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Who called me 01412808631

View informations about the number 01412808631 SHOW
Phone number: 01412808631
Country: UK
Region: Leeds
Kind of number: Landline
Prefix: 113
Download the full report for the number 01412808631 SHOW

If you know the number 01412808631 and you want to share this information with other Internet users, leave your comment. Remember that according to the law in force, at the request of the owner of the phone, the comment may be removed and in specific cases the phone number may be blocked in our database.

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Comments for the number 01412808631

anonym2019-03-06 05:24:15

These people are annoying My Jar Loans ringing at 11 O clock at night.

anonym2019-03-06 05:24:15

linda works

anonym2019-03-06 05:24:15

They sound from india or some country like that. Hard to understand what their saying, when I told him to delete my number from their list. He started to talk to me with bad words as M#@$$f...

anonym2019-03-06 05:24:15

answerphone message claiming someone is filing a lawsuit against me

anonym2019-03-06 05:24:15

Called but did not leave a message. Do not know who this is

anonym2019-03-06 05:24:15

Sales call

anonym2019-03-06 05:24:15

Called regarding a "credit card account". Spam & Scam

anonym2019-03-06 05:24:15

A strange woman called and asked for me by name saying she was from the "Back Jeremy Corbyn Campaign" then proceeded to ask if I had voted for him!

anonym2019-03-06 05:24:15

Called wanting to know whereabouts of my mortgage. He claimed to be Louis, can tell he's lying since he has an Indian accent.

anonym2019-03-06 05:24:15

Received voicemail, on my cellphone, with classical music playing. Attempted to call back with business phone and has phonetree recording with no explanation of what the establishment is, so hung up.

Anonym2019-02-03 13:08:29

Had 5/6 of these which we don’t pick up as our phone cleverly tells that it’s likely a fraud or scam.They leave a voicemail each time and say “this is (unintelligible) it’s nothing to worry about we’ll call again another time”. They’re now blocked - why they can’t get a job that is respectable beats me ?

Anonym2019-01-22 02:58:45

Also called me daily for the last two weeks, left a concerning recorded voice message, can't make out beginning but ending with 'it's nothing to worry about'. I also had a voice message asking me to call a number if I wanted to be removed from there lists, it sounded like they said utility company but I'm not 100% as that message was also recorded and muffled. I won't be calling any numbers lol. I have now blocked the number from calling me hoping voice mails stop to.

Anonym2018-12-22 07:28:20

They have called me every day for the last week while I have been at work. They always leave a voicemail, the start of which I cannot make out. At the end of the message they say "it is noting to worry about" which, of course makes you worry that it is something important. Very annoying as I thought it might be my doctors.

Anonym2018-12-01 07:28:36

Same as above, call from different numbers with an incoherent voice mail. I never answer but it is really annoying.

Anonym2018-09-28 15:15:34

?0141 280 8631?

Anonym2018-09-24 16:24:50

It's a company called Utilitas. they are flogging cheap energy. So annoying. 5 calls in 4 days. I block each one and they phone from a different extension number in the same call centre.

Anonym2018-09-16 22:39:46

Although I blocked this number, and 3 others that they have used, either Glasgow or Sunderland area codes, they still leave messages from saying: Eclipse, nothing to worry about and will call again. Wish they wouldn't!

Anonym2018-08-30 12:27:39

Mumbled message 'nothing to worry about'. Regular repeat caller. Block it!

Anonym2018-08-23 22:42:08

Same s*cm are using 01915805049.

Anonym2018-07-31 16:44:40

Keep phoning me every day. Leaving voicemail only

Anonym2018-07-29 12:29:43

Non stop ringing and leaving voice messages which you can hardly understand.

Anonym2018-07-26 16:26:26

Unable to understand first part of message . Keeps calling ????

Anonym2018-07-10 04:02:25

Keep getting call and unable to make out the name of the company or person very suspicious .

Anonym2018-07-05 19:16:27

Sick of this number!!!!!!

Anonym2018-06-26 00:14:13

Rang my mobile. Did not answer as not a number I recognised. Now blocked.

Anonym2018-06-19 12:56:26

This number has rung me 3 times and left a voicemail which I can partially understand.I have blocked the number but it still left a voicemail when it rung me today.I didn't answer as I didn't know the number.

Anonym2018-06-18 14:32:22

Utilita trying to get you interested in a smart meter I said absolutely not interested thanks for your call and as I hung up the girl on the other end was still talking down the phone.

Anonym2018-06-05 00:22:04

this number keeps calling.i've blocked it but it still leaves voicemail saying nothing to worry about.the message has now changed to say if i want removing from their contact list to ring a different number.i won't be ringing it though in case it charges me or they somehow can get details

Anonym2018-05-29 02:38:26

Someone answered with a Scottish accent after I said hello but it sounds like they were down a pub so I don't know because that's different to everyone else

Anonym2018-05-20 21:57:44

Phone 10 times now

Anonym2018-05-18 20:34:56

Sick and tired of this number keep ringing leaving voicemail which i cant understand so irritating

Anonym2018-04-11 16:54:53


Anonym2018-04-07 17:24:02

Call daily & leave voicemail they will phone again. Wish they would stop.

Anonym2018-03-31 01:16:25

Don’t stop calling it’s pissing me off

Anonym2018-03-16 01:02:41

Called and left a message with a mumbled company’ name, saying they would call back. They call several times a day despite being blocked

Anonym2018-03-14 17:11:33

Voicemail didn’t ring can’t understand start of message nothing to worry about at end how do you block voivemail

Anonym2018-03-05 20:14:35

This number has somehow managed to leave me a 'hard to understand' voicemail several times - without my phone even ringing! I've blocked the number but it hasn't worked. Very annoying!

Anonym2018-02-28 03:21:49

Despite blocking the number I still get a voicemail message telling me "it's nothing to worry about and will call again" so I decided to call the number back and got through to an automated service which allows you to remove your number from their calling list. Fingers crossed I will not be having anymore calls

Anonym2018-02-26 20:53:48

Calling me everyday, call getting through despite being added to blocked list. I initially called back and got a mumbled message with promise to call me back later.

Anonym2018-02-06 09:10:24

This number is calling me Daily, several times a day. They aleasy leave a voicemessage with a blurred company name and then a very clear statement of "nothing to worry about we will call again".

Anonym2018-01-30 22:39:28

Keep phoning me every day on different numbers and leaving automated voice messages!

Anonym2018-01-15 14:38:11

Keeps keep blocking different numbers from Scotland pain in ass do not answer

Anonym2018-01-03 19:26:34

This number is calling every day of the week leaving voice mail which i cannot understand what they are saying only to say nothing to worry about don't know who they are they are getting a pain have blocked this number but then they are changing the last digit going to have a word with my network provider.

Anonym2017-12-23 23:37:08

I never answer these calls but always search the number online. I agree with everyone else that these harassing calls should be illegal with actual prosecutions.

Anonym2017-12-21 18:43:57

Similar to other comments, you block one number and they ring on another number. They have now rang from 3 different Glasgow coded numbers 0141 3708729, 01413708728 and now 01412808631. The message says it is Eclipse, and there is nothing to worry about and they will call later. They have also rang from 2 different Sunderland numbers too - 0191 5805048 and 0191 5805049.

Anonym2017-12-17 02:17:44

It looks like its a company called Utilita. For a PAYG tariff on smart meters

Anonym2017-12-15 23:45:42

Pests!!!!!!!!! Block !!!

Anonym2017-11-27 18:11:58

same as everyone else, just irritating being called every day and leaving a message that isn't clear as to who its from!

Anonym2017-11-13 08:13:25

I echo all the above. Blocking the number. I’ve always been careful who I give my number to, so who sold it to them? They too are the offenders. Nobody should be allowed to have private phone numbers without the owners knowledge and permission. Recent EU data regulations on email should apply to phone numbers. Only the phone companies make money so have a vested interest in keeping things the same. Rant over!

Anonym2017-11-05 14:48:00

Left VM saying nothing to worry about, I’ll call you again another time. Have blocked

Anonym2017-10-31 04:36:30

Pollutions. There needs to be some law changes to stop these annoying calls and have a company name shown on your mobile when they call you.

Anonym2017-10-27 08:55:27

Same as all the other comments that you cant understand the first part of the call then 'nothing to worry about comment'. All the messages left are exactly the same message so its recorded. Today it rang and I answered it and the guy knew my name. I said wrong number and hung up. He had a Scottish accent and the number is from Glasgow. Everyday for the past few weeks.

Anonym2017-10-11 06:33:43

They keep calling me 24/7 like every half an hour does anyone know who this is and why they are

Anonym2017-10-03 09:18:59

Told them we weren't interested but had 3 more voicemails in the last two days. I've had this number along with lots of other sales calls ever since I put my number into compare the market for an energy quote, I haven't given it to anyone else so they're obviously selling numbers!

Anonym2017-10-03 02:00:44

Calling everyday for past 3weeks,can,t understand the beginning then leaving voicemail,very very intimidating as they keep calling....

Anonym2017-09-11 05:40:21

Getting this call every day bloody annoying

Anonym2017-09-10 11:21:54

Doing my head in...blocked and still get to g voicemails

Anonym2017-09-06 16:19:19

same as other comments, have blocked number and they phone repeatedly with different extension.

Anonym2017-09-02 05:39:21

Can’t make out what they say on the voicemail they leave EVERY time they phone, which so far has been every day for 2 weeks. Not happy

Anonym2017-08-28 04:54:07

This number has rung me 3 times and left a voicemail which I can partially understand.I have blocked this number but it still left me a voicemail when they rang today.Didnt answer the call as I didn't know the number.

Anonym2017-08-06 15:12:28

The same as previous comments. Calling every day at least 3 times. Just ignoring and blocked. Do not have any voicemails. It It’s so annoying....

Anonym2017-08-03 09:15:34

Every day for 2 weeks this number has called.. leave voicemail which can't understand beginning but ends message 'nothing to worry about. I have blocked number for a voicemail identical left from a simular number- 1 digit different

Anonym2017-07-21 04:27:03

didn't speak when I answered , then hung up.

Anonym2017-07-18 09:44:52

0141 280 8631 Glasgow number called twice today - another Glasgow number 0141 280 8509 called yesterday leaving recorded message "...nothing to worry about will call you again soon". Same message left by Manchester and Sunderland numbers a few days ago. Blocked, but there must be somewhere to report these as I thought the 'directors' of cold calls can now be fined? Really angry as its now daily.

Anonym2017-07-16 16:07:06

Constant calls this week, i never answer, leaves voicemails you cant understand... SCAMS

Anonym2017-07-15 12:28:01

utilitas - pains in the ass, rang me everyday without fail and keep leaving me voice mails, I have now blocked the number

Anonym2017-07-10 20:56:00

Call me nearly every day, sometimes multiple... with a different number but always the same voice message (which isn't very clear) Numbers are; 0141 370 8724 0141 280 8631 0141 280 8771 0141 280 8621 The message they leave is; “U CUBS? Have called you today, nothing to worry about we will call you again soon. Thanks” As I said, who they are is not stated clearly. It's clearly an automatic message. I’ve tried blocking but somehow they keep popping up on my missed call with a different number and that stupid woman's voice with the same stupid message!!! ... this has been going on for MONTHS!!!!!!!! it's really really really frustrating =(

Anonym2017-06-23 04:42:46

I think its something to do with smart meters (yawn)

Anonym2017-04-20 21:24:06

Have called daily for 4 days. They leave a pre-recorded voicemail but the name of the company cant be undestood. I've blocked the number now but really thought GDPR would have stopped this. I will also raise it with the ICO.

Anonym2017-04-18 19:51:14

Tel 01412808631 Blocked this number. Now keep getting voicemail messages although phone number does not even register. Trying to find out how to block voicemail from a blocked number. Seems wrong that this can happen.

Anonym2017-04-18 16:27:19

Very annoying, as some others have said both this (0141 280 8631) and (0141 280 8514) call leaving silly messages. If these companies were fined for each unwanted call they make, that would solve the problem.

Anonym2017-04-15 09:58:20

unintelligible voice mail left at least once a day.

Anonym2017-03-18 04:00:46

I have had numerous voicemails from this number and have been VERY worried as a member of my family is ill and needs to be able to get hold of me. This means I am spending a lot of the day on tenterhooks because of this stupid caller.

Anonym2017-03-08 00:38:41

22 June 18 - have just discovered that I can block this number.. Yay... you can too from your phone so take a few minutes for peace from this caller. Will contact Information Commissioners Office to reprt it though. Enjoy your day

Anonym2017-02-18 22:29:08

Cold calls selling gas and electricity. They'll keep calling until you answer and tell them you're not interested

Anonym2017-01-30 22:04:48

01412808631 Yes, same as everyone else, I never answer and they say do not worry they will call again.... "don't! Numerous calls.

Anonym2017-01-27 22:42:20

No idea who it was i answered to a male threatening tone saying "You've got a problem you know that, you've got a problem" then a female automated voice saying you have nothing to worry about. I got that yet nothing to worry about aye right then

Anonym2016-12-29 14:51:49

Really annoying non stop calls and voicemails , tried blocking the number but they just use a different one , surely someone can do something to stop this .

Anonym2016-12-19 20:40:26

01412808631 real pain leave voice mail 4 times a day I have blocked but still get calls and voice mail I just delete straight away they are a nuisance and should be stopped from what I call harassment sick of it

Anonym2016-12-17 01:01:48

01412808631 has been calling me near enough everyday after a few weeks of receiving my new phone wtf is this scam??

Anonym2016-12-04 11:38:09


Anonym2016-11-26 07:44:56

Keeps Calling ~ I Blocked it 2 days ago ~ If it's important they will leave a message

Anonym2016-11-20 18:33:11

They have rang me Monday - Friday for the last two weeks, number is blocked but unfortunately it still goes to answer message - Eclipse, we have tried to call you, nothing to worry about, we will call again. Just wish they would stop! Always about the same time each day. Prior to the last two weeks they tried calling on 3 other similar numbers, Glasgow area code and Sunderland area code. All blocked.

Anonym2016-11-09 17:08:42

The automated message sounds like it's from someone calling for "Eclipse" which I assume is a company of some sort, I've blocked several of the numbers they've attempted to call me on and I'm getting constant voicemails, I'm even getting the voicemails from them when my phone hasn't actually rang! I'm getting so frustrated with it!!! How many of their numbers must be blocked before it bloody stops?!

Anonym2016-09-29 21:25:29

They ring me couple times a day , I blocked but still leave the message in my left -nothing to worry about will call again later-

Anonym2016-09-19 01:01:42

I wish These people would STOP calling me so irritating everyday piss off!

Anonym2016-09-18 19:40:09

Keep phoning me everyday i never answer so they keep leaving a voice message which i can never make out who it is, they keep saying it's nothing to worry about but it's starting to get annoying now.

Anonym2016-08-23 13:03:45

Like everyone else they have called me several times saying ??? called nothing to worry about and will call back. Finally, I got annoyed and answered. Apparently, they are wrong 'Utilita' and they are asking about whether I had received my smart meters and if I am thinking about comparing. I have had smart meters for years and am happy with my current provider so I hung up without giving them any details at all and blocked them. But they will just ring from another number.

Anonym2016-07-19 17:23:46

Likewise with other complaintees, rings and leaves voicemail message - telemarketer, avoid and do not answer.

Anonym2016-06-25 02:49:28

After leaving a comment on 22nd June I went through their automated service to remove my number from their list. Thankfully I have had no further calls from Utilita at all. It only takes a couple of seconds

Anonym2016-06-21 21:39:50

annoying company , trying to flog me some pay as you go electric meter.. they rang from a different number earlier also.. told them to remove my number from their lists. 0141 280 8631 and another ending in "8514" they don't get the hint to p-off

Anonym2016-06-13 02:50:30

it was from utiliter about a smart metre which i have told them about 15 times I DO NOT WANT ONE

Anonym2016-06-12 01:49:34

Utilita calling. Atleast twice a day. Annoying. Garbled message left saying'not to worry we will try to call again' . blocked there number now. Cold calling at its most annoying

Anonym2016-06-11 11:44:20

every day,twice a day,with same garbled message.....YOU should not have to ring these people to get removed from their list,phone companies should have the authority to remove the line if it receives constant complaints.

Anonym2016-05-17 11:33:51

Been ringing every day since 15 June, blocked number but still leaves voicemail messages ! cant understand the woman and what she's saying, 'but not too worry she will call back' I wish she would just Pi** off...very annoying

Anonym2016-05-12 19:48:08

Utilitia cold calling, they have never left a msg on my mobile phone. I answered, she said utilitia, I said not interested, she said can I ask what ur not interested, I interrupted with bye & hung up! If they continue I’ll phone them with their take me off their list option!

Anonym2016-04-22 10:00:25

Phoned me every day for over a week leaving a voicemail. Eventually got annoyed about the messages enough to answer the phone and he was going on about smart meters and got quite arsey when I said I wasn't interested. Hasn't stopped the calls though.

Anonym2016-04-15 04:02:50

they call daily but i do not answer

Anonym2016-04-03 20:47:39

Called me 3 times from Sunderland, Glasgow and then unknown, they always leave same stupid inaudible message. All blocked!!!

Anonym2016-03-20 09:20:19

Keep calling leaving messages saying not to worry Selling something thought all these calls where being stopped HARRISING

Anonym2016-03-14 17:00:24

Have blocked this 3 times now and all they do is leave me the same “nothing to worry about” message. They just keep ringing from a different number. Give up!

Anonym2016-03-04 14:13:45

Yeah, the same as everyone else. Added them to auto-reject but I keep getting the same recorded voicemail "nothing to worry about and will call again". Thankfully I haven't had them try to call me on other numbers yet, but let's not jinx that...

Anonym2016-02-18 23:22:36

This number keeps calling first part of message not clear then says nothing to worry about I blocked the number and they still get through to voice message to leave a message even though phone doesn't ring how is that possible if you blocked them

Anonym2016-02-12 21:17:46

Keep call ing me 3times today so far can't understand vm but really pissing me off!!!

Anonym2016-02-08 07:31:02

This number is a real pain - they call once or twice a day leaving a voicemail each time. Can never make out the company name just 'nothing to worry about and will call again' I just want them to stop calling!!

Anonym2016-02-01 02:40:34

I have just complained about them to tge information commissioners office. I suggest others do the same.

Anonym2016-01-27 19:18:35

utilita ?

Anonym2016-01-24 02:17:58

Keep call ing me 3times today so far can't understand vm but really pissing me off!!! 0141280631

Anonym2016-01-23 02:42:00


Anonym2016-01-22 06:56:36

Mostly the same as other comments, left a mumbled voice message. Good to get more info about this number.

Anonym2016-01-08 00:20:38

9 calls in 2 days. They will not stop!!!!

Anonym2016-01-07 09:11:53

No idea. Keep blocking the number, but they just ring from another.

Anonym2015-12-26 22:44:18

this number has called me many times in the last week i didn't pick up, they keep leaving the same message and now i've blocked the number

Anonym2015-12-09 20:32:56

They left a message "It's nothing to worry about" - designed to start you worrying!

Anonym2015-12-09 13:30:26

Ring my mobile then hung up

Anonym2015-12-07 09:24:48

Just ring the no back and follow options to remove your no

Anonym2015-11-24 02:00:57

Total pain ! call at least 4 times a day for the last 2 weeks . as soon as I block the number they call from a different one . 7 calls so far today all from different area codes and numbers with the same voicemail.

Anonym2015-11-16 08:06:58

01412808631. Phone me several times a day, leave a messages that is not clear. this has been happening for about 10 days now. Have blocked them, but still they manage to leave a message. It it really getting on my nerves now!!!!!!

Anonym2015-11-05 16:44:23

I have had the same experience, cannot tell what the companies name is on the voicemail and they are using multiple numbers to leave me the same message day in and day out - 01909 738200 and 0141 2808631 to name the most popular of them! Definitely blocked!

Anonym2015-10-24 20:47:29

Utilities wanting to speak about upgrades or something

Anonym2015-10-14 16:12:43

Idian call center looser, shouting hello hello

Anonym2015-10-09 21:22:42

Blocked - but note almost same as 0141 280 8632!

Anonym2015-09-18 12:35:44

Same as all the other comments. They keep calling and leaving a barely audible message that repeats. Have blocked this number but feel sure they will harass again. I have never ticked ANY box giving permission for anyone to call me on my number I’ve had since 1997 and have always made a point of looking for them as they can be sneaky B**ards about it.. Until somehow in the last 2 years it’s been put on some cold calling list. If I was interested in buying anything I will look it up for myself! I’m fed up of having to keep looking up numbers to block or not.

Anonym2015-09-12 07:52:24

Utilias call on a daily basis, leaving a vm if I don't answer, but leaving the same recorded message if I do answer. Pains in the butt! Blocked now,

Anonym2015-09-11 19:17:32

Mumbled pre-recorded message left on my answer phone. Sounds like ‘Utilitia’? And ‘that they’ll call again’. Blocked. They then called from a different number. Same message.

Anonym2015-08-27 23:58:22

I have had the same as everyone else on here however now it has changed and I have been left a non-automated message asking to call back a Kerry. I wont be don't trust it at all.... wasn't all this meant to stop with the GDP update

Anonym2015-08-27 08:05:42

numerous calls to my mobile from this number. Phoning daily sometimes twice a day. Very persistent. Will block the number now.

Anonym2015-08-25 09:18:46

Another blocked number

Anonym2015-08-25 08:17:07

Phoned two days in a row, leaving voicemails both times! I phoned them back (probably the wrong thing to do) and it took me through an automated system "if you want to be removed from our marketing list, press 1" Utilita, a utilities company, supposedly Maybe that will stop them phoning, but who knows

Anonym2015-08-25 01:47:11

Same as all the other comments. Heads up you can call the number and opt out of them calling you. So I’ve tried that we’ll see how that goes

Anonym2015-08-11 00:35:50

Just rang, silent call. something needs to be done about all these calls!

Anonym2015-08-02 07:50:52

Calling my mobile number every day, blocked but couldn't blocking them from leaving a voice MSG, now they turned to another number 0141 280 8632 with same voice MSG.

Anonym2015-07-30 14:14:39

Had a missed call and voicemail everyday this week so far. Very frustrating.

Anonym2015-07-27 20:26:24

Same here! I work nights and this shit every day for the last week is pissing me off. Wish I had there mobile number. Relentlessly calling them at 3am would make me feel entirely better ????

Anonym2015-07-24 21:32:02

I answered - silent. Googled the number, found this and now blocked. Thanks to all who have commented previously.

Anonym2015-07-15 05:09:58

Same as other comments. Calls are daily and they leave a VM which is hard to understand apart from “not to worry. Will call again”. I want them to stop not call again. Will try blocking it.

Anonym2015-07-11 17:15:45

Annoying. Block didnt work

Anonym2015-07-02 16:25:33

Second call in a few days first time message left saying nothing to worry about but could not catch the name of the company. Tried phoning again today but having checked on this site have now blocked the number and would you believe whilst completing this experience tried to call again but the block sorted that out. I have better things to do with my time this is so irritating!

Anonym2015-06-16 18:10:46

Phone at least two or three times a day leaving a barely audible voice message- still can’t understand who it is who is calling. Number has been blocked and added to my “do not answer” contact group!

Anonym2015-06-16 10:24:14

Called, I didn't recognize the number so I blocked it, unfortunately in the meantime had a left a recorded message voicemail and managed to get through several times to my voicemail but my phone didn't ring! Had to unblock them and then block them again, hopefully this will work

Anonym2015-05-31 03:27:43

Called me a number of times but I never left a message. Now blocked

Anonym2015-05-28 02:34:55

Called several times over the weekend and today. Have barred.

Anonym2015-04-20 16:58:30

This number calls me everyday sometimes twice at around the same time, I have now BLOCKED this number, but I still get a voicemail saying "don't worry we will call you back" with the name hardly audible - very annoying. I just ignore it, but it is doing my head in !!

Anonym2015-04-15 04:46:55

They are persistent and I think they have called and got through in the past from another number which I also blocked but they constantly leave messages on one occasion in past I informed them not interested have got a smart meter and remove me from your list but the blighters change there number and still try . They seem to have technology that still gets through to your voice male even though it's blocked . They need to stop harrasing people. Pain in the area company want reporting to Ofcom.

Anonym2015-03-17 06:37:28

Many calls from this Glasgow number. I’ve blocked but now getting texts from my mobile provider telling me of the call. ! Very angry will now have to contact BT to ask why they send text telling me of a call from a number I’ve blocked !? Time wasting ******** I don’t know what they all get out of it

Anonym2015-03-07 21:04:14

Called me twice. Left voicemails on both occasions. Blocked their number but they still leave voicemails! Totally harassing.

Anonym2015-02-26 12:53:56

Keep ringing leaving voicemails which you can not hear properly very annoying

Anonym2015-02-20 09:35:27

Unknown number always the same message left “nothing to worry about will call again later “very annoying

Anonym2015-02-12 11:35:00

Utilita - as below, left the Don't worry we will call you back. I have phoned them, and it goes to an automated message, giving you the option to have your number on their do not call list. I have taken that option and will see if it makes any difference.

Anonym2015-02-07 21:42:46

Keeps Calling ~ I Blocked it 2 days ago ~ If it's important they will leave a message

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anonym - about number: 01315614532

rang me at 2am when I rang back it said number invalid rang me again today at 11.30am man answered said hello twice I asked who it was so he hung up I rang straight back number invalid again?

Anonym - about number: 01133204573

Right pain, tries every couple of days, blocked.

anonym - about number: 01183040465

Number calls work place and family members threatening to serve papers. Called and was hung up on for asking questions. People there are awful.

anonym - about number: 01316205765


anonym - about number: 01133205836

Several missed calls

anonym - about number: 01143073836

CID: Private Number. Calls before 8:00 am, 6 times in the last week. Does not leave a message.

anonym - about number: 01204232031

call from person foreign accent wanting me to answer questions but I did,nt understand

anonym - about number: 01244780011

SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! Their typical way to scam is to contact admins of a website and pretend they did not pay for this domain name, asking for money,along with various threats. They also contact people are seo, web design, taxes, etc. Report those to police. Google this number. Lots of rip off reports and other sites. They own a bunch of websites such as https://dnrco.net http://dnsrco.com login-secure-paypal.eu http://boomerdomain.org http://www.domainhostingseo.com As many scammers, these also seem to be from India,with fake addresses in USA. Avoid, Report and ignore. Do not communicate in any way

anonym - about number: 01204565110

medicare scam

anonym - about number: 01233648537

This person specifically asked for me by name, then hung up. My pc started acting strange, got a feeling something wasn't right. My pc security said that it was a potential spy/virus on my pc, placed sameday that # called!