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Who called me 01618149338

View informations about the number 01618149338 SHOW
Phone number: 01618149338
Country: UK
Region: Leeds
Kind of number: Landline
Prefix: 113
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If you know the number 01618149338 and you want to share this information with other Internet users, leave your comment. Remember that according to the law in force, at the request of the owner of the phone, the comment may be removed and in specific cases the phone number may be blocked in our database.

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  • Attempts to manipulate public opinion will be removed immediately

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Comments for the number 01618149338

anonym2019-02-10 16:40:04

12 digit number called. I didn't answer but when I rang back it just beeped

anonym2019-02-10 16:40:04

Very rude and tries to sell you stuff and hangs up on you when you dont buy their stuff even when you stay really polite

anonym2019-02-10 16:40:04

Another number from a large UK based PPI scam

anonym2019-02-10 16:40:04

He sent me a message and I dont know who it is .. its a male .. i called he dont wanna tell me his name

anonym2019-02-10 16:40:04

This number called me, was sinister and strangely silent......

anonym2019-02-10 16:40:04

Fake scammer con artist on dating sites. the consulting website doesn't have an address, no reviews, no published history, no business license! FAKE! Ladies beware!!

anonym2019-02-10 16:40:04


anonym2019-02-10 16:40:04

This person specifically asked for me by name, then hung up. My pc started acting strange, got a feeling something wasn't right. My pc security said that it was a potential spy/virus on my pc, placed sameday that # called!

anonym2019-02-10 16:40:04

Who called Me ? Whose number is this Find information

anonym2019-02-10 16:40:04

I don't know who called as when they called they hang up fast so I didn't have time to replay.

Anonym2019-02-03 17:47:01

PPI harrassment - this company should be shut down

Anonym2019-02-03 13:41:04

I keep telling them that I don't require Big Black Dildos.. Why are they still ringing me?

Anonym2019-02-02 06:45:30

Annoying aresoles who need a fat punch to the fanny or whatever gender they are

Anonym2019-01-31 10:47:13

Called 4 times in 5 days, number now blocked

Anonym2019-01-23 16:07:17

Call regularly and then hang up when you answer. Have blocked them.

Anonym2019-01-12 04:07:23

they will not stop calling me its doing my head in 3 times a day they call and hang up

Anonym2019-01-11 10:06:59

Harvesting data. PPI is only an excuse to check on your name and address!!!

Anonym2018-12-04 00:45:34

Have had many callys over last couple of weeks. Usually noone there when i answer. Was called again yesterday and woman 'told' me that i had been in a car accident. I said no and said i was registered with the telephpne preference service and to remove my nunber from their list and not call again. Today i was rung again twice but i didn't answer. I will be reporting them to the TPS ( which by the way is free to register with and definitely cuts unsolicited calls to home and mobile).

Anonym2018-11-13 22:25:07

Ppi so don't bother answering

Anonym2018-11-01 00:07:40

This number is rejected each time the cold callers try to make contact. Although I never answer numbers I don't recognise.

Anonym2018-10-30 02:10:20

Said he was simple solutions, after saying oh sorry you aren't a man.... rude!!!!

Anonym2018-10-29 20:58:36

Didn't answer, never answer unrecognised numbers always check Who called me first and then block the caller's number if appropriate

Anonym2018-10-13 15:11:56

Thoroughly hacked off with these Manchester numbers ringing about reclaiming bank charges, road accident compensation,etc. Have blocked several numbers from the same gang but somehow they keep getting through - avoid like the plague!!

Anonym2018-10-06 10:05:49

Claimed to be a company called 'Simple Solutions' and started asking me about bank charges for things like roadside recovery. After pointing out that they were obviously not affiliated with my bank (else they'd already know whether I paid monthly fees) I hung up.

Anonym2018-09-26 23:21:59

Thanks to this service I'm now loaded with info on them, they've been calling 3 times a day every day for 3 weeks. When they phone me tomorrow I'm actually going to answer and pretend to be a GCHQ field operative on government number with all their details on file, I'm going to have a laugh with this, fed up of getting stressed with these calls so going to turn it around. #goingtomakeyoutubeharrisingcallvideohistory ??

Anonym2018-09-20 03:04:56

Average once a week, never leaves a message 8 calls in 2 months. I never answer: read this thread now blocking.

Anonym2018-09-15 19:58:34

01618149338 called Claiming to be "Crofter & Archer" a claims handling company. They informed me that the bank that mis-sold me ppi would only return about 15% in the event of a successful claim. I informed her she shouldn't really have my number in the first place, she then went on to tell me it was my own fault for giving it out and that i shouldn't do it, if i didn't want to be contacted. What she failed to realise just before she hung up on me, as she was unable to provide me with any concrete answers for any points or questions I was raising is it's just sub human s*cm like her I don't want calling me. Number Blocked!

Anonym2018-09-11 20:00:26

Constantly phoning me on my mobile asking for Deb Smith (not my name). Keep blocking their various numbers but they still ring. Shall waste their time next time! ??

Anonym2018-09-10 17:42:14

called me loads of times, I never answered. have now blocked it.

Anonym2018-08-30 01:54:35

Been calling over the last two weeks or so. Three times today. I answered the third call, the silly slag asked if she was speaking to me by my name, I abruptly said "Yes, who's calling" and the stupid cow put the phone straight down. just block them. Bunch of walkers.

Anonym2018-08-24 03:54:52

Keep leaving missed calls, doesnt ring for long

Anonym2018-08-05 08:05:06

As per most of the comments here, Several missed calls never a message, then a real id**t on the end when answered, thought they were clever, I find a *** alarm a good method to deal with these callers - just sit back and imagine how quickly they remove their headset!!!!

Anonym2018-07-31 23:17:14

Called back and its called 'Simple Solutions'. I dont know this company, and never had (or will) anything to do with them. Harassing!

Anonym2018-07-29 07:17:42

Everyday, every single f**king day. No messages. I try not answering, doesn't work, still two calls per day. Will this ever end?

Anonym2018-07-21 11:34:44

this number called me but is unknown to me. didn't answer.

Anonym2018-07-14 10:14:38

Shit puffins

Anonym2018-07-12 11:12:49

Crofter & Archer PPI claims company. Persistent. Have blocked the number.

Anonym2018-07-05 08:53:50

What I find more offensive than these calls is all you people out there who think it ok to use the word c***!!!!

Anonym2018-06-25 06:15:15

Bell end manc

Anonym2018-06-19 19:21:15

Repeated calls

Anonym2018-06-13 04:33:08

Called me several times. Will block it after searching

Anonym2018-06-04 12:01:18

Ringing me everyday now getting annoyed now

Anonym2018-05-25 06:32:34

Constant calls from this nos. If its not this one its a similar nos with same dialing code. If they dont get an answer they shouldnt keep hassling.

Anonym2018-05-21 22:49:06

Manc tinks

Anonym2018-05-16 14:28:03

I think they just wanted to check my number was still active and hung up. No doubt they will sell this information to a third party and I will get cold calls from another number.

Anonym2018-05-10 23:41:23

this number has been bothering me for weeks now, why can't these numbers get blocked at source by BT and Oftel. Harassment is NOT ok, even if BT continue to make money. I doubt they will compensate harassed customers as they are doing sweet FA about it! ARGGGGGHHHHH

Anonym2018-05-08 08:00:02

They ring me on average twice a day. Usually nobody on the other end but I have devised a cunning plan. I don't speak when I answer the call to most of these unknown numbers and it usually stays quiet for about a minute then cuts off. That's one minute they will be charged for every time. So if unknown number calls you, answer but don't speak. If its someone you know they will speak otherwise will waste their money on call.

Anonym2018-04-22 00:33:22

said they were from my insurance company Albany (have phoned a few times)and that there was money set aside for an accident I had in past 3 years, need to confirm details and money is mine. When I said my accident was 4 years ago they said it was out of time but they could close the file. but they keep phoning me, so have blocked the number!

Anonym2018-03-18 03:26:33

Some drunk sounding pr*ck who for some reason had my name and address. Standard PPI nonsense. Ignore/block.

Anonym2018-03-14 22:12:53

This number rang my mobile 15th March 2017. No message left on my Voice mail, so have just Blocked the number

Anonym2018-03-13 21:01:06

PPI crap - stop calling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonym2018-02-21 01:52:59

Every week, without fail, twice a day. id**ts. Love the comments though from other recipients.

Anonym2018-02-12 00:55:20

Called me ( I didn't answer) 3 times in 24 hours

Anonym2018-02-01 07:36:27

sick to death of this number calling! reject reject reject!!!

Anonym2018-01-21 17:44:11

Harassing calls - now blocked.

Anonym2018-01-17 04:34:43

Cold/spam caller, called himself "GM Management" or similar. Told me it was my lucky day, money was waiting for me as a result of a car accident I had 2 years ago. When I (quite politely) told him I wasn't interested in whatever it was, he abruptly said "well, you'll be getting these calls for the next 3 years so good luck with that" and hung up. Ignore!

Anonym2018-01-13 21:26:43

keeps phoning. No one responds on other end

Anonym2018-01-08 12:44:40


Anonym2018-01-02 01:54:29

Calls often but no one speaks

Anonym2017-12-25 21:45:11

I have been getting inundated with several calls a day from this number for at least a three week period. I just don't answer it - my time is evidently more valuable than their's!

Anonym2017-11-26 07:43:57

Keeps calling every other day, I don't answer as I don't know the number and they never leave a message

Anonym2017-11-24 12:50:24

They didn't even have the decency to talk. Piece of Shit company.

Anonym2017-11-18 00:03:26

Idiots ring all the time, never answered - blocking this number!

Anonym2017-11-12 05:25:30

what can I do they call me 5-6 times a day o2 don't care I've had it with mobiles changing communications to smoke signals.

Anonym2017-11-05 13:58:23

PPI claim company who refused to listen when I said I wasn't interested

Anonym2017-10-08 02:30:15

This number calls me every few weeks and based on what I've read here I've now blocked them.

Anonym2017-10-03 13:33:19

Ringing frequently but I don't answer. Now blocked.

Anonym2017-09-28 11:26:23

Someone called MICHAEL, refused to provide any company details. I said if he called my number again I will repeat him and the company for harassment.

Anonym2017-09-12 00:02:48

Get this call frequently, I answer then just leave the phone on the side with him prattling away in the background, everyone do it, would be 30 sec call they get nothing from.

Anonym2017-09-11 02:58:30

Asking if I have received my PPI refund payment. I have told them that I don't and never have had PPI, to remove my details and not to call me back. I have also blocked the number to be safe.

Anonym2017-09-04 14:45:21

Calling about a refund on my bank payments... said it was wrong number but he continued to talk.

Anonym2017-09-02 19:33:47

Called me the last two days and just hung up. When you ring them back a robot says they are called Simple Solution and to email them to be removed. I have now blocked the s*cm.

Anonym2017-09-01 07:26:02

ikea trying to sell tables

Anonym2017-08-28 22:25:56

very perssitent and annoying sales calls- I highly ecommend blocking this number

Anonym2017-08-06 22:13:31

PPI rubish and very rude - blocked on Iphone

Anonym2017-07-28 20:18:08

I thought they were very charming and helpful. Simple Solutions #No.1!

Anonym2017-07-25 23:36:34

Only answered as waiting a call from a Manchester business. This was a PPI call centre asking if i had made any claims for PPI.

Anonym2017-07-24 00:44:16

Don't know who it was. Don't answer these calls anyhow. Now blocked

Anonym2017-07-15 03:33:18

i get called twice a day by this number for them to hang up after 3 seconds of not saying anything

Anonym2017-06-28 09:10:45

Got 2 calls from them today, like others the call just hangs up.

Anonym2017-06-24 11:12:13

0161 814 9338

Anonym2017-06-15 17:39:58

Keep CAlling, I just ignore

Anonym2017-06-13 00:21:57

Very rude caller, harassing and would not accept that I didn't want to discuss PPI. Do not answer

Anonym2017-06-05 03:31:02

Calling repeatedly about phantom accident. Refuse to remove my number from database. Surely some action can be taken against these id**ts?

Anonym2017-06-02 19:34:05


Anonym2017-05-31 11:24:05

One call everyday this week. Refuse to answer. Just block it, If they don't leave a voicemail it cant be that important.

Anonym2017-05-20 18:02:22

Another harassing phone call, have to constantly block numbers as I'm hounded by fake PPI claims and a*seholes telling me I can claim after an accident. Seriously, F*CK OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Anonym2017-05-19 12:34:04

Really rude people. Calling me on my first name. clearly PPI claim. when I said I am not interested, they start shouting down the phone to me to listen.

Anonym2017-05-13 20:16:13

Any Vodafone customers, text CALL to 7726, they will respond asking you to reply with the nuisance number in question. they will then investigate and block the number from calling you. I have done this multiple times including this number and never had a nuisance outfit call back again

Anonym2017-05-10 13:31:40

PPI knobs

Anonym2017-05-10 09:56:41

Same again, I get a few calls from this number a day; now added to "auto-reject"

Anonym2017-05-06 18:11:32

Keep getting calls from this number but has the the Ashleigh when it comes up 1 I don't know anyone of that name - noone in my phonebook and 2 Don't know anyone who lives in Manchester!

Anonym2017-04-28 19:46:42


Anonym2017-04-28 05:58:56

Had this number call me every day about PPI- really harassing me, I told them never to call me ever again. Pain in the backside.

Anonym2017-04-09 02:38:34

Called me this morning. I answered it & they hung up once the line connected.

Anonym2017-03-31 20:12:04

Simple Solutions - PPI spam call!

Anonym2017-03-29 12:13:40

Spam call! The caller trying to do the usual ppi claim. Blocked

Anonym2017-03-27 20:29:15

calls but when i pick up they hang up

Anonym2017-03-26 06:59:38

Blocked the number as kept calling and hanging up.

Anonym2017-03-19 08:46:35

Simple Solutions - Manchester line - Spam Call

Anonym2017-03-12 19:09:03


Anonym2017-03-10 22:18:44

Simply solutions - sick to death of the calls from 0161, constantly asking to be removed. I always thank them for the call, tell them I can deal with it myself but always finish with "have a nice day" before they can reply. If I'm feeling really annoying and have time, I answer their questions, then tell them I have been making it up !!!! When will the TPS stop these calls!!!!

Anonym2017-03-08 09:22:16

Glad they hung up before I managed to answer after reading this. Was expecting a call otherwise I'd have looked at the number. Blocking!!!!

Anonym2017-03-06 10:32:31

constant calling every single day. i never pick up now - I did pick up before because we have relatives in Manchester...but not anymore.

Anonym2017-03-04 01:04:16

You need to block the caller on your mobile and then they can't get through. Go to your call number list, then info, scroll-down and then select Block this Caller.

Anonym2017-02-25 03:58:56

Not worth answering calls from this no.

Anonym2017-02-25 03:46:04

Constantly calling leaving no message most upsetting

Anonym2017-02-24 07:50:12

Keep calling won't leave a message

Anonym2017-02-21 16:43:34

Nasty woman wanted to talk about my recent RTA - I wasnt even hurt thank god!!!!! I told her this and wait for it she said "thats not the truth is it" - how dare she the b*tch - I have blocked this number.

Anonym2017-02-21 16:27:27

I blocked this number and they still manage to call me how else can i resolve this i never answer

Anonym2017-02-18 23:51:23

8pm at night? Asking for me by my 1st name. Got told was the wrong number. Sounded like some call centre. Definitely spam. Blocked know

Anonym2017-02-16 18:03:13

2nd time they have called but already blocked from first time a lady going on about getting more money from bank blar blar said not interested and they hung up so rude anyway but defo block sick of these type of calls got better things to do with my time

Anonym2017-02-14 10:51:45

Spammers keeps calling hangs up when answered

Anonym2017-02-12 13:46:05

Another ring off before you get there waste of time cowboy outfit!

Anonym2017-02-06 14:56:42

Typical ambulance chaser, claims I've been in an accident (never driven) told I had been in an accident, told him to hold on a sec and placed the phone down & left him there until he sodded off, don't think they will be calling back

Anonym2017-02-01 16:52:57

Kept getting countless missed calls. They left a 19 second voicemail of complete silence. Blocked!!

Anonym2017-01-31 01:24:01

01618149338 has rung me several times during the day in the last week - spam!

Anonym2017-01-29 23:05:34

I've had te same Manchester number called blocked each time but they ring back on a different number but still 0161

Anonym2017-01-28 14:46:10

A northern c***, hang up.

Anonym2017-01-27 02:25:52

Islamic terrorist cell trying to recruit me for a job in Manchester, told them I didn't believe in god but could they put a good word in for me. After he told me he would burn me alive and *** my wife he then was completely honest and said I would burn in hell. Well at least no I know where I stand.

Anonym2017-01-26 19:06:11

It's pure harassment they are s*cm

Anonym2017-01-21 02:29:20

Called up consistency the entire week. 1 call/day. No VM and when picked call gets disconnected.

Anonym2017-01-03 13:15:25

They call me at least 2 times a day when i answer they hang up !!!!!!

Anonym2016-12-30 08:34:10

This number kept calling me the whole 2 weeks I didn't have my phone as it was been repaired. They never left a voicemail, so I knew it was some sort of spam. They have just rung me and because they couldn't quite hear me for some reason they just hung up. I've reported them to 7726 and will block them on my own phone which is what I suggest others do. Don't mess around with them, just block !

Anonym2016-12-12 20:00:25

Called me 15/03/17 - Dead air. Will be adding to my block list.

Anonym2016-12-11 18:41:13

PPI ( Bs solutions , or so they say ) , I've already blocked this number & asked again today for my details to be removed , this is harassment , DONT bother to answer this number (01618149338) the woman at the the other end of phone was rude and abrupt & argued with me that they haven't contacted me before, I put the phone down in the end as she just wasn't listening to me! ????

Anonym2016-12-10 08:41:44

Missed call every day. I generally don't pick up if I don't know the number. I've now blocked the number thanks to this service.

Anonym2016-11-19 08:34:30

Just like other comments - this number calls daily, does not answer when picked up, does not respond to requests not to call (rejected with message). Disgusting behaviour! Do not know what these people get out of it!!!

Anonym2016-10-30 20:52:52

Called 4 times in day & a half

Anonym2016-10-05 01:07:39

Twats. Now blocked.

Anonym2016-10-01 01:28:48

Claims management allegedly! Person was louder than my old Harley. When will Ofcom earn their money and clamp down on these id**ts - Extrocet missile at the offices will do nicely!

Anonym2016-09-29 07:24:29

They are a right pain ...rude and no brain cells ...told them I was 15 and they shouldnt be calling me, got sworn at ...it worked , no more calls haha

Anonym2016-09-24 14:11:51

Unsolicited cold call

Anonym2016-09-07 18:35:52

persistent caller

Anonym2016-09-06 22:35:50

Spam call! They call every day and never leave a message.

Anonym2016-08-22 18:42:40

Received this missed call after booking concert tickets via Ticketmaster for Manchester Arena. Slightly concerned that my number was accessed/shared without permission

Anonym2016-08-18 23:18:50

Called me yesterday and I answered. Woman asked if I had been in a car accident recently and I told her I never had an accident. She told me they would take my number off their records and ended the conversation. Today they call again!

Anonym2016-08-09 02:35:40

They have been calling me everyday for the last 5 days. When I answer they hang up.

Anonym2016-08-03 10:12:31

Who is this number - they call me two to three times a day and clearly from comments above I'm not the only one so why isn't it being blocked or looked into?

Anonym2016-07-24 22:03:59

Landline from Manchester area. Company: Swift .... (Telemarketers)

Anonym2016-07-17 00:21:47

Answered the call and they hung up. When I called back, there was nobody available to take my call. Simple Solutions, your number is now blocked!

Anonym2016-07-16 01:21:39

01618146313 01244459889

Anonym2016-07-15 10:02:34

I receive calls atleast twice a day for the past 3+ months and even though I have asked them to stop calling, they continue doing so. Please take action to stop them.

Anonym2016-07-12 11:21:22

they call every day, but never say anything then hang up

Anonym2016-07-12 02:19:33

simple solutions

Anonym2016-07-09 09:24:18

Hope they all die in a car crash

Anonym2016-07-06 04:17:03

Damn rude mannered wont stop callin after me to take my number off therr system was told go crack ya head open and die ??

Anonym2016-07-02 15:11:24

This number called me to ask me if I was a convicted felon for taping liberty at victorious festival

Anonym2016-07-01 04:29:49

Kept calling (sometimes even few times a day) almost every day without leaving any voice messages for a month or so, I never answered them, they stopped for few weeks but now started again!! Really annoying

Anonym2016-06-18 00:23:13

Keeps ringing most days, but hang up when you answer call

Anonym2016-06-11 18:01:23

simple solutions called. informed them if they do not take me off call list i shall contact police as this is harassment.

Anonym2016-06-08 18:39:46

they know my date of birth

Anonym2016-06-06 02:33:49

Calls every day

Anonym2016-06-02 11:00:56

Rude aggressive female who lacked intelligence ! They stalk you -losers -block number !

Anonym2016-05-25 08:24:17

Spam call! trying to do the usual ppi claim, told them no thank you

Anonym2016-05-21 19:03:13

Was quick to assure me that it wasn't related to PPI. Called me 'mate' and by the wrong name several times. Said it was regarding 'My Account' but couldn't tell me which account, just that I can claim a refund on all my purchases? Absolute clown shoe.

Anonym2016-05-17 18:15:26

PPI... the old "refund" pitch to peak my interest because everyone likes a refund right???????????....

Anonym2016-05-12 00:53:37

They start by asking for some name they obviously have been trained to make up to initiate the call, so when they you say this is not them or they got the wrong number they persist by saying "this will benefit you anyway as its PPI" What crappy LIARS!! Its about time these people got closed down.

Anonym2016-05-05 08:57:50

Phoned me but no one spoke to me it just said easier cover called you today and will call again

Anonym2016-05-04 17:49:26

Same as others - two or three calls a day - no one there if I pick up. Have blocked the number.

Anonym2016-04-30 02:45:54

Didn't answer. Checked comments against number on here. Then blocked.

Anonym2016-04-14 14:19:09

Simple Solutions, never leave a message, never heard of them. Call at least 3 times a day for the past 2 weeks.

Anonym2016-04-08 12:00:27

download call blocker / set up / go to black list the funnel icon / click blacklist arrow / click plus(+) sign / add numbers with a click from 'call log' / / Breath a sigh of relief / Repeat once a week or so. Worth it / set up / go to black list the funnel icon / click blacklist arrow / click plus(+) sign / add numbers with a click from 'call log' / / Breath a sigh of relief / Repeat once a week or so. Worth it /

Anonym2016-03-03 20:30:31

Calls daily to a residential property, annoying

Anonym2016-03-02 09:19:06

Rang my mobile today whilst on a business call, so didn't take the call. However having received a number of calls from a Manchester code, I don't answer. Hopefully they will give up and try someone else!

Anonym2016-02-26 20:57:36

Number blocked.

Anonym2016-02-19 11:30:55

Didn't answer - checked the number on here and will now block and mark as spam to Android.

Anonym2016-02-16 10:01:14

Rang me on 15/03/2017, I answered within a two rings and they didn't say anything for a few seconds and then hung up on me. Added to my blacklist.

Anonym2016-02-14 01:25:52

Calls received once a week but hang up upon me answering.

Anonym2016-02-02 22:47:44

Hangs up every time,4 calls in 1 week.

Anonym2016-01-31 10:36:52

continuous calls about PPI and when I told them I have never bought any PPI products they told me they could NOT remove my details from their system. When I asked them to re-confirm who they were they hung up.

Anonym2016-01-29 10:14:21

Rude cold caller. Man at this company called my mobile for another person, I explained that this was a wrong number and he said "OK pal" and proceeded to carry on with his script! I had to explain that I was at work and I didn't have time for a cold call when he interrupted again with the script. When I reiterated this, he rudely exclaimed on why I was picking a call up at work as he wouldn't have done so - and hung up on me. I'll now carry on with my day and I guess he'll carry on being a d!#khead.

Anonym2016-01-28 14:54:37

Missed call, no message left. As I have already blocked similar numbers on my phone, it shows that the usual technique these cold callers adopt is to ring back on different numbers, until they get a ring!

Anonym2016-01-26 02:15:55

I will block as I only do not block the ones I can mess with.

Anonym2016-01-21 17:29:26

Same as above. SWIFT MANAGEMENT, said she was calling about an accident I had in the last 2 years. Told her I haven't had any and don't waste my time.

Anonym2016-01-19 04:46:37

PPI who are backed by the ministry of justice apparently! Told them I've never had PPI and I'm a member of TPS so did they check with TPS before phoning, no i think not. Guy actually argued with me that I had PPI and said I have no idea what I'm talking about! Rather than block my son speaks to them in Welsh, far more amusing.

Anonym2016-01-06 10:48:53


Anonym2015-12-21 13:14:43

Asked them to stop calling me. Kept calling back repeatedly regardless.

Anonym2015-12-17 01:35:16

Simple solutions I told them to duck off and get a proper job.and then ended the call then they called me straight back and said you can't talk to people like that.so I said to them go and get shagged.and then i ended the call.

Anonym2015-12-16 10:27:27

Just blocked the number on my mobile if i don't recognise them. These id**ts also use. 01618145186

Anonym2015-12-13 08:32:11

I called back and a recorded message said the company was simple solutions. I have calls from them several times a week, answered first time but haven't since.

Anonym2015-12-12 04:36:28

As per the comments here. Nuisance caller. Blocker.

Anonym2015-12-03 23:14:26

Continuous calls at least daily for last month, if I answer they never speak, i it remains silent then they hang up.

Anonym2015-11-20 13:44:45

something about bank accounts although could not really understand the illiterate rude yob on the end of line

Anonym2015-11-17 20:12:44

Rude screaming down the phone to me!

Anonym2015-11-05 04:45:33

Had a call from this number this morning. Didn't bother to answer. They didn't leave anny voicemail.

Anonym2015-10-22 14:16:38

Yet another PPI company stating that if you had payment from the banks for past PPI, you could claim more has they may have under paid you. When will it end!!! Also called me by my first name, that didnt go down to well.

Anonym2015-10-04 08:56:52

Blocked never answered a call thankfully.

Anonym2015-10-02 03:45:45

Simple Solutions National House 36 St Ann Street Manchester M2 7LE United Kingdom Directors: Anthony Braithwaite, Shaun Rose and James Muvihill

Anonym2015-09-27 04:30:47

repeated calls no -one there just office noise...

Anonym2015-09-23 08:03:06

They are so persistent,twice daily .I've blocked them but they still get through I will report them to the TPS

Anonym2015-09-15 03:16:54

Aggressive attitude from the caller

Anonym2015-09-07 21:14:29

no one answered

Anonym2015-08-31 13:32:17

Similar experience - almost daily calls, no-one at the end if I answer. Very annoying

Anonym2015-08-27 13:11:45

Blatant cold call ............. Grrrrrr

Anonym2015-08-24 00:31:32

I agree with everyone, do not answer !!! What is amusing is some of the comments on here, really made me laugh out loud, especially the one from 24/07/2017

Anonym2015-08-22 13:14:35

Annoying me everyday...

Anonym2015-08-21 16:27:27

Just block the number, isn't rocket science.

Anonym2015-08-07 01:29:29

I have blocked this but they use another number 1 digit different, they are rude and do not accept no as an answer... I have 4-5 calls a day

Anonym2015-08-02 09:47:30

These morons really are annoying PPI's! (Persistent,Pisstaking,Irritants) Been inundated with calls from a few different 0161 numbers, all reading off the same poorly written script of utter bollox :/

Anonym2015-08-01 05:29:50

Call me most days sometimes twice a day!

Anonym2015-07-23 04:18:39

I love Truecaller, it tells me why they are then i block, they are classed as Accident Managment, ignore/ block.

Anonym2015-07-21 18:39:57

Called claiming to be from BCM. A very cheery sounding woman on the other end said "I'm just calling to ask if you've got your money back yet? You know, from PPI?". Hung Up.

Anonym2015-07-16 13:52:23

They are a pain in the Arse,They phone up at least 2 times a day which I just regect taking the call because they just rant on about PPI they are very persistent and a nightmare.

Anonym2015-07-07 15:09:19

Very rude - said how did I know I wasn't owed any thing and when asked them to stop calling she told me to 'calm down'. I hung up, number now blocked!

Anonym2015-07-06 08:55:43

This number calls me on a daily basis.Based on the messages I have seen on here, I have now blocked them. Thanks all.

Anonym2015-07-05 17:30:23

getting fed up with these ars holes and can not stop them if they keep on i shell take legal action

Anonym2015-06-18 22:31:46

Called them back, apparently I didn't get the full ppi refund, I said I would contact my bank myself, was told I couldnt as I had already claimed, I asked how can they do it if I cant he said because they hadn't claimed before, I hung up & blocked number!

Anonym2015-06-17 17:31:43

PPI bunch of c*nts. I always block every number i font recognise, but still come through at least 4 day.

Anonym2015-06-16 14:07:06

The people who are making these nuisance calls obviously have a small p*nis and hopefully soon they will all die in a nasty car crash !

Anonym2015-06-13 03:48:25

I never answer a number I don't know before looking it up on here. I know now that they are scammers, so it - and it's brethren - are blocked.

Anonym2015-05-25 06:42:44

Called back and its called 'Simple Solutions'. I dont know this company, and never had (or will) anything to do with them. Harassing!

Anonym2015-05-18 12:57:21

Said he was calling from Financial Justice and said he has a list of banks/loans etc and I'm due a big payout for ppi. Asked him for information and he told me to google financial justice. When I told him I wasn't interested, he went down the route of the car accident I had in which I was driving (hmm don't think so - can't drive). I requested nicely that he remove all information from me from his systems or I will report him. He kept calling me by my first name and them ma'am- he's older than me. Ignore/block if you can!

Anonym2015-05-12 05:50:57

Cold calling

Anonym2015-05-07 19:39:42

These marketing t****s from Manchester call almost every day and I usually just ignore it. I would like to get my own back on them somehow.

Anonym2015-04-30 11:45:32

Thanks for the info. here. These ********* keep calling, so I just have to ignore them :-)

Anonym2015-04-15 17:34:43

Answered...faint comment then hung up. Called them number dead/not connected

Anonym2015-04-12 23:54:28

Man from ICE? Fishing about a recent accident

Anonym2015-04-10 22:33:53

they call me constantly at least 4 times a day I just hang up now its PPI, JUST IGNORE IT!

Anonym2015-04-09 06:01:11

Constantly been called by these clowns this is harassment, there must be something that can be done with these cold callers.

Anonym2015-04-03 00:50:32

Persistent. Blocked

Anonym2015-03-26 12:30:48

Sick to death of these s*cm bags same scammed just changes number each day every day for last month . These people should do the honourable thing and FU#K OFF.............

Anonym2015-03-08 02:12:12

calls every day - blocked now - thanks for info again

Anonym2015-02-27 05:58:01

Every single day, sometime twice or three times! They have been asked to stop but still carry on!

Anonym2015-02-24 10:22:51

They have called me again, this is the 8th time in 2 weeks! Will block them! When ever I answer they just hang up, it's very irritating!

Anonym2015-02-22 23:55:58

This has called me every day for weeks. Have now blocked as I know it is a harrassing call .

Anonym2015-02-16 21:18:29

Scammers!! Blocked.

Anonym2015-02-05 09:01:23

Calls on a daily basis, sometimes 3 times a day. I never answer but getting well pissed off as it's obviously a scammer and harassing and bothering me everyday. Blocked a few similar numbers to that but new ones appear in a few days. They should be stopped and charged for harassment.

Anonym2015-01-04 20:59:53

Called me this morning. I don't have any family in Manchester so didn't answer it. Have blocked it.

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anonym - about number: 01315614532

rang me at 2am when I rang back it said number invalid rang me again today at 11.30am man answered said hello twice I asked who it was so he hung up I rang straight back number invalid again?

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Right pain, tries every couple of days, blocked.

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