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Who called me 01582957970

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Phone number: 01582957970
Country: UK
Region: Leeds
Kind of number: Landline
Prefix: 113
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Comments for the number 01582957970

anonym2019-02-10 03:38:32

talk talk scam

anonym2019-02-10 03:38:32

Keeps ringing, then don't speak!!! Ignorant Mancunians!!!!!

anonym2019-02-10 03:38:32

This number has called me several times but I don't know who it is and they don't leave a message

anonym2019-02-10 03:38:32

Super nice people. Not hacker lol. Helped me unlock my computer for a low fee.

anonym2019-02-10 03:38:32

Called by Indian sounding lady. She said she was from Microsoft. Told not interested and she rang off before I could finish my sentence.

anonym2019-02-10 03:38:32

Called me in school and i dident pickup i was in a class i looked it up and its supposibly PDI Inc.

anonym2019-02-10 03:38:32

Two calls to me in quick succession, when I called back it went to an automatic voice telling me to please hold and that my call was important to them. To was followed by about 30s of silence so I rang off.

anonym2019-02-10 03:38:32

This number is calling to see if you are dumb enough to be involved in a scam related to car wrap advertisements. They say they will send a check, you pay a person to put the wrap on your car and keep the rest. Of Course the check is bogus and they want you to wire money out to someone else.

anonym2019-02-10 03:38:32


anonym2019-02-10 03:38:32

Automated recording that says the IRS is suing me for tax fraud and they are issuing an arrest warrant. I am supposed to call back the number to find out more information. Yeah, right!!! Bull$hit number.

Anonym2019-02-04 22:47:48

Will BT get the balls to stop them

Anonym2019-01-25 18:59:37

The number rang me 19th Jan at 20.53. I didn't answer it they did not leave a message. Just another nuisance call.

Anonym2019-01-13 21:30:52

Keeps ringing our number and asking for my son. And asking private things

Anonym2019-01-03 05:45:16

Rang twice after 7.00 at. Night I am elderly and I do. Not need nuisance calls

Anonym2018-12-09 01:58:07

Keeps calling asking for my son. Other times just hangs up. These people need locking up and their assets given to charity.

Anonym2018-12-01 04:38:12

Called a few times now. Not a number I recognised so didn't answer. No messages left. Barred it!

Anonym2018-11-18 03:59:18

Actually quite polite - I told them that they had the wrong number and said they would delete from their system

Anonym2018-10-29 00:17:03

i love these calls

Anonym2018-10-22 21:24:10

where did they get my details also whats it for???????

Anonym2018-09-29 22:40:08

I made a social comment about Islam on YouTube and someone replied with my name and research in the comment. The comment made little sense. About an hour later I get a phone call from Luton by a young man with an Arabic name asking for me by name. He said he was doing research and asked if I would answer some political questions.

Anonym2018-09-06 12:45:16

Scammers Scammers Scammers

Anonym2018-07-15 13:47:27

this call was made just before 10.00 at night. Not acceptable.

Anonym2018-07-06 22:54:09

Just had a call from this number, asking for me by name said she was from market research,told her I wasn’t interested and put the phone down.

Anonym2018-06-26 19:00:31

Phone 4 times today, we let all calls go through the answer phone but it’s getting annoying, they need to be stopped!!!

Anonym2018-06-22 23:24:54

Menacing! The number rang the landline numerous times and never leaves a message.

Anonym2018-05-16 14:56:54

Call regularly at all hours. I always leave my phone on answer, but they never leave a message

Anonym2018-05-13 13:06:23

Called, 12.48 on 11/03/18 asking for my daughter. When asked where they got our number said my daughter must have signed up to do a survey ! Caller said she was calling to do Life Style Survey.

Anonym2018-04-23 21:32:37

Wanted to talk about brexit to phish for Information, likely to hack or clone identity. Very dodgy.

Anonym2018-04-13 17:27:37

Please do not call this no again

Anonym2018-04-11 04:32:24

got the call today asking for my son by name. well spoken agent. a cold caller is what it is! i do not agree with this type of call and i am tps.

Anonym2018-03-28 15:26:50

Called us on numerous occasions, we never answer. It just rang tonight at 21.03, wish my landline phone would block it.

Anonym2018-03-24 23:16:44

Constantly ringing my landline after 8pm at night

Anonym2018-02-17 16:45:39

Fed of of this number ringing. I never answer but they can ring as late as 9.40 pm. Way out of order.

Anonym2018-02-15 20:25:20

keeps ringing when I find it hard to reach phone. Fedup with this number

Anonym2018-02-11 14:01:37

Nuisance calls

Anonym2018-01-02 21:16:02

Costantly getting these calls from 01582 957970 keep asking for my son by name latest call 15/3/18 she said doing survey on brexit I hung up I am signed up to tps

Anonym2017-12-08 13:58:01

Wanted to talk about Brexit, knew my name and then started asking personal questions. Very suss. If someone phones you up and wants to talk about Brexit hang up.

Anonym2017-11-09 13:18:57

I keep getting calls from this number every other evening at about 18:50

Anonym2017-10-31 05:05:22

Phoned me at 20.40. Nothing there

Anonym2017-10-30 21:25:24

Every other day this number call my landline...............have reported it before but still they call

Anonym2017-10-28 16:03:18

Called us up then rang off without speaking , very annoying

Anonym2017-10-26 06:35:22

Phoned at 8-06 pm find not answer as don't know number. Couldn't have been important ad they didn't leave a message. Typical of nuicance calls

Anonym2017-09-25 13:43:30

Ring several times a day they don’t give up

Anonym2017-09-17 10:27:35

Keeps phoning every other day. I never pick up and they never leave a message. Annoying and a waste of time. If they're ever unfortunate enough to meet me I'll poke them in the eye!

Anonym2017-09-10 10:18:24

hung up when answered had a few calls like this

Anonym2017-09-09 03:37:45

This number has rung several times we do not answer but yesterday the answer phone cut in nobody spoke but suddenly a woman started laughing so glad she finds it funny disturbing elderly people b**ch

Anonym2017-09-05 19:19:53

When I answered there was no one on the line.

Anonym2017-09-02 08:20:29

Left on answering machine and they did not leave a message. Never answer telephone now because of this scum let it go to answer machine if do not recognise number. If genuine they would leave a message, this scum never do so that says it all.

Anonym2017-08-06 09:02:56

Scammers just hang up

Anonym2017-07-27 03:31:33

Rang at 8.57p.m.Asking for my son,very annoying.

Anonym2017-06-14 01:57:07

This number keeps ringing leaves no message I am signed up to tps

Anonym2017-06-10 22:27:28

Called me at 20.20pm this evening i didn’t answer who the hell think i am interested in answering questions at that time of night now blocked

Anonym2017-05-19 10:06:15

Called this evening at 18.50, just silence.

Anonym2017-03-26 06:59:17

I got a call well not me i want to know how they called a friend asking for me very strange how would they know number and diffrent address

Anonym2017-03-01 22:47:20

I have call guardian and they did not bother leaving a message of announcing theirselves I have now blocked them

Anonym2017-02-19 03:23:15

Rang at 19.30 today. Call not answered as from - unknown/unnamed/unrecognised - number

Anonym2017-02-03 18:35:00

rang me at 7pm when I answered no one was there .block no

Anonym2017-01-31 23:17:54

Rang my phone left no message ...no idea so blocked it

Anonym2017-01-31 03:40:45

keep getting calls from this number but know one answers when asking who is calling ,,,

Download the full report for the number 01582957970 SHOW

Comments to other numbers:

anonym - about number: 01315614532

rang me at 2am when I rang back it said number invalid rang me again today at 11.30am man answered said hello twice I asked who it was so he hung up I rang straight back number invalid again?

Anonym - about number: 01133204573

Right pain, tries every couple of days, blocked.

anonym - about number: 01183040465

Number calls work place and family members threatening to serve papers. Called and was hung up on for asking questions. People there are awful.

anonym - about number: 01482293978

Phoned me 9 times on the trot getting more abusive every time This has happened 3 days running from very early in the morning

anonym - about number: 01513293226

Initially answered and when I said I wasn't interested and not to call back they kept calling. I've since blocked the number but they keep calling back every few minutes. Annoying. I'm on the government do not call list so I have no idea how they got my number.

anonym - about number: 01316205765


anonym - about number: 01133205836

Several missed calls

anonym - about number: 01143073836

CID: Private Number. Calls before 8:00 am, 6 times in the last week. Does not leave a message.

anonym - about number: 01204232031

call from person foreign accent wanting me to answer questions but I did,nt understand

anonym - about number: 01244780011

SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! Their typical way to scam is to contact admins of a website and pretend they did not pay for this domain name, asking for money,along with various threats. They also contact people are seo, web design, taxes, etc. Report those to police. Google this number. Lots of rip off reports and other sites. They own a bunch of websites such as https://dnrco.net http://dnsrco.com login-secure-paypal.eu http://boomerdomain.org http://www.domainhostingseo.com As many scammers, these also seem to be from India,with fake addresses in USA. Avoid, Report and ignore. Do not communicate in any way