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Who called me 02070841891

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Phone number: 02070841891
Country: UK
Region: Leeds
Kind of number: Landline
Prefix: 113
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Comments for the number 02070841891

anon2019-06-14 15:13:38

it is Godaddy- you paranoid wrecks lol. Customer development team based in Belfast. Trying to upsell and discuss renewals.

anonym2019-03-09 00:57:39

Said they had phoned me last year. They were a call nuiscemce service and wanted my card number to pay balance of a supposedly payment I paid last year and this was the balance, said if I did not pay I would be liable for late payment charges.

anonym2019-03-09 00:57:39

This number called my mobile but I missed the call

anonym2019-03-09 00:57:39

Left no message. Apparently originating from North Dakota.

anonym2019-03-09 00:57:39

Wanted to speak about my computer !

anonym2019-03-09 00:57:39

RoboCaller for CC company They say we have been monitoring your CC use & you qualify for a Zero % credit card rate. Be STUPID enough to believe this and answer all our questions about your Income, Workplace & $ you have in the bank & at home.

anonym2019-03-09 00:57:39

rang twice-background noise, no answer, rang them back, phone comtinued to ring, now barred

anonym2019-03-09 00:57:39

This is a company called Willowbrook, who make recliner chairs and associated products.

anonym2019-03-09 00:57:39

Did not answer the call unknown number

anonym2019-03-09 00:57:39

I feel this number is tapping my number

anonym2019-03-09 00:57:39

They keep calling and don't answer when i pick up

Anonym2019-01-10 19:15:41

Fraudulent caller wanted to get my 4 digit pin and customer number. At first they put the phone down after calling me. As it was a London number very similar to godaddy's number I called them back. However I did not remember my pin and customer number at the time. I called godaddy later and they confirmed it was a fradulent caller.

Anonym2018-12-27 00:20:06

they call me EVERY mourning and wake me up, when i answer they hang up immediately

Anonym2018-12-21 00:38:57

Calls from GoDaddy "sales" team. Try this: Login to your GoDaddy account settings, contact preferences. There is a section on phone calls. Next uncheck/untick checkbox with "Our award-winning team will keep you informed about renewals, talk you through recent purchases, and help you get the most from all your products." and save your account profile.

Anonym2018-11-29 19:37:02

Called then hang up. Tried recalling but didnt answer, said my real name though. I am a godaddy customer.

Anonym2018-11-16 14:05:06

Cold called me, asked to confirm only first name, gave me very odd general information about why they were calling, and when I asked more they asked very odd general question about one of my domain names. I refused to give any information and hung up on them. If this is genuine then TERRIBLE customer handling.

Anonym2018-10-27 17:08:50

It is Godaddy, but they're getting annoying. I answered the other day and explained that I was happy with everything I have with them and that everything auto-renews. They've called me three times a day, every day, since.

Anonym2018-10-21 15:21:48

GoDaddy - I am a customer and they left a pre-recorded message checking everything was ok with my service etc.

Anonym2018-10-07 03:10:00

They called, my phone rejected as spam caller. Contacted Godaddy, and they confirmed this is not their number.

Anonym2018-09-22 04:22:10

this is 100% go daddy and is not a scam. i work for the department it is CDT, Customer Development Team. The aim of our job is to make sure your account is tidy and up to date. This type of industry is constantly changing and we are here to let you know about these changes. For example, we have customers on website builder from nearly 8 years ago paying old higher prices and have no knowledge of newer, better, less expensive builders, and it is our job to share our knowledge to you to make you have the best online business you can. If we didn't call can you imagine the amount of complaints saying Go Daddy never let me know of any changes or that they are paying to much for their old products?

Anonym2018-09-11 13:22:49

Godaddy calling to talk to me about locking in prices for cheap SSL certificate renewals. Sounds legit as they could give me my account number and domain names.

Anonym2018-09-04 04:45:28

godaddy renewal reminder call

Anonym2018-08-15 01:39:08

They called. Silence. They dropped call.

Anonym2018-08-14 11:17:18

Pose as godaddy ask for your pin and credit card number. When questioned become aggressive. I called Godaddy they said when a customer is called by their company it is logged on customer account. There were no logs of godaddy calling me. Go daddy representative took down the number and said she would escalate this as it was fradulent So scam avoid.do not give any details.

Anonym2018-07-20 21:46:00


Anonym2018-06-27 16:40:22

It’s GoDaddy looking to complete a customer account review. I have a FoDassy account and a few products with them. So it’s legit.

Anonym2018-06-25 11:55:30

Legitimate call from GoDaddy, NOT spam. BUT: as per s.o.'s very sensible suggestion on 02Nov16 "... Better find GoDaddy number on their website and call them yourself...". That way You stay in control, and You provide the necessary authentication of your account, etc, etc.

Anonym2018-06-22 20:48:44

Called, 3 seconds later they hung up. No previous calls, but from this sites user information this number is now blocked!

Anonym2018-06-22 06:05:43

Legitimate call from GoDaddy (I'm a customer). Even received an official GoDaddy email after the call to confirm this was genuine.

Anonym2018-06-15 21:04:18

Dgjsvsjdd Jedi. Is wifelier n fudvsisddidvdodvxhdvdidvdidvdudcudvdid xjxxbxhhdhehx tic djxvxkd. Jaded. Dove. Kdbowgsydvsy

Anonym2018-06-13 16:19:34

this number just left a message asking to enter my paypal telephone pin?? total scam obviously... and previous posts say it's a godaddy call? so obviously not getting anywhere with that and now trying the Paypal scam!

Anonym2018-06-02 09:08:29

Fake godaddy customer service... be careful

Anonym2018-05-25 22:26:10

They are genuine GO DADDY.

Anonym2018-04-27 18:55:59

This is a call from Godaddy. Had been searching for a domain through my GoDaddy account, so it was a follow up call. Strange how they work out exactly what we are doing on their website.

Anonym2018-04-19 05:42:20

GoDaddy - genuine call but really annoying. Keep ringing and ringing. Its a sales call charades as an account 'health check'. Just a way to get you to pay for more time up front or add more services to your account. Gets on my wick.

Anonym2018-04-15 13:34:30

This number called and left no message. Read the comments on this site so blocked number.

Anonym2018-04-14 05:19:57

F**k off. Calling me since f*cking april. Where is the government helping?

Anonym2018-04-03 21:42:13

This is from GoDaddy, just checking how everything is going. I've been with them for a while but asked if he could call later since Im working

Anonym2018-03-24 17:39:16

Marking this one as Dangerous... Called up sounding like he "couldn't be bothered with his job" said he was from GoDaddy, Didn't really confirm it was me. Listed my domains, you can find these on any whois lookups, he included one that'd already expired. asked me about my renewals, said it was £71 for 4 domains........ anyway, asked me my post code, I essentially told him to do one when he asked my card type... I'm sorry, if I have to use a pin when I call them, they'd do the same back.....

Anonym2018-03-14 03:32:37

Godaddy calling existing customers. Advising me to save money by renewing before tax year. Very helpful

Anonym2018-02-13 21:12:14

This is a scam numb er. They look up any recent associations you might have had (see below) and attempt to offer you impossibly cheap services. This is just to get your CC and fraud you. They tried it on us for GoDaddy, but were laughably bad at it. Avoid this person.

Anonym2018-02-10 01:46:27


Anonym2018-01-30 02:37:31

Got a call today from this number. The caller asked from a few details such as postal code, my renewal for my current domain name and the card that I will be using to pay. At that point I felt uneasy and sceptical and thought "why is GoDaddy calling me when usually I get an automatic email from them about renewal?" The guy on the other end seemed genuine but I just play along as I felt that this isn't a legitimate caller from GoDaddy. Also sent me an email - When I checked, it just looked like a regular email that my friends would send to me. Also if they somehow know what card you will be using to make payments ... DO WORRY, especially if the call doesn't seem legit. After he mentioned the card I quickly removed it from my account.

Anonym2018-01-28 15:48:58

GoDaddy. Random call from them, but I can confirm it is them. They asked for my postcode and they made some upgrades to my account at no extra cost to myself. Received official emails from it too.

Anonym2018-01-10 12:24:33


Anonym2018-01-04 05:06:26

GoDaddy to tell renew a subscription and requested my post code. I had not received any email about this (and subsequently logged into my account and see nothing that is due to expire within the next 7 months). Was quite aggressive (huffing and puffing) when I clearly felt uncomfortable and declined to give.

Anonym2017-12-23 17:10:19

yeah it was him. its elvis' number

Anonym2017-12-19 21:18:34

It's GoDaddy, pushy Irish salesman rang me, told me which products I had and was trying to push me to renew some products. I gave him the red light, rang go daddy and they confirmed it was them but more importantly they told me I can change contact preference on my account so I don't get these calls again. I would suggest to whoever is reading this to do the same.

Anonym2017-12-04 16:31:12

Called me about GoDaddy. Strange they made that connection, as I had been extensively editing my GoDaddy site last night My wife took the call and said I would ring back In view of the comments here, I will not do so. Thanks for your help, and this site.

Anonym2017-11-04 09:49:39

Go Daddy sales team calling an existing customer

Anonym2017-10-03 17:00:49

can someone explain why they call? my godaddy account has no problems .

Anonym2017-09-27 16:11:12

Scam - very convincing but not go daddy !

Anonym2017-09-02 00:05:50

I got a call from this number but didn't recognise it even though I used to work for GoDaddy. This is not a fraud call, just chasing renewal of domains. If everyone treats every missed call from a legit company as fraud, you will soon be unable to distinguish fraudulent/silent/PPI/Accident calls from legit ones.

Anonym2017-08-01 04:41:32

F**k Calling me 3 times today

Anonym2017-07-21 12:23:24

Scam! Tried to get data and collect a payment for "renewal". Needles to say GoDaddy has a automatic renewal. This lady who pretended to be Heather tried really hard with a follow up email "to solve the situation about the call I received earlier". I have received an actual calls from actual GoDaddy before about service - they would never try to get such an information and data. Do not pick and and do not answer!!!

Anonym2017-07-16 01:52:27

Have no idea who these guys are but they have a variety of numbers and will torture you. I have blocked well over 20 numbers so far. I signed-up with GoDaddy a year ago and have since been bombarded (GoDaddy sux donky b*lls). In a moment of weakness I answered a call or two and they referred to me - the times that they spoke - and the refer to me as "Mr *Businessname*"

Anonym2017-07-06 21:31:53

Said they were from Godaddy, seemed really unsure about how to talk to me, I think it's a scam using godaddy info to find your number and get money out of you. I signed up with Godaddy a week ago, now I just get harassed by this caller. Makes me wonder if Godaddy is even worth it for this.

Anonym2017-06-24 01:26:04

Called twice in less than 10 minutes. My husband is a Go daddy customer. After checking where this number was from and reading the comments we will contact Go daddy ourselves.

Anonym2017-06-22 07:48:38

This is a genuine number from GoDaddy from their Customer Development Team it is an account health check which is most likely on the account for every quarter. Sometime it can be a sales call when there has been changes in the market especially with Google and GDPR or they may be calling to tell you that you have missed your bill

Anonym2017-06-07 15:00:15

For f*ck sake why do GoDaddy keep calling all the bloody time!

Anonym2017-06-03 02:48:28

Just had a call from this number. A man with an Irish accent asking about my godaddy account. I felt a lil uncomfortable so hung up then came to this site and happy i did now.

Anonym2017-06-02 08:06:15

Go Daddy sales team. Wasn't pushy at all - very polite.

Anonym2017-05-25 16:13:41

I'm a GoDaddy customer, and had a sales email from them the same day of the call, so it was probably GoDaddy, but I didn't bother calling back to check.

Anonym2017-04-28 17:06:05

to whom ever wrote the last comment, seriously?? calm your shit its a customer service number i have already checked with godaddy and that pin you got sent through proves it is godaddy as YOU have added it to your account to help prevent fraud i.e when someone or you try to access the account a code gets messaged to you

Anonym2017-04-14 20:57:06

rings and hangs up when you answer

Anonym2017-03-20 01:27:11

GoDaddy... Just a courtesy call. All good - trusted number.

Anonym2017-03-18 19:27:54

I think Web hosting services hire those people to bug people to force them buy information protection packages!!

Anonym2017-03-13 03:05:17

GoDaddy - they left a voicemail.. However as you never can be sure - I would never give them any info if they called me... Better to find GoDaddy number on their website and call them yourself. At least you will know they are not pretending to be GoDaddy,

Anonym2017-02-28 13:40:58

020 80511147

Anonym2017-02-27 15:03:08

Godaddy trying to upsell their expensive services. Stop calling me!

Anonym2017-02-19 00:46:16

I moved my domain, freestockimages.net away from Godaddy and got a sales call soon after. Best to update your contact preferences in your account settings so that they can't call you.

Anonym2017-02-12 23:49:03

Number is a partial match for GoDaddy customer service. Didn't answer. A long voicemail was left but is completely undecipherable due to a broken signal.

Anonym2017-01-22 02:15:14

This number has called me 3 times a day at the same times in the morning, for a week. Haven't answered

Anonym2016-12-17 12:47:20

Asked for information on my account by a man with an Irish accent, I explained as they had contacted me therefore they needed to pass my security first, they were rude and then hung up on me! If this is not a scam, I would be very surprised, as it also coincided with an attempt to access my account that resulted in a verification code being sent to my phone. This walks like a duck and quacks, therefore must be a scam ad GoDaddy should step up and sort this out. I will be reporting to Go Daddy and authorities, but don't hold out much hope for an effective resolution. I can imagine that the fraudsters have also been misrepresenting on this site that it is a safe friendly sales service...utter shameless bollocks of course! These reprehensible parasites should taken down.

Anonym2016-12-04 20:20:16

02070841891. They keep phoning and when I answer, they simply hang up.

Anonym2016-12-02 15:29:21

Absolute regards. They just call and say nothing, they do think it's okay to eat down the phone though. Disgusting id**ts. Glad I've found this thread- I'll be calling GD later

Anonym2016-11-13 13:19:08

Phishing for credit card details to renew TLD domain names. Told him to get lost, I use my own registrar!

Anonym2016-11-01 10:52:43

Go dsddy

Anonym2016-09-26 05:43:17

Go Daddy - up-selling packages and checking on current usage.

Anonym2016-09-12 00:45:43

picked up, silence, no answer

Anonym2016-08-07 06:37:26

Constantly attempts to call me even though I have already blocked the number!

Anonym2016-07-25 23:11:56

Just block the caller people

Anonym2016-07-15 10:08:58

godaddy ! they call every week . How annoying

Anonym2016-07-10 08:44:13

GoDaddy. This is the Hosting provider that handles domains, emails, microsoft office and more. These are a safe caller even if you see it as an 020 number. Trust this caller!

Anonym2016-06-25 09:38:25

This is NOT GoDaddy! Just because they play a fake voice message that says they are from GoDaddy doesn't mean they are. They even talk in the background over the message being played. It's a scam! And if GoDaddy have been hacked and our account information has all been compromised, then please tell us GoDaddy! How else would they get a number no one has!?! How else would they know anything?!

Anonym2016-05-27 23:14:23

Says they're Godaddy, sounds like Godaddy, talks about Godaddy stuff. I doubt the are Godaddy. Guy would not let me speak, would not let me question his credentials and repeatedly refused put his request on email. Godaddy have always been super professional in my dealings with them, this call was anything but. Godaddy also give me updates, expiration notes etc.... via email. They don't ring me. Mentioning email was like Superman and kryptonite, I could sense him wincing.

Anonym2016-05-26 08:12:16


Anonym2016-05-16 08:23:16

Phoned me to tell me that my domain are about to expire. Still got 4 months left on them ... They were trying to get me to turn auto renew on form them

Anonym2016-04-30 15:55:51

GoDaddy - it was an automated call to make sure my transactions go smoothly and it advised to contact if I need. This is a genuine call. Automated call left a voicemail and I listened to it later on.

Anonym2016-03-22 19:37:23

Just called GoDaddy after receiving a call from this number, this is a confirmed GoDaddy sales/marketing number. It's not a scam, but they are a little bit too friendly without assuring you it is GoDaddy. GoDaddy's support team initially says they make no outbound calls, which is probably why the responses below believe it is fake. But after pushing them to look into it, they confirmed it is a GoDaddy number and it's logged in their sales system as having called me today

Anonym2016-03-18 23:48:04

I’ve been with Godaddy over 10 years. A few years ago they started calling, usually to ‘help you’ from losing domains are due to expire in the next few months after they have done an audit on your account. The guys are always courteous and try to be helpful but it always swings towards sales before you get them off the phone. The last time they rang, I answered, told them I was at work and to try another day. They rang the next day and I abruptly told them to cancel my telephone contact permissions. To which the caller said ‘of course, sir’ as I put the phone down. This was a month or so ago and I’ve had two calls this morning. They’re turning into a real pain in the back side with this upselling. They’re making millions and milking it to the point they’re annoying ling term clients.

Anonym2016-03-13 23:11:23

2 calls in the past 4 days. When I answer there is no one at the other end.

Anonym2016-03-10 08:07:43

GoDaddy Customer Service confirmed that this is GoDaddy. The caller was very sales-focussed and pushy about renewing my hosting NOW, even though it still has loads of time before renewal. I refused to give any details, and the caller sounded annoyed. I thought that seemed suspicious so I contacted GoDaddy, but they confirmed that was one of "their guys". Just a sales call - legitimate, if not terribly professional. It's a bit worrying that GoDaddy would take this cold-calling approach.

Anonym2016-03-08 20:40:32

I picked up a call which I usually don't do with unrecognised numbers on this phone. It was a dead line. Now I see it might or might not (probably not) be from Godaddy. I'd call this harassing and if I find it is from Godaddy I'll be dropping them from my list of decent domain registrars.

Anonym2016-02-01 07:17:16


Anonym2016-01-29 12:53:04

02070841891 rang and I answered but nobody there it was silent for about a minute then engaged tone, so yet another added to the call blocker list!

Anonym2016-01-12 18:33:12

Been with Godaddy 6 years and they've never called me. Got a call from this number today, didn't leave voicemail, received no email. Scam imho and anyone claiming it's genuine GoDaddy probably works for the scammers.

Anonym2016-01-08 04:32:32

Go daddy apparently but I know your info is free to anyone when you host a website so would be easy to source my info/make a fake call

Anonym2015-11-23 02:18:19

People still just ring a number and then don't say anything to get their call rates up in that scammy boiler room of theirs, it seems.

Anonym2015-11-18 20:46:07

GoDaddy account check up as I had missed something in an update made. Very friendly and safe.

Anonym2015-11-15 05:54:03


Anonym2015-11-11 23:04:20


Anonym2015-10-29 04:05:44

GoDaddy - left pre-recorded message asking me to contact them if I want to change anything on my account etc. Appears to be an account 'check up' call. I am a GD customer, so have no reason to this is anything other than legit as the message wasn't trying to sell me anything.

Anonym2015-10-23 17:20:18

Go daddy

Anonym2015-10-23 01:55:39

Hung up on me when i said ‘hello’. I signed up to goDaddy for website domain on the weekend. Seems a strange way for customer services to act.

Anonym2015-09-12 10:05:43

A number of calls to my mobile from this number. I haven't answered but I have just cancelled an automatic hosting renewal with Go Daddy so I can guess the reason for the call.

Anonym2015-08-31 17:45:56

GoDaddy - seem like the telemarketing team are trying to hit call quota's or something. 4 calls this week, and another today which simply hung up. beyond ridiculous. Reporting to TPS, Ofcom and the ICO.

Anonym2015-08-16 20:12:32

Go Daddy

Anonym2015-08-07 21:56:02

I must have had 50 or so calls from this number, always when I'm out during the day, and never a single message left. They've now been blocked.

Anonym2015-07-31 05:04:31


Anonym2015-07-19 06:35:28

Call dropped when answered

Anonym2015-06-14 08:42:10

That's from the GoDaddy sale team. In my case wanted to upsell the Web builder and domain privacy as I didn't have them. Salesperson was courteous and not pushy.

Anonym2015-06-02 20:49:13

No idea as I didn’t answer but I am NOT a godaddy customer so I doubt it was them.

Anonym2015-05-31 06:20:31


Anonym2015-05-08 02:19:18

Scam GoDaddy phishers. I DO NOT use GoDaddy for any web services.

Anonym2015-05-07 09:12:44

Its a Godaddy number. Didnt answer it but when I called back it was Godaddy

Anonym2015-04-25 21:49:14

This is GoDaddy. It's usually a courtesy call to inform you that a domain you have is going to expire. Granted, they already sent emails to advise me ... and I knew they were expiring as I'd actually removed the payment renewal from the domains ... so the call wasn't necessary. But it's still a company that I do use, calling to ensure the domain expiration is OK. Not really harassment or a nuisance. Just told them "yep - it's OK" and they accepted it.

Anonym2015-03-28 02:06:19

Called me 6 times in 2 minutes!!

Anonym2015-03-17 08:41:28

They called twice in last 4 days. I answer but don’t speak, they also don’t speak and then hang up after 5 seconds

Anonym2015-02-02 11:56:55

have made my life a living hell

Anonym2015-01-27 19:13:15

Every time I log on to my GoDaddy account I get a call from them. The guys on the phone are usually pretty knowledgeable (from a sales/ non-technical standpoint)... I just let them know i'm moving all my services from them ATM on renewal because of the constant up-selling... and they still call every time! Keep it up!

Anonym2015-01-18 07:36:39

Called our unlisted number and left a 3 second silent message. Likely to be sales call with no legitimate business.

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