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Who called me 01612776652

View informations about the number 01612776652 SHOW
Phone number: 01612776652
Country: UK
Region: Leeds
Kind of number: Landline
Prefix: 113
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Comments for the number 01612776652

anonym2019-02-10 04:39:50

Called me 7 times consecutively in one day without leaving me any voicemail of who they are and what they want

anonym2019-02-10 04:39:50

sal ruvalcaba

anonym2019-02-10 04:39:50

keeps calling me who is it

anonym2019-02-10 04:39:50

This phone number is a Killer Clown so do not pick up if it calls you because this Killer Clown can track you down!

anonym2019-02-10 04:39:50

this is a scammer. automated voice asked me if i wanted to lower the interest on my credit card. if i want to, press 1. I pressed 1 and a live person came on. asked me if i wanted to lower the interest on my credit card. i asked him what credit card. He said Capital One (i don't have a cap one credit card), i asked him for the account number. he gave me the first 6 numbers. I asked him for the rest of the numbers. he started speaking in Indian or other eastern language and hung up on me.

anonym2019-02-10 04:39:50

called me and left no message, possible telemarketer!

anonym2019-02-10 04:39:50

Have been scammed by them

anonym2019-02-10 04:39:50

Been calling me for months when I pick up I hear nothing but a tapping

anonym2019-02-10 04:39:50

This number sent the following sms "HMRC alert!:You are eligible to receive a tax refund of £1,271. To collect your refund, please click on the following link: online.switchbit.com" Clearly a can

anonym2019-02-10 04:39:50

texted me saying rude/disturbing things

Anonym2019-01-28 15:24:59

received a silent call from this number

Anonym2019-01-28 10:23:20


Anonym2019-01-06 19:29:24

Had a number of calls from this number today, no one on other end, really annoying

Anonym2019-01-05 19:21:29

They try to call me every day...

Anonym2019-01-01 20:44:43

Got a call from 01612776652 that is pretending to be O2 customer service, its a scam call it's just an automated machine calling you. Don't answer this number. Blocked!

Anonym2018-12-14 19:06:18

just got a call from 0161 277 6652 on my mobile saying he was from o2, asking if I was using the correct tariff and if I needed to upgrade, ive been on o2 since the days of bt cellnet and never get a call from o2, so I reckon this is most proberly a scam, if you need to know where the call centre is its in bury and one in Runcorn. unless they've built one in Manchester.

Anonym2018-12-04 23:45:29

Company claiming to be o2. Asked how I could get better value from o2. I told him, by sucking me off, and then f**king off. COLD CALL = BAD NEWS

Anonym2018-10-27 12:26:46

Rings every weekday at around the same time (early afternoon), I won't answer numbers that I don't know! I was a bit worried it was something important as I'm a Manchester student but I definitely won't be answering it now I know it's a scam O2 call!

Anonym2018-10-27 04:06:28

How to block this call?

Anonym2018-10-23 10:28:28

Any connection to Parcel2Go? Bought an item off ebay, seller used Parcel2Go, guessing they added my number to 3rd party telesales/spam.

Anonym2018-09-06 07:23:00

Rang me at 4:30pm and there was no one there but some heavy breathing and rattling around so next time they ring they will be getting told to f*ck right off ??

Anonym2018-09-01 01:14:48

I checked these people out by ringing O2's offices in Slough immediately afterwards, and was told that they actually are who they say they are (which surprises me, given that this Manchester operation feels like an obvious scam). They're trying to get you to switch from Pay As You Go to a contract - but to do that, they will insist that you supply your bank details over the phone. I refused - obviously - but instead invited them to send me an email to allow me to read the details in my own time. They said that wasn't feasible (er... why?), so we went round and round in circles for about half an hour before they eventually gave up and cut the connection in mid-sentence. Time-wasters: just hang up.

Anonym2018-08-26 18:52:28

This number has called me for the last three days in a row. When I answer I don't say a word and neither does whoever called. Very strange.

Anonym2018-07-18 11:05:34

Don't know never answer the call but their calls have been continuous recently. Have blocked the number.

Anonym2018-06-26 22:10:47

Another cold caller pain in the but , blocked on mobile now with about 30 others and I never give my number out only to friends and relatives . just block em !!

Anonym2018-05-18 13:25:11

Scam don't answer, block it.

Anonym2018-05-15 12:26:08

01612776652 this number keeps ringing me everyday l know its a scam from comments on here l have no intensions of answering the phone l just silence and reject the call everytime they call me l just want them to do one and leave me alone

Anonym2018-04-25 12:56:01

Got 1-3 calls a day for five weeks, finally answered one, they claimed to be calling from 02 (even though i do not use 02) i asked them how they got the number while very subtly implying the number is used for witness protection and they suddenly hung up, have not received a single call from them since.

Anonym2018-03-06 00:03:55

thanks to all who contribute! due to bad previuos experience with o2 contracts TWICE, no to o2 contracts ever.

Anonym2018-01-16 08:53:43

Please report silent or abandoned calls to OFCOM. Spammers do not care if you post here; they DO worry when they are reported to Ofcom, which takes 2 minutes or less on their sites. Your phone company don't care as they get to sell you caller ID and increase their revenue for call blocking.

Anonym2018-01-11 14:23:20

0161 275 2911

Anonym2017-12-13 05:51:57

These people have called several times! Have now blocked calls from this number!

Anonym2017-11-05 01:21:18

the caller claims to be from o2, and can better my call plan. no way i am on pay as you go.top up when i need to. so how can he better that, and very rude.

Anonym2017-10-19 05:12:59

This number is a nightmare call if it is 02 I shall be changing to another number

Anonym2017-10-02 22:59:25

These id**ts keep calling the number of the SIM in my Tablet!!! Clever of whoever sold them the data to include numbers that will never be answered, but annoying for the customers...

Anonym2017-08-19 12:20:42

Seems very pushy and rude when told i'm not interested, nothing more than a nusiance

Anonym2017-08-14 18:40:42

Everything everyone has commented is correct do not answer this number they want your personnel details

Anonym2017-07-24 04:14:56

Keep getting called on my private mobile from this number. I don't answer it, I don't know anyone in Manchester and after checking out the number on this site, I am glad that I don't answer the call. They ring nearly every day.

Anonym2017-06-22 17:16:12

Its called.me a.number of times.it claimed to be 02, then claimed to employment agency asking for bank details after offering me a job as we all ready know no need to give banking info unless you start work all so agency told me by working for them I have to sign contract that said I have to pay 6.5% of all.my money in pension fund even if I don't work of them so were told no thanks also claimed to be from a bailiff company claiming.I owed them money to council after phone call I contacted council told they don't work for them so this number is 100% scam number I have in my phone so I know it just a bunch of shit heads trying to con money out of them

Anonym2017-05-21 18:24:03

Not a scam but they will share your details for profit. If you need o2 I suggest you phone them . Do not give these people your details

Anonym2017-05-16 10:59:56

Caller claimed to be from O2 trying to give me a better deal on monthly Pay as you go. Had received lots of calls from the same number before but never picked up, I suggest blocking the number.

Anonym2017-04-18 05:31:59

Im going to answer it next time just as I am about to use the loo for a number 2 ??.

Anonym2017-04-12 07:34:06

I have evidence that points to this being a company number to which O2 has given their pay-as-you-go customers' phone numbers. If O2 has not sold their own pay-as-you-go customers' numbers to this company then a member of thier staff or a hacker has farmed our phone numbers. O2, you need to stop this breach of security of your customers' phone numbers.

Anonym2017-03-30 19:06:14

Think this is the same as all the other complaints about caller and I don't answer.. 02 and OFCOM get your finger and do something about it.

Anonym2017-01-27 23:49:12

01612776652 Jesus, they just don't give up. They must have rung me every day for a month. I never answer, as thanks to sites like this I know it's dodgy.

Anonym2017-01-17 22:53:02

They called me today and I answered. Claimed to be o2 and spoke in a weird robotic voice. They said it was being recorded and asked if I was well and said I sounded "young" and "were my parents home"

Anonym2017-01-06 23:50:09

This is a PPI number telling me I came claim, but I've never had a bank loan or a credit card or a mortgage so how can be owed, not that I would claim even if I did as its a con for them to get money out of it too

Anonym2016-12-24 10:49:53

Rings 2-3 times daily. Never answer.

Anonym2016-12-11 12:35:02

s*cmbag phoned but I didn't speak and neither did they. If they are located in North Korea Kim has my permission to shoot them with his 75mm ant-aircraft cannon.

Anonym2016-12-06 08:16:55

02-Mar-17 Received a call from this number, I answered but no one on the other side. I then realised that this is not a full British number, it is short of a digit in the STD code.

Anonym2016-11-11 11:07:11

Called multiple times in a week.

Anonym2016-10-31 03:17:35

how did they get my number that's what i'd like to know I never give my number to anyone

Anonym2016-10-28 00:55:41

Got loads of calls from these scammed, I would love to find them. There needs to be some control of these scammed. .

Anonym2016-10-22 15:20:27

The person who answered the phone said he works at o2 and wants to improve my contract plan, however I use Pay As You Go. - Trying to scam and get details that you shouldn't give out! DANGEROUS!

Anonym2016-10-16 17:17:19

f**king c***s

Anonym2016-09-23 20:35:07

Just tell them you use the phone for business only and you don't know anything about it as you don't pay for the phone and they will just say OK thank you and remove you from their system. Politest way to get them to stop calling as they cannot do anything with you as you are not the person in charge of the phone bill.

Anonym2016-09-18 04:00:58

Had a call from this number earlier. Claimed to be from O2 wanting to upgrade my tariff but weren't able to tell me what packages and add-ons I already have. When I expressed dissatisfaction having a sales call when my details weren't known to them the call ended very quickly. Highly suspicious that this is a con trick.

Anonym2016-08-23 15:08:32

Who ever are they? This is the second time and they have phoned me and I have had enough of it. All I know is that the call is from Manchester. They can jog on and leave me alone....but how do I block them???

Anonym2016-08-11 22:01:45

called mobile but left no message

Anonym2016-07-17 21:33:47

time waisters fishing for your details

Anonym2016-07-12 02:10:28

They call soon you pick up they put phone down with out saying anything .how do they get my number

Anonym2016-07-01 01:35:28

01612776652 nuisance call should be fined.

Anonym2016-06-27 03:55:43

I had to contact 02 about an issue but I also thought I would ask them about this and told clearly they do not call asking for any details. In fact they need a password to get into your account. Block waste of time

Anonym2016-06-18 02:17:42

Looking for some of a different name. Explained several times that I am not Tracy ~Busson, never heard of her but calls keep coming so just ignore them. Cant find call block on phone.

Anonym2016-05-29 16:39:31

Received a call purporting to be from O2 and wanting to give me a better deal on my pay as you go! But strangely enough they didn't know what deal I was on so I went along with their charade until they asked for my bank details when I refused them they cut me off! What a shame!

Anonym2016-05-22 06:03:38

Someone pretending to be O2. Wondering how I am finding my current O2 Pay and Go Tariff. Funnily enough, I haven't been with O2 for almost 2 years (I am now with GiffGaff which is part of O2 but a separate company) If you need O2 call them directly. This number is a scam.

Anonym2016-05-21 02:26:16

Keep getting calls from this number on my payg phone which is my spare phone as I'm already on O2. I've blocked it but they call everyday!!!

Anonym2016-05-04 15:57:35

Rings at least twice a week never answered just blocked it. If it is O2 if I need them I will phone them.

Anonym2016-04-23 05:08:30

This is a scam number. I spoke to O2 about this on 07/03/2017 and they have forwarded it to their investigations departments. Do not give any details to these people, do not listen to them. If it is "O2" you call them work their real number. Don't pick up calls and assume it's a company

Anonym2016-04-20 22:30:54

I don,t who calls me but I'm sick of it. I'm disabled and I don't need the stress of it

Anonym2016-03-20 12:58:48

0161 277 6652 From O2 they said. Quite noisy background, definitely a call Centre. She asked how much I spend on my phone bills monthly, I hung up straight away, obviously if she's calling from O2 she should know better than me how much I spend every month. Scammers,get a life!

Anonym2016-03-05 16:40:01

They call every day at tea time. I don't answer. I'm glad I checked this site because I won't be answering and will block if it continues amy longer. I don't give out my number very willingly so I would love to know how a scammer company got it.

Anonym2016-02-29 01:42:09

01612776652 called. Said he was from O2 and asked me if I was happy with PAYGo. I asked what he was selling as and he took that to be an offensive implication. Scam.

Anonym2016-01-31 04:52:34

Keep Ringing and leaving Text messages. I think i'm going to Cold Call them...

Anonym2016-01-28 16:01:40

3 ringer, no answer, Alex Jones gonna take care of it... =o))

Anonym2016-01-09 18:02:27

They call me at least once a day. Seems as though o2 need to get their priorities into order of that are selling tgwke numbers.

Anonym2015-12-17 21:27:18

dont know anyone in manchester so just dont bother answering! bloody annoying

Anonym2015-11-05 19:52:03

This is 02 an outreach number to upgrade pay as you to contract offers they do call a lot though.

Anonym2015-10-29 17:25:39

f**kers never give up, but best not to answer it.

Anonym2015-10-21 17:01:50

Said they were from o2. Rang me 3 times yesterday and twice today. Ignore then block this number

Anonym2015-10-20 19:44:42

This number is a scam women with yorkshire accent with south east asian lilt. She knew who my netwok was.they are phone hackers. She hung up when i questioned her.

Anonym2015-10-17 18:56:22

don't know who calling but they are a nuisance calling at teatime on a regular basis

Anonym2015-10-16 04:48:53


Anonym2015-09-18 07:28:36

Still calling me so i finally blocked this one.

Anonym2015-09-07 01:47:28

Just carrying on from my previous post for a second: they ring from many different numbers which are all from the same exchange, so blocking them isn't straightforward. I therefore now disregard all calls to my mobile from any Manchester number with an 0161 277 prefix, and I suggest you do the same.

Anonym2015-08-28 20:21:51

01612776652 rang them back on a landline. Stated that they were O2, Zack. Told them not interested and put the phone down on them

Anonym2015-08-23 19:19:04

Scam job. Asked what road in Manchester they were on, they told me station road, I told them it’s there lucky day and I was 5 minutes away so I’d pop in. They cut me off straight away.

Anonym2015-08-19 18:23:48


Anonym2015-08-19 01:46:33

Did online chat with O2 they did not know this number

Anonym2015-08-17 04:03:41

01612776652 I now never answer any numbers starting with 0161 prefix even though this number is blocked on my phone it still gets allowed through. That is very annoying. Time O2 allowed for users to report these scam numbers so they can block them from their network. Which would be an attractive selling point for O2

Anonym2015-08-08 17:14:49

Annoying call to my mobile

Anonym2015-08-07 16:19:30

Just called me claiming to be O2, then asked me what call package I'm on and how much I top up by etc ... Afterwards I thought, hold on, if they are O2 and know my number, then they should also know what package I have and exactly how much I top up etc ...

Anonym2015-07-07 16:00:37

Seemed to know that I was on o2 pay as you go and started of with "how was I feeling today". I cut the call short as I was watching tv. Annoying. If o2 has any connection with this, they need to stop it.

Anonym2015-07-06 11:05:40

cheeky herberts phoned me and as I didnt answer sent me a text telling me I missed a call from them - oh dear - tough

Anonym2015-06-27 19:03:29

01612776652 I just logged onto to recruitment site and paid tv licence this number rings straight after.... I never never answer it

Anonym2015-06-23 19:06:17

0161 277 6652

Anonym2015-06-16 01:41:21

Some loser bag of crap who is too worthless to have a proper job. Told them to F*** off and die, sports whistle next time...

Anonym2015-06-16 00:50:54

0161 277 6652 calls 3 times a week on my pay as go O2 network, sometime gets text messages on special offer top up. I have never answered or response to any message.Dangerous & Scam callers

Anonym2015-06-01 04:59:01

Claimed to be calling from 02,rude,insistent and quite forceful,I would recommend avoiding the hassle and not answering the call.

Anonym2015-04-03 07:02:20

Never picked up the call and I havent this is the 5th time they are calling all thanks to 02 giving out our details I bet!!!

Anonym2015-02-08 10:45:18

Fake O2 scammers

Anonym2015-01-15 14:40:31

Called at 5pm on 11/3/2017 stating her name was Sharon of 02 and asked questions about my P and G phone and whether was interested in internet and changing from P and G. Told her not interested and have blocked number. Was suspicious so came here to see and glad I did!

Download the full report for the number 01612776652 SHOW

Comments to other numbers:

anonym - about number: 01315614532

rang me at 2am when I rang back it said number invalid rang me again today at 11.30am man answered said hello twice I asked who it was so he hung up I rang straight back number invalid again?

Anonym - about number: 01133204573

Right pain, tries every couple of days, blocked.

anonym - about number: 01183040465

Number calls work place and family members threatening to serve papers. Called and was hung up on for asking questions. People there are awful.

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Phoned me 9 times on the trot getting more abusive every time This has happened 3 days running from very early in the morning

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Initially answered and when I said I wasn't interested and not to call back they kept calling. I've since blocked the number but they keep calling back every few minutes. Annoying. I'm on the government do not call list so I have no idea how they got my number.

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Several missed calls

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CID: Private Number. Calls before 8:00 am, 6 times in the last week. Does not leave a message.

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call from person foreign accent wanting me to answer questions but I did,nt understand

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SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! Their typical way to scam is to contact admins of a website and pretend they did not pay for this domain name, asking for money,along with various threats. They also contact people are seo, web design, taxes, etc. Report those to police. Google this number. Lots of rip off reports and other sites. They own a bunch of websites such as https://dnrco.net http://dnsrco.com login-secure-paypal.eu http://boomerdomain.org http://www.domainhostingseo.com As many scammers, these also seem to be from India,with fake addresses in USA. Avoid, Report and ignore. Do not communicate in any way