getting every angry so said I have my kids to look after I am not interested and asked very nicely for them to not ring me again and she said I was being rude to her piss take

Anonym2015-12-17 10:27:48

Has just asked about my no fault car crash. When asked him to give me the information he had he began swearing at me down the phone

Anonym2015-12-10 22:05:10

Googled this number and blocked after all the comments - thankyou

Anonym2015-11-28 21:30:28

no credit to call back. don't know them. JUST PISS OFF.

Anonym2015-11-27 16:32:52

I answer all these call. I don't talk, I don't listen, just answer it, put your handset down and let them talk. After 20-30 seconds they hang up. They will redial, so do the same thing. After 5 or 6 times, they stop ringing. Costs me nothing and makes me laugh. Cost's them an amount of their operators time and whatever they are charged for a number of minutes of phone calls.

Anonym2015-11-19 12:22:28

Please report live callers to the ICO (if you are already registered with the TPS) and silent or abandoned calls to OFCOM. Spam callers do not care if you post here; they DO worry when they are reported to Ofcom or the ICO, which takes 5 minutes or less. btw, if you are not registered with the TPS, you're a total mug. Your phone company don't care either as they get to sell you caller ID and increase their revenue for call blocking.

Anonym2015-11-08 09:09:44

Annoying lady on the end of the phone asking about PPI- yawn..when will they give up????

Anonym2015-11-08 03:11:22

Repeat calls from this number.

Anonym2015-10-12 02:14:33

No fault car accident call - I have never been in an accident. Second call from this number in two weeks despite me asking to have my details removed from their database. "Brad" assured me they had a file saying someone in my household - yes ok!

Anonym2015-09-08 03:03:55

Man with British accent called my number asking for my fiancée. I currently have the flu and throat infection and can barely speak but didn't think it warranted being called Sir! Lol he then asked if I was Mr .... I tried to say "no but I can pass him the phone" but the guy hung up on me the second he heard the "no". Don't know how these people keep getting our numbers. My grandparents get scam calls every day, like serious ones that ask for bank details and stuff. I love running them round in circles until they get dizzy. Last Friday I had an Indian guy give me his bank details!!

Anonym2015-08-03 18:59:05

I blocked the number, and reported it to the ICO

Anonym2015-07-16 11:23:48

Always check on here a invaluable site if you dont know the number

Anonym2015-06-17 10:14:27

this is what I have to say we all have phones and we have no protecting from our own phone companys it makes you think if all the phone companys are not getting payed for this phone companys do not protect customers we are all fools for letting them get away with it I say stop all these nonson phone calls now

Anonym2015-06-11 02:32:39

cold call about ppi annoying and just don't listen when you tell them NO?

Anonym2015-05-31 07:09:23

Obvious PPI scam. Told him to rethink his life choices and he got incredibly rude and aggressive, a real company would not do that. I also never had PPI so it was at the very least a cold call. Get these people shut down.

Anonym2015-05-22 17:25:09

claim/help call, don't bother

Anonym2015-04-22 09:08:33

No one spoke, usual nonsense from similar telephone numbers.

Anonym2015-04-18 19:16:30

Persistent PPI twat

Anonym2015-04-11 02:54:04

I was asked if I was Mr Hamilton. When I said I wasn't, 'Brad' said I may be interesting in their products. I hung up.

Anonym2015-04-08 17:28:18

No idea who they are.... No message left so not important.

Anonym2015-04-05 12:30:54

They ring constantly & then hung up.....definately a nuisance.

Anonym2015-03-08 09:16:47

Called my mobile number, don't know anyone in Chester so didn't answer. Left no message so not important.

Download the full report for the number 01244478037 SHOW

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Right pain, tries every couple of days, blocked.

anonym - about number: 01183040465

Number calls work place and family members threatening to serve papers. Called and was hung up on for asking questions. People there are awful.

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Several missed calls

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CID: Private Number. Calls before 8:00 am, 6 times in the last week. Does not leave a message.

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call from person foreign accent wanting me to answer questions but I did,nt understand

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medicare scam

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This person specifically asked for me by name, then hung up. My pc started acting strange, got a feeling something wasn't right. My pc security said that it was a potential spy/virus on my pc, placed sameday that # called!

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called answer line went dead. redialled, incorrect numer

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If it a number I don't know I don't answer but this number is doing my head in today 5 call today alone and it's not even night time had enought

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I want to no who's this number is they have been ringing me 3 times a day I've told them every time to take my number off there computer and don't ring me again as I work on roofs, they have phoned me again today and I've dropped my iPhone 6 off the roof and its smashed to pieces I'm not happy and want to get in contact with them the number they ring off goes dead after it ringing for 2 mins