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Who called me 01625800535

View informations about the number 01625800535 SHOW
Phone number: 01625800535
Country: UK
Region: Leeds
Kind of number: Landline
Prefix: 113
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If you know the number 01625800535 and you want to share this information with other Internet users, leave your comment. Remember that according to the law in force, at the request of the owner of the phone, the comment may be removed and in specific cases the phone number may be blocked in our database.

  • Add real information only
  • Attempts to manipulate public opinion will be removed immediately

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Comments for the number 01625800535

anonym2019-03-16 20:11:34

Told me from Financial Conduct Authority and i'm getting over £3000 cash from PPI delivered from a courier today from a loan i've never had!

anonym2019-03-16 20:11:34

Number called two days in a row and left no voicemail I even called them back and left a message and they still didn't leave a voicemail

anonym2019-03-16 20:11:34

Calls never speaks then hangs up

anonym2019-03-16 20:11:34

This person got into a group chat with me and my friends. None of us own this number and we have no idea who it is. After calling we got voicemail. The number is from a different state.

anonym2019-03-16 20:11:34

Nuisance calls

anonym2019-03-16 20:11:34

Called regarding a "credit card account". Spam & Scam

anonym2019-03-16 20:11:34

Very vague voicemail. Did not identify name or company. Asked me to press one to be connected to the investigation department

anonym2019-03-16 20:11:34

Individual claiming to be from Windows. Started getting rude and aggressive when questioned about reason for call.

anonym2019-03-16 20:11:34

Has called me twice and both times it rings once and they hang up. No voicemail left either.

anonym2019-03-16 20:11:34

This caller has been calling me everyday since 29-09-2016 here in the UK claiming to be from Talk Talk telling me l have problems with their Router.This is impossible as l changed my IP a year ago.Have traced this number to USA.This must be a scam and legal action should be taken against them

Anonym2019-02-03 23:39:42

Just called me and, as per usual, I ignore it... However! I always wonder if it's better to pick up the phone and put it down instantly??? Would it cost them more???

Anonym2019-02-03 06:12:16

A PPI call .... I thought GDPR was supposed to stop all these annoying phone calls and some-one, somewhere is still selling our data !!!!

Anonym2019-01-22 12:42:43

Now blocked

Anonym2019-01-22 07:58:43

Missed the call due to a call of nature and looking at these messages seem it was very fortunate timing.

Anonym2019-01-14 10:39:28

PPI again, Help your claim

Anonym2019-01-13 21:41:09

Been pestered by non stop calls from this no for weeks disgraceful

Anonym2019-01-11 17:06:26

If only all the muppets who haven't claimed their PPI back had done so there wouldn't be a market for these companies to exist. Billions unclaimed despite it getting shoved in our faces for years now-sadly that means these cold calls will go on.At least the deadline is looming and that will put an end to it.

Anonym2019-01-08 04:39:42

PPI scam.

Anonym2019-01-04 05:11:16

It's a PPI reclaim company very persistent! Blocked now!

Anonym2019-01-03 15:28:33

Asked for Mr O'Brien, when I told them it was a wrong number the guy said " sorry I'll update out info, can you give me your name" I just laughed and hung up.

Anonym2019-01-03 12:16:33

Don't know anyone or any company in Macclesfield, so rejected the call. Having read the comments here, have now blocked.

Anonym2018-12-29 21:20:19

scam, blocked

Anonym2018-12-27 17:54:26

Called asking for Natalie not my name said nope now one here and the lady tried to carry on convo saying it could be relative to me as it applies to everyone I cut off before hearing anything else pushy and p*sts

Anonym2018-12-25 11:46:11

Woman asking for Heidy....scam

Anonym2018-12-18 16:42:31


Anonym2018-11-30 12:10:32

Added to 'Ignore' list - making a total of 208 numbers now in ignore list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonym2018-11-29 18:38:30


Anonym2018-11-20 20:22:54

Who tf are these people? They have no lives constantly calling me. I am a student who doesn't need ppi as I haven't been in an accident ever. Scam. Blocked. I will answer and ask them rude questions in return if I have to? Like how they feel being a low life calling random numbers everyday hoping to scam someone. First off there's so many of them how are they going to share the money from someone else's bank account, will they all get a pound each? Low life s*cm???????

Anonym2018-11-18 11:05:35

Called me today asking for a Mr Ali (im female) but then continued to babble on even though I said I wasn't him and wasn't interested at which point he agressively started shouting at me that I didn't even know what he was ringing about so how can I say I'm not interested! Number now blocked!

Anonym2018-11-15 23:08:44

Accidentally answered as I usually check and block number first. This time purporting to be something to do with my phone, politely told them that I was not interested and hung up, they were still talking as I put it down. Now blocked.

Anonym2018-11-08 04:24:55

01625800535, recalled them and she just hung up right away. Offcom should be dealing with this riff raff.

Anonym2018-10-29 23:57:49


Anonym2018-10-28 00:52:13

Scouse s*cm

Anonym2018-10-25 04:30:56

a person called about ppi just kept on going on and on about ppi just put phone down.

Anonym2018-10-15 17:05:44

Didnt pick up but knew it would be another time waster

Anonym2018-10-14 21:07:42

Scam s*cm.

Anonym2018-10-12 20:07:13


Anonym2018-10-12 10:45:32

utter c*** would not speak

Anonym2018-10-09 17:52:48

A 20 year old asking if I have ppi

Anonym2018-10-09 10:19:53

Just called me and, as per usual I, ignore it... However! I always wonder if it's better to pick up the phone and put it down instantly??? Would it busy them more???

Anonym2018-10-08 13:32:51

Unsoliited call asking about PPI

Anonym2018-10-08 00:42:58

never answered when i picked up have now blocked them

Anonym2018-09-05 00:52:14


Anonym2018-09-02 21:37:00

Called me on my mobile today. Whitepages looked up the caller info and listed it as scam or fraud.

Anonym2018-09-02 09:40:14

My guy

Anonym2018-08-31 06:10:10

Harassing about ppi blocked and deleted

Anonym2018-08-08 05:23:40

01625800535 - PPI Scam

Anonym2018-08-02 12:43:07

PPI Claims company. professional scammers.

Anonym2018-07-30 11:05:13

Scam ,,

Anonym2018-07-08 07:05:48

Dont answer

Anonym2018-06-25 23:29:54

Ppi getting far to many calls they don't want to listen absolute pain

Anonym2018-06-25 03:16:55

PPI claim.

Anonym2018-06-22 02:26:22


Anonym2018-06-18 06:22:59


Anonym2018-06-08 02:31:01


Anonym2018-06-04 17:14:43


Anonym2018-05-30 01:06:52

01625800535 - Phone reported this call as spam, therefore didn't answer. After reading these comments I am glad I didn't.

Anonym2018-05-15 15:18:28

Aidan from ‘Help Your Claim’. Hung up and blocked the number!

Anonym2018-05-13 14:35:04

This number called me again at 1300hrs Tuesday 12 June 2018, female voice asked for me by name. This time asking had I ever been sold any banking products.

Anonym2018-05-10 09:56:21

Claims PPI blah blah blah

Anonym2018-05-09 15:12:33

robots calling - can't connect is stated when you put them on speaker !

Anonym2018-04-21 09:04:03

Some b*llshit about missold claims originating from Macclesfield. I told him to take me off the calling list and he hung up.

Anonym2018-04-09 12:01:20

Phone call about PPI and claim. There is no claim so call discontinued straight away. Beware!

Anonym2018-03-16 21:40:11

This number called my mobile which warned me scam or fraud so didnt pick up

Anonym2018-03-07 07:27:53

PPI don't answer

Anonym2018-03-06 09:34:35

Get rid of this lot please, pretty sure they use different numbers when blocked.

Anonym2018-02-22 23:28:29


Anonym2018-02-15 02:00:28

caller said I could claim PPI.Another scam

Anonym2018-02-14 14:38:30

01625 800535 - Picked up the phone, the geezer asked 'is that Mr Slater' I said no who the hell is Mr Slater, he hung up and now I'm mad. Where's my apology for wrong number?????

Anonym2018-02-11 16:29:12

another ppi i know most young people had loans and other shit but im not one if you do not have the f**king money f**king do without the shit i do not see the f**king point of getting into dept just to have the lastet phone my phone an dinosour it like ten years old

Anonym2018-02-08 19:06:40

Rhymes with "hunts"

Anonym2018-02-04 03:35:09

I didn’t say anything when I answered the call and I heard “hello? hello?” Followed by “F**k sake twat” and hung up the line so ?? I don’t know who they are but they aren’t pleasant!

Anonym2018-02-03 13:42:21

Having to many cold callers on my personal mobile. If I wanted something I will call you. All Go the f@!? away.

Anonym2018-01-20 02:51:51

PPI, asked them to remove my number and said i wasn't interested but wouldn't stop talking so i hung up and blocked them.

Anonym2018-01-19 06:12:28

Persistent silent caller. Blocked

Anonym2018-01-14 11:39:31

Rang back missed call, Macclesfield- was told it was to do with ‘pension refund’. I told telephonist O wasn’t interested. Blocked number- will under no circumstances trust these people.

Anonym2018-01-12 09:44:25


Anonym2018-01-03 18:15:30

Called didn’t have my phone so noted as “ missed call”. I haven’t called them and they haven’t rung back. Number now blocked

Anonym2018-01-03 09:37:39

Called no answer then switched to it's not possible to connect your call

Anonym2017-12-31 12:37:26


Anonym2017-12-24 10:34:02

Getting calls every day almost from this and similar numbers. Man with Manchester accent, apparently calling from "Help Your Claim" PPI refund company. Very rude when I asked to be removed from their lists.

Anonym2017-12-22 21:40:31

Spam call

Anonym2017-12-19 02:34:14

Silent caller

Anonym2017-12-15 20:50:00

PPI call individual was very rude accusing me of being stupid for not agreeing to start the process

Anonym2017-12-14 06:45:03

said hello they did mot answer - good - muppets

Anonym2017-12-13 11:08:18

Ppi f*ck off

Anonym2017-12-08 08:47:32

?01625 800535?

Anonym2017-11-28 16:59:06

this number phones up then hang up why cant they stop thease arse holes be stopped .

Anonym2017-11-15 09:57:14

Call Centre scam about possible PPI, accident claim etc,etc

Anonym2017-11-07 17:45:01

Now blocked

Anonym2017-11-06 20:51:31

Rang me 1459 phone no01625800535 left no message.

Anonym2017-11-04 05:36:05

I don't know who called, they hung up as soon as I answered. Number is now blocked

Anonym2017-10-22 05:22:29

usual 'don't answer, then hang up' s*cm. Blocked of course

Anonym2017-10-04 11:49:18

Block this persistent scammer

Anonym2017-09-29 02:29:57


Anonym2017-09-18 15:06:15

Told them to f*ck off

Anonym2017-09-09 15:33:52

Just called me but looked on here so didn't answer. Now blocked :)

Anonym2017-09-05 04:51:40

01625800535 annoying ppi

Anonym2017-08-29 18:20:35

Did not answer but they keep calling I have blocked

Anonym2017-08-13 04:36:59

PPI spam call! blocked now

Anonym2017-08-09 02:06:42

They never get tired of calling, apparently iv had an accident, must have been bad, I have no memory of it!

Anonym2017-08-06 22:27:49

01625 800535 Type: Landlines (geographic) pointer01625 area code - Macclesfield (England) Average rate:Harassing Number of searches:51781 PPI scammers don't answer Number blocked

Anonym2017-08-02 23:41:28

Why does this number keep calling me

Anonym2017-07-31 17:41:43

checked her - blocked now...

Anonym2017-07-30 04:44:24

PPI claim call again. Blocked

Anonym2017-07-26 12:56:01

silent call

Anonym2017-07-20 15:37:37

PPI call and if you say you have already claimed they still want your detalis so they can check you got the correct amount. Blocked.

Anonym2017-07-19 10:17:10

do not answer, block instead

Anonym2017-07-19 02:43:00

I like breasts

Anonym2017-07-15 19:12:21

Keeps on ringing. Scam.

Anonym2017-07-12 17:00:54

Fake company who is calling you for car accident to claim some money ! fed up with this phone calls..

Anonym2017-06-23 12:08:06

Blocked. Missed the call but if there isn’t a good clear voicemail, I’m not calling back.

Anonym2017-06-23 08:39:16

1625800535 Not sure who this is but rung back and it was just ringing for ages

Anonym2017-06-21 21:38:40

nuisance call ppi

Anonym2017-06-15 03:10:01

Claim company/ PPI I asked them to take my number off their calling list and I could hear them fumbling the phone and they put the phone down.

Anonym2017-06-08 03:14:32

Frequent unknown 'silent' caller to my mobile. VERY annoying as nobody answers!!!

Anonym2017-06-08 01:50:23

Pi claim just keep ringing me. Becoming a pain so have blocked them phoning me.

Anonym2017-05-18 16:48:26

Blocked this number

Anonym2017-05-14 10:25:25

Phone already flagged this number as Scam or Fraud so I blocked it.

Anonym2017-05-03 11:57:49

Fed up with these calls

Anonym2017-04-23 07:55:28

PPI call. Don’t answer them

Anonym2017-04-19 04:04:12

Had call from this no today, didn't answer. I never ever answer no I don't know. Scammers, shocking. We are pensioners, but not stupid.

Anonym2017-04-18 21:42:29

The callers are all dung beetles and a waste of air, Macclesfields worst examples of sub-humanoid life.

Anonym2017-04-15 16:09:47

Didn't answer.

Anonym2017-04-13 05:55:56


Anonym2017-04-12 22:06:01

Now blocked

Anonym2017-04-12 05:22:52

What happened to the Caller Preference Service?

Anonym2017-04-04 00:44:59

Some guy called me, wasted his time for 8 minutes told him i had a mortgage at barclays and he nearly had an orgasm, told him i was 16 and he panicked lol dont answer

Anonym2017-04-01 09:10:33

Scammers. Vile people

Anonym2017-03-30 19:30:21

BLOCKED - cold caller

Anonym2017-03-20 10:27:47

called us at 2.30pm but no one on the line.

Anonym2017-03-05 03:59:03


Anonym2017-03-01 02:46:49

Wanting to represent me for a nonexistent car accident

Anonym2017-02-27 06:40:33

P off

Anonym2017-02-20 02:25:55

01625800535...Mansfield!! The calling time and location that you know right away that its a scam call or PPI etc! Blocked and double blocked!!!!

Anonym2017-02-09 07:01:27

Called about bloody PPI refund. Frustrating as heel. DONT' CALL ME!!!!

Anonym2017-02-07 00:06:48

Car insurance claim.

Anonym2017-01-29 23:25:35

I get this call on a regular basis, only rings a few times not long enough for me to answer, I don’t know any one from Macclesfield so I guess it’s a cold caller

Anonym2017-01-18 08:26:08


Anonym2017-01-07 00:55:31

PPI do not answer and block

Anonym2017-01-06 04:34:53

Deez r jus w-anchors ... innit.

Anonym2016-12-31 01:35:30

Called my mobile, don't know anyone in Macclesfield so didn't answer but checked on here. Now blocked.

Anonym2016-12-30 17:16:45


Anonym2016-12-26 12:27:49


Anonym2016-12-24 23:27:19

Called my mobile, did not answer as don't know anyone in macclesfield. Guessed it was another ppi scam, and looks like I was right. Added to blocked list along with a zillion others. Sigh....

Anonym2016-12-17 02:56:47

repeated calls wil not take your number off the database - as quickly as you block them it comes from another number

Anonym2016-12-16 16:33:15

said they were "Help your Claim". from Deansgate in Manchester M3 2ER call ID says Macclesfield

Anonym2016-12-07 09:20:02

Bloody nuisance...now blocked

Anonym2016-12-01 05:20:14

Pls do not answer its fraud , Harrassing and dangerous

Anonym2016-11-27 20:38:14

SCAM SCAM SCAM ...............do not answer

Anonym2016-11-23 11:23:32

Now blocked

Anonym2016-11-22 20:43:18

7 calls today alone!!

Anonym2016-11-17 13:07:26

Rang my mobile, when answered nobody there. Nuisance, blocked the number.

Anonym2016-11-15 18:25:52

Unknown caller don't bother answering

Anonym2016-11-11 21:54:03


Anonym2016-10-31 05:22:46

Regarding an accident I had recently. Nuisance call, wouldn't take no for an answer. Hung up and blocked.

Anonym2016-10-28 17:12:41

Typical Scroats ... cannot hold down a decent job ... so they use tactics to harass the vulnerable, to earn their meagre pay ... pity them ... they know what they do ... this is because due to low brain cell counts ... and misery loves company

Anonym2016-10-24 19:03:06

Constantly calling. Not answered and went on this to check. Now blocked.

Anonym2016-10-22 17:02:37

calls frequently. have blocked

Anonym2016-10-10 04:39:35

Apparently Tom from Help Your Claim.

Anonym2016-09-29 21:49:59

Rang today. I've no idea how they have my number. Blocked

Anonym2016-09-29 02:12:59

Yes, a PPI claims outfit. Hard to shut them up so I disconnected.

Anonym2016-09-17 14:31:27

Absolutely disgusting and rude - rang me on a business mobile phone for urgent clinical referrals - refused to listen to my requests to end the call even when I said i would put him throught to the legal team and remove number form call list kept asking for my personal number!

Anonym2016-09-16 05:29:18

harassing, now blocked.

Anonym2016-09-11 07:44:46

Blocked ... didn't even answer

Anonym2016-09-10 14:46:23

Did not answer at 14.29

Anonym2016-08-29 17:08:08

More PPI, By now, hasn't everyone claim who can claim? It's been going on for 14 years now

Anonym2016-08-24 05:14:00

PPI crap blocked

Anonym2016-08-17 19:07:05

Said I had an accident!

Anonym2016-07-28 05:08:47

Looks like scam. Blacklisted the number

Anonym2016-07-24 05:26:35

PPI Caller

Anonym2016-07-23 00:06:25

ppi SCAM

Anonym2016-07-20 01:48:58


Anonym2016-07-15 02:44:11

Harassed me with multiple calls very rude and would not go when I said not interested, actually laughed at me at the end of the call saying I'm missing out! Rude obnoxious and I'm actually really concerned they have my details. Needs investigating

Anonym2016-07-13 21:58:29

Piss Poor Intelligence

Anonym2016-07-02 21:55:59

Keeps calling

Anonym2016-06-27 06:58:18

PPI: had my details although I didn’t confirm. When I said I wasn’t interested and ask for me to be removed he hung up. DO NOT ANSWER!

Anonym2016-06-25 10:13:30

They called and said they were from a company called 'help my claim'. I hung up and blocked the number.

Anonym2016-06-23 16:31:52

PPI call

Anonym2016-06-19 09:52:42

missed call have blocked number too many like this !!!

Anonym2016-06-06 10:46:45

If we all know this number, why the hell cannot someone do something to stop these miserable little turds?

Anonym2016-05-20 08:38:34

Same for me PPI, lady insisting that I was owed some money despite the fact I’ve never had a loan etc

Anonym2016-05-19 05:54:42

The people that work at these types of places are the exact people who shouldn't be allowed to vote. :) Their IQ will be too low and are a danger to the world hahahahaha. Round them up.

Anonym2016-05-15 13:27:51

Called me a few times before, I’ve never answered and they have never left a voicemail. Will no block after checking on here

Anonym2016-05-14 14:52:27

Blocked this number

Anonym2016-05-04 14:52:22

Dialing doughnuts who won't leave you be. Block.

Anonym2016-05-04 12:21:42

Jade Smith (so she said) managers name is Kevin (the fruit bat?), anyhow "Help my Claim" said I can get £2600. Asked for details of banks, address etc. Asked them if they knew the parent company? Was it a Limited company? What is their Credit agency number? Didn't know. Typical call centre trying to get your information. Now blocked.

Anonym2016-04-24 23:18:32

Blocked..........Didn't answer. More than likely PPI

Anonym2016-04-20 23:19:08

Claims caller ..Waste of time

Anonym2016-04-18 08:01:33

Pain these keep calling 01625 the switch to another 016 no I just keep blocking.

Anonym2016-04-16 23:11:07

Phone identified it as fraud while I was in another call so I obviously didn't answer. It never called back either.

Anonym2016-04-13 04:52:26

Scam from PPI. A guy said that I made an application to them. I requested a clarification and he said never mind and hung up.

Anonym2016-04-11 00:54:30

Ppi scamers blocked along with 120 others sick to death of these wankers!

Anonym2016-03-27 13:02:18

This number has calles me no lie. About 20 times in one day. Im fed up with these ididots. Surely after the 1st call they can tell im not intetested. So ive blocked them.

Anonym2016-03-24 07:01:08


Anonym2016-03-16 07:51:45

Help your claim, PPI nuisance call

Anonym2016-03-13 14:34:58

Why phone then hang up...bar........

Anonym2016-03-08 06:23:24

not answered but thanks to you guys now blocked

Anonym2016-03-07 00:35:32

Didn't answer, these numbnuts keep calling and are a damned nuisance.

Anonym2016-03-05 05:22:25

another freeloader about PPI or pensions, put phone down. If anyone has Norton security put as an app on your mobile so you can permanently block the number

Anonym2016-02-17 18:26:20

i also get a number of calls each day

Anonym2016-02-14 01:20:11

Decided to block the no after reading the comments

Anonym2016-02-13 16:32:10

may be related to 01706300374….both within minutes of each other…blocked both after reading here

Anonym2016-02-01 17:56:04

Some kind of silly mumbling handicap... Alright if you've got some time to *** before dinner's ready, I suppose - otherwise, forget it: unless you enjoy or require the resultant numbing effect.

Anonym2016-02-01 06:13:44


Anonym2016-01-25 00:31:32


Anonym2016-01-20 08:18:18

Same as the rest some woman going on and on about ppi!!! I will be glad when the deadline is here.

Anonym2016-01-20 05:20:39

Called asking for Natalie not my name said nope no one here and the lady tried to carry on convo saying it could be relative to me as it applies to everyone I cut off before hearing anything else pushy and p*sts

Anonym2016-01-15 11:13:25

PPI call

Anonym2015-12-28 22:16:39

Extremely aggressive gentleman asking about bank account charges (is this the new PPI?) Would not take no for an answer and I was basically had to scream down the phone at him and it still.didnt work. Rang back to make a complaint and the female on the other end of the phone had an attitude like you wouldn't believe. Don't answer, BLOCK!

Anonym2015-12-26 23:02:00

PPI. Don't answer. Kept on trying to get information from me despite telling him I know for a FACT I didn't have PPI. He then said there was new legislation blah blah which I already know about. He then questions to me as to what this new legislation is!! Got aggressive and kept asking what do I know, what do I know?? I hung up and he started to sound like a broken record.

Anonym2015-12-17 02:08:34


Anonym2015-11-19 01:12:39


Anonym2015-11-08 11:47:28

01625800535. I have decided now for a long time that if I don't recognise a number then I just don't pick up. Let's face it if the call is important then they can leave a message. I have BT Guardian on my landline and these calls usually get intercepted purely because the scam caller aren't going to announce themselves. If they want to waste their time calling people that is up to them but they won't ever get an answer from me.

Anonym2015-11-04 03:35:27


Anonym2015-10-30 13:52:09

recorded message

Anonym2015-10-28 08:42:06

Didn’t answer. Now blocked after reading these comments

Anonym2015-10-27 01:02:32

PPI caller; number blocked; rinse-repeat. Next call I get, I will answer, just to tell them to piss off.

Anonym2015-10-15 12:11:13

missed call- but so annoying when you waste time looking it up and find it is a scam

Anonym2015-10-13 22:55:31

Unsolicited call to a mobile and will now be blocked.

Anonym2015-10-01 16:58:35

01625 800535 called but I didn't answer. these people get your number and p*ster you for nothing... who sells our personal details on to these companies????? go away and leave us alone....vermin!!

Anonym2015-09-28 01:50:25

Silence when answering, i just hung up

Anonym2015-09-27 05:10:44

I have received 3 calls from 01625800535 who are enquiring about an accident claim on my car insurance!

Anonym2015-09-25 19:26:18

PPI caller

Anonym2015-09-22 18:01:53

A complete pain! rang me 8 times today - do not answer but has been blocked - do they not get the message that i am not interested in whatever it is they pretend to be selling!

Anonym2015-09-19 10:13:07

The callers are all mentally retarded and spend the day placing calls illegally to people they do not know and want to harass. These typical examples of North Western England's village idiots prove conclusively, that they have no hope of ever raising themselves out of the swamp or mentally advancing beyond amoebic dysentery......

Anonym2015-09-18 17:45:54

Nuisance , unwanted caller to my mobile phone. Keeps calling. This illegal calling MUST stop.

Anonym2015-09-14 18:47:43

PPI claim Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Blocked

Anonym2015-09-08 03:16:33


Anonym2015-09-05 02:34:31


Anonym2015-09-01 22:01:24

just called me, about PPi etc, thought this was against the law now??? doesn't stop them does it, blocked

Anonym2015-08-24 04:42:07


Anonym2015-08-19 21:25:45

Like the people above I too received a few unsolicited calls from this number on the 26th April 2018. I just ignored them all and have blocked this number on my mb phone. Sorted!

Anonym2015-08-17 16:25:10

No one spoke...... Then hung up... Reviewed number now blocked

Anonym2015-07-05 12:31:00

This number called! Rang for about 9 seconds then ended call

Anonym2015-06-30 03:39:24

PPI company. When told that I was not interested just carried on talking. Have now blocked them.

Anonym2015-06-29 15:04:30

It's a SPAM.. Very RUDE People when I answered!!!...Thing is, you block they change the number!!! Every Body is fed up with these nuisance phone calls...I used to ignore unless I was expecting a call, so still got caught out. Then I bought an answer machine phone... IF you want to talk LEAVE A MESSAGE and I'll get back to you....98% of calls hang up half way through out going message... I now get them on my mobile phone.. Where Did They Get My Number?? Now when possible with these calls, I answer... Let them run the spiel WITHOUT giving any personal info...A simple YES or NO to any question no matter what it is, makes them hang up!!!! If not and you want to play...PPI- fictitious bank in foreign country.....Double glazing fictitious address etc.etc. Just depends on my mood !!!

Anonym2015-06-29 07:43:41

Nuisance calls.Asked them to remove me from their database and told me to calm down.Extremely argumentative and aggressive PPI sales.Has made me feel ill with the constant hounding.

Anonym2015-06-20 18:43:11

PPI claims.

Anonym2015-06-14 22:51:59

A lady asking if I had a car accident, accident at work, any accidents, I just replied yes I had an accident and it was absolutely my fault which I confessed in court! After that they stopped calling me ????????

Anonym2015-05-23 18:19:18

When I answered there was a recorded voice telling me they couldn't connect my call? WTF they called me! Blocked now.

Anonym2015-05-21 20:40:58

Didn't answer, flagged up on my phone as a scam or nuisance number. I have blocked and suggest others do the same if they can.

Anonym2015-05-12 20:06:35


Anonym2015-05-09 01:19:01


Anonym2015-05-02 19:37:25

PPi this time - they also used to try the old want to swop your mortguage scam. Probably gearing up to rip off unwary pensioners or the equally shady equity release scheme.

Anonym2015-04-24 23:26:24

PPI if they were any good you would be calling them so they must be MUTT as they have to phone you!!! Avoid.

Anonym2015-04-21 05:02:09

Didn't pick-up as suspected a scam... only happen the once but another 0161 caller has tried a number of times. Again scam so didn't pick up.

Anonym2015-03-29 04:06:27

NOT from Macclesfield. How do they cover their real number when calling?

Anonym2015-03-24 17:06:17

Very persistent refused to hang up the phone wen askd to speak to a manager they refused very unprofessional .

Anonym2015-03-17 10:48:45


Anonym2015-03-14 14:02:05

ppi harrasser. block

Anonym2015-03-13 07:57:40


Anonym2015-03-12 19:56:01

Don’t answer Block number

Anonym2015-02-23 21:40:08


Anonym2015-02-23 02:14:31

Persistent. Say's he was caling from 'Help Your Claim'. Came up as a Macclesfield number. Autoblocked.

Anonym2015-02-14 12:35:41

Dial code came up as Macclesfield. Very Harassing re:PPI. Called to mobile. Number now blocked

Anonym2015-02-11 08:45:20

13/08/18. Called by this number and rejected the call. Googled the number and read this lot so added to my black list.

Anonym2015-02-06 23:38:57

Help your claim is the company that rang my mobile. He had my first name.. Now blocked..

Anonym2015-02-05 13:10:50

Scam call

Anonym2015-01-30 14:01:55

PPI. I was friendly told her no thank u but no thanks. and she kept pushing

Anonym2015-01-22 14:29:16

It was my Nan. I blocked her cos she talk shite.

Anonym2015-01-17 04:19:59

It was my Nan. I blocked her cos she talk shite.

Anonym2015-01-04 12:10:16

01525800535 called me. Don’t know anyone in Macclesfield- number blocked and deleted. Possibly a scammer.

Anonym2015-01-01 16:16:14

PPI caller very persistent number now blocked

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Comments to other numbers:

anonym - about number: 01315614532

rang me at 2am when I rang back it said number invalid rang me again today at 11.30am man answered said hello twice I asked who it was so he hung up I rang straight back number invalid again?

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Right pain, tries every couple of days, blocked.

anonym - about number: 01183040465

Number calls work place and family members threatening to serve papers. Called and was hung up on for asking questions. People there are awful.

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Phoned me 9 times on the trot getting more abusive every time This has happened 3 days running from very early in the morning

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Call about a claim...

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This number is perfectly fine because it is my number.

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Initially answered and when I said I wasn't interested and not to call back they kept calling. I've since blocked the number but they keep calling back every few minutes. Annoying. I'm on the government do not call list so I have no idea how they got my number.

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12 digit number called. I didn't answer but when I rang back it just beeped

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Several missed calls