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Who called me 02038207743

View informations about the number 02038207743 SHOW
Phone number: 02038207743
Country: UK
Region: Leeds
Kind of number: Landline
Prefix: 113
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Comments for the number 02038207743

anonym2019-02-15 06:00:44

Just trying to find out who this is

anonym2019-02-15 06:00:44

I'm still trying to get to the bottom of this. It started in Dec 2015 with a charge of £1.33. I've been paying it for a year and had not noticed. In now, November 216, totals £144. It may have been because I voted on the X-Factor using the app. I don't remember doing it, but apparently EE tell me it's a subscription service. By voting you are subscribing and will be charged £2.50 a week until you cancel the subscription. Don't fall into the same trap. Check your bill and contact Zamano to cancel the subscription. Be aware you will never speak to a real person it's a robot automated response. You can swear as much as you like it, it won't make any difference. I am not hopeful that the money will be refunded. It's legalized fraud in which EE happily take part with a third party.

anonym2019-02-15 06:00:44

Called and said they were from the Treasury Dept. and that I was one of a few selected individuals to receive a $7000 grant. I asked for a name and she told me Lori Smith, but she would not give me a phone number. Then she got really upset and said if I did not want the money to just hang up the phone. I persisted in asking for a phone number and she hung up on me.

anonym2019-02-15 06:00:44

rings my phone 3-4 times daily, all times of day or night. when i answer my phone no one is there.

anonym2019-02-15 06:00:43

Just got a call saying this was my LAST chance to lower my APR. Wanted me to read off my credit card number to "verify" I was the card holder. Said that they already had the digits and just wanted to make sure that I was the "card holder". Yet had NO idea if it was a Mastercard, VISA, Discover, etc. Claimed to be working with Wells Fargo, Capital One, Chase, etc. I balked - and stated that since they were cold calling ME and I did NOT initiate this action that I was extremely uncomfortable with reading off my full credit card number to someone that I had NO way of verifying was a legit company. Said, sorry but not going to do that. She then cranked up the hard sell ploy, and tried to say that she merely needed to confirm the card we were discussing and she was able to tell me my balance owed on the cards. I then said you say you have all the digits, so you tell ME what card you want to discuss. She asked me to tell her what card and I replied, the one with the larger balance. She was not able to figure out what card had that balance. Then she accurately reads off the first 6 digits and starts to get a little hostile. I tell her I'm not interested, and I am NOT giving that information to her, sorry. She can give it to me and I can confirm or not and we'll be done. She tries a few more tactics like saying that she cant make a charge without the secondary security 3 digit code on the back (which is false, I've made purchases without that being used), and hello, 3 digits is WAYYY easier for a code generator to knock out than a 16 digit number AND the 3 digit number. Totally set off alarm bells all over the place. Was a little disturbing to know that she had my balances and the first 6 digits though. But she was super stymied over the remaining ones and REALLY was trying to pressure and hard sell me to give her more info. Please be smart out there and DON'T give out info to people that you cannot verify!!!

anonym2019-02-15 06:00:43

Gives recorded message to call £2 a minute directory enquiry. May keep line open for extended time resulting in large charge on bill.

anonym2019-02-15 06:00:43

indian voice,said he was from technical dept of BT..As I dont have BT I put the phone down.

anonym2019-02-15 06:00:43

Sky insurance cover scam. Indian voice. I don't have any Sky products.

anonym2019-02-15 06:00:43

Called twice within ten minutes

anonym2019-02-15 06:00:43


Anonym2019-01-30 22:07:13

D&G, appliance repairers associated with a major high street retailer. Recently cancelled some monthly direct debit policies, phoning to ask why.

Anonym2019-01-29 18:03:05

These D&G people are a pain the the a--e!! If they can't get through on one 020 number they call from another one, someone needs to report them, maybe it's about time I did because I am sick of them. I lost my husband suddenly last week and really could do without these sort of people constantly calling me. Leave us the hell alone will you *******

Anonym2019-01-22 07:44:38

D&G same as everyone else cancelled direct debt won't stop calling now once a day x

Anonym2019-01-12 05:30:11

Called approx. 6 times over last 10days, landline and mobile, usually late afternoon. Don't recognise number so not answered, no voicemail left.

Anonym2019-01-05 08:12:08

Calls up to 3 times a day do not answer any more they are just a nightmare

Anonym2019-01-01 23:49:44

...received call on my mobile, which I missed, thankfully, glad i thought to look into it online - so useful. Have now blocked the number on my phone.

Anonym2018-12-29 16:45:45

Spammer - block as I have just done. If they are genuine they will write to you and you can then make a further decision.

Anonym2018-12-23 00:39:33

Just say your name is Mr Patel and you are living in Bangladesh .. and you've just received a call from Bangladesh for renewal of a hairdryer

Anonym2018-12-20 12:00:46

Domestic and General called me in regards to a policy I took out with Game in Leeds.

Anonym2018-12-17 00:46:41

Who is this?

Anonym2018-12-10 06:35:39

Keep getting calls every day - Checked D&G website, it is apparently one of the few numbers that they do use to contact people. My newest appliance purchased in December has a 5yr warranty..

Anonym2018-12-09 23:00:24

Fed up of receiving calls from this number they some how have my home number as well as my Mobil

Anonym2018-12-07 17:11:56

SAME FOR ME.... CANCELLED A COOKER INSURANCE WITH THIS LOT.... Keep calling every day; never leave a voice message; but thanks to this site can see who it is and have now blocked.

Anonym2018-12-02 04:56:59

02038207743 Constantly calling my landline number - at least twice a day, every day.

Anonym2018-11-21 08:26:29

Several calls each day as I have cancelled DD for extra warranty that I didn't know I had ! Still continue to call .... it goes to answer machine but they never leave a message

Anonym2018-11-13 23:22:55

This number keeps calling when I am at work, I send it to voicemail but they do not leave a message so obviously trying to sell me something, now I am aware who they are it is probably because I have cancelled my insurance cover for my Cooker which I no longer have!

Anonym2018-11-11 22:17:09

This number keeps calling me, I have an answer machine but no message is left. I don't answer numbers I don't know and if people can't be bothered to leave messages, then I do not call them back. Glad I didn't, as I see others have had some unwelcome calls.

Anonym2018-11-03 17:24:01

This number keeps calling now on my landline as I have blocked number on my mobile. I have not answered yet.

Anonym2018-11-02 12:06:27

Had 12 missed calls while i was at work . Reading the comments makes me think it may have been d&g as I have also cancalled my insurance with them. Now I will block them .

Anonym2018-10-23 08:20:34

Claimed to be Domestic & General telling me my direct debit had been cancelled. Hung up and called them back on another number (previously used to set up an a contract) and they said no one had called me and my account was fine. Suspect this number to be scammers so recommend not talking to anyone calling from this number.

Anonym2018-10-04 18:56:43

Called several times over 3 days,did not answer but from comments made could have been re insurance as have recently cancelled an appliance insurance that insisted on taking 2x the direct debit each month.

Anonym2018-09-30 19:02:23

This number called me yesterday and today. Luckily the mobile signal is very poor and as they did not leave a message can't have been important. I returned the call, because I thought it was a call I was expecting but got a recorded message purporting to be from D&G. Don't have anything with them so at best it's a cold call.

Anonym2018-09-28 22:03:32

These people should have got the message by now im not answerin my phone but yet keep ringing.??

Anonym2018-09-28 13:37:27

02038207743 called me, and said they were calling from Argos. They asked was I Mrs ******- and when I replied 'yes'-the phone line went dead

Anonym2018-09-24 10:10:00

Wanted to speak to Mrs Desanches. Told them they had wrong number and put phone Dow. These have tried several times over tg3 last 6 months. Now blocked.

Anonym2018-09-02 09:10:52

Not sure who this number belongs to, but have never answered it. This number calls 2 to 3 times a day

Anonym2018-08-19 06:50:23

WE receive at least 10 calls per week from this number. They claim we have been involved in a car accident (which we have not) and have refused to stop calling us.

Anonym2018-08-11 18:49:07

This number has been calling me for months nearly everyday, first on the landline then I blocked it, so its now calling on my mobile and I don't seem to be able to block incoming calls. It is very annoying and driving me mad. I wish I could find out who is behind this number and get it stopped.

Anonym2018-08-11 05:32:25

Constantly cold calling

Anonym2018-07-26 10:57:02

They stated it was from domestic and general I told them i will call D & G as i do not answer to cold callers rang D & G on (freephone) 0800 587585 and they clarified it is not their numberscam callers to get your details

Anonym2018-07-20 04:18:54

They phoned me saying they were domestic and general and that my boiler cover plan was due to run out next month. I renewed the plan over the phone giving them details of my card.I thought about this afterwards and was worried I had been scammed.I phoned domestic and general they knew nothing about the call and said my plan had not been renewed. I called my bank to cancel my card and I reported it to the police. Fortunately they hadn't taken any money from my account.

Anonym2018-07-08 00:17:13

Call constantly don't give it rest when u tell them you are not interested

Anonym2018-06-21 06:29:41

four or five calls. never answered any. never left any message

Anonym2018-06-16 17:05:14

I have been harassed by this number yesterday twice, first time they said who they were, then told be she will get my file up, phone cut off, after 15 minutes, i rang D&G, all the details she gave me refers to my TV insurance i bought from Argos as a one off payment when i bought TV and was due to run out, after speaking to D&G, she rang back again, i told her to FO, because i rang D&G and they have nothing to do with this, she was very convincing, but i kept telling her to FO, she told me she was Nardia from the outbound dept, and gave me D&G's phone number, i told her their number is online, and the number she rang me from was a scam number, 02038207743, she said that number is their outbound number, i got fed up with her lies, swore at her again then cut the phone off, my worry is, whoever these people are where did they get all my info from, on this policy.

Anonym2018-06-16 00:16:59

Have been contacted twice today from this number but have not answered

Anonym2018-06-10 12:09:40

D& G constantly so annoying

Anonym2018-06-06 20:33:22

Domestic and general, Have called too many times now, informed them we have house insurance and to remove my number from their system. Still getting call, now just block and report call as spam. Have at least 10 numbers of theirs blocked. Get the message!!!

Anonym2018-06-06 01:12:36

Confirmed as D&G - when you call back you get asked to call an 0345 number who are D&G ..... Harassing call within hours or days of policy running out

Anonym2018-05-24 00:30:37

Just received a missed call from this number to our landline. We actually do have D&G insurance but still, I would NEVER give any personal details over the phone to a cold caller. No message left. If they can't be bothered to be courteous, nether can I. Blocked!

Anonym2018-05-23 20:13:31

Domestic & General. Policy expired about 2 months ago. Called to ensure that it did not automatically renew. Told them at that point that we did NOT wish to be contacted in any way shape or form. Told the girl on the phone this and she has assured me that our number will be removed from their data base. Have blocked the number anyway.

Anonym2018-05-16 09:50:28

Second call in two days - said they were from Domesic and General - nonsense. Total scam!

Anonym2018-05-12 21:50:42

claimed to be from domestic and general, referred to by a name my number used to belong to. according to another sites comments a poster claimed to contacted D&G who reportedly disavowed all knowledge of the incoming caller and the number supplied. conclusion - phishing scam.

Anonym2018-05-11 11:05:31

This is not Domestic and General, it is a Rogue Trader

Anonym2018-05-11 10:29:07

This number keeps calling 2 to 3 times a day, also in the evening. I do not reply and it goes to my answering machine. They never leave a message.

Anonym2018-04-22 17:09:45

Same here. Lots of calls today. Have blocked number on my mobile.

Anonym2018-04-18 08:42:27

Rang 4 times today, so far. This number has been calling several times a day. Reading previous comments I wonder if it is related to either kitchen appliance warranty which I never bother with or more likely PC World Team knowhow as I cancelled my support plan after the free month!

Anonym2018-04-17 10:06:40

Annoyingly they ring about an accident I was never involved in.

Anonym2018-04-15 07:05:31

This number has called me 6 times in the last 3 days saying I’ve been in an accident. So annoying!!!

Anonym2018-04-14 11:05:22

I've blocked this number on my mobile but my landline handset is old and hasn't that facility. They call several times a day, I have never answered. Very, very annoying.

Anonym2018-04-08 04:08:00

Incessant calls after canceling a direct debit. Don't answer.

Anonym2018-04-06 01:02:05


Anonym2018-04-05 11:19:32

Called on 5 December twice. I missed the first call but checked it out here. Having read the reports I blocked it and the second call was rejected. Thanks everyone.

Anonym2018-03-24 20:02:33

I get a never ending stream of calls from this number, I did answer the call once but heard nothing. Currently I am getting 2 or 3 calls a day on weekdays and weekends. They are an absolute menace and need closing down and dealt with.

Anonym2018-03-19 06:44:23

Don't know them. Reject all calls.

Anonym2018-03-18 16:01:34

Never leave message. Ring every day so annoying.

Anonym2018-03-18 11:23:10

Maybe total scam, lots of background noise, may not be even D&G!

Anonym2018-03-18 09:15:28

They are ringing at least twice a day - usually at meal times No message is ever left

Anonym2018-03-17 09:01:11

Thanks for the information I have now blocked number

Anonym2018-03-16 22:36:48

Keeps phoning me

Anonym2018-03-15 03:06:52

02038207743 called house phone at 1721 today but lefty no message on ansaphone.

Anonym2018-03-02 20:10:25

At least one call daily, including week-ends, for months. At various times of the day and evenings. I always ignore.

Anonym2018-02-05 17:52:24

D&g appliance insurance. Cancelled direct debit now they won't leave me alone.

Anonym2017-12-25 12:34:02

DONT-this company have rung me many times and NEVER Take NO for their answer....its a CANT DO IT!....so yes, they are dangerous, they do like to HARRASS....easier to NOT answer the phone....I don't anymore as don't have a blocking facility.

Anonym2017-12-07 17:31:01

Just ad a phone call from this number saying the warranty as run out on a television I bought from argos do I want to renew it how do these people get your numbers .........iv got a whistle by the side ov my phone next time this number rings I'm ready to blow the ears off the caller .....they just won't take NO for an answer ???????????? not in ad enough

Anonym2017-12-02 20:50:19

Keep calling upto 10pm !!!!! +442038207743 or 02038207743. BLOCK them.

Anonym2017-11-22 11:09:24

Domestic and general they will not stop calling, I cancelled a policy and told the man who called to leave a message as they are now registered as scam and p*st callers he said they were not allowed to leave a message. They still call I do not answer any more.

Anonym2017-11-02 07:13:01

Called 5 times now, no message left. Have blocked the number, but as another reviewer has stated, calls still come through!

Anonym2017-10-14 13:13:46

No idea who called but after looking up number I try to block it and apparently they’ve made this “not possible”!

Anonym2017-10-05 11:39:09

Rang claiming ins run out on washing machine said firms name d g be careful this caller is smooth

Anonym2017-09-17 01:19:44

Keeps calling I do not answer

Anonym2017-08-29 09:21:21

same as all others, ring daily. blocked number but still leave a silent voice mail every time they ring!

Anonym2017-08-26 18:15:51

I first thought this number was a department of Domestic and General dedicated to chasing warranty renewal. But I just received a second call despite me renewing through the kosher and trusted D and G telephone number yesterday (when their usual expected annual renewal letter came) This 2nd call went to voicemail, no message. First call 3 days ago was a charmless woman who I informed that I recently received D and G warranty reminder letter and would deal with it in my own good time. They seem to have both my landline and mobile numbers. Very strange to receive 2nd call when warranty safely renewed through proper channels. Be wary of these people. They may not be all they seem.

Anonym2017-08-14 00:06:28

Every day for two weeks even 7pm at night will not stop two or tree time a day.

Anonym2017-07-19 15:46:25

Dodgy phone number

Anonym2017-07-16 05:13:00


Anonym2017-07-13 02:20:22

I am getting up to 5 calls a day from this number on my mobile and landline,very annoying, you would think they would give when you don't answer but they are very persisting gonna have to block it to get rid I think

Anonym2017-07-09 13:05:37

This company y is not a scam they are a genuine caller it is domestic and general insurance for home appliances

Anonym2017-07-03 10:48:21

Company trying to sell extended warranty on washing machine i bought a year ago.

Anonym2017-07-03 05:44:38

Be aware she was after me renewing my policy with her, she knew the amount of the one off payment i made, i told her D&G never phone me, they send me letters when it is time to renew, she tried saying they do both, more lies, she has an Asian accent

Anonym2017-06-28 08:08:36

Called mobile several times. Have read comments and now blocked the number. Thank you

Anonym2017-06-23 20:14:20

Please stop ring

Anonym2017-06-20 05:05:55

Have had several aggressive calls from this number regarding a washing machine. Told them I do not want marketing calls and to not call again. Argumentative caller. I hang up on them each time, yet still they ring back. Should be shut down. Cold callers, spammers.

Anonym2017-06-09 02:27:40

Think it must be D&G as I have recently cancelled insurance with them They keep ringing my landline I do not answer and never will, how long does it take for them to get the message.

Anonym2017-06-08 21:57:21

There was a welsh guy who said my cover for my washing machine was about to run out NEXT TIME THEY CALL F*** you B*** and never call again????

Anonym2017-06-04 07:56:23

Asian sounding man left message to say he was from HMRC and there was a serious law suit out against me (ha ha) I must contact him as soon as I got the call. Do these cons think we are stupid?

Anonym2017-05-30 19:12:06

Insurance of some sort just blocked them

Anonym2017-05-24 07:37:38

Rang elderly parents said washing machine was due and they would come to the house to collect ins premium. They believed him and had a cheque ready.

Anonym2017-05-23 07:58:59

Constantly calling landline offering extended warranty on an appliance we don’t have.

Anonym2017-05-22 19:18:52

Rings everyday but don't speak and never leave message

Anonym2017-05-18 21:25:44

this no. called today claiming to be domestic and general,woman said that a cooker that i bought was not insured as my bank had not recognised my account no. would i give her the account again. said i would check with my bank first.

Anonym2017-05-18 10:39:50

Allegedly Domestic & General. Generally persistent cold-calling - = harassment.

Anonym2017-05-15 11:16:16

They call a couple of times early evening,havent answered them ,as I don't know who they are. they call on my mobile and landline in day.

Anonym2017-05-13 11:11:47

Keep calling but don't leave a message. Will not ring them back in case a scam...

Anonym2017-05-10 14:59:33

Rings me twice a day so annoying

Anonym2017-05-02 17:40:35

Called today, around lunchtime, have answer phone on, no speech.

Anonym2017-04-19 11:31:08

Called about "the warranty on my hob" and asked me to give them personal details. While i do have an extended warranty with L&G I, obviously, declined to give them any info and the guy just hung up. He sounded as if he's spent lunch time in the pub, to be honest!

Anonym2017-04-13 06:34:43

This number called today, answer machine picked up the call, they didn't leave a message.

Anonym2017-04-08 16:23:26

Domestic and general scam call! This number calls non stop. The callers are rude! Block the number

Anonym2017-04-07 20:48:16

They are a real nuisance. Seem to call several times a day. I never answer. No message left. I seem unable to bar this number!!

Anonym2017-04-07 17:41:57

Employee of Domestic and General: Received a call from our customer with similar report that the woman on the phone had information regarding his plans with us and wished for him to reinstate a direct debit. D and G DO NOT ask for banking details from our customers when we outbound call you, only when you call one of our inbound call centres. This number does not seem to be associated with us.

Anonym2017-04-02 17:39:08

Rings late at night and very early in th morning never answered if important a msg concerning wot they want would be nice. Scammers!

Anonym2017-04-02 10:49:27

Domestic !& general so annoying.

Anonym2017-04-01 16:43:52

These people are disgusting

Anonym2017-03-20 21:31:49

This number called lastnight and again today but I didn't answer

Anonym2017-03-17 07:01:50

Domestic and general. trying to sell something i have no interest in.

Anonym2017-03-14 22:20:06

Won't leave you alone even if not interested, do not trust them!

Anonym2017-03-12 05:10:55

Had a call from this number this afternoon, didn't answer it as the answer machine normally picks it up. They didn't leave a message.

Anonym2017-02-28 12:21:24

Called today, but didn't leave a message, pain in the back side

Anonym2017-02-27 01:40:36

I have answered in the past and nobody was there. I get around 3 calls a day. Always leave blank voicemail. Seriously annoying!!

Anonym2017-02-06 21:42:31

This number has phoned twice today, 7.06pm & 7.25pm. My father-in-law answered and because there are to Mrs............... at this address he asked which one. The girl said "Oh I'll have to check my notes" then hung up. If this is D&G then they know that one of my policies is about to expire. They are a harassing company. If I want anything I'll phone them

Anonym2017-02-06 18:49:31

Legal and general I have a hoover washing machine, but lady on the phone couldn’t talk further until I gave her my details to confirm who she was talking to. Obviously I didn’t give these over and hung up straight away!

Anonym2017-02-06 01:20:57

Called during work hours and left no voicemail. App on phone marks up "telemarketer".

Anonym2017-01-26 04:55:39

02038207743 - confirmed as D&G due to calling back and getting an answer phone informing to call another number which was also confirmed as D&G ..... harrassing within 24 hours of cancelling direct debit.

Anonym2017-01-23 23:52:04

Had a call from this number this afternoon, didn't answer it as the answer machine normally picks it up. They didn't leave a message.

Anonym2017-01-12 07:53:01

Called my home phone a couple of times a day for the last few days. I have not answered, and they have failed to leave an answerphone message. Not a number known to me so I just ignore them.

Anonym2016-11-25 11:35:59

Believed to be Domestic & General Insurance. Several calls - never leave a message. Have already been advised that no way do I wish to extend a warranty - especially at their extravagant costs!

Anonym2016-11-17 02:59:45

They said they were Zannusi but cannot confirm it so cannot mark

Anonym2016-11-11 11:52:07

Domestic & General - Insurers!

Anonym2016-11-03 00:20:36

Constantly calling and leaving a blank voicemail message, have blocked this number and they are stll getting through to voicemail

Anonym2016-10-25 12:08:16

This number has called 4 times today. I let it go to answerphone but they never leave a message

Anonym2016-10-23 03:09:49

this number is driving me mad even started ringing my mobile now which I still don't answer

Anonym2016-10-16 19:06:48

Already blocked the number - rang at 7.52am

Anonym2016-10-15 07:05:29

Number called but left no message. I no longer answer calls as they are nearly all frightening.Any reputable person would leave a message on the answer phone.

Anonym2016-10-13 12:04:01

Called whilst I was out, and failed to leave a message on answer phone. If going by previous messages, this is D&G, I have recently cancelled an policy, and at that time made it very plainly clear that I did not wish to be contacted in any way with sales calls, posted material or emails. As the caller was not cuteous enough to leave a message, it could not have been important, so I have taken the liberty of blocking the number.

Anonym2016-10-07 17:07:18

Called and asked for someone who doesn’t even live here, assumed they got the wrong number but after seeing these comments I’d say that’s a load of bull...

Anonym2016-09-22 07:02:22

02048207743. D & G Appliance Insurance bloody nuisance. Pain in the Arse - Call several time a day . Blocked them on my handset. Hope it works.

Anonym2016-09-16 01:14:11

Harassing - Called multiple times per day, number blocked

Anonym2016-09-01 13:48:46

After speaking to two people from D & G on receipt of many missed calls from this number (and checking it here), neither of whom recognised it, turns out it is a marketing call from an outbound(?) centre to sell new policies or renew lapsed ones. I asked for feedback from their resolution centre and just got a call from them. Apparently you can ask to opt out of marketing calls at the end of a call. I would prefer to ring D& G on their free phone line 0800 5978600 and thus inform them, just in case you are giving more contact/policy details to an outside agency that may only have minimal ones already.

Anonym2016-08-18 07:34:08

020380207743- Tho company is calling all day. They will not leave a message on my answer machine. My son answered one time when I couldn't get to the phone and they said they where ringing regarding a dishwasher. I recently cancelled a policy I had with D&G that I had with them for my dishwasher that I no longer have. This company is harassing for business. Why would I want to renew my policy with a company who constantly calls.

Anonym2016-07-30 15:54:16

Rang at 8 in the evening - rude. D&G cancelled policy.

Anonym2016-07-13 22:41:55

Forever ringing my phone. I don't answer. Very annoying. Three times a day!

Anonym2016-07-07 15:09:28

Called today and said they were from D&G about my insurance on my PS4 being stopped by my bank because my account details were wrong. I do have ps4 insurance with D&G but I knew this call sounded suspicious, as soon as he asked if I wanted him to amend my details I told him I'd deal with my bank instead and hung up. Don't trust this number and never give card details out randomly over the phone.

Anonym2016-07-07 13:31:11

Called me 17 times in 4 days. Haven’t answered. I cancelled 3 policies with D&G recently.

Anonym2016-06-15 10:28:10

So this is Legal and General calling about insurance I took out for a washing machine - however when they call they want me to confirm my full name and address, I declined saying I have no idea if you ARE L&G so I wont' give any personal details until you tell me why you are calling. Call handler refused to tell me why due to "data protection" so I said we've reached an impasse as due to MY data protection I'm not giving you any personal details which can easily identify me. So the call ended. I've just had another two missed calls on my work mobile, this is a number they do not have and that I do not use for anything personal so the call on that phone is a cold call. Either tell me why you are calling but do not ask for personal data!

Anonym2016-06-07 04:10:56

They called so I answered said not interested and he said don't know what calling about

Anonym2016-06-01 18:11:17

its a company called Domestic and General they're insurance cover people but i agree its annoying they ring then hang up, ive reported it to trading standardsas cold calling is now outlawed in uk, if everyone does the same we'll get it stopped and them a large fine

Anonym2016-05-24 01:11:24

keep calling daily even though the number is blocked, they find a way through. Pain in the backsides

Anonym2016-05-11 15:17:31

It would appear that I am guilty of the same crime as others I.e. cancelling a Domestic & General policy. I won't answer these p*sts and have blocked it on my mobile.

Anonym2016-04-03 07:53:43

Called me at least a dozen times this week so far. Not interested. Have no intentions of answering their call. Believe it's D&G about appliance warranty that I don't want anyway! Just annoying.

Anonym2016-03-17 13:27:45

Keep ringing me. I dont answer mow. No message lefy on ansafone. Pretended to be from talktalk said i had problem with my internet asked me to do things on pc i hung up

Anonym2016-03-09 01:12:19

This number calls me once per day at different times and so far I have not responded. Not sure how to block the number or I would not hesitate to do so.

Anonym2016-03-06 01:35:31

A guy stated he was from domestic & General saying that my extended warranty on my LG TV was about to run out...unfortunately I don't have extended warranty on an LG TV.....I don't even have a LG TV...

Anonym2016-02-26 06:41:50

The way to handle these callers is to play them at their own game . Answer their call and act dumb keep asking them stupid questions and giving silly answers then when it starts costing them money they stop mothering.

Anonym2016-02-15 01:07:06

Scam to get bank details. They have some info on D&G past policies but are not D&G.

Anonym2016-02-04 21:02:32

Missed call, called once a day and it's becoming ridiculous

Anonym2016-02-04 06:51:06


Anonym2016-01-29 18:05:55

Think it must be D&G as I have recently cancelled insurance with them They keep ringing my landline I do not answer and never will, how long does it take for them to get the message.

Anonym2016-01-05 12:58:05

When i answered they hung up. BLOCKED, everyone should BLOCK THIS ONE!

Anonym2015-12-11 07:31:38

Not answering

Anonym2015-11-29 22:11:02

This number has called me every day (except Sunday) for the last 2 weeks. They never leave a message. I quickly decided to ignore them as whoever it is, if it is important then surely they would leave a message? The comments here say it is Domestic & General. That makes sense as I cancelled a boiler service policy with them a couple of weeks ago. I had a nice conversation with their employee explaining clearly why they were cancelling. Can't believe they have now tried to call me 20 times, presumably to persuade me to resume the cover. I will avoid D&G in the future due to this.

Anonym2015-11-05 03:10:10

Seems like a scam - dont ever give out any info if SOMEONE PHONES YOU.

Anonym2015-11-04 06:27:46

phishing expedition. begins with a polite introduction, with simple details available from the phone book and perhaps an electrical store sales ledger. quickly descends into asking for personal details and banking information.

Anonym2015-10-08 20:49:58

Called my land line while I was out, did not leave a message on the answering machine. Happens with other numbers as well - they are too lazy to leave a message, probably knowing that they will not get a response.

Anonym2015-10-08 06:05:45

Never trust a London number.

Anonym2015-09-03 16:37:55

Didn't answer but other reviews say Domestic and General which seems appropriate as I have recently cancelled my service with them.

Anonym2015-07-20 11:30:25

Keeps ringing every single day around 7pm. No voice messeage. Blocked!!

Anonym2015-07-08 12:52:25

I have not even got anything to do with this garbage yet still they are trying their luck dimwits

Anonym2015-07-07 10:00:02

waste of time donot even answer the phone please insurances cold calls

Anonym2015-07-05 09:33:34

this is a scam number part of the Domestic and General scam to try and get you to renew once they have your details they will empty your account....these people are nothing to do with D & G

Anonym2015-06-24 22:54:04

Keeps calling after I cancelled all my policy's with them

Anonym2015-06-18 13:54:08

This number has called me up to 8 times a day for the last 2 weeks they hang up when the answer machine picks up I recently cancelled two policies with if I believe according to other people it is to be Domestic and General. This really gets my back up and on this harassment I would not renew with them

Anonym2015-06-10 06:11:02

This is D&G or a company that is associated with them trying to get you to take out product insurance with them.

Anonym2015-04-22 07:15:51

3 calls today all from 02038 numbers, obv scammers.

Anonym2015-04-06 08:00:56

Cold calls

Anonym2015-03-07 17:55:11

Several calls with no message left and when answered they had the wrong name and started to try to sell. I hung up !

Anonym2015-02-21 16:28:07

This is getting so bloody annoying, I recently cancelled the insurance on my washing machine and Tumble dryer, that is when these calls from this number started. Domestic & General. I am so sick of these intrusive, unasked for, unsolicited calls. I did answer once, the guy looked at my account, and saw I had cancelled, and said he would have the calls stop. They haven't stopped.

Anonym2015-01-18 06:01:23

Said they were calling about a NEFF oven

Anonym2015-01-15 14:22:03

Ring daily - have blocked - its D&G, I cancelled recently

Anonym2015-01-14 00:17:55

Called 3 times over 2 days, no message left. Now blocked.

Anonym2015-01-12 14:26:34

Missed call. On advice from the previous reports i blocked the number

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rang me at 2am when I rang back it said number invalid rang me again today at 11.30am man answered said hello twice I asked who it was so he hung up I rang straight back number invalid again?

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I belong to India and does not share my personal mobile number with anyone or any XYZ website until it is trusted by me and large number of people (For eg. facebook is a trusted one). I dont know whether the caller placed this call mistakenly or for his/her own purpose. But I am confused that how they get my number????? For the first time I got call i early morning, nearly 5:45 am. And for 2nd time I got call just now at 7:30pm. first time I didn't Replied but 2nd time i received call and say 'hello' there was no reply from other side. I cancelled the call just in 3 sec. I'm marking this number dangerous as I think this number is associated with some illegal activity.