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Who called me 01915946541

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Phone number: 01915946541
Country: UK
Region: Leeds
Kind of number: Landline
Prefix: 113
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Comments for the number 01915946541

anonym2019-02-15 08:14:11

this was first the number of hd audio and video but now they say its not that company.

anonym2019-02-15 08:14:11

Whos number is this sa

anonym2019-02-15 08:14:11


anonym2019-02-15 08:14:11


anonym2019-02-15 08:14:11


anonym2019-02-15 08:14:11

Have you been in accident trawl call

anonym2019-02-15 08:14:11

Calls multiple times daily when answered just hangs up

anonym2019-02-15 08:14:11

john white

anonym2019-02-15 08:14:11

Trying to tell me I had a refund if £3k on a loan I had (I don't have a loan) when I told him this he was really abusive to me calling me a F**king B*tch and to F**k off the line!! Then he hung up!?

anonym2019-02-15 08:14:11

called at 2:13pm said they were TalkTalk and they will have to cut off my internet unless I followed their instuctions I told them to bugger off and not call again

Anonym2019-01-28 21:42:06

They keep calling and no 1 there when u answer, ive blocked them , all the company's I deal with email me ,, Scam ?

Anonym2019-01-27 08:05:26

Called me twice in a hour but left no message. Blocking. Says from sunderland

Anonym2019-01-27 04:04:48

Who called me no no number

Anonym2019-01-11 19:56:38

Rang 3 times today but don't speak when answer

Anonym2019-01-01 09:24:29

He called me 7 times and then I answered 1 time and it is a man.

Anonym2018-12-24 10:41:06

Did not pick up call but sick of getting calls day and night from this number also getting bloody sick of blocking this number

Anonym2018-12-03 05:49:51

I am an EE customer and now recieving 5-6 calls a day from this number. I never answer but they do not seem to be getting the message.

Anonym2018-12-02 07:16:02

Tried to call them to see who answered but the lime get cut off before ringing.

Anonym2018-11-26 02:29:25

This number claims to be from EE

Anonym2018-11-15 09:13:30

Definitely an EE 'partner': http://ee.co.uk/help/add-ons-benefits-and-plans/price-plans-and-costs/phone-calls-from-orange-ee-t-mobile-and-our-partners

Anonym2018-10-26 04:16:16

Rang but said nothing.

Anonym2018-10-14 08:05:11

A scam, caller purports to be calling from EE, and will go to great lengths to convince you they are. Avoid scam

Anonym2018-10-13 12:48:15

It is ee you cant ring it back. it will be a sales call

Anonym2018-10-12 15:37:54

They call me roughly 5 times a month. Why don’t they leave a message if they are legit like some people are saying?

Anonym2018-10-02 20:35:11

The man introduced himself from EE. He knew my name. He asked to tell him my phone password straight way because of security reason. He called from the street also. Very suspicious.

Anonym2018-10-01 07:17:31

They called me saying they are EE and trying to get me a better deal, asked if I go over my data every month but then saying they could get me a better deal! I I know on EE you cannot reduce your tariff. He then asked for my name and the first and second character from my password!!! I hung up

Anonym2018-09-01 20:01:19

keep ringing me about 3 times a day, it clearly isnt EE as i dont think a mobile provider would pester you so much!

Anonym2018-08-15 11:23:05

Keeps ringing me nearly every week now

Anonym2018-08-14 22:53:34

Called me today. Rejected the call and blocked the number. Too many unsolicited and/or scam calls nowadays, dont answer anything I dont recognise any more.

Anonym2018-07-31 21:50:15

Locations says from Sunderland and I don't anyone from there andon't this is about the 7th time they have called me in the past 2 days I don't who they are but hey are defo not EE cuz I usually pay my bills and also they send text messages if I want anything. I think i did the right thing by blocking themy better not call me again

Anonym2018-07-26 22:27:16

I keep getting calls from these but they are not talking when i pick up the phone or they ring just once starting to annoy me now

Anonym2018-07-20 08:59:59

Rang to day no answer

Anonym2018-07-11 14:21:27

Asking for account and password details- scam

Anonym2018-07-08 18:32:41

They say they're EE?

Anonym2018-06-30 11:00:58

Claiming to be be from ee,called me buddy and my friend....absolute tw**!

Anonym2018-06-13 15:27:50

Keep ringing at all times of the day. Annoying

Anonym2018-05-29 03:15:21

Keeps calling, proper annoying. Probably a scam

Anonym2018-05-26 13:11:26

According to EE website this number is an Authorised firm/organisation acting for them to sell /renew goods and contracts

Anonym2018-05-24 00:20:28

Call me every week for the past 2 months, 3-4 days a week and at least twice on those days. Very annoying.

Anonym2018-05-23 23:15:58

Got a call while I was working but answered a second one just after 5. It was EE offering me things other than phones like a laptop or iPad. After reading these comments I just said no straight away and the guy was fine with it. Since then I’ve got a text from EE’s feedback line (I’ve used it before) ‘24 9’ asking how my call went so seems legitimate. There was background noise but could quite easily just be a noisy call centre rather than the ‘street noise’ I’ve seen described. Seems legitimate but can’t 100% confirm as I didn’t follow through on the phone call.

Anonym2018-05-17 10:36:15

Phone call from Sunderland. Said nothing.

Anonym2018-05-15 10:14:04

Is this a genuine phone number from my mobile provider

Anonym2018-04-04 21:44:08

Multiple missed calls from this number, at least one per day but leaves no messages. Will be blocking.

Anonym2018-03-29 14:09:12

They rang and knew my bill payers name . How though? It's not even EE they ring and before they answer there is what sounds like a tv on and then a foreign man on the phone. So anooying so just block the caller

Anonym2018-03-28 15:56:10

Have had numerous calls from this number saying from EE asking questions which are very questionable.Just block this number

Anonym2018-03-24 13:52:04

Pretending to be EE SCAM

Anonym2018-02-18 03:15:20

They are an EE partner called Inspired. Verified on the EE website: http://ee.co.uk/help/add-ons-benefits-and-plans/price-plans-and-costs/phone-calls-from-orange-ee-t-mobile-and-our-partners Not a scam, but annoying how often they call

Anonym2018-02-14 16:38:57

Calling me like 3 times a day just reject

Anonym2018-01-17 23:36:52

Phoned said they were from ee on the day I bought my phone and asked me for make model and where I bought the phone and wanted to tell me about offers. I just hung up. It sounded wrong. Asking for to much detail.

Anonym2018-01-09 05:40:40

Been called earlier on by this number claiming to be from EE asking if I wanted to here about the special offers I’m entitled to...apart from the fact the number didn’t show up as EE already as soon as I heard that I knew it he was talking sh*t because they don’t do that, I said I’m not bothered about it, he’s like you don’t want to hear any offers? I said no not bothered he said ok take care. I was expecting more of a fight but still it’s a SCAM!!!

Anonym2017-12-31 14:49:38

Scammer claiming to be from EE

Anonym2017-12-25 22:29:28

Keeps phoning me every week no matter how many times I block the number.

Anonym2017-12-18 18:42:39

They have been badgering me for a whole week, they're doing my crust in that's no good at all

Anonym2017-12-04 07:25:05

Had several calls in one day and now blocked number.

Anonym2017-12-03 01:53:15

Have blocked this number but still getting one ring up to 7 times a day really riling me now with the number of complaints surely they should get the message.

Anonym2017-12-01 03:54:37

They phoned asking to see my winky

Anonym2017-11-29 22:30:20

Rang back on landline, message said number not in service. I've blocked it numerous times but they still manage to call my mobile.

Anonym2017-11-14 05:29:02

It is EE. Receive on my mobile as missed call. (I am EE customer) . No need to talk so never answered. Rang on a landline to check it and it just says EE have called you and hangs up. Nothing sinister - just an EE call centre trying to sell you something.

Anonym2017-11-12 14:53:53

Interesting call today talking about offers. I challenged the caller and asked them confirm my price plan if they are EE...he said he will send a SMS confirming this. I asked for it to be sent whilst I wait on the call and nothing. What a load of BS. Number added to my blocked list. I don’t trust any number anymore unless it’s me making the call.

Anonym2017-10-21 20:16:39

keeps ringing me non-stop

Anonym2017-10-19 13:41:16

Missed call to my mobile 11:33 this morning. Saw this so have blocked calls and texts.

Anonym2017-10-17 04:02:11

Say they are from EE and ask for password and account information. Just hang up.

Anonym2017-10-16 16:34:24

Scam, poor use of communication. No manners, full fraud.

Anonym2017-09-29 16:21:06

didn't answer they only called once and it said they where from Sunderland England

Anonym2017-09-28 11:05:06

Have called 5 times now! Once everyday but I have been at school so I have never answered just better to block

Anonym2017-09-18 19:05:40

Keep call three times a day every time I pick up the phone they put The phone down it is annoyingthey will phone again about three times or four times in the afternoon

Anonym2017-09-15 01:10:57

Read several comments about this number and everyone's saying it's EE but when I ring the number back all I get is ive dialled an incorrect number!

Anonym2017-09-10 03:24:12

Said was EE then asked to state my name then asked for password info said no way to giveing out such info and hung up then the called bracket again a hr later haha cheeky

Anonym2017-08-19 15:39:55

Keeps ringing my mobile and now landline - I can't access my phone at work, so missed call. I don't answer my landline, if it's someone I know, they can leave a message. Glad I haven't picked up after reading this.... thanks

Anonym2017-08-19 06:30:58

It is a company called inspired. They are a partner of EE.

Anonym2017-08-11 15:01:00

Got call from the number. said from EE. Called about offers available. was asking too many questions so I hung up. The same number called me two hours later. Will block. EE never calls. All they do is sent text messages with offers.

Anonym2017-07-31 14:12:51

Claimed to be from EE. Asked for details of my password so I stopped him there. He said he would send a confirmation text from EE. Then sent an unprofessional confirmation text that didn’t show up alongside my other texts from EE so put it down to being fraudulent. Will contact EE to report this

Anonym2017-07-20 08:01:43

Typically get a couple of calls a day from this number. Never answered as suspicious, more so as they have never left a message.

Anonym2017-07-06 14:06:19

Rang me everyday for the past 4 days. I answered, he claimed to be EE and asked me if there was a password on the account. Told him where to go and he got abusive

Anonym2017-06-26 03:22:03

This is EE calling the number back will have the EE automated voice saying they will call you back and the automated voice gives you the EE free phone number if you want to call

Anonym2017-06-19 22:37:21

Claiming to be From Ee. Not sure why the company does not try to block these scammers

Anonym2017-06-12 10:10:09

Yes it's EE. Probably trying to sell me another phone package.

Anonym2017-05-22 01:14:42

Called twice today have not answered

Anonym2017-05-17 14:16:23

The call is from Sunderland. The person knows you’re an EE customer - and your first name - but nothing else and they’d like your passwords. I put the phone down at this stage as it does not seem to be from EE.

Anonym2017-05-09 15:18:24

Missed call this morning they hung up before I got to it I wouldn't have answered as don't know the number I will block it .

Anonym2017-05-08 17:37:33

https://ee.co.uk/help/help-new/offers-and-services/other/phone-calls-from-our-partners Not a scam. Its confirmed a legit number by EE

Anonym2017-04-21 09:02:06

Dont know anyone in sunderland so l just blocked

Anonym2017-04-20 22:23:05

Allegedly from EE offering deals on iPads, BT Sport, Apple Music, cheap line rental, broadband and Mifi's.

Anonym2017-04-19 06:59:29

Call me every single day called me again but this time changed it to no caller ID? weird. Didn't pick up the phone I don't know why they're calling but I'm sure it's no good.

Anonym2017-04-06 04:37:13

Rings every day for last 5 days since I have been abroad

Anonym2017-04-05 02:13:29

they keep calling me i think they want a signed autograph .. told them to stop it or else i will be forced to drive up there an tea bag one of em =)

Anonym2017-04-04 11:10:58

Keeps ringing my mobile Now blocked

Anonym2017-03-28 01:43:27

wan**rs - lying wan**rs - tell them go away and then block

Anonym2017-03-24 20:26:13

This number is a scam asked too much information from me. I kindly replied Me “what is your address “ Caller “Sorry” Me “ what is your address” Caller “ I cannot give you my address “ Me “ well if you want my details I want yours so I can contact the police for identity theft” Caller then put the phone down. Shame really I quite liked our conversation.

Anonym2017-03-18 05:05:00

I answered the phone call and had a pleasant man answer he asked how I was and I replied fine thanks yourself, he was over the moon that I asked if he was ok too, spoke about how well I’ve been paying my contract and that they have great offers for such a valid customer I told him I was interest in anything he then went on to what offers where available and yet again told him I wasn’t interested and I am happy with everything I’ve got and am paying at the minute then he said ok have a great evening take care. Maybe I’m being to nice but they are just doing there job no I wouldn’t advise giving any details away or buying anything but for someone to not pester you on the phone to buy anything isn’t a bad thing.

Anonym2017-03-11 03:34:11

Claimed to be from EE. Very unprofessional. Spoke to someone with the initials Either a scam, or an employee who desperately needs training.

Anonym2017-02-27 15:33:58

Phone call from Sunderland☹️

Anonym2017-02-09 15:16:20

This number has called three times so far today, on answering line goes dead it's very annoying

Anonym2017-01-17 00:03:06

Got call today, went dead on answer, when I called it back (twice) it said the number was not in use!??? what's that about!????

Anonym2017-01-13 01:55:20

I picked up today. He knew the bill payers name and wanted to talk to him. I said he cant talk because he's not here and asked of he can call again. I asked him what is the call about because theyve been calling for the past week. He said it was about discounts. He then stated the numbers that are under the bill payers name and none of them are right. Told him the bill payers not interested and the man got angry over the phone and angrily said 'well I have a lot of other customers who are interested in the discount so bye.' Im really sure that actual EE workers dont get this angry. Its definitly a scam. Do not ever say your personal information!

Anonym2017-01-12 06:10:48

Scam pretending to be EE

Anonym2017-01-05 12:34:45


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This number is perfectly fine because it is my number.

anonym - about number: 01625800559

I belong to India and does not share my personal mobile number with anyone or any XYZ website until it is trusted by me and large number of people (For eg. facebook is a trusted one). I dont know whether the caller placed this call mistakenly or for his/her own purpose. But I am confused that how they get my number????? For the first time I got call i early morning, nearly 5:45 am. And for 2nd time I got call just now at 7:30pm. first time I didn't Replied but 2nd time i received call and say 'hello' there was no reply from other side. I cancelled the call just in 3 sec. I'm marking this number dangerous as I think this number is associated with some illegal activity.