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Who called me 01482426052

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Phone number: 01482426052
Country: UK
Region: Leeds
Kind of number: Landline
Prefix: 113
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Comments for the number 01482426052

anonym2019-03-20 23:36:21

this number phoned it is a ppi phone call but he is very rude

anonym2019-03-20 23:36:21

This caller claimed to call about a car accident but made not clarification as to whom they were calling or what address they were referring to when they said "are you the only driver who has had an accident at THIS address"

anonym2019-03-20 23:36:21

Called this afternoon and left no message. Did not recognize number, probably spam!

anonym2019-03-20 23:36:21

This guy name is buddy morris from hLm painting this guy gets jobs and does not finish them he stole my tile saws I had in my garage I gave him a job to paint my house and he did not finish claimed he did and then left with my money and I never heard from him again

anonym2019-03-20 23:36:21

these numbers need to be stopped.constantly ringing even when you tell them you are not interested

anonym2019-03-20 23:36:21

Weird messages that seem odly relevant, but I don't know who they're from...

anonym2019-03-20 23:36:21

They used claiming they knew me and said I was there family member. I have no family in Dallas, where they claimed they were from, so they couldn't be related to me.

anonym2019-03-20 23:36:21


anonym2019-03-20 23:36:21

received call

anonym2019-03-20 23:36:21

They are texting me and they know my name and that I have a boyfriend, but will not tell me who they are.

Anonym2019-01-16 21:38:00

this is actually the police centre , they called about a problem I had a few months back, they were doing a survey to see how satisfied I was with the police after they came out

Anonym2019-01-13 13:31:35

West Yorkshire Police asking about the service they provided when I was broken into. They wanted to know if I was happy with what they did about it.

Anonym2019-01-11 17:16:52

Called me today but line went silent. Will wait!

Anonym2019-01-02 19:12:19

Answered the call and they just hung up, nuisance caller.

Anonym2018-12-31 04:59:04

SMSR Ltd based in Hull. They contact people on behalf of different police forces to ask about the service or how you think the police are doing in the area you live in. I received a call from SMSR so I contacted their head office (0800 138 0845) to check the validity of the call and spoke to a polite man called Lee who gave me plenty of information and reassurance about the work they do. Just to be double sure I also contacted 101 and they informed me this was all correct.

Anonym2018-10-24 12:05:29

Customer Survey about the Police. Let's hope they don't get to speak to me, as I have got very little positive to say about Essex Police and it's officers. They are as bad as the criminals that threatened my 3 yr old daughter and said they would cut her throat... Then let them go even when they had cctv and witness statements. Let's face facts, we don't trust the police, they don't care about the public and the only way to get justice is to do it yourself.

Anonym2018-10-15 21:14:08

What a nuisance, had about half a dozen calls, each time line dead when answered!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonym2018-10-13 08:02:45

It was just a simple police survey regarding a issue I had reported, They had all the relevant information.

Anonym2018-10-11 03:41:42

Said had used a service could only talk to me because of data protection and talked a lot of rubbisbh

Anonym2018-09-22 15:52:56

Police incident report - survey

Anonym2018-09-16 14:12:32

01482426052 just rang when I answered they hung up, getting fed up with these people, they need locking up without a phone

Anonym2018-08-31 08:05:33

Keeps calling mobile and then clears when I answer. Weird.

Anonym2018-07-26 17:36:29

This caller rang me, allowed the phone to ring twice and then disconnected the call.

Anonym2018-07-20 07:06:26

Called asking about a recent problem I had with a neighbor said they where calling on behalf of the police wanting to do a survey on how the police responded to the problem.

Anonym2018-07-17 03:01:08

Police accountability questionnaire.

Anonym2018-06-28 13:12:44

phoned this morning,I did not answer, no message left

Anonym2018-06-26 23:33:15

some lesbian wanting to know if there is P*ssy she can tap

Anonym2018-06-25 04:47:34

He said he was doing a surgery about violent incidents I reported on 24th September, I told them it wasn’t a violence incident but it was harassment I reported- he said he would check and ring back.

Anonym2018-06-16 16:01:49

They keep ringing me daily & hang up when I answer. Getting rather peeved as Im on the TPS list so going to report it now. I suggest everyone else does who feel p*stered by them.whether they're legit or not they're still annoying people.

Anonym2018-05-06 05:38:01

I have Call Guardian on my phone, so I just get the one ring and they never go any further. So definitely spammers

Anonym2018-05-03 00:26:24

SMSR: Market Research & Analysis - running customer satisfaction surveys for the public sector. Keep missing them as I am at work. They have called me today and last week.

Anonym2018-04-21 02:05:41

I keep getting calls from this number!

Anonym2018-04-07 01:45:40

This number called my mobile while I was at work. Don't know who it is oreally how got my number as not listed nor does anyone but family have it.

Anonym2018-03-20 13:09:05

Guy called today regarding a theft saying he wasn't selling anything. Said he was from the SSMP?

Anonym2018-03-01 11:23:43

Cold called - suspicious

Anonym2017-12-31 12:59:37

this number keeps calling I don't answer

Anonym2017-12-24 03:51:27

They rang me, I answered and they hung up? presume time wasters paid by local police for surveys based on other comments

Anonym2017-12-13 18:08:49

Someone from SMSR doing a survey on behalf of Cleveland Police - sorry, I don't do surveys, and, considering concerns people have about being conned by calls from so-called police, I'm surprised Cleveland Police entertain this method of communication with the public.

Anonym2017-12-05 19:01:23

Police questionnaire

Anonym2017-12-04 20:48:07

01482 426052 the guy said that he was from the police commission and wanted to ask me a few questions which I declined

Anonym2017-12-04 11:36:44

keeps calling approx 5-10 times a day, I never answer

Anonym2017-12-04 06:40:06

Keeps ringing but not talking

Anonym2017-11-20 19:53:50

Someone from SMSR called and said they was calling on behalf of the Greater Manchester police about an incident I had reported. I told the girl I was not interested because I was unsure if the police would be doing this sort of thing over the phone. I then checked the Greater Manchester police website and to my surprise I found some information regarding SMSR doing telephone research with people who have had contact with the police. I googled SMSR and found a contact number 08001380845 free number :) so gave them a call to arrange a time to do the survey. Happy to help the police since they recovered and returned my stolen items.

Anonym2017-11-18 12:35:01

SMSR have just called me to do a survey regarding local policing. Thought I would give them a chance depending on the type of questions. To be fair the questions was very generic and I can see how this helps the local constabulary map problems by area. The young girl was very polite and didn't ask anything that I wasn't too happy to answer. I guess everyone is quick to criticize the police today with all the cut backs and reduced funding. Glad I had my say. I wish the NHS would do the same thing I have plenty I would like to say on that topic.

Anonym2017-10-22 13:25:25

now called 4 times in last 3 days and twice today, I did not answer and no message left

Anonym2017-10-18 06:19:20

called me asking to do a police survey, then asked if I was under 45 !!! Bloody cheek. he didn't ask how big I was.

Anonym2017-10-16 15:46:50

Called today (and yesterday) regarding Cumbria Police response to a treble nine call. Told them I had no time to do a survey regarding a satisfaction rating. No-doubt a money saving priority tick box bug bearer. No prior warning from local police as regards this. Better if they sent survey letters out than phone p*ster people.

Anonym2017-10-03 00:17:36

Someone wrote earlier that they were suspicious about a call to them from this number, as they are ex-directory. So are we, and the only way they could have it is that the Police must have revealed it to them, in relation to several antisocial episodes reported to them recently.

Anonym2017-09-29 05:59:48

They just called me and asked for my daughter by name. She has never lived at this address and doesn't even live in this country. They said they were doing a survey about policing in my area but wanted to speak to people under 50 odd. Seemed odd to me which is why I am checking the number.

Anonym2017-08-24 20:21:12

Supposedly someone doing a survey on behalf of Cleveland police. Put the phone down and blocked the number. Police have better things to do!

Anonym2017-08-21 04:12:30

Essex police conducting a satisfaction survey on the way they dealt with the theft of my car back in December. I'm happy to give positive feedback as they gave a positive service during this time.

Anonym2017-08-15 02:51:44

caller never spoke

Anonym2017-07-17 02:50:53

SMSR for the Ess*x police, survey on policing.

Anonym2017-07-11 22:53:52

Police questionnaire.

Anonym2017-06-07 07:11:23

Really the police? It's a Hull no. why are they calling me in Bristol?

Anonym2017-06-04 23:53:15

When we are a nation that has scam calls we are all suspicious of this calls. Why don’t the government send out questionnaires forms so we know it’s genuine. With all the cut backs they are under funded so crime is not dealt with so the public have to be there own police with sometimes unrealistic source which could not stand as a crime not to mention corruption backhanders given iPod need to investigate

Anonym2017-05-21 06:35:57

They called last night (20/10/17) at 18.40, bit late and busy with the kids, so i didn't answer, no message left so assumed it was wrong number or dodgy or recruitment agency .. as no message left i did not call back.. I had a call a while back from the police saying that i had sent many texts to them that day, we checked the numbers and they were completely wrong, i can understand getting one digit wrong but it was different, something not right and clearly wrong this this lot of liars!!..

Anonym2017-05-15 04:18:35

Phone rang ...no one there ....silence?

Anonym2017-05-15 01:39:05

Calling on behalf of Ess*x Police to conduct a survey on crime around my area. The call was coming from Kingston upon Hull. The survey is age restricted (under 54) so fortunately for me I was just out of the age bracket! Seems bizarre that the police are outsourcing such surveys so number now blocked.

Anonym2017-05-09 12:55:18

These people are called SMSR based in Hull. They rang me today with regard to an incident I reported on 14th July 2017, for anti-social behaviour in Manchester. Well no I didn't but I did check out the number and rang 101 (non emergency) hung on for nearly 5 minutes with no reply so I checked out the Police website and low and behold they have in fact asked SMSR in Hull to carry out a survey so, people, its not a scam but I really did not report any such incident....Phone number is 01482 426052

Anonym2017-04-09 23:14:46

Called and hung up instantly rang back its about a crime i reported

Anonym2017-03-25 10:01:20

suspicious as my land line is ex directory so how did they get my number

Anonym2017-03-07 07:13:28

A young lady called i think her name was Reece. It was a satisfaction survey for the Avon constabulary. They just wanted to get my feedback on the service I received from the police on an incident I reported.

Anonym2017-02-21 13:56:56

Blocked don't no the number so don't answer !!! And I've never heard of police survey over the phone before lol !!

Anonym2017-02-07 20:02:00

24/11/2017 "keep calling my mobile, don't know who it is or what they want, or how got my mobile number to begin with" ......if you press answer like I did the person tells you who it is and what they want. Then you can ask where did you get my mobile number from?..... Turns out it was the police and I gave them the number LOL... They wanted to know if I was happy with the service they provided me....

Anonym2017-02-03 09:02:41

Many of phonecall from this number but always wrong name asked if they can speak to when calling me. I'm in Scotland so why would they contact me? Number has been blocked now.

Anonym2016-12-09 13:37:31

They called me and hung up when I answered

Anonym2016-12-08 02:33:37

Keeps calling every couple days ignored it answered it tonight no one at other end looked at others comments re survey for police if it is then they should be reported as I’m sure there are regulations regarding calls such as this where no one answers automated calls

Anonym2016-12-03 22:48:01

This number just keeps ringing. I don't even get to answer it, before they cancel the call.... Driving me insane ! Its getting blocked.

Anonym2016-11-20 09:40:19

They first tried calling me on private number, but were unable to because my phone does not accept private calls, but it still comes up on the call log. Thereafter, straight away, the same number called me without hiding ID and as soon as I picked up, they put it down. Have blocked the number, like I do with all cold calls and harassers.

Anonym2016-11-16 22:14:52

Received a small number of calls from this number whilst at work so called back later in the afternoon via an automated message and spoke to an affable gentleman named Simon who explained that SMSR undertake various research for public sector organisations. After confirming my identity, he told me that the calls related to a satisfaction survey in relation to an incident involving the police and gave me the oppotunity to complete a telephone survey at a time that suited me. I had no issues with this and it was good to be able to help improve services. Simon provided me with contacts for the relevant organisations and assured me about how my personal information is handled. All above board!

Anonym2016-11-11 04:39:51

Called dead line. One day the government will start doing something meaningful for its electorate, and bring these people to justice.

Anonym2016-09-24 18:03:27

01482 42605 (hull number) called myself this evening about a service that I had used, however wouldn't tell me what service I had used ? Before I confirmed my identity. I said wouldn't do this until I know what service I have used( a reasonable, request given the current times), the young man put the call on hold and got his manager. The manager came to the phone, a very rude gentleman, who was huffing and puffing down the phone. Unhelpful people don't give them anything!!!

Anonym2016-09-09 08:02:35

Essex police crime questionnaire, wanted to know how well I thought the police were doing. Wish my GP would do one of these questionnaires about there service because I have plenty to say about that.

Anonym2016-08-15 12:47:01


Anonym2016-08-08 17:06:58

Said from police diconnected call

Anonym2016-07-27 07:56:52

Called saying they where local police force wishing to do a survey about crime in our area.I said I wasn't willing and they politely went away. Are they genuine?

Anonym2016-07-16 22:58:50


Anonym2016-06-19 06:48:38

said police .everyone should report this number to the ico and it will be investigated

Anonym2016-06-03 15:43:45

Caller said they wanted feedback on local policing in my area and ask if I would be happy to answer a few questions, I agreed. Then the caller ask if I could confirm I was below the age of 55 yrs old. I replied No, to which he replied that to take part I had to be within that age group! Rather strange I thought...

Anonym2016-05-06 00:00:25

Police survey nussance caller

Anonym2016-04-13 16:00:56

I received a call at 11.12am and answered it.. No one spoke. I grunted a little and hung up.

Anonym2016-04-04 19:46:12

I used common sense and was ready to terminate the call soon as they asked for my account number or PIN. I was pleased I never had to do that because the call was genuine. The man had all the details regarding the incident so I knew he was aware of the incident taking place, all the questions was very straight forward and was just in relation to what the police did. if they was asking me for private information I would of hung up....................................

Anonym2016-04-03 21:29:43

keep calling me

Anonym2016-03-04 01:16:45

I just did a survey with this number on behalf of the police regarding an incident I reported a few months ago. It was absolutely fine and the guy I spoke to was really nice. I've just read a few comments on here and for me personally, I'm glad they wouldn't divulge information unless they knew it was me. I wouldn't want any one else worrying that I'd had contact with the police.

Anonym2016-03-01 19:16:34


Anonym2016-02-22 00:40:34

My husband answered the phone to this caller who asked to speak to me by name. Said that they couldn't divulge the reason under the official secrets and data protection act. Repeated that it was urgent to speak to me and requested a mobile number, then said they would call back. Mentioned SSM or SSMP (my husband has a hearing problem.

Anonym2016-02-19 05:15:57

Just received a call but no one answered. Have blocked the number.

Anonym2016-02-03 03:59:29

Called me twice from a noisy office could not here what they were saying.They just kept on asking my name and they could not here me

Anonym2016-01-17 11:53:23

When I finally rang back after getting numerous unwanted calls from this number over the past few weeks I got a voice message saying it is an independent customer service research company and they'll try calling back... no!! It's very annoying as my number listed in the anti spam calls register thingy. I will report them as I've never had this many unwanted calls even from the PPI people. It's getting out of hand.

Anonym2015-12-01 10:11:01

I answered and the call fits most of what people are saying on here, I was busy at the time so they did call me back.

Anonym2015-11-25 18:12:32

Some one rang my mobile from this number, when i say hello they hang up. Stop the p*sts??????

Anonym2015-11-23 06:49:42

I answered and they immediately hung up!

Anonym2015-09-03 05:04:36

Independent research agency

Anonym2015-08-15 10:04:44

Ring Ring Ring RING , NO ANSWER

Anonym2015-06-09 14:09:48

We were broken into and this was a call centre following up about our experience. They had the details of the offence so I would say it's legit though I didn't have the time to complete the call so don't know.

Anonym2015-06-08 11:21:06

keep calling my mobile, don't know who it is or what they want, or how got my mobile number to begin with.

Anonym2015-06-06 18:19:49

Lancashire police and crime commissioner questionnaire, They was asking if I would be happy to pay more council tax for policing in my area. I never see the police so why would I want to pay any more? I think the police want to know would we pay more to see extra police on the streets. Get rid of the commissioners and save money that way.

Anonym2015-06-06 02:13:18

Received a call this morning from a polite young man called Steve. Its a survey regarding recent treatment from the police when I was burgled a few weeks ago

Anonym2015-06-03 12:51:47

Rang asking for me by my name they said it was Wiltshire police concerning a s**ual attack and gbh. Told them I know nothing about this with that they said oh I'll leave it at that then hung up. I rang,101 asking if there's anything on record as a member of my family reported a incident they took all the details only to be told there's no record of this. I'm now waiting on my local police to ring me back as its being investigated. I've got family in Hull we asked them to ring this number the response was SRN LTD. This is not the first time they've rang our home line. Hopefully my local police will get to the bottom of it. Be very weary.

Anonym2015-05-30 19:21:59

police questionnaire, I requested them to call me back the next day so I could check the validity of the call with the local police team. I was informed this was commissioned by the police and the information is used to help improve the service. I was contacted the next day at the time I requested and spoke to a polite young man called Tom who went through the questions with me. Shame we cannot trust people at face value anymore but I was pleased to participate and happy to have my say. For what it's worth the company is called SMSR and their based in Hull, Yorkshire.

Anonym2015-05-25 18:10:58

I don't answer calls if I don't know the number it even had its location on the call when usually no calls I have don't show they're location which is strange having reading the above I will there fore block the number.

Anonym2015-05-20 09:00:15

Constantly calling but either ring off when I answer or leave no message on answer phone, looking through some of the comments I'm guessing its something to with Housing association survey, sharing details with a third party without my consent - that's breaking the terms of the data protection act, my number is registered with the TPS.

Anonym2015-03-28 17:02:54

Called today whilst I was at work about a survey for the police. Sounded genuine but I don't have time to do surveys

Anonym2015-02-27 04:56:07

Called twice today; first time they hung up when I answered, then called me back immediately - said they were calling about a 'service' I received in February but would not give any more information. I hung up as I could not think of any 'service' I had received and was so worried wondering what on earth this could be about. I came on here to search and see that this must be the survey company about an incident I reported to the police - I am horrified actually to find out that the police have passed on my details to this survey company...I most certainly did not authorise use of my personal information in this manner and was not asked - I will be complaining to South Yorkshire Police AND the ICO.

Anonym2015-02-03 12:17:28

Polite young lady asking me about the police when they helped me.

Anonym2015-01-28 02:42:57

Greater Manchester police survey.

Anonym2015-01-06 06:09:25

Received a call this morning from a polite young man called Steve. Its a survey regarding recent treatment from the police when I was burgled a few weeks ago

Download the full report for the number 01482426052 SHOW

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rang me at 2am when I rang back it said number invalid rang me again today at 11.30am man answered said hello twice I asked who it was so he hung up I rang straight back number invalid again?

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