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Who called me 01635283606

View informations about the number 01635283606 SHOW
Phone number: 01635283606
Country: UK
Region: Leeds
Kind of number: Landline
Prefix: 113
Download the full report for the number 01635283606 SHOW

If you know the number 01635283606 and you want to share this information with other Internet users, leave your comment. Remember that according to the law in force, at the request of the owner of the phone, the comment may be removed and in specific cases the phone number may be blocked in our database.

  • Add real information only
  • Attempts to manipulate public opinion will be removed immediately

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Comments for the number 01635283606

anonym2019-04-24 06:30:20

Long delay between when I answer and when they start speaking. Female voice says I've won something blah blah blah blah... Recommending blocking them!

anonym2019-04-24 06:30:20

+447417992452 Got cal from this num twice.Once midnight and nxt early morning.Finding it dangerous as +44 is not a code of India.

anonym2019-04-24 06:30:20

possible business phone??

anonym2019-04-24 06:30:20

The voice message sounds like a bunch of clicking noises.

anonym2019-04-24 06:30:20

This number keeps ringing me it ring twice the goes off.

anonym2019-04-24 06:30:20

Caller hung up when phone was answered

anonym2019-04-24 06:30:20

I don't know about this no. but anyone is calling again and again and don't telling anything.

anonym2019-04-24 06:30:20

fishing for info

anonym2019-04-24 06:30:20

PPI Claim text message. Wants me to reply POST of a pack, or text STOP to opt-out. Definitely not legit.

anonym2019-04-24 06:30:20

called the number said it was disconnected. They call me 3 times in a row than wait a few hours and will call again several times in a row,

Anonym2019-02-03 11:20:56

They called today. I was unable to answer no message was left, judging by other comments I was lucky to have avoided them.

Anonym2019-01-30 23:17:04

Apparently I lost a leg.

Anonym2019-01-30 01:12:10

01635 283606 called but I always let unknown or withheld numbers go to voicemail. Searched the number and was brought here to see many different calls for today alone! I have blocked the number.

Anonym2019-01-19 00:08:33

Automated call "Now is the ideal time to ...". Put phone down

Anonym2019-01-09 22:34:30


Anonym2019-01-06 02:10:23

01635283606 hung up when i answered the phone

Anonym2019-01-01 04:14:45

Cold calling "I understand you've been in an accident".I decided to waste their time by playing along. I got transfered to a "supervisor" (senior scam artist), who had an Indian accent as per other comments. We got as far as him asking for my registration number (I don't even drive) ?? I challenged the name of his company and he said "I'm calling from the Accident Investigation Department". I asked for the name of the company / authority. He thanked me for my time (clocked I wasn't stupid) and ended the call. Wasted 4 mins of his time - valuable to these scam artists.

Anonym2018-12-31 01:49:56

Received my Bi weekly call from this number informing me I'd had an accident, didn't hang around long after I informed them that yes I had an accident yesterday and had my pens amputated pmsl

Anonym2018-12-29 04:05:57

Scam Caller - I screen all calls but it's still very annoying!!!!

Anonym2018-12-27 11:14:33

Have i had a accident in the last 2 years

Anonym2018-12-27 02:18:26

Missed call not recognised when calling back.

Anonym2018-12-26 04:18:18

Pre recorded message claiming to have been in a fake accident! blocked

Anonym2018-12-22 13:02:40

Same 1 ring and disconnected. I've blocked them

Anonym2018-12-22 05:18:36

Bloody nuisance, just calls and hangs up all the time. ?? even if u block the number, they come back on a different one.

Anonym2018-12-21 16:24:41

Automated messaging selling life insurance

Anonym2018-12-19 10:50:13


Anonym2018-12-18 18:16:46

Same rang mobile left no msg but when you ring back on landline tel no is unobtainable..

Anonym2018-12-16 13:50:50

Called my mobile. Now blocked.

Anonym2018-12-14 00:02:48

They just called but I ignored.

Anonym2018-12-04 10:35:19

I receive call from this number and 01618140500 several times every week; they hang up immediately I pick the call

Anonym2018-12-03 16:47:14

Scam artists as usual! When are they going to change the law in the UK to make this illegal? Those who are found guilty of breaking the law should have their fingers chopped off so they can never use the telephone again....

Anonym2018-12-03 14:38:11

I missed a call at 17:53 just another load od s*cm bags

Anonym2018-11-29 15:52:45

Add it to your block calls

Anonym2018-11-28 05:43:44

Newbury number 01635283606, I have blacklisted it as well as this number 02036870437 which apparently is from the same scammers.

Anonym2018-11-14 05:08:47

Cold caller - ambulance chaser . . . block the calls!

Anonym2018-11-12 01:30:44

This number has called me every half hour I answered it and some guy said he was from Lloyd's bank and there was a problem with my account and needed my account details and as soon as I said not a chance in hell he hung up

Anonym2018-11-11 13:20:38


Anonym2018-11-09 21:50:58

No name

Anonym2018-11-04 11:39:32

lady phone me 12.50 approx 3.10.2017 on my mobile saying i had beeninvolved in an accident !! Where are these people getting my phone number from? I phoned the number from my work landline and guess the number does not exist!!!

Anonym2018-11-02 06:34:35


Anonym2018-10-30 03:39:04

I did not answer, myself, as it normally is a scam call these days. We need to find out which companies are using these numbers. Report them to the ICO as nuisance calls. There have already been several companies severely fined for this practice.

Anonym2018-10-29 02:35:19

Android (Oreo) was nice enough to notify me of a "Suspected SPAM Caller" with a lovely bright red screen. Needless to say, ignored.

Anonym2018-10-20 15:44:32

First time I've been called by this number. Never answered and they never left a message. Number now blocked.

Anonym2018-10-20 00:57:05

I have several calls from this company. I have asked on each occasion to speak to the supervisor who then cuts me off. I have also asked several times to take my contact details off their system and obviously this goes nowhere. These companies should be made accountable for their actions and fined heavily if they do not do as they are asked.

Anonym2018-10-19 23:14:22

Told me my computer had a virus

Anonym2018-10-14 01:11:42

Reported to TPS for “Accident that wasn’t your fault” bs

Anonym2018-10-10 23:57:29

They called and hung after i picked up.

Anonym2018-10-05 15:05:56

Scammers.How do they get away with this if a fixed line number. BT and Ofcom have a lot to answer for.

Anonym2018-10-03 23:36:31

phoned me twice today ,wanted details about accident .asked where they got number then they hung up. Threatened they with Ofcom second time . Bunch of id**ts who need to get a life!!!!!!

Anonym2018-10-01 09:32:24

Idiot. Grow up and get a life FFS.

Anonym2018-09-28 17:50:27

Just had a missed call from this number on my mobile. Didn't pick up. Nearly called them back....luckily I checked here first.

Anonym2018-09-28 01:13:05

Had call just now from this number. Understand you been in a car accident. Told them to piss off have a problem as I don't effing drive. Cut call off. Effing arseholes.

Anonym2018-09-27 03:07:51

These are ambulance chasers. Just add it to the list. The keep calling my 12 year old daughter

Anonym2018-09-26 19:05:25

I didn't answer, glad I checked on here

Anonym2018-09-21 09:52:59

I was at my local garage when this called. I didn't answer, as it was a short ring and cut itself off.

Anonym2018-09-15 04:38:56


Anonym2018-09-04 16:20:21

2nd scam call by two different number in last 30 minutes. Blocked

Anonym2018-08-30 20:07:37

This number called me twice within 1 hour and left no voice message! Glad I ignore

Anonym2018-08-30 11:03:40

I could not take this call earlier today, when I tried calling back later I had a recorded message saying I had dialed a wrong number. I will be checking numbers online from now on if I don't recognise the caller.

Anonym2018-08-23 08:51:16

Didn't bother answering

Anonym2018-08-23 06:27:41

Called me today but hung up when I finally answered just looked it up online ...another nuisance call will block this number now!

Anonym2018-07-30 00:06:08

automated cold caller, calling about car accident=SCAM

Anonym2018-07-10 04:58:49

aRobo caller. Introduced herself as MAry Parker from Agile [something?] Services. I hung up as soon as she said that and my anti virus automatically then blocked the number from my phone as it recognised it as being a high-volume caller.

Anonym2018-07-09 21:06:19

Missed call 10.10 this morn - stoped just before could get to phone. Looked up number and seeing comments above - have blocked. Thank you for those who posted their experience.

Anonym2018-07-06 13:06:41

Called re supposed car accident!! SCAMMER Grrrrr

Anonym2018-06-19 22:49:12

Did HSBC sell phone number!?

Anonym2018-06-16 21:00:45

Had a phone call from the above number to speak about a car accident I never had..Scammers

Anonym2018-06-14 23:22:23

Claimed to be "Star Helper Services" and reckoned I'd been in a car accident that wasn't my fault. British female voice at first, then transferred to the usual f**kwit from India (male) when I didn't answer her scripted questions as expected.

Anonym2018-06-13 12:49:27

Missed call but no message left

Anonym2018-06-12 17:47:45

01635283606 They hung up as soon as I answer

Anonym2018-06-12 09:22:23

Scam call about personal injury calling themselves Agile Consultancy.

Anonym2018-06-02 23:50:38

Called to say that they had been "informed that I had been in a car accident that wasn't my fault", which wasn't true and just hung up.

Anonym2018-05-27 11:54:40

chasing up on an accident i never had

Anonym2018-05-25 14:56:54

Answered and a robot said they tried contacting me for some life insurance thing. Blocked

Anonym2018-05-22 11:41:41

They just called and looked on here same old scams always the first week of a month

Anonym2018-05-20 03:33:55

Constantly calling. I won't answer as I checked here first.

Anonym2018-05-19 06:09:47

Silent call. Hung up on me answering. They called my mobile which is not in the public domain.

Anonym2018-05-07 08:42:47

Who called ?

Anonym2018-05-05 06:20:11

spam call

Anonym2018-05-03 13:15:30

Recorded message about life insurance

Anonym2018-04-30 11:02:14

Missed call at 11:01. Understand its a spam call. Do not answer.

Anonym2018-04-22 09:01:32

Called me. I didnt answer as phone automatically suggested scam/fraud

Anonym2018-04-21 07:38:24

automated call about insurance, option 9 to opt out.

Anonym2018-04-18 22:00:16

missed call

Anonym2018-04-17 08:35:17

Spam, just hangs up and don't talk. Block the number or just ignore them

Anonym2018-04-17 01:02:34

Called today but no answer, felt someone was trying to see if the phone number was active, blocked now.

Anonym2018-04-15 14:14:43

Received a call from 01635283606 no one spoke. Rang the number and number not recognised. How does that work. Find it really unnerving.

Anonym2018-04-07 15:37:34

I was called two days ago from sunderland from this landline number 0191 594 6545 Please block and dont even answer.

Anonym2018-04-02 18:59:37

They stayed silent for a few seconds then hung up!

Anonym2018-04-02 07:21:53

Scam call! Keep getting calls from this company saying you have had a accident

Anonym2018-03-21 06:47:59

checked the missed call number online first. I arrived at this page saw the warnings so marked the number as dangerous and blocked it on my phone

Anonym2018-03-20 14:59:33

Call centre from India or Pakistanistan. Answered once and when I asked who was calling they hung up straight away. Now called over 10 times in 30 mins. My Samsung only lets me reject calls not block them grrrrrrrrrrr. How can overseas call centres show up as an 01635 number this is very misleading. Now reported.

Anonym2018-03-14 17:38:32

Didn't answer - Seems to be spam callers

Anonym2018-03-10 21:48:46

Called. Didn’t answer but now blocking from comments.

Anonym2018-03-10 04:41:57

"Hello, we tried to contact you about life insurance....." Hung up after screaming down the phone.

Anonym2018-03-09 16:57:05

Called today and I didnt answer, just checked this site. No voicemail left - looks like a scammer/spam.

Anonym2018-03-09 04:09:28

Same as everyone else. Called rang back and didn't connect as its a scam.

Anonym2018-03-04 09:06:55

Asked about my accident in last 3 years. I told him to call my insurance company they have all the details and permission to speak on my behalf. Asked him if he wanted the number to call them on he said he already has it and ended the call.

Anonym2018-02-28 02:17:04

Accident scam call! pain in the backside

Anonym2018-02-21 00:04:04

How do they get a way with this??? Where is the bloody LAW???

Anonym2018-02-14 07:06:54

called me today wonder where they get the number.

Anonym2018-02-11 02:18:17

we laughed as it was an obvious overseas call centre, and he then asked why we were laughing, and would my wife like to suck his d*ck. Will not be blocking, so that I can chat more next time.

Anonym2018-02-10 22:33:07

didnt answer. dont know anyone from that area code. rejected call then checked here. glad i did

Anonym2018-02-03 06:38:43

Hung up when I answered - love to get my hands around the neck of these scammers!

Anonym2018-01-31 10:14:16

?01635 283606?

Anonym2018-01-31 04:40:48


Anonym2018-01-23 06:17:58

Some cock juggling thunder c***.

Anonym2018-01-19 08:24:20

Nuisance call.They say you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault.I asked them to tell me my name . They hung up.

Anonym2018-01-19 03:01:43

Ambulance chasers. I get a call from a similar number every single time I get referred to an appointment through the NHS. Reported to ofcom.

Anonym2018-01-17 02:06:04

yeh, missed call no message. probably just scammers

Anonym2018-01-13 18:58:42

Car accident claims. Asked the woman to confirm which company was calling from... Was ignored, then informed would remove my number from their records (hadn't actually asked yet). Weird call, as though reading a script whilst ignoring responses. Isn't there a way to hold these companies to account for harassment? Whoever is trading my number needs to get a proper job instead of making money off other people like this. Detrimental to my mental health. Sick of it! (Not the only company, but figure they all have one thing/person in common)

Anonym2018-01-10 11:48:06

This number rang me today. They said you have been in an accident that was not your fault. I said who gave you my contact details. They said, we are sorry to have bothered you, we'll take you off our database and put the phone down before I could repeat the question who gave you my contact details. Said they were from Agile. Will be blocking the number

Anonym2018-01-01 12:20:41

Called me today I didn’t answer now blocked

Anonym2017-12-15 00:49:54

Calling today. Didn't answer. No message left

Anonym2017-12-08 08:19:01

01635283606 didn't answer called me once I don't want to be bothered!!

Anonym2017-12-01 23:00:54

01635283606 hung up when I answered

Anonym2017-11-26 17:56:25

Called mobile - Didn't answer. On the block list!

Anonym2017-11-26 06:36:04

I have had this number call me before but through experience I have found that if you ignor one number they have several others they will call you from. p*sts.

Anonym2017-11-25 12:49:51

01635283606 Automated cold call for life assurance. B nuisance, as if anybody would use the services of a company with such irritating habits. It is about time that Vodafone put in a call blocking service because phones that do not have internet access (yes they do exist and pensioners like me use them) are unable to acquire apps for this purpose. I dont care who it is cold calling and for what reason they will get nothing out of me and if it is an actual person they will get told to go where the sun doesn't shine, get a proper job and stop being such a low life.

Anonym2017-11-23 15:09:44

Called me and soon as I answered they hung up. I believe they are seeing if your phone number is still in use before they begin to harass you with scams. Has happened to me before with dodgy unknown numbers. I generally don't answer numbers that I don't know, but got caught out because I had been expecting a phone call.

Anonym2017-11-20 09:31:10

01635 283606

Anonym2017-11-19 15:16:04

just got a call , answered , caller said he wasn't selling anything but just wanted a yes or no answer to something then before I could tell him to go away of put the phone down , He cut off himself. So didn't have to say anything . V weird.

Anonym2017-11-19 06:31:47

I answered and got an automated message asking about my life insurance, offering me better deal, or some such rubbish. BLOCK.

Anonym2017-11-18 03:55:34

had one too today..pain in the ass

Anonym2017-11-17 22:13:11

Life insurance scam call

Anonym2017-11-09 03:13:45

have tried to call many times always invalid number

Anonym2017-11-02 23:48:58

called from "agile" consulting agency saying I've been in a car crash. Asked them to take me off their database.. the woman replied with no. Ended the call.

Anonym2017-10-31 22:09:02

Wife called on her mobile whilst in Mallorca.

Anonym2017-10-29 21:42:05

called today but didnt answer.

Anonym2017-10-23 00:51:00

An automated system (made to sound like you're conversing with a real person) tries to establish whether you have been involved in an accident. I told "it" that I had been and, as I suspected, was then put through to a call-handler (who sounded like they may well be in India). I asked them to take my details off of their system and not to call me again and I hung up. They then called me back three times in quick succession, saying nothing on each occasion. I have blocked the number and suggest everyone else does the same.

Anonym2017-10-19 05:40:36

They rang me this morning but I missed. Just called now at 17:50 no one spoke after 7 seconds call ended. Spam and a set of p***s.

Anonym2017-10-14 16:48:21

Answered but then they hung up!

Anonym2017-10-13 10:26:20

Silent call

Anonym2017-10-13 04:04:53

Called me today. Didn't answer and now see all the comments on here for this number - they've called loads of people today!! Blocked :)

Anonym2017-10-12 16:50:50

Caller was "Sophie Jane" from Star Harper (or Helper?) services. She said they'd heard I'd had an accident which wasn't my fault. I told her I hadn't and asked her to remove my number from their calling list. I was then asked "when was this accident?" I said perhaps she didn't hear me - no accident and please remove my number - she agreed to remove my number from their list so we'll see if they call again! Or pass my number on to some other equally annoying company...

Anonym2017-10-11 19:10:35

Called up and hung up. Assholes.

Anonym2017-10-06 01:32:24

Just got the call too. Seems they're on a mission today. didn't answer, now blocked.

Anonym2017-10-05 14:57:38

No message left

Anonym2017-09-28 15:20:31

I never answer number I don't recognise without searching the number first. From the comments below I've added it to my blocked list.

Anonym2017-09-18 10:21:12


Anonym2017-09-15 15:49:55

This is a Central Newbury number (I grew up there!) so I panicked when I saw a missed call on my work phone as it's very similar to my Dad's office line (which he'd only use to call me in an emergency). Glad I quickly checked here, yep. Just spam!

Anonym2017-09-13 16:06:23

hung up when answered so blocked it

Anonym2017-09-01 14:17:57

Called on my work phone; an automated voice saying they've been informed I had an accident that wasn't my fault. I don't even have a car. Asked to stop calling, but automated recorded voice kept jabbering about, hung up and blocked number.

Anonym2017-08-30 19:04:26

I answered once when called but caller hung up instantly. they should be shut down they're a p*st

Anonym2017-08-30 16:36:36

Why the green rating then ?

Anonym2017-08-28 15:42:32

Didn't speak.. now blocked

Anonym2017-08-24 14:37:09

Answered the call, someone said hello and I said hello back, said she was called Mary Parker but sounded like a pre-recorded voice/robotic voice. Hung up.

Anonym2017-08-23 00:59:24

Phoned my mobile but no one spoke when I answered

Anonym2017-08-22 05:35:27

mary parker called from agile car services claiming i had been in a car accident and was i ok scam but the only other people outside my family who have my mobile is my bank.very worrying.

Anonym2017-08-15 15:16:41

Just missed a call from this number.

Anonym2017-08-12 23:33:37

it said the call is from coming from newbury. i didnt ansa. very weird

Anonym2017-08-11 03:47:12

Somebody in Newbury never answered just blocked.

Anonym2017-08-10 21:08:50

At least twice a month these people call, even when i ask them to remove my number from their data base and they say they will it still happens please help they are so persistant even when you tell them no

Anonym2017-08-07 00:47:25

Time waster. No answer.

Anonym2017-08-03 23:37:38

Scam. Avoid. Anyone know who this actual people are?

Anonym2017-07-30 10:02:33

I think the purpose of calls from this number is for fraudulent / criminal purposes

Anonym2017-07-28 07:45:12

hung up when I answered

Anonym2017-07-27 19:35:50

I answered once when called but caller hung up instantly. No experience of this number previously

Anonym2017-07-25 21:53:34

I agreed i had been in accident, she asked what injurys i had and to confirm it definately was not my fault... I told her i died at the scene, she replied You Died?? yes i said i died, she hung up

Anonym2017-07-23 00:03:06

Apparently my head got chopped off by a mad axe man

Anonym2017-07-17 10:09:46

same number called me did not answer Bloody p*st scammers.

Anonym2017-07-17 00:44:53

No one spoke. Idiot call obviously!

Anonym2017-07-16 07:30:11

I didn't answer the call but the location of call is from Newbury. Judging by all the comments it's best ignored. Twats!

Anonym2017-07-13 01:18:40


Anonym2017-07-09 17:01:20

Answer but there was no one on the line and then it went dead

Anonym2017-07-06 06:13:11

looks like talktalk have sold our numbers again....

Anonym2017-06-29 12:27:17

tried to call back, invalid number. Prob spam.

Anonym2017-06-28 16:20:00

answered by no response, they hung up, another one to block!

Anonym2017-06-28 12:47:36

left to ring then blocked when I checked the history on here

Anonym2017-06-25 20:50:55

Just called and hung up. I tried calling back but the operator says that the number does not exist. I have blocked it now.

Anonym2017-06-13 08:27:30

Pre recorded spam about life insurance. Blocked now

Anonym2017-06-12 07:13:44


Anonym2017-06-11 03:08:18

i got called saying ive been accepted for a loan ive never applied for

Anonym2017-05-28 18:50:00

Scam. Number now blocked

Anonym2017-05-19 10:48:42

01635 283606

Anonym2017-05-17 10:21:56

Called 3 times today and 2 yesterday, what a nuisance, number now blocked.

Anonym2017-05-16 20:28:08

Whoever it was called me on my mobile at 16:08 today. Silent call. Their number's now blocked.

Anonym2017-05-15 07:05:47


Anonym2017-05-08 08:18:27


Anonym2017-04-26 06:00:47

Automated message about life insurance

Anonym2017-04-21 00:22:47

Called & Hung up as soon as I answered, probably a phising calll. Number blocked

Anonym2017-04-15 22:12:01

Called today at 11:13, didn't answer and after reading these comments i have now blocked the number

Anonym2017-04-10 01:20:47

One big con!!! Don't bother to answer unles you want a conversation with someone from Asia!! Do yourself a favour and just block the number.

Anonym2017-04-09 08:38:20

Someone called from Thai number mentioned munfull name asking it it was me I confirmed yes the phone went dead !!! Tried to call them back no reply...

Anonym2017-04-08 05:21:27

missed the call and apparantly the number is invalid when i tried to call them back.. had a few today off 020 numbers too.. must be on a scamming mission.. if you swear angrily and give them plenty of shit they soon leave you be ;)

Anonym2017-04-06 21:53:29

Missed the call. When i tried to call back says incorrect number.

Anonym2017-04-05 23:40:47

Called 02 Oct. They're busy today!

Anonym2017-03-30 22:18:23

Hung up as soon as i answered call

Anonym2017-03-30 15:27:00

insurance scam call! phone down when questioned

Anonym2017-03-29 15:27:40

hung up as soon as I said hello

Anonym2017-03-29 03:47:24

They called during my commute to work (I only take family calls on public transport). Tried to call it back from my secure work phone and the number was "unavailable". Highly suspicious? Will be blocking the number for good measure.

Anonym2017-03-24 15:48:24

Asked if I was in a car accident. I said well that was quick the ambulance hasn't turned up yet. T Response- ermm please hold while I talk to my supervisor Thanks I'm bleeding out here ??????????

Anonym2017-03-18 00:22:26

Tried to call back and said incorrect number. Loads of my friends have had a call from this number today too

Anonym2017-03-15 22:55:30

thanks for the heads up, blocked as just rung and hung up

Anonym2017-03-05 17:29:31

Said they had a special offer on windows in my area told them I lived in a brand new house, she asked how new and would not give up so hung up and blocked phone number

Anonym2017-03-03 12:55:40

You were involved in an accident that wasnt your fault blah blah blah. The dude got offended cause his accent was hard to understand for me. c***s.

Anonym2017-03-03 07:43:33

Please report live callers to the ICO (if you are already registered with the TPS) and silent or abandoned calls to OFCOM on their site. Spam callers do not care if you post here; they DO worry when they are reported to Ofcom or the ICO, which takes 2 minutes or less. btw, if you are not registered with the TPS, you're a total mug. Your phone company don't care either as they get to sell you caller ID and increase their revenue for call blocking.

Anonym2017-02-28 04:52:55

Glad checked here, As I have friends in Newbury . Now blocked

Anonym2017-02-22 02:28:34


Anonym2017-02-20 23:27:17

4:43pm - I have a missed call. apparently they're doing the rounds.

Anonym2017-02-19 10:22:38

Multiple missed calls. Thanks to this site, now BLOCKED!!

Anonym2017-02-17 09:58:14

This number rang me a couple of times and when I went to answer they'd hung up....

Anonym2017-02-15 03:09:10


Anonym2017-02-14 04:07:05

Rang and I answered immediately. The call was disconnected straight away. I dialled back but a recorded message said I’d dialled an incorrect number. Clearly a company with something to hide. Number now blocked and reported to TPS/ Ofcom.

Anonym2017-02-13 22:46:57

sounded like aPakistani on the other side who say "listen ye" with loads back ground noise , could here laughing and giggling then they hung up. blocked

Anonym2017-02-13 00:49:09

Called saying they were from Nationwide bank and said my name then hung up.

Anonym2017-02-10 19:54:02


Anonym2017-02-07 11:04:48

silent. but persistent

Anonym2017-02-05 22:28:52

Automated call about life insurance

Anonym2017-02-02 11:19:59

accident claim line

Anonym2017-01-29 09:23:12

Called me twice in the last hour, I have a spam call app to identify whether they're spam or not, popped up straight away that they were! Blocked them.

Anonym2017-01-28 22:24:25

They’ve been calling at random times in the day for weeks!!!!

Anonym2017-01-26 16:39:35

Keep calling and handing up when I answer. Please stop calling me!

Anonym2017-01-15 14:25:04

Very convincing robo-caller, sounds like a genuine person but is a accident chaser

Anonym2017-01-03 23:30:21

had a missed call from this number today, after reading the comments will block.

Anonym2016-12-31 10:27:25

I didn't answer, but blocked

Anonym2016-12-27 20:31:27

Phoned while I was in the shower. Didn't pick up in time. Didn't recognize the number. The fact that lots of other people here were called by the same no. suggests it's an insurance rubbish call. Complete spam / possible scam. Avoid.

Anonym2016-12-27 09:40:32

Missed call. Phone identified it as a scam or fraud.

Anonym2016-12-27 08:49:27

Hung up immediately. Bloody annoying.

Anonym2016-12-21 00:39:49

They rang me today but I’ve missed the call. I’ve checked comments here and now number is blocked. Thanks

Anonym2016-12-13 22:21:49

The number called about a bogus traffic accident. My number is supposed to be protected by the preference service.

Anonym2016-12-08 14:01:43

Car accident scam

Anonym2016-11-17 03:35:47

This w*** called me and hung up 2 seconds later

Anonym2016-11-13 09:41:42

unknown number, called and i missed it. called back, couldn't be identified.

Anonym2016-11-09 14:07:42

Hung up when I answered

Anonym2016-11-04 13:27:29

Answered and they blew a raspberry down the phone. I was so up set I called air sea rescue!

Anonym2016-10-22 02:41:25

d*ck heads

Anonym2016-10-20 17:44:21

Ringing then hung up when I answered.

Anonym2016-10-17 04:08:28

01635283606 scammer call block this number . My number is supposed to be protected by the preference service aghhh !

Anonym2016-10-10 12:11:53

These arseholes get your phone number from gum tree.

Anonym2016-10-08 23:18:28


Anonym2016-10-01 08:44:10

Said they were from nationwide building society. Foreign voice, couldn't pronounce my name correctly. Didn't confirm my name and When I asked what they wanted they hung up.

Anonym2016-09-28 16:16:02


Anonym2016-09-26 12:02:46

Hung up when answered

Anonym2016-09-23 18:00:07

*** *** *** marijuana

Anonym2016-09-22 09:12:11

Shame I missed the call - I love keeping these guys on the phone long enough to completely waste their time but long enough to make them think they have caught a nice juicy fish. They usually aren't the sharpest nail in the box!

Anonym2016-09-20 23:17:43

Rung left no message because I didn't answer

Anonym2016-09-18 16:44:53


Anonym2016-09-14 14:30:34

Scam. Life insurance scam call! phone down when questioned

Anonym2016-09-09 17:38:41


Anonym2016-09-01 00:38:17

had calls from this number - thanks for your info - I'm not calling back - blocked

Anonym2016-08-31 11:55:17

bunch of f**kwits trying to scam

Anonym2016-08-27 16:41:41

Persistent calls - scam.

Anonym2016-08-26 17:46:56

Pre-recorded message marketing replacement window

Anonym2016-08-22 06:08:01

Called, Answered call within 5 seconds of ringing, they hung up straight away.

Anonym2016-08-22 02:13:52

I picked up, no one speaking, hung up in two sec.

Anonym2016-08-19 05:36:16

Scam. Using another companies phone number. Just called the number back in case it was important, the manager advised me - someone is using their company phone number to make scam phone calls and not give them any information.

Anonym2016-08-11 07:54:06

Same as all the others here. I've just blocked their No.

Anonym2016-08-09 21:07:06

Called today

Anonym2016-08-06 09:27:28

called, rang once - didnt get to answer.

Anonym2016-07-25 22:51:28

Didn't answer

Anonym2016-07-15 05:03:33

Someone telemarketing with the completely incorrect name

Anonym2016-06-27 02:56:19

I missed the call and the number was not recognised when I tried to phone back.

Anonym2016-06-22 13:47:20

Rang my number but hung up after 1 ring

Anonym2016-06-22 03:33:31

Hung up when I answered.

Anonym2016-06-21 05:19:47

Wanted to know if I had been in an accident!!! Blocked

Anonym2016-06-21 00:37:41

A call about my recent accident??? but when I asked her to say my name she hung up.

Anonym2016-06-18 11:02:14

Had a call from them @ 18:50 tonight. Phone was on silent so did not answer. Went on line and read some of the comments thanks people. Number blocked

Anonym2016-05-30 17:28:27

when rung back the number is a spoof, they are a bad company

Anonym2016-05-17 09:33:28

01635 283606 (Newbury) - I just let it ring then checked it out on this site

Anonym2016-05-13 17:05:53

This number has just called my mobile - only known contacts have my number so I didn't answer it and having now checked it on here, I'm glad I didn't. Damned nuisance call :/

Anonym2016-05-09 04:57:05

They just called my daughter's phone so I answered and told them to stop calling and f**k off.

Anonym2016-05-05 20:32:55

calls from newbury??? no clue who they are but i dont reccomend picking up

Anonym2016-05-05 19:03:23

I missed call. When I rang back it was a recorded message saying I had called an incorrect number. Curious.

Anonym2016-04-30 11:27:19

Dint answer it

Anonym2016-04-22 09:36:26

Was blocked by bt blocker phone. Absolutely recommend getting one or blocking service

Anonym2016-04-21 09:10:42

Called today, presume it’s a scam

Anonym2016-04-13 16:12:40

Automated call regarding road traffic accident. Passed through screening and then spent an enjoyable couple of minutes winding the (foreign) call centre drone up by repeatedly asking him if he spoke English. "E-N-G-L-I-S-H. Can you understand me? I speak English. Can I speak to somebody there who speaks English?".

Anonym2016-04-13 07:46:33

Number is from Newbury, didnt pick up. As I see here, its definately a scam. They called me on my mobile too.

Anonym2016-03-30 18:22:38

I got called today on my mobile and nobody answered. Looking at all the dates of the other complainers, I'd say this is a prolific problem. I am putting a block om this number straight away.

Anonym2016-03-29 20:54:49

Hung up when answered.....

Anonym2016-03-29 16:33:45

Don't answer

Anonym2016-03-27 00:05:28


Anonym2016-03-26 19:54:01

Didn't answer as unknown, checked on here straight away. Now blocked.

Anonym2016-03-25 13:47:55

Scammers trying to take control over your pc

Anonym2016-03-20 06:58:19

Just missed a call from this number no voicemail left never answer to unknown calls looks like I was right to ignore

Anonym2016-03-17 13:20:11

Called today, didn't answer - after reading comments here I've now blocked the number!

Anonym2016-03-11 17:30:56

blocked after reading comments

Anonym2016-03-10 12:30:50

I didnt answer and I've blocked them. They seem busy today.

Anonym2016-02-20 11:31:19

hung up when i answered

Anonym2016-02-17 09:32:11

Two calls. Hung up immediately

Anonym2016-02-15 08:13:57

accident claims company very rude people. avoid i have now blocked number

Anonym2016-02-11 14:29:37

hung up when answered

Anonym2016-02-05 06:09:11

same as the others here

Anonym2016-01-31 12:25:22

Said they heard I'd been involved in a road accident. I asked where they were from and they said ow sorry goodbye.

Anonym2016-01-23 11:07:47

Called, didn't answer and after reading these comments is now blocked!

Anonym2016-01-21 02:16:06

Called me how they got my number I don't know and they would not speak but put phone down, when I tried to call back it did not ring just bleeped!! Have blocked them now!!

Anonym2016-01-18 15:39:22


Anonym2016-01-13 16:32:16

Robo caller. I hung up.

Anonym2016-01-11 23:11:31


Anonym2015-12-29 01:36:20

Yet another car accident I've had when I said I will have one tomorrow they hung up

Anonym2015-12-26 18:51:32

my phone automatically processed it as a scam- Happy Monday people :)

Anonym2015-12-16 16:23:52

I have just been looking up quotes for insurance on price comparison website and now this company is calling me up to 6 times a day

Anonym2015-12-15 18:37:27

Ambulance chasing parasites, do not answer !!!!

Anonym2015-11-29 00:48:05

car accident fishing calls

Anonym2015-11-19 22:17:43

Indian sounding person who said he was from the life insurance department - didn't say what of. Hung up.

Anonym2015-11-16 17:49:08

The usual 'we're calling regarding the car accident you have been in recently' cold call

Anonym2015-11-06 01:30:38

Rang three times, I answered...nothing on the other end, call then disconnected. Now blocked, especially after reading the comments here!

Anonym2015-11-03 14:07:06

Cold call

Anonym2015-10-30 15:09:43

1 ring and disconnected

Anonym2015-10-27 08:44:06

Didn't answer the call as in work, no message left.

Anonym2015-10-23 19:51:56

I don't know the number. Didnt answered. No message left,

Anonym2015-10-19 13:15:04

Called today

Anonym2015-10-17 07:56:40

spam. picked up no answer

Anonym2015-10-14 21:59:13

This number has been called several times for 5 days. I picked up on Friday, for a moment I only heard the silence, then the voice of the robot. Then, the phone hooked me up with the person claiming that I had a car accident and proposed a life insurance policy. I asked them never to call me again.

Anonym2015-10-09 19:06:40

Recorded message asking me if I want a call back for them to sell me life insurance. I'm on TPS so this type of call should be blocked.

Anonym2015-10-09 13:44:18

Scammers...telling me that I had an accident. I told them that I had indeed had an accident... when he asked me about my "accident... I told him that I had had too much to drink that night & that I had pissed myself... that was my "accident He hung up after that. Tosser

Anonym2015-10-08 20:42:08

d*ck head scammer, blocked

Anonym2015-10-02 09:39:12

Missed call. Don't know anyone from this area so likely a scam

Anonym2015-09-25 04:15:05

I was notified by my surgery that I have been referred for an NHS appointment. This number will now be blocked! What about data protection or the new law coming out in May 2018 on data regulations?

Anonym2015-09-21 09:08:19

Keeps calling so don't answer

Anonym2015-09-14 16:05:46

Scammers no other comment needed

Anonym2015-09-08 13:53:10

I got my phone confiscated at school thanks to this caller

Anonym2015-09-04 01:00:11

A pain in the neck, no one spoke!

Anonym2015-09-01 05:09:35

Automated call saying they had important news about life insurance changes, to press a number to speak to an agent and another number to opt out. Doing neither led to the call cutting off shortly afterwards.

Anonym2015-08-30 11:41:21

Keeps calling everyday Answered once but they Hung up Probably stammers Just ignore now

Anonym2015-08-30 03:40:59

Left to ring then blocked

Anonym2015-08-26 10:20:51

Answered but the phone call was cut off.

Anonym2015-08-25 00:08:41

TrueCaller blocked

Anonym2015-08-24 13:15:48

They hung up as soon as I answered.

Anonym2015-08-20 01:47:04

hung up

Anonym2015-08-13 21:03:38

called my mobile and they didn't answer , checked here and found it was a scam

Anonym2015-08-10 07:23:34

Didn't pick but just got called too - glad didn't answer

Anonym2015-07-30 00:27:12

Did not recognise number so let it ring out. Glad i did too as the majority of responses here are either dangerous or harrasing!

Anonym2015-07-25 08:53:18

I have several calls from this company!!! I have also asked several times to take my contact details off their system

Anonym2015-07-24 23:29:34


Anonym2015-07-20 02:33:05

(01635283606 ) I have got no idea where this zombies got my number?

Anonym2015-07-07 19:41:54

rang my mobile. After checking and reading other people's comments; the number is now blocked!

Anonym2015-07-06 21:49:01

Smoke weed every day

Anonym2015-07-05 02:27:07

I answered whoever it was hung up. possibly a scam or one of those accident hotlines

Anonym2015-06-25 08:55:54

Just a silent number this morning- I was expecting a call so I answered. Hung up on me almost straight away. Is now one of the gazillions I've blocked . Thanks for all the reports

Anonym2015-06-24 06:43:13


Anonym2015-06-18 04:50:29

Company called “Agile”. Standard “you’ve been in a car accident that wasn’t your fault”... no I haven’t! “Well our system says you have”... click....

Anonym2015-06-15 05:38:25

Pre-recorded message regarding important news about life insurance

Anonym2015-06-15 02:49:03

No idea, have my work phone diverted to my mobile so have to answer. Answered and they hung up. Number blocked, waste of my time.

Anonym2015-06-14 00:42:18

Just keeps calling but nobody ever speaks have blocked now

Anonym2015-05-23 11:03:54

Probably located in the Theale area between Newbury and Reading, it is chocabloc with call centres around there. Called me this morning, it sounded like an automated robotic voice. The damn things always phone when one is really busy!

Anonym2015-05-13 11:14:26

Looks like the scammers have bought a new number!

Anonym2015-05-10 20:05:08

Automated caller asking if I had been involved in a car accident.

Anonym2015-05-06 18:54:53

Spam, load of nonsence, blocked

Anonym2015-05-06 05:37:30

Called once but i didn't answer. After reading comments I will block

Anonym2015-05-05 19:53:52

Called, I answered, line went dead.

Anonym2015-05-01 09:00:07

I rang the number after having a missed call and got " YOU HAVE DIALLED AN INCORRECT NUMBER " strange as i just pressed redial

Anonym2015-04-30 13:24:05

Bullshit scammers smh

Anonym2015-04-21 09:06:39

Called to enquire about an accident that I may have had over a 5yr period. I hung up. They then phoned me back on 02080645600

Anonym2015-04-15 08:09:19

answered the call, didn’t say anything. silence for 6 seconds, Newbury, England.

Anonym2015-04-13 22:25:10

Missed call

Anonym2015-04-09 22:07:08

Picked up and said 'Hello' nothing said and after 5 seconds I was greeted with a automated voice saying 'Goodbye'. Waste of time, don't pick up, just block them.

Anonym2015-04-07 16:57:49

Have you been in an accident call ?

Anonym2015-04-04 05:57:04

Phoned me 5 times today. I do not answer any calls that I do not recognise. Blocked now.

Anonym2015-03-30 00:37:28

Didn't answer called mid morning. Rang for ages! Now blocked thanks to the comments.

Anonym2015-03-29 00:02:16

Rand and hung up as soon as i answered! Twats

Anonym2015-03-26 08:47:31

Didnt answer checked here first

Anonym2015-03-23 03:22:06

I answered the call but no one on other end. Tried to call back but comes up as incorrect number. Poxy cowards can't even take a call to tell them to f**k off. ANOTHER number blocked.

Anonym2015-03-20 17:18:47

Didn't answer as checked here first

Anonym2015-03-18 19:16:17

Missed call. Rang back and line immediately dropped.

Anonym2015-03-12 06:38:43

Called mid-morning, didn't recognise so didn't answer. Checked the list and found it to be dodgy so therefore blocked.

Anonym2015-03-02 02:15:18

Answered the call, after a pause a foreign voice representing a consumer survey of some sort 3 questions that would not take more than a minute of my time; Hung up probably a scam. Having interesting that the same number seems to have "ambulance chasing" specialists too!!!

Anonym2015-02-27 17:36:41

Hung up when answered

Anonym2015-02-23 13:11:22

Answered, I did not speak neither did they and then they hung up! Now blocked

Anonym2015-02-21 01:04:19

Called then hung up , straight away block

Anonym2015-02-11 08:20:19

Called today, didn't answer them, now blocked.

Anonym2015-02-08 23:42:54

Called today. No one on the other end

Anonym2015-01-29 06:53:03

Called my mobile. I don't give that number out very often. Only to my bank for online info. Worrying.

Anonym2015-01-17 08:27:46

Cold automated caller on answering

Anonym2015-01-03 08:39:33

Just received a missed call from this number. Tried to call back but system says number is not recognised. How can that be when they phoned me 5 minutes beforehand? Then read comments on Who Called Me. Will now block number.

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Comments to other numbers:

anonym - about number: 01315614532

rang me at 2am when I rang back it said number invalid rang me again today at 11.30am man answered said hello twice I asked who it was so he hung up I rang straight back number invalid again?

Anonym - about number: 01133204573

Right pain, tries every couple of days, blocked.

anonym - about number: 01183040465

Number calls work place and family members threatening to serve papers. Called and was hung up on for asking questions. People there are awful.

anonym - about number: 01482293978

Phoned me 9 times on the trot getting more abusive every time This has happened 3 days running from very early in the morning

Anonym - about number: 01618397979

Call about a claim...

anonym - about number: 01612776690

This number is perfectly fine because it is my number.

anonym - about number: 01625800559

I belong to India and does not share my personal mobile number with anyone or any XYZ website until it is trusted by me and large number of people (For eg. facebook is a trusted one). I dont know whether the caller placed this call mistakenly or for his/her own purpose. But I am confused that how they get my number????? For the first time I got call i early morning, nearly 5:45 am. And for 2nd time I got call just now at 7:30pm. first time I didn't Replied but 2nd time i received call and say 'hello' there was no reply from other side. I cancelled the call just in 3 sec. I'm marking this number dangerous as I think this number is associated with some illegal activity.

anonym - about number: 01625800565

Online yard sale scammer looking to rip you off. Don't try and sell to them. Read more at https://checkwhocalled.com/phone-number/1-213-545-6037

anonym - about number: 01513293226

Initially answered and when I said I wasn't interested and not to call back they kept calling. I've since blocked the number but they keep calling back every few minutes. Annoying. I'm on the government do not call list so I have no idea how they got my number.

anonym - about number: 01316205765