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Who called me 03448260202

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Phone number: 03448260202
Country: UK
State: Unknown
Kind of number: Unknown
Operator: Unknown
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If you know the number 03448260202 and you want to share this information with other Internet users, leave your comment. Remember that according to the law in force, at the request of the owner of the phone, the comment may be removed and in specific cases the phone number may be blocked in our database.

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Comments for the number 03448260202

anonym2019-04-26 14:51:17


anonym2019-04-26 14:51:17

i am sunil hemnani residing at ahmedabad, india...call forwarding was set to this number if i was unreachable...and i dont know who set it...so, i just want to know the details...he/she hasn't done anything wrong to me.

anonym2019-04-26 14:51:17

rings 2 or 3 times a day Idoht answer

anonym2019-04-26 14:51:17

This phone number is ringing our house about 20 times a day.

anonym2019-04-26 14:51:17

This number has called and texted my phone mutiple times and will not tell me who they are

anonym2019-04-26 14:51:17

Windows tech scam. Do not give any info or take directions for computer! SCAM

anonym2019-04-26 14:51:17


anonym2019-04-26 14:51:17

Several calls over a couple of days. Always around 5pm. Didn't recognise the number. No message left.

anonym2019-04-26 14:51:17

s cutler

anonym2019-04-26 14:51:17

sky scam wanting card your card details its not sky TV at all don't be taken in

Anonym2019-01-31 18:22:54

O2 upgrade dept. If I wanted an upgrade I would do it myself

Anonym2019-01-31 16:03:56

This is O2 - some of you need a life

Anonym2019-01-31 07:14:47

Called me asking if I would like to discuss my O2 upgrade options. I said I would prefer to call back, which they politely accepted. Called O2 and they said this number was indeed from their sales team. Other reviewers may have had negative experiences simply due to the individual sales person calling rather than because it's a scam. In any case, it's always safer to say you'll call them back and just dial freephone 202 from your mobile if you wish.

Anonym2019-01-28 21:27:42

Called me, said they were o2, I hung up! Sick of this stupid network! Unreliable and slow!

Anonym2019-01-24 22:48:30

Rustling at other end, but did not talk?

Anonym2019-01-23 17:32:31

Got 2 missed calls from this number don't recognise it

Anonym2019-01-22 15:39:24

They called at 14:16 today, I missed the call.

Anonym2019-01-19 03:39:30

This number called saying they were from 02 and did use my name. They wanted to talk to me about my account. I was wary and told them I will talk to people in the 02 store about my account and hung up. Please do not answer "yes" or "ok" to these people just to be on the safe side.

Anonym2019-01-13 20:04:35

This number calls when you answer no reply Sick to death of this carry on

Anonym2019-01-04 10:39:22

Must have been O2. They'd previously messaged me saying "I missed their call". They're selling me something I don't want "as a valued customer". I don't answer calls I don't recognise

Anonym2019-01-03 15:53:11

Repeated calls every day. Not answered phone number now blocked.

Anonym2018-12-31 10:34:46

ringing in the day 3 in last week -no one there

Anonym2018-12-30 22:29:53

This keeps coming up on my mobile , I assume it's a cold call ?

Anonym2018-12-27 08:21:57

 Owner: Google

Anonym2018-12-25 00:37:39

I've got a couple of calls from this number, but I never answer numbers I don't know. I reckon it can be O2 because yesterday I got a message from O2 letting me know that they would like to discuss an upgrade but I didn't respond their callings. Anyway I don't need anything else, so not likely to answer.

Anonym2018-12-25 00:15:27

Rung me every day for the past week!!!

Anonym2018-12-21 08:09:42

Blocked even though from O2 - had a text beforehand saying they would be calling on this number. Don't need an upgrade and didn't ask for one so unsolicited call.

Anonym2018-12-19 03:49:00

Had a call from these yesterday, didn’t answer as I never do with these sort of numbers. Decided to type the number into google and it came up as O2 so I went onto O2’s live chat to ask if this is the case and they confirmed it is. My phones due for an upgrade so that’s why they was calling.

Anonym2018-12-17 09:47:25

0344 826 0202

Anonym2018-12-14 11:43:26

Constant calls on many similar numbers because I just keep blocking them and don’t answer. I’m not interested in anything they have to say

Anonym2018-12-14 04:47:43

I have checked with O2, it is their number. So not a spam.

Anonym2018-12-12 05:14:10

Constant phone calls from this number to various family members.

Anonym2018-12-11 00:42:56

Who is calling me

Anonym2018-12-06 13:52:30

Not too happy to be called up at 9:15am on a Saturday when I was bloody fast asleep And some repetitive robotic moron keeps repeating my name!!!! If it is O2 - email or text me and let me have a lie in!!!

Anonym2018-12-02 08:23:42

IT IS 02 just took to twitter and asked them directly, 02 customers either due an upgrade or have recently placed an order with 2 number is safe

Anonym2018-11-29 07:04:40

Calls regularly. Always unknown. Refuse to answer it. Endeavoring to block number. O2 network

Anonym2018-11-24 20:30:36

They call me every few days

Anonym2018-11-21 05:20:55

Phoned offering flights to dubai

Anonym2018-11-20 15:43:37

Same as all the other comments at least twice a day this number calls. Sick of it.

Anonym2018-11-20 04:13:42


Anonym2018-11-19 10:07:47

Company is Contract Capita on behalf of O2 regarding a mobile contract update. A useful service for some.

Anonym2018-11-18 14:05:15

Caller claimed to be from O2 but not possible to confirm this.

Anonym2018-11-18 12:50:23

no idea,silence then line went dead.......blocked the number

Anonym2018-11-16 18:25:46

Rang twice today whilst at the hospital, UNACCEPTABLE

Anonym2018-11-16 11:16:16

Not due an upgrade for another year so deff NOT o2 so reported

Anonym2018-11-16 08:11:23

Calling 2 times a day

Anonym2018-11-11 04:11:35

They said o2 upgrade team, I was too busy so said can you call me back next week. Then I checked the number and am shocked really as I am due an upgrade soon. I could not imagine being scammed but obviously could have been.

Anonym2018-11-10 20:51:38

Why oh why ,do i get a call from o3448260202, when it is only my family who have my number. i only use my mobile to text them. its most annoying. i had answered,and when i didnt recognise the voice,and he couldn/t say my name properly,i then hung up. if it is o2, to ask me to upgrade,then i would do that myself. i feel,once a person signs a contract, and it is not for a period of time,then leave it as it is, do not hassle customers. there are many complaints about this number,something should be done about it.

Anonym2018-11-10 18:02:26

Didn’t answer, called at a very inconvenient time. Even if it is 02 maybe a better time could be in place

Anonym2018-11-03 08:31:26

This is O2 calling about an upgrade. I am at the end of my contract so I expected calls from them but don't want them as I am moving supplier.

Anonym2018-11-02 13:19:42

multiple calls today, haven't answered

Anonym2018-10-23 05:21:01

It was Emily calling from O2, wanting to know if I wanted to upgrade anything. YES .. call blocking !

Anonym2018-10-21 08:08:19

Called today - Didn't answer.

Anonym2018-10-13 13:41:50

Nobody spoke so hung up

Anonym2018-10-10 04:10:34

Calling regularly over last few days. Not answered.

Anonym2018-10-02 11:21:08

This is becoming a nuisance at least twice a day when I want an upgrade I will decide not be cold called into it please get Agrippa of you telesales

Anonym2018-09-27 10:57:09

said they were o2 to discuss phone contract. said happy as was, but persisted

Anonym2018-09-25 02:17:47

Getting a call from this number every two days. Not answering it. Do not know,who it is.

Anonym2018-09-19 05:51:35

I have checked with O2 in store and it's usually a 3rd party calling on O2's behalf (possibly Carphone Warehouse) about upgrading your phone, possibly with the option of them clearing the amount left on the Refresh part of your bill

Anonym2018-09-17 06:13:11

It is O2 calling regarding upgrades, in my case they texted me a few days ago to expect the call, the text coming from a known O2 number. I guess for those where no-one spoke they do the usual of dialling and if they don't get a quick answer they hang up to go on to the next call.

Anonym2018-09-17 03:53:15

03448260202 its a scam pretend to be 02 and offer good upgrade but on receipt its another company not 02 also p*ster you daily and got nasty when said no thank you . Its not a UK number so beware .......

Anonym2018-09-14 04:29:43

Salesperson jerking off, claiming to be O2. Douche bag.

Anonym2018-09-12 10:11:59

Rings me 3-4 times a day... no body on the other end when answered. I work nights and its disturbing me... if it is o2 I'm not due upgrade for 7 months anyway.

Anonym2018-09-11 05:15:46

No idea who, answered in 2 rings silence on the line have called me 6 times in 3 days can only believe that whoever it was is an complete asshole. Now blocked

Anonym2018-09-10 09:12:53

This is one of number of unknown phone numbers who call speculatively. My advice would be that any number you do not recognise which appears to be from another part of the country should be ignored . Do not answer. They may try a number of times but will eventually stop calling.If they really need to speak to you they will leave a message.

Anonym2018-09-10 00:57:17

Didn't recognise the number, declined the call at 19.46hrs and checked the number online. Which brought me to this page.

Anonym2018-09-07 02:48:51

nuisance no good.

Anonym2018-09-05 07:59:05

Had a call from this number today at12.16 on mobile. They hung up when answered.Call length 6 seconds

Anonym2018-09-01 22:51:32

Sick of this no who is it

Anonym2018-09-01 09:23:00

mine came up as a missed call so didn't speak to anyone. Just wondering if to call back or not. Think I'll check with O2 if they call again

Anonym2018-09-01 01:13:54

03448260202 Claiming to be O2 with an amazing offer but when we contacted O2 they advised that this is absolutely not them.

Anonym2018-08-30 23:57:38

Calling up to three times a day...blocked after reading this thread.

Anonym2018-08-28 09:37:53

Missed this call but no message left. From the comments left it sounds like an auto dialled calling as delay is gap to connect to an advisor. Have blocked this number

Anonym2018-08-27 14:34:40

had this a few times now, my upgrade is due July, but not getting caught out with carphone warehouse again, telling me they were 02.

Anonym2018-08-22 10:35:38

O2. Confirmed, its Carphone Warehouse. Trying to sell upgrades.

Anonym2018-08-20 02:50:52

I received a call from this number. I didn't answer the phone as I knew it was probably a nuisance call. I don't use my landline phone anymore because of this problem of persistent nuisance calls. I don't expect to get them on my mobile phone because I only give my number out to people I know. So get quite angry when I get these calls

Anonym2018-08-19 00:26:00

0344 8260202 keeps ringing ? 02 ? Scam

Anonym2018-08-18 09:35:33

It is O2. They have confirmed this on their customer service line. They call you to make sure everything is burbling along nicely, so they don't lose a customer. They will probably try to get you to sign a new contract, along with an upgrade. They will ring multiple times a day if you don't answer, which is very unprofessional.

Anonym2018-08-15 09:48:14

Same , i got a text and they rang me,said they'd pay my £100 off to finish contract .Ask for a description of an Samsung A5 or summit, he said I'll give you a description " pretty much the same as all the others!?? Cheers mate. Not sure if legit?

Anonym2018-08-15 00:32:09

 Owner: O2?

Anonym2018-08-13 21:09:27

A recorded message saying "This is a courtesy call from O2, if you have an questions about your account please call us back on 202 from your mobile"

Anonym2018-08-13 16:10:48

Correction: 0345 numbers cost up to 55p from a mobile. Definitely scammers.

Anonym2018-08-11 07:27:55

unsolicited calls, should be a way of stopping these calls, it is harassment.

Anonym2018-08-10 07:28:01

I have just had a call from this number. I immediately knew it wasn't o2 because of his unprofessional manner. I put the phone down and blocked the number. I then contacted o2 who confirmed that it wasn't them. I suggest you block this number.

Anonym2018-08-09 09:42:01

It's a valid call from O2 about upgrading. They sent a txt the previous day saying I would receive a call from that number.

Anonym2018-08-08 21:40:44

Silent calls every half hour or so on my mobile number. It has now been blocked so I only get notifications of blocked calls now.

Anonym2018-08-08 12:08:28

As,for most people here.o2 about upgrading early.second call now blocked

Anonym2018-08-07 22:43:19

No one answered despite several calls

Anonym2018-08-07 17:54:28

Called at 3:30 am. Didn't recognize so didn't answer. Reported to the watchdog. How desperate are they to call at that time of the morning. Hoping I would answer thinking it an emergency. Cretins.

Anonym2018-08-05 13:08:39

20 seconds of silence before routing to a agent. Agent sounded nice but put off by the call center background chatter.

Anonym2018-08-04 15:43:29

Daily calls from this number rings for a few times then stops I have managed to answer the phone but no one spoke to me, this is becoming a pain now will attempt to speak to O2 by different means to stop these calls

Anonym2018-08-03 12:57:47

O2 marketing call

Anonym2018-07-30 18:46:45

This number calls my my mobile fairly frequently. I never answer it, it never leaves a message.

Anonym2018-07-29 03:45:36

Arse bandit representatives of immoral earning power through part time college courses.

Anonym2018-07-28 05:05:50

yes the same thing keeps happening please can someone block it

Anonym2018-07-27 23:00:28

If this IS O2 please stop calling - I make my own decisions in my own time. You are just wasting everyone's time.

Anonym2018-07-25 11:42:01

This number called me and it was 02

Anonym2018-07-22 01:24:12

Phoned me on my mobile number. I didn't recognise it, so didn't answer it. But, no message left. Annoying.

Anonym2018-07-20 02:24:01

Got a call saying there from o2 and that I can get an upgrade. Thought this was strange because I upgraded last week. So I hung up

Anonym2018-07-15 13:28:10

This is 02 number, I have been an 02 customer for 12 years and when 02 call me (which isnt often) it always comes in off this number. I have just called the number back and they confirmed it was a courtesy call to discuss my recent dealings with 02 (i called them earlier in the week to amend my account) Its NOT A SCAM call, as others have stated at all. They may have received different personal experiences from the call handlers but the number is genuine 02 phone number

Anonym2018-07-14 16:42:13

This is definitely O2 as I had a text from them telling me my phone was due for an upgrade. They have now called me at least 4 times but I will upgrade when I am ready, so have ignored the calls.

Anonym2018-07-13 19:18:28

I'm at work! What makes you think I can or want to talk about a new bloody phone? Leave people alone.

Anonym2018-07-09 18:17:34

They have called me 3 time in the last week and I am not sure why

Anonym2018-07-09 11:34:39

To ALL those retards that think this actually o2, YOU need to get a life, they have f**k all to do with o2, girl told me herself on the phone now go do research before you tell unsuspecting members of the public that this is a "safe" "well known" company you just carry on and give them all your details and upgrade with an unknown COLD CALL!

Anonym2018-07-07 14:18:32

nuisance keeps calling, starting to boil my piss now!

Anonym2018-07-06 02:48:15

02 regarding upgrade. It did take a few seconds for the call to connect from their side after I picked up.

Anonym2018-07-01 12:06:26

Genuinely O2 sales and upgrades.

Anonym2018-06-28 11:22:18

Being called a few times from this number nobody answered

Anonym2018-06-26 21:52:31

Keeps calling constantly,everyday for last few weeks,even my phone flashes red and says it's a suspected spam caller calling it's doing my head in.how can you block this number?

Anonym2018-06-26 06:19:00

Regular call every week from this number. Happily it only rings once as I have BT Call Guardian service which automatically blocks it. Pest.

Anonym2018-06-23 09:52:14

Silent call receied5.09pm 11/01/2018. Text received earlier same day from 02 quoting number would call.

Anonym2018-06-22 06:25:48

Calling on behalf of o2 and offered to by me out of my contract so clearly NOT actually o2 luckily I lost my signal.

Anonym2018-06-20 07:43:58

Didn't answer this mornings call as I had previously got a calls from this number and read that it was a scam

Anonym2018-06-18 04:01:21

just gone midnight the feckers whats wrong with these people

Anonym2018-06-15 13:10:14

I have not answered any of their calls but they ring every day and sometimes twice l do not answer my calls unless l know who they are. These comments above have been useful and have now sent their number to the spam numbers list

Anonym2018-06-12 09:47:58

Keeps calling. I have never answered it and after reading comments I have hopefully blocked it. Fingers crossed.

Anonym2018-06-05 01:13:52

It's not actually 02 ita a 3rd party trying to get you to upgrade with them I spoke o2 About them and got a better deal directly from 02 allways if your due a upgrade ring 02 direct can't go wrong then

Anonym2018-06-04 02:41:19

I Never answer this number. Get calls quite regularly. Plan to block it

Anonym2018-06-02 12:26:19

damn nuisance

Anonym2018-06-01 21:51:29

This number keeps ringing persistently at all hours of the day and night. I am ignoring it as it is a nuisance call I think

Anonym2018-05-28 16:04:09

Called then hung up.

Anonym2018-05-26 05:24:53

They have been phoning 2 to 3 times a day and keep hanging up for the last month

Anonym2018-05-25 13:09:25

Bloody annoying O2 sale person. Trying to get me to upgrade (even though my contract is on a group deal and is not in my name). Calls constantly.

Anonym2018-05-24 21:02:24

Call me constantly saying it's 02 telling me to upgrade or buy another contract considering leaving 02

Anonym2018-05-24 01:00:28

Sick and tired of these calls pain in the butt

Anonym2018-05-21 02:52:30

This number rang my mobile on Saturday and then twice today at 1300 and 2000. Didn't recognise number so didn't answer. Whoever they are they're persistent!

Anonym2018-05-19 08:12:35

I have no idea. They don't accually say anything when i let them speek. the cut me off when i call back, STALKER?!?!?!?

Anonym2018-05-13 12:36:54

Nuisance phone call

Anonym2018-05-11 13:16:48

It's O2, calling as my contract is nearly up so they want to discuss renewal etc.

Anonym2018-05-11 09:22:22

this abouve no called me he said from o2.i dont knoe.

Anonym2018-05-10 13:54:06

Solent call. Not to be trusted. Block the number.

Anonym2018-05-10 13:32:01

Had a couple of calls from this number. Both missed one left an unintelligible voicemail. PLEASE DESIST.

Anonym2018-05-08 02:20:33

Third party on behalf of O2 regarding a possible upgrade. Harmless enough, but it took 30 seconds after answering before someone actually spoke on their end. If that's an indicator of their level of customer service then probably avoid anyway.

Anonym2018-05-07 18:08:54

This is a company acting on behalf of O2. They (O2) outsource their outbound calling for phone upgrades to a 3rd party. The 3rd party will have little information about your account. They will have been given very basic information to complete the call. It's very common practice for large companies to outsource their operations. Means they can keep costs down. An automated dialler rings your mobile and connects you to an operator if you answer. This is why you get a short period of silence. Anyway they ring far too often and are a real pain in the bottom so I've blocked them. If I want an upgrade I will ask!!!

Anonym2018-05-04 23:13:09

blank call when answered heard a ring tone and the call dropped

Anonym2018-05-04 07:36:39

Don,t know who they are refuse to answer.several calls .twice a day.Now blocked.

Anonym2018-04-26 10:44:40

Keeps calling me every other day who are these people

Anonym2018-04-22 01:39:22

This number is safe. It's O2 ringing about upgrading your phone.

Anonym2018-04-20 22:48:56

Car phone warehouse or o2

Anonym2018-04-20 18:52:39

This person called me. I am a child a blocked immediately!!!

Anonym2018-04-13 21:31:45

Called didn’t answer keep getting these calls and if blocked they use another number or a mobile number

Anonym2018-04-13 17:59:04

If we are getting adverts on tv about "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is this nuisance call acceptable if an unwanted call from another person is not? I am not saying the calls from O2 are as serious as a nuisance call a child gets but is it not under the same banner of nuisance calls? Surely if authorities are so serious about stopping nuisance calls they are paying for adverts then the least they can do is stop this sort of thing? If people see this sort of thing is chased and stopped maybe they will think seriously about the making of nuisance calls to children?

Anonym2018-04-13 09:04:23

called four times in one day

Anonym2018-04-10 16:26:28

Keep getting calls from this number. I actually won't answer my phone at all now and am probably missing genuine callers. They should be stopped from harassing people.

Anonym2018-04-10 06:12:32

Carphone Warehouse s*cm

Anonym2018-04-07 19:14:35

Repeated unsolicited calls

Anonym2018-04-07 19:00:03

O2 asking if I wanted an upgrade (I didn't). To be fair I was expecting it as I had a text a few days ago saying they'd be ringing me

Anonym2018-04-05 00:32:52

twice yesterday, twice today no message left. same on my wifes phone. nothing but a pain in the butt. if it is o2 then should leave message.. now got to stage that if i dont recognise the number then no answer. so let them waste their time and not mine

Anonym2018-04-04 11:35:24

I'm the same as everyone else, i just ignore it. I haven't got a phone on contract with o2 so I don't know why they are ringing me

Anonym2018-04-02 18:14:40

Bloody nuisance

Anonym2018-04-02 17:02:15

Allegedly calling from o2 in regards to 'an upgrade'. Caller could barely speak English. DANGEROUS: Do not give them any personal information.

Anonym2018-04-02 05:26:35

Elderly mother getting calls every day some times two or three they are a p*st will ring them if I want them so they can get lost or will change network

Anonym2018-03-25 16:29:03

General consensus is this is an O2 number however hung up immediately after answering.

Anonym2018-03-24 11:32:33

Allegedly O2. When I stressed I would upgrade later this year, the caller knew he was not going to get a deal. The O2 shop knows about these people.

Anonym2018-03-22 08:22:22

O2 upgrade team

Anonym2018-03-21 11:55:45

Damn nuisance. Read somewhere it is Carphone Warehouse but don't know whether there is any truth in this.

Anonym2018-03-19 18:06:00

Has called 3 time in the last 3 days, ignore each time thanks to Truecaller :-)

Anonym2018-03-18 05:55:35

It IS O2 seeing if you want an upgrade. Check number on their website.

Anonym2018-03-17 14:41:19

keep getting calls, nobody even speaks on other end when answered

Anonym2018-03-17 03:16:24

Yes. I have an app 'Call Control' & in general settings I have calls sent to voicemail. I haven't got voicemail so it rings once (to the caller) then disconnects. It pops up with 'call blocked from number, date & time' in red. Calls that you do allow pop up to green.

Anonym2018-03-13 12:17:16

Called but left no message.

Anonym2018-03-13 09:43:18

O2. I've got a text message few hours earlier : We've got a very special phone deal just for you.If you get a call from 0344 826 0202, that's us ringing to tell you all about it.You've got three months left on your contract, but you can upgrade today. Can't wait for our call? Call 202 free from your O2 phone.Terms apply. To stop texts call 2220.

Anonym2018-03-10 06:51:00

O2. Got a legitimate text from them beforehand to say they would ring from this number regarding upgrade.

Anonym2018-03-03 17:51:51

I didn't answer the call at 19.45 but then immediately received another call, spam, from 0203188080. I assume the numbers are linked as I had not received any other spam calls for a few hours.

Anonym2018-03-03 12:49:51

Found out it was O2 trying to give me an upgrade on my contract.no prob.

Anonym2018-03-01 13:58:05

o2 calling about an upgrade for phone. Very helpful guy I spoke to!

Anonym2018-03-01 01:09:40

02 keep calling offering upgrade I don,t need one if I did I would call them or go into the shop

Anonym2018-02-28 12:06:00

Never anyone on the line. Read the previous comments, whether officially O2 or not is irrelevant: they don't behave in a manner that befitting a reputable business.....BLOCK THEM!

Anonym2018-02-21 10:42:11

I had a call from o2 a few months ago and I said I didn't want to upgrade...now this number keeps calling me like 5 times a week...take a hint

Anonym2018-02-21 08:19:10

Actually, I am going to revise my previous comment (19/01/2016) and upgrade the threat level to "Unknown". Now that I think about it, the O2 operator only checked by calling the number herself, where she got the message that it was a courtesy call from O2. So it may be that the O2 operators themselves cannot be absolutely sure either (she found no details on my record of anyone from her own list of sales team numbers having contacted me).

Anonym2018-02-18 05:05:43

I didn't answer. And my O2 contract is due for renewal. So it may have been from them.

Anonym2018-02-18 02:45:36

Avoid, waste of time scammers!

Anonym2018-02-12 15:01:50

Rang today but only briefly and no message left. I am an 02 customer and have had previous calls re phone upgrades but they call at inconvenient times.

Anonym2018-02-06 02:45:49

Unsolicited call to a TPS registered number.

Anonym2018-02-02 11:44:26

02 by the looks of it, what a nuisance they are! I just don't answer they'll get fed up before me.

Anonym2018-01-26 21:19:05

People shouldn't be saying scam when it isn't, this is 02 calling when your phone is almost paid off and they want to upgrade you aka get you paying for a new phone. If you don't want an upgrade just tell them.

Anonym2018-01-24 12:48:17

I checked with O2 Live Chat. The number belongs to O2's sales team which may or may not be welcome to you. It's a pity O2's ID does not appear on the phone screen tho' some might be cynical if it did!

Anonym2018-01-14 00:16:03

its O2 trying to sell

Anonym2018-01-13 20:44:34

Got call today but ignored it as I did not recognize it

Anonym2018-01-12 20:03:33

O2 keep calling me about upgrading told them on numerous occasion that I'm interested

Anonym2018-01-12 08:14:06

It's definitely not O2. They identify themselves when they call or text you. It's a scam but interestingly, O2 doesn't recognise their number as one you can text back to.

Anonym2018-01-12 06:02:56

THIS CALLER IS BECOMING A REAL NUISNCE! If I want an upgrade I'll contact O2 myself. I'm in Switzerland today and if I had answered the call it would have cost me a fortune!

Anonym2018-01-11 09:42:20

its LBM Marketing, an O2 partner

Anonym2018-01-09 16:43:32

Just didn't pick up

Anonym2018-01-07 14:00:42

Didn't leave a message on my voicemail.

Anonym2018-01-06 19:53:47

Rcvd a text msg stating I would get a call from O2 stating my contract was due for renewal this week. It is not due until January. Blocked the number as I knew it couldn't be O2, especially after checking.

Anonym2018-01-03 22:47:11

I picked up the phone but didn't say anything as I always wait for the person calling to identify themselves first - there was a period of silence and then the number re-directed to calling itself from MY phone. Obviously I put the phone down ASAP before anyone picked up as don't want call charges but heads up to everyone!!

Anonym2018-01-01 22:59:42

Calls several times a day. If answered no one speaks

Anonym2018-01-01 10:42:59

Said he was calling from phones2(?) on behalf of o2, didn't speak to him so he pressed a button so it would beep, waited then hung up.

Anonym2017-12-29 09:56:48

Piss off O2 you stalkerish twats

Anonym2017-12-28 14:56:57

Silent calls, they ring, I answer and then silence. Every day for a week so far!

Anonym2017-12-25 23:58:28

Have just been called by this number and so rang 02 direct to double check number. This is definitely 02 as confirmed by 02 and they were calling to discuss my upgrade which is due anytime now

Anonym2017-12-22 01:09:50

It's an o2 courtesy call outsourced to another company, when i rang them back i recieved the familiar o2 female voice stating to ring 202 if i need anything, my contract ends this month so they're touting for buisness, i have no indication that this is a scam and is indeed genuine, but still a nuicance..

Anonym2017-12-21 04:09:00

this is not 02 but a third party company fraudulently claiming to be from 02 when they are not.

Anonym2017-12-19 22:04:04

Recorded Message from O2 UK - Making sure everything is OK and said if there were questions to call them for free on 202. Also reached out to O2 Support on Twitter and verified everything there.

Anonym2017-12-18 22:15:24

Actually its not O2 calling, its Carphone Warehouse. The sell O2 services and as such have access to O2's customer records. They try to sell upgrades just before the O2 anaversary dates are due, BUT BEWARE. any upgrade and they shift you from an O2 customer to a Carphone Warehouse customer "using" O2 services. They are persistent because they use a limited window of credability before the official O2 customer contact (usually by Text) and they want the commission for a Carphone Wharehouse sale. Try confronting them with who they really are... the last two times they put the phone down on me.

Anonym2017-12-18 12:30:06

Let it ring out then put it straight onto my blocked numbers ?

Anonym2017-12-17 14:35:34

They called, I picked up, said “Hello”, they hung up after 6 seconds of silence...

Anonym2017-12-16 12:01:45

I hung up without answering. Glad I did now.

Anonym2017-12-06 14:06:36

constant calls then hangs up blocked now

Anonym2017-11-23 10:52:09

02 upgrade service sales number. Be weary at first as they siad 'can I speak to the account holder ' if this was an "official" 02 sales number wouldn't they be verifying it's 02 calling? All in all tell them your upgrading in store!

Anonym2017-11-23 09:28:44

Had my name, contact details, apparently calling from service provider but hung up on me when I said no thanks. Seems so suspicious!! If this is a genuine call, they have the rudest staff ever. Assholes.

Anonym2017-11-20 05:58:01

It doesn't matter if O2 or car phone if you give personal details to someone who calls you - you will eventually get scammed or worse your ID stolen. Just block them.

Anonym2017-11-19 14:35:11

I was told it was o2 about the upgrade I asked about recently. I've not ever asked for an upgrade ever. I'm on Sim Only Contract pay monthly not going to answer again.

Anonym2017-11-19 04:50:06

ian watkins called me from prison to inquire about a 'conjugal nursery visit'...

Anonym2017-11-18 16:45:37

I am receiving one phone call per day from this number. I do not answer so cannot be of any further help. Can this number be blocked please?

Anonym2017-11-18 13:55:42

Said it was 02 about my upgrade

Anonym2017-11-12 13:14:22

Three phone calls in three weeks all asking if I wanted to renew my O2 contract.

Anonym2017-11-11 01:25:35

They claimed themselves to be O2 and told me that they want to discuss the issue about my SIM card. However, when I asked the reason they suddenly hung up. I'm blocking it.

Anonym2017-11-10 10:29:28

Nuisance Answered the call no one there Blocked it Don't answer it

Anonym2017-11-09 09:22:03

Another number (03448260202) for my "REJECT LIST"

Anonym2017-11-07 18:06:54

Don't recognise the number so didn't answer

Anonym2017-11-06 05:01:50

Robotic female voice wanting to talk about life insurance policy.

Anonym2017-11-05 20:04:11

10 calls since May. If it's not O2, shouldn't they be doing something about it? It inspires you to change network, rather than buy a new phone... Number now blocked but let's see if that works!

Anonym2017-11-05 12:37:20

This number tried to phone me during class (I'm a student) so I had to ignore it. this is the third time they have tried to call me today, although it is O2, it is very unprofessional to do so.

Anonym2017-11-02 01:19:50

keeps calling and just saying hello - pr1cks

Anonym2017-10-31 17:19:06

 Owner: O2

Anonym2017-10-31 16:41:05

First ringing me just 02, my mobile Sony Xperia XZ already blocked number goodbye 0344 826 0202 no more ringing me. Stupid moron ringing me but I'm deaf with hearing aids hard to understand speech talk what to say.

Anonym2017-10-26 17:31:37

Nobody speaks, many calls received over the last few months. If this is a business it's so unprofessional I wouldn't want to talk to then anyway.

Anonym2017-10-23 08:01:06

02 upgrade tele sales call, don't bother, don't answer.

Anonym2017-10-19 03:01:31

Google who was it

Anonym2017-10-18 21:35:50

Lots and lots of phone calls, left unanswered because I didn’t know who it was and always busy. Answered today and they just hung up! Number now blocked......

Anonym2017-10-17 10:58:19

Several calls in 3 hours. Did not answer no message left. Now blocked.

Anonym2017-10-14 21:38:59

Just blocked an 0330 number that kept ring that was allegedly O2 and then this number rang which is also O2! Blocked too!

Anonym2017-10-12 18:48:06

Claimed to be calling on behalf of O2. When asked "what company do you work for?" he said "O2". When asked his employer he said "Capita" and claimed they deal with all O2's calls. I told him I only wanted to talk with O2 direct. So a company that uses misleading words to describe itself, and I'm glad I don't work for a deceitful company like that, but possibly "genuine" and possibly not dangerous.

Anonym2017-10-10 00:57:30

Caller advised me they were calling on behalf of o2, I pressed and they advised calling from Capita, I refused to speak to them. I contacted o2 by chat who advised me to ignore these calls.

Anonym2017-10-08 22:41:18

Carphone Warehouse will persist at selling you O2 upgrades but their staff are useless. Go to O2 when you want an upgrade, instead of letting Carphone Warehouse dump their unwanted stock on you.

Anonym2017-10-08 12:04:38

Nuisance Assume selling something

Anonym2017-10-08 09:35:01

Silent call, left it connected and they hung up after one minute.

Anonym2017-10-08 08:54:07

My yearly contract is up with O2 and due for renewal so have gone to o2 website direct now I know who is trying to call me.

Anonym2017-10-03 19:49:16

Regular caller. Leaves no message.

Anonym2017-10-03 06:14:57

I'm just a bit curious i revived a call from this number today I answered it no one spoke

Anonym2017-10-03 02:30:38

O2 upgrade team.

Anonym2017-10-02 04:17:23

Called 19:45 stated from O2 tricked him into admitting he wasn't directly from O2 Capita? 3rd party means O2 have passed on Data relating to contract

Anonym2017-09-30 14:24:22

This is undoubtably a scam call. Number now blocked. Solved the problem of all cold callers by putting my iPhone on "Do not disturb" 24/7 and "Allow calls from contacts" that way only friends & family can get through. Anyone else immediately gets cut off. Also bought a landline phone that does the exact same thing. Heads I win!!! Scammers lose!!

Anonym2017-09-30 11:30:23

Hung up after i answered.

Anonym2017-09-28 02:52:03

get calls everyday but i don't speak if someone unknown calls, it's silence from them too. we can sit in silence forever then, if its O2 why aren't they speaking

Anonym2017-09-27 12:10:25

Constantly phoning my mobile

Anonym2017-09-20 02:20:45

Called yesterday, unknown number so I did not answer and blocked the number

Anonym2017-09-10 12:14:52

a call in regards to upgrading my mobile phone, supposedly was o2 but when I queried o2 paying my contract out when im already with them they hung up

Anonym2017-09-09 22:14:43

just another pain in the backside

Anonym2017-09-02 20:21:54

Unwanted calls continuously over two days one at 9.am on a Saturday morning! Getting really fed up anymore and I will be very rude!

Anonym2017-09-02 18:15:22

This number keeps calling my mobile,pain in the neck it is.

Anonym2017-09-02 13:58:15

unknown but calls every day

Anonym2017-09-02 12:57:59

02 asking if I wanted an upgrade... Along with their many texts :( Annoying but safe

Anonym2017-09-01 21:55:48

O2 trying to get you to give them more money signing you up to a new phone contract.

Anonym2017-09-01 11:38:02

I keep getting calls from people thesis, I answered but all I heard what silence and I'm nowhere near the end of my contract with O2, so I've now blocked the numbe

Anonym2017-08-29 11:21:35

I phoned it back and it is O2

Anonym2017-08-27 17:56:01

Ringing twice a day for past week. Do not answer

Anonym2017-08-27 00:30:41

This person keeps ring me DO NOT PICK UP !!!!

Anonym2017-08-23 08:16:32

Fed up getting call from this number on mobile every couple of days around same time. Hangs up when answer. Who is this?

Anonym2017-08-23 08:14:39

03448260202 I didn't recognise the number so didn't answer. Prob just another unsolicited cold call.

Anonym2017-08-19 07:16:18

Two calls over the last few days, asking for my wife, who died two years ago. She was the original contract holder. If it's carphone warehouse they're using out of date data.

Anonym2017-08-17 16:45:59

Answered a call from O2 on this number. The caller asked for me by name and went on about an upgrade. I cut him short by asking him what was the last thing he had about me on computer. He 'checked' and commented that he had nothing since last year. I then told him that through that answer that he was trying a scam and hung up on him. I had in fact had renewed my contract last week and had confirmation emails from O2 since. So beware if you get a call from this number

Anonym2017-08-16 20:04:25

03448260202 - Kept getting daily calls from this number. then started getting them twice a day. I answered the last one. The lady on the otherside was muffled so i asked her a second time where she was calling from to which she replied 'I'm calling on behalf of O2'. She then continued to offer me an upgrade for my mobile phone. I said I wasn't interested. This may not be O2 but another company who may have gotten hold of our details. I say this because I have never received a call from O2 to offer me an upgrade and I have been with them for 10 years.

Anonym2017-08-16 14:34:43

I have just contacted o2 and this is not them. Don't answer

Anonym2017-08-16 01:19:50

Just a bloody nuisance

Anonym2017-08-14 10:08:58

Automated call supposedly from O2 about upgrade Can some one ask O2 to stop this

Anonym2017-08-11 20:11:22

Annoyingly this number keeps ringing me when I'm at work. It's seriously putting me off staying with O2 when my contract expires at the beginning of the year.

Anonym2017-08-07 13:51:50

Constantly calling. Now in my blocked list

Anonym2017-08-07 04:46:30

Nuisance and annoying call.

Anonym2017-08-01 06:43:27

03448260202 who is this

Anonym2017-08-01 03:18:38

Picked up --- nothing! Google check looks like an O2 number.

Anonym2017-07-30 10:25:50

This number has called me 9 times and a message has never been left.

Anonym2017-07-24 10:42:15

Disgusting woman trying to get my autistic daughter to upgrade her phone and pay a cancellation fee. I answered and said if I put my disabled daughter on the phone she will agree to everything you say and she said 'yes that's fine' I confirmed that she wanted to speak to my 13 year old autistic daughter and con her into agreeing to get a new phone and she said 'yes please can you put her on' I cant repeat what my reply to that was but she hung up on me lol

Anonym2017-07-24 04:47:44

Its not O2 its Car Phone ware house claiming to be O2 or any other network provider... Based in Cinnamon Park just outside Warrington....

Anonym2017-07-22 18:07:11

Sick of this number ringing me

Anonym2017-07-18 07:06:51

Carphone Warehouse scum

Anonym2017-07-14 03:08:13

In looking at this thread it can't be O2 as my upgrade is not due until December anyway, so I guess this is phishing.

Anonym2017-07-12 12:57:26

03445767748 Anyone been called by this number ? I tried texting back asking who they are but that is barred

Anonym2017-07-11 06:49:53

Pestering me for an upgrade, when I don't need one. SCAM.

Anonym2017-07-10 18:32:12

Had the same. Claiming to be 02 suggesting an upgrade. Just told them I was happy and they hung up

Anonym2017-07-06 10:33:23

Phoned then no one answered

Anonym2017-07-01 09:52:38

Upgraded on Sunday, txt msg from O2 on Tuesday informing me that I was eligible for an upgrade and would receive a call in the next few days, calls started from Thursday.

Anonym2017-06-26 10:25:17

Calls repeatedly very annoying

Anonym2017-06-23 23:20:16

its ok its just o2 telling you that you can upgrade your phone in 2-3 months

Anonym2017-06-18 20:17:51

O2 nuisance call

Anonym2017-06-18 14:49:38

If on 02 then they will text you if important

Anonym2017-06-14 10:47:31

Just started calling me yesterday...already had 4 missed calls so checked here and I've blocked it.

Anonym2017-06-14 00:15:38

Use ID Blocker its free

Anonym2017-06-12 13:05:48

This is an upgrade call from O2. Have been ringing me every day for a week now. I actually answered on Wednesday said I wasn't interested in upgrading till April yet they continue to call. FFS O2 what are you doing. I thought you'd won numerous awards for good customer service but this is blatantly not

Anonym2017-06-12 06:14:04

It is O2 trying to make me upgrade. They did send a text to warn me they would call but Everyday?! Now blocked the number.

Anonym2017-06-08 10:19:41

It comes up on my phone as 'O Customer Service' which makes you think it's O2 but it's not. I'm already with them and this isn't what come up when they call. As someone has mentioned already in July, it looks to be Carphone Warehouse, I had them calling before and there were similarities with this call and the previous one. Now blocked.

Anonym2017-06-02 00:22:13

It's a company that works on behalf of o2 trying to make you sign up to another contract. Better to just go into o2 when it's actually time.

Anonym2017-06-01 19:31:06

I've had this call me several times. Never leave a message. I've had 'chats' online with O2 staff and they claim the number is not theirs. But it's clear it is someone calling who has access to my data on O2, and some others say O2 sell this data to these people. Whether this number is O2 or not, it is O2's actions that have caused them to call us. It is completely annoying.

Anonym2017-05-25 03:42:39

Had a call from this number today. When I answered the call the women on the other side just said: 'Oh my God' and hang up.

Anonym2017-05-25 01:17:57

Won't talk......., total bollocks

Anonym2017-05-22 14:36:50

Claimed to be O2 to talk about my contract. However my contact preferences do not include phone so it's either a scam or they are disobeying my instructions!

Anonym2017-05-16 01:42:57

Phone on a regular basis never answer them still keep phoning. Nuisance phone call trying to get me to upgrade I think.

Anonym2017-05-13 11:23:20

I understand this is O2 cold calling and wish they would stop. I am a O2 customer so why the niggling calls. PLEASE STOP IT!!

Anonym2017-05-13 06:22:18

02 marketing, pushing upgrades. Behave like a stalker - they called me daily and now, because I don't answer, they have started texting. Total nuisance.

Anonym2017-05-11 02:52:43

Safe, it is o2, I even got a text alerting me they would call and why ( upgrade offer )

Anonym2017-05-09 22:00:09

7 calls recently. Keep calling and calling and claim to be from O2, but can't look up my file to see that I have permission to speak on the account holders behalf. My partner owns the contract, but it's my phone and he has given me permission with the real O2. Claim to be calling about upgrades. Told them to call back later when he was home from work, and low and behold, they call back the next day at the same sort of time. id**ts. I have ignored all the calls but they keep calling. We don't want an upgrade, and if we did, we would call O2, not deal with some sort of third party call centre who are on commission or maybe even a scammer. You get a much better price by calling O2 retentions and telling them you're thinking of leaving them anyway.......

Anonym2017-05-09 11:09:05

I moved to O2 2 years ago?? Anyway I notice their phones have an option to block numbers, when you look at the call history. I have an Android phone, so have blocked this number. I thinks its only called my mobile once.

Anonym2017-05-07 16:43:45

Answered this call to be greeted with nothing but silence. Fed up with nuisance calls.

Anonym2017-05-07 00:30:50

Ignore.......absolute pest!

Anonym2017-05-05 10:46:21

Claimed to be O2, number is from Isle of Man it seems. Wanted to discuss my upgrade options - not due till January next year. Alarm bells ringing!

Anonym2017-05-05 00:01:39

O2 ringing me four times a week for two years! Knagging bdtards

Anonym2017-05-02 02:33:13

o2 Refresh customer service

Anonym2017-04-30 23:59:26

Fed up with them keep calling, don't even give you enough time to answer the phone. They are a bl......y nuisance. Have now blocked the number. What are O2 doing about it? I might change to a new provider if O2 have given out my number & sanctioned Carphone Warehouse to cold call. If you are driving at the time and follow the law on not answering calls it means that you have to find a safe place to park. I think these call are dangerous and O2 should block this number to their mobile customers.

Anonym2017-04-30 00:41:16

Constant nuisance calls. how can i stop them arriving?

Anonym2017-04-28 02:22:13

I get random calls from this number. Either they hang up when it's answered or there's just silence until I get annoyed and hang up. The few times someone has spoken they say they're from O2 but when I ask them to confirm which number they're calling about (as I have more than one) they hang up. Suspicious.

Anonym2017-04-27 11:12:36

keeps ringing me when I answer they don't speak not sure who they are but a daily p*st

Anonym2017-04-27 01:04:18

Ringing everyday sometimes 2 or 3 times....nuisance

Anonym2017-04-26 15:54:06

this number always rings me asking for my late father,as he had got me the contract couple of years ago and i have upgraded since. i have told this company so many times not to call me in regards to my late father, they always say they will change the details and remove me of the marketing calls etc, but don't. just so annoying. DONT ANSWER THEIR CALLS.

Anonym2017-04-15 21:33:57

Scam. Recorded message claimed to be from O2 and asked me to call back on an 0345 number that costs up to 9p a minute.

Anonym2017-04-13 00:07:26

Called again. My comment is the previous one. Haven't asked for an upgrade, don't want one. Contract isn't up for renewal either.

Anonym2017-04-12 16:12:30

O2 Just don’t answer those people will sell your soul

Anonym2017-04-12 07:47:11

Three times today I answered once no response.

Anonym2017-04-09 04:58:42

Please stop ringing me o2. I am ill and it disturbs my rest.

Anonym2017-04-08 02:26:51

They called me - I didn't answer. Looked on here and blocked the number

Anonym2017-04-07 11:57:41

02 cold calling for upgrades

Anonym2017-04-06 02:13:45

O2 Trying to call about upgrade options.

Anonym2017-04-05 05:13:34

Courtesy call from O2.

Anonym2017-04-03 17:04:50

It rang I picked up. I could hear a switchboard then they cancelled the call

Anonym2017-04-02 01:37:14

Calls frequently but no speech when I pick up

Anonym2017-04-01 18:13:27

This number came up as a missed call, thankfully checked before I rang back, now won't give them a chance

Anonym2017-03-29 11:55:25

0344 826 0202 - called the number and states that it was a courtesy call from O2 to check all is well and to chat further, call 20203 from the mobile.

Anonym2017-03-26 03:00:00

They're NOT O2. They're claiming to be O2 (and other companies). Scammers.

Anonym2017-03-22 23:36:02

Claims to be phoning on behalf of O2 with upgrade options buy when asked if worked for 02 rang off immediately.

Anonym2017-03-20 15:35:19

I receive a call from this number about once each month. I don’t know who it is and never answer anyway. Too many scammers about.

Anonym2017-03-19 00:16:14

Scam Call! Not a call to be bothered with. Time waister!

Anonym2017-03-12 07:51:10

pain in the neck I was in a meeting and phoned me total pain in the backside. This company needs to have there collar felt nice big hefty fine would sort it. Parasites .

Anonym2017-03-11 21:01:54

Answered my phone and similar to other comments posted, no one spoke!

Anonym2017-03-08 09:43:56

Persistently calling. Please stop.

Anonym2017-03-06 21:21:41

Don't need what ever they are offering

Anonym2017-03-04 18:04:04

Called twice yesterday but I'd already blocked it from the last time this routine began. It's a misuse of private information by O2 and an invasion of privacy! should be a way of stopping these calls, it is harassment!

Anonym2017-03-03 08:48:22

Been receiving a few calls from them recently at inconvenient hours - eventually I picked up but it was just silence - so I just hung up

Anonym2017-03-01 15:11:43

Hi this number keeps calling me I do not know who it is and do not want them to call me what can I do

Anonym2017-02-28 19:50:17

Rang yesterday didn't answer. Thank goodness thnx to all your comments.

Anonym2017-02-27 19:46:59

I've had multiple silent calls from this number.

Anonym2017-02-25 22:04:47

w͢h͢o͢e͢v͢e͢r t͢h͢i͢s͢ p͢e͢rs͢o͢n͢ i͢s͢, i͢ g͢e͢t͢ c͢a͢l͢l͢s͢ f͢ro͢m͢ e͢v͢e͢ry͢ h͢o͢u͢r!! I͢ h͢a͢v͢e͢n͢t͢ t͢e͢x͢t͢e͢d͢ b͢a͢c͢k͢ o͢r A͢b͢s͢w͢e͢re͢d͢t͢h͢e͢ O͢h͢o͢n͢e͢

Anonym2017-02-23 15:34:15

Phoned me today but I missed it, just wondered who it is

Anonym2017-02-17 12:13:07

Just o2 to sell you a new upgrade.

Anonym2017-02-13 05:28:38

This is O2.

Anonym2017-02-07 02:06:11

Didn’t answer and blocked. Thanks for previous feedback. I don’t want a new phone/ upgrade either! (Had a couple of these calls already this week)

Anonym2017-01-27 05:38:02

O2 asking if I wanted an upgrade. Check number and is definitely O2 number.

Anonym2017-01-25 17:50:44

Can someone please block this number as it is causing me an annoyance . I have received such calls in the past and asked the caller not to call again and to take my number off their register. Whilst rooming such calls are costing me time and money. If this is an O2 telephone sales caller , I am seriously considering changing network provider. If enough people follow my lead then O2 will soon get he message when their revenue falls.

Anonym2017-01-25 03:35:44

Hi, ive already had my updated. Thanks for call

Anonym2017-01-23 03:09:07

I have just answered this number. The guy was very unprofessional and said he was calling from O2 about my upgrade. I was dubious. I put the phone down and contacted O2 who confirmed that it wasn't them and suggested I blocked the number.

Anonym2017-01-21 21:05:54

How can you block this number? Ringing every day!!

Anonym2017-01-20 20:17:25

keep getting phone call from this number but noone speaks really annoying 8'oclock at night i have to get up early for work, so it is not on really annoyed

Anonym2017-01-20 18:04:32

Didn't answer

Anonym2017-01-19 15:23:18

O2 upgrade team

Anonym2017-01-14 13:24:22


Anonym2017-01-14 06:01:02

Potty Mouth K***an Q***um Leicester Scammer saying I've been awarded a phone upgrade. Wanted my bank details. When I refused, he told me to go f*ck myself.

Anonym2017-01-10 07:51:24

Every week twice a week with out fail.

Anonym2017-01-09 05:42:57

Constant calls no one answers or it starts ringing at their end! Which means you pay for the call! Number blocked!

Anonym2017-01-09 02:22:57

I don't want an upgrade - I'll choose when I do, not when O2 think I want ohne.!

Anonym2017-01-07 18:45:42

O2 constantly calling offering money... I believe that it is a scam

Anonym2017-01-03 14:45:29

Received a text message from O2 saying I would be getting a call from this number to discuss upgrade. Number called a couple of weeks later, I answered but nobody spoke. Very annoying.

Anonym2017-01-03 08:15:06

Phone only rang a couple of times, they hung up before I could even answer

Anonym2016-12-26 09:40:02

Answer once see who it is then if it sounds fake hang up, call the people they said they were on a different phone and ask if they are authentic. Best to be safe not sorry!

Anonym2016-12-22 18:53:52

My husband put an authority on the account for me to speak to O2 as he works away from home. I said this to the chap who called who said he has only worked there a short time and can't access the accounts to see that! When pressed he accepted that he didn't work for O2 directly.....Beware this could be the Carphone Warehouse trying to gain access again - we changed across to O2 last time we upgraded

Anonym2016-12-20 08:38:16

Nobody spoke

Anonym2016-12-17 21:07:50

O2 about an upgrade

Anonym2016-12-12 09:39:20

But why would they casll and not leave a number? Nuts...

Anonym2016-12-10 06:49:00

Pressed recieve on my phone but said nothing. Left them waiting for a good gew minutes before hanging up. It's their bill. Noone spoke, so I will ignore from now on.

Anonym2016-12-08 16:33:09

I got a call from this phone number, but didn't pick up. My phone was telling me this was a spam number :)

Anonym2016-12-07 05:24:00

'Calling on behalf of 02'. I told them I wasn't interested in an upgrade and they went off with no hard sell. They phone periodically to see if I've changed my mind. I suppose I will one day but not just yet.

Anonym2016-12-06 09:57:50

I work for o2 and this is our genuine outbound number that we call on. Google it and o2 comes straight up. To opt out of the calls just update your preferences on your My o2 or online account. Simple.

Anonym2016-12-05 07:01:52

A recorded message saying "This is a courtesy call from O2, if you have an questions about your account please call us back on 202 from your mobile"

Anonym2016-12-05 06:48:05

A company "working on behalf of O2" the lady told me. I had been looking on my O2 account a few days prior as thinking of an upgrade so a bit of a coincidence.

Anonym2016-12-04 20:19:58

Silent call, ID not known. First call from this number.

Anonym2016-12-04 05:05:31

Silent calls , very annoying. I see from the previous comments it might be O2 for an upgrade - I'm not due one . Blocked the number.

Anonym2016-11-25 00:07:10

Keeps ringing ever other day

Anonym2016-11-23 16:36:00

didn't recognise the number so didn't answer it.

Anonym2016-11-20 14:17:20

Calls frequently, No Message left.

Anonym2016-11-19 07:19:25

O2 appears to offer upgrades

Anonym2016-11-10 23:09:32

O2 upgrades - not a scam but annoying as they keep calling if you ignore them

Anonym2016-11-08 19:49:15

Whoever they were they were too busy chatting to respond when I answered. Number blocked niw

Anonym2016-11-06 20:30:58


Anonym2016-11-02 02:24:54

Daily calls from this number on my mobile. Nothing but a nuisance. No one there when call is answered.

Anonym2016-10-31 03:59:38

I had a text from O2 last week to say my upgrade was due. When I checked with the O2 shop in town they confirmed it wasn't due until September, so I've marked this down as a scam call.

Anonym2016-10-28 03:59:49

definitely O2 marketing - my contract is up. I didn't want to speak to them, but the lady I spoke to was very polite and said ok They are persistent til you answer tho, and will keep trying

Anonym2016-10-26 08:04:02

got a text from them claiming to be O2 and claiming i missed their call ... i didn't receive a call ... seems dodgy !!!

Anonym2016-10-14 22:53:19

Has called a few times in the past couple of days. Doesn't leave a message.

Anonym2016-10-12 20:51:16

Didn't pick up. No message left. Most likely a sales or scam call. Now blocked the number.

Anonym2016-10-12 01:44:16

I picked up but nobody spoke so they hung up after 40 seconds

Anonym2016-10-07 20:26:28

Called my phone today and I wouldn't pick up as I didn't know the number. No message left so think it's spam.

Anonym2016-10-06 00:38:31

It was a call from O2 (Andy from O2). Wanted to know whether I wanted an update. Needed to tell him twice that I wasn't interested but then he said thank you and we finished the call. I'm with O2 but my contract runs for another 7 months.

Anonym2016-10-03 10:06:56

It's O@. They say so on their twitter feed https://twitter.com/o2/status/614517074216550401

Anonym2016-09-26 14:58:26

02 -upgrade call

Anonym2016-09-25 09:36:36

O2 again courtesy call. becoming a nuisance

Anonym2016-09-20 10:09:10

It's O2. You can stop these calls by changing your preferences in your O2 account

Anonym2016-09-19 02:06:06

O2 calling about upgrading not made a final desicion yet.

Anonym2016-09-17 01:01:38

Didn't answer

Anonym2016-09-09 17:06:56

This is o2, they texted me to ask when is the best time to ring to discuss upgrade options.

Anonym2016-09-09 07:23:32

when answered no one talked, so i hanged up, VERY ANNOYING.

Anonym2016-08-24 06:07:26

Called today saying they were O2 I am due upgrade not taken it, said I will look into it in October. Have had this several times , in last 6 months

Anonym2016-08-21 21:43:50

i had a call 1st June. blocked the number and now getting texts from O2 UK and 21214 asking about when to discuss upgrades.

Anonym2016-08-21 11:59:35

Relate to O2 but I THINK this is a third party company. I've changed my name and notified the O2, yet these people were referring to me by my old name. Makes me think that if it was O2 they would know my new name so I suppose its an agent working for O2, trying to get people to upgrade. Yet, they didn't manage to beat the contract I am on now. Pretty pointless and waste a time.

Anonym2016-08-20 01:13:25

Called a couple of times, O2 upgrade, no problem.

Anonym2016-08-19 16:46:46

third party O2 upgrade offers from O2, not directly linked - complete waste of time and regular calls - blocked them from my phone

Anonym2016-08-19 09:26:16

They won't stop calling me! Once you answer that's it harassed like mad phone call after phone call ... Thinking of just going pay as you go to much hasstle from then ...

Anonym2016-08-14 08:59:05

O2 fake scam? Indian accent rang off. Go to your O2 store and report them to Cyber Fraud Police.

Anonym2016-08-10 07:28:39

I'm with 02 and apparently this is from 02 according to some, but not others. So not sure.

Anonym2016-08-08 12:14:17

Get calls from this number too often - sometimes 3 or 4 a day.

Anonym2016-08-04 04:09:58

Was on my mobile I hadn't answered then checked here will not answer if they ring back.

Anonym2016-07-31 09:17:56

Said they was calling from o2, when I asked why are they wanting to discuss an upgrade, they said its the rules... WTF? Then I said I will do it online, he hung up the f*cker did

Anonym2016-07-26 23:27:37

Don't care who called It is unwanted, potentially dangerous, junk

Anonym2016-07-26 22:46:52

This is a scam, don't answer, just block the number. If you do answer the call do not answer any questions, turn around and ask the agent personal details..this is fun...he would not tell me his second name, his managers name, anything about the real company they were calling from or the address of the call centre. Clearly a scam.

Anonym2016-07-23 04:11:22

Calls daily numerous times and won't stop after being told I'm not interested. Something to do with mobile phone contract

Anonym2016-07-18 07:20:00

Sales company on behalf of O2.

Anonym2016-07-16 02:38:04

Silent call, left it connected and they hung up after one minute.

Anonym2016-07-15 04:46:34

03448260202 called, did not recognise the number so checked here first due to the huge amount of spam calls I get. Seems this is yet another spam number, do not answer.

Anonym2016-07-14 22:35:34

Called every day for 3 weeks .please stop the call

Anonym2016-07-14 06:52:04


Anonym2016-06-29 22:53:21

Received a call from this number today at 17:52 hrs on my mobile, but the line was silent. I left call open waiting to see what would happen, and after 60 seconds the call terminated. Number now blocked.

Anonym2016-06-28 21:02:47

Nuisance caller.

Anonym2016-06-27 19:14:39

Said on behalf of O2, and wanted to know if I'm interested in an upgrade. But that has to be wrong, as they then should know that I own the phone and I that i have a SIM only contact

Anonym2016-06-27 14:17:58

Keep getting unsolicited calls , sometimes no one is on the other end! I will block but these nuisance callers seem to by pass any blocking!!!!!

Anonym2016-06-26 09:27:46

hanged up when I answered

Anonym2016-06-21 12:41:05

blocked now, call me 3-4 times a day no message.

Anonym2016-06-17 03:04:26

Definitely O2. I had a text from them in my usual O2 thread telling me that they would call me in the week from that number. It was to talk about my upgrade

Anonym2016-06-15 02:24:55

unsolicited calls, should be a way of stopping these calls, it is harassment.

Anonym2016-06-14 03:06:12

Im not 02 im on EE business, so no idea why im getting these nusiance calls!!

Anonym2016-06-13 18:34:35

I didn't answer but they've phoned me 6 times in the last 2 days ranging from 7 in the morning to 10 at night.. Very odd and annoying!!

Anonym2016-06-13 09:41:04

Safe number... It's 02 offering a genuine upgrade. Got a great a deal by the way! Worth answering the phone for!

Anonym2016-06-09 07:54:35

Its an outsourced team of people phoning on "behalf" of O2 as your eligible for an upgrade. They are provided limited account info from O2 hence they have your name, address, current contract details. Despite what they say may they are only interested in selling you a new deal, nothing more, nothing less. Better to go through to official O2 retentions and get a better deal than these chancers!

Anonym2016-06-03 16:49:00

Annoying to call and then hang up when start speaking.

Anonym2016-05-28 00:35:17

03448260202 nuisance calls. What do they want? Why don't they leave a message if it's that urgent? I didn't answer.

Anonym2016-05-09 13:47:06

O2 upgrade/sales department.

Anonym2016-05-07 23:09:28

They keep phoning but if I pick up there is no response. Very annoying as they phone 3-4 times a day.

Anonym2016-05-05 21:33:45

scam call centre trying to pass off as 02. one to add to your blocked callers list.

Anonym2016-05-05 19:01:54

I can confirm this is O2 asking if you want to upgrade. They also text me to say they would call.

Anonym2016-05-01 08:21:48

Similar to others. My contract is up for renewal. I have blocked the calls but the texts are coming through on a daily even twice daily basis. Sure it's O2. Completely irritating.

Anonym2016-04-30 19:30:05

Stated they were O2, put the phone down immediately. I then contacted O2 directly who confirmed this number is NOT linked to O2 and warned to not give any personal details to this number. Have now blocked.

Anonym2016-04-23 19:05:14

O2 ringing about an upgrade. Safe but probably annoying!!!!

Anonym2016-04-21 08:13:28

They have called me twice today it is going on from about 1:30 to 2:00 so far and I don't know what's going to happen next ??

Anonym2016-04-19 21:59:48

It is definitely O2 but still annoying getting called this much, could just send a message and be done with it

Anonym2016-04-19 20:01:44

It’s genuinely O2 phoning to speak to you about possibly upgrading. I received a text earlier in the week to say they’d be calling. A genuine contact but I’d still rather arrange an upgrade myself than get them bothering me this way.

Anonym2016-04-04 08:03:03

This number called me answered the call and it hung up so I'm blocking this number!!

Anonym2016-03-29 20:01:30

O2 contract is due for renewal in 3 months, they sent text message few days ago advising they'd be calling from this number so knew it would be safe when they did call.

Anonym2016-03-25 02:25:32

02 asking if I want to know about the options I have with my contract.

Anonym2016-03-23 07:12:16

If it's O2 as is claimed in some comments, why don't they leave a message? I don't answer any numbers I don't recognise and if it's that urgent/important they would leave a message.

Anonym2016-03-21 11:22:04

Didn"t answer

Anonym2016-03-19 20:35:32

Just received a call, didn't recognise the number so blocked.

Anonym2016-03-17 21:10:20


Anonym2016-03-16 09:16:59

sick to death of these bloody calls, 7 days a week 2/3 times a day. iv asked several of these numbers to stop calling me but they just keep on and on.

Anonym2016-03-15 07:17:53

o2 about an upgrade, annoying and never leave a message.

Anonym2016-03-11 07:23:50

This is not o2!!!!! They claim to be calling from o2 but are actually a third party company trying to get you to pull out a contarct you have signed and agreed to pay to o2, and start a new one via them! Said he was calling from o2, then when i questioned why no secruity questions he informed me he was infact not working for o2 and not calling from o2 but a third party company!

Anonym2016-03-07 15:41:11

It is o2, when you search this number their website comes up and it's the number they tell you to call if you want an upgrade.

Anonym2016-03-04 15:17:01

Company representing O2, called about my contract with them, which is no longer the case as I went to BT Mobile 2 weeks prior, she very rudely hung up on me the fcuking beach. Geeman.

Anonym2016-03-03 15:17:27

O2, block every number but they still call

Anonym2016-03-03 11:16:23

It keeps ringing repeatedly

Anonym2016-03-01 09:15:54

Pain in the neck repetitive calls. I didnt ask for it. I dont want it,,,and do you really think that your continual spamming makes me more fond of you?

Anonym2016-02-28 19:37:32

This is O2 who tried to get me to upgrade my phone or change phone tariff. This is O2 not a scammer. How can a scammer know how much data and text msg I have used over the last month.

Anonym2016-02-26 22:42:40

Harassing crooks who appear to ignore the data protection act (they have no permission to store or use my contact information) and keep calling unless blocked. Do not trust

Anonym2016-02-15 20:02:41

Don't know who this is but they have rung several times over the last few days, never leave a message and I'm getting really fed up with it :/

Anonym2016-02-12 21:10:39

This IS o2 don't know why people are going crazy.

Anonym2016-02-12 16:28:07

No one spoke

Anonym2016-02-10 18:47:22

Another one for the 'Rejects' list- blocked!

Anonym2016-02-02 20:05:34

Called while I was overseas. Ignored call.

Anonym2016-02-02 04:30:24

keeps calling even though i am in Budapest working

Anonym2016-02-01 01:02:47

Hung up soon as I answered

Anonym2016-01-31 10:59:10

Found out it was O2 trying to give me an upgrade on my contract.no prob.

Anonym2016-01-31 01:47:02

didnt recognise number but has been calling me every day for the last week between 18:00-19:00hrs.

Anonym2016-01-28 07:14:04

This number keeps calling my mobile and does not leave a message .

Anonym2016-01-22 02:51:08

Constantly calling me several times a day. I am with O2 but I don't want an upgrade. And I won't be renewing my contract.

Anonym2016-01-17 15:38:48

No one there when I answered.

Anonym2016-01-12 23:06:07

Tell them you don't even own a mobile. Better still tell them that you are doing surveillance on scammers and have already traced the call and location. If they ask you where they are tell them you can't divulge the information due to data protection but you can tell them the details have been forwarded to the authorities.

Anonym2016-01-12 13:37:36

Women said you was from 02 wanting me to upgrade my phone, told her to jog on lol. Anyone with any sense wanting to upgrade their phone should contact their provider themselves. Total scam they call me every week.

Anonym2016-01-12 07:21:44

Answered, but nothing at the other end. I then hung up.

Anonym2016-01-07 07:54:47

Called me 3 times in the evening but no reply when I answer

Anonym2016-01-07 07:00:33

02 you're a pain in the Arse keep calling. Be considerate to your customers privacy. If I need you I will call you so till that time don't keep p*stering me.

Anonym2016-01-05 20:56:17

My wife and are receiving mobile and landline phone calls from 03448260202 annoying what as particularly in the landline would you not leave a message - scam or could it really be O2 ?

Anonym2016-01-01 15:45:30

I've got the tellows pro app that has thousands of nuance call numbers in it and you can add numbers your self.,it warns you that the number calling is a harassing call before you answer it. If it's an unknown number I don't answer I google it first to check the number out if it safe and it rings again I snser it.

Anonym2015-12-31 03:51:48

O2 asking if I wish to upgrade as my contact is almost up. Very polite explainied I was wainting the new iPhone launch to make a decision and they responded by stating they will mark that down so as not to call me again till then and wished me a good weekend. Best cold call I've had this year.

Anonym2015-12-30 18:05:52

Claim to be 02 offering upgrade. Not due one for 13 months. Scamming jerkweeds.

Anonym2015-12-22 08:40:11

Left no message, I don't call them.

Anonym2015-12-19 18:34:38

It's "on behalf of O2". I queried this as I'm always alert to this sort of thing and the lady explained that O2 don't have their own call centres, they outsource everything, so even when you ring customer services you're not speaking to an O2 employee you're speaking to a call centre employee. Perfectly legit trying to get me to upgrade. Told her all was well and I didn't need to upgrade and she was fine to leave it at that, there was no hassle or hard-sell.

Anonym2015-12-18 20:05:58

F**k knows, some c*#t. Did answer, never will.

Anonym2015-12-18 03:40:08

O2 but nobody speaks wen u answer

Anonym2015-12-15 09:06:04

Just got a call from 03448260202 .......didn't recognise the number ,did a check on Internet ,seems a scam ,I wont be answering in the future either .

Anonym2015-12-13 12:12:12

02 calling about upgrade to my phone. Genuine number. 09.02.2017. Call at 5.30pm.

Anonym2015-12-12 18:00:40


Anonym2015-12-08 13:39:05

not sure -- could be O2 passing on to an agency because I didn't answer their upgrade offer. not answering

Anonym2015-12-07 13:32:03

Keep ringing several times a day and late at night. Have blocked this number. Hate cold callers

Anonym2015-12-06 23:00:11

I got a call yesterday and again today. Checked out number and comments on your site. Very helpful. o2 normally just send me texts, so I think that somebody has hijacked my info. I do not sign up for marketing calls from anybody. Think I have now managed to start a call reject list...will see if it works.

Anonym2015-12-06 14:32:18

didnt answered

Anonym2015-11-25 15:09:03

when you answer the call the nothings there o.0 the hell ?

Anonym2015-11-20 00:07:46

No one spoke so hung up

Anonym2015-11-11 05:03:03

Don't worry, it's definitely O2.

Anonym2015-11-07 06:06:42

They don't ask for details, just to confirm and offer a better O2 tariff upgrade. More data less monthly cost for me. Don't know why people are saying its dangerous.

Anonym2015-11-05 16:57:22

Real pain in the backside - calls everyday.

Anonym2015-10-22 17:48:58

It's a third party Contractor that Knows you are/have been with o2 and are trying to get you to upgrade/renew usually at a higher price so the third party gets their commission.

Anonym2015-10-20 14:22:58

Rang me stating they were from O2 calling about a recent phone order. Told me to call O2 customer services to cancel the order and as it was out of stock and told me they would call back after. Called O2 and was told that they do not ring out for upgrades and that they would have been able to cancel the order themselves if they were from O2. No notes or contact history were found at O2 to say they had rang me. Pretty sure this is a scam looking for details. Very unprofessional 'advisor' too. No company would allow someone like that to be on any call to customers. Please be vigilant.

Anonym2015-10-19 15:38:52

Fedup of being p*stered for an up grade by 02 on my mobile, infact I am going to down grade as I'm sick of modern technology going wrong on me. It's not full proof.

Anonym2015-10-09 04:42:32

02 calling for upgrade

Anonym2015-09-24 21:41:26

I Don't want to upgrade my phone and spend more money. SPam!

Anonym2015-09-23 00:00:31

I tried to email back to tell them not to ever call me but the email would not go!

Anonym2015-09-22 10:52:02

I can confirm that this is an O2 number! but they are very annoying!

Anonym2015-09-21 12:34:22

O2 (Again..!!) No I don't want a phone upgrade.

Anonym2015-09-19 22:10:51

Ignored 4 calls so far.

Anonym2015-09-13 04:16:10

Picked up the phone and I waited for someone to speak. No one did so I hung up. Don't know whether it was O2 like people say.

Anonym2015-09-12 05:05:37

I wasn't able to pick up but they didn't leave a message - first time they have called

Anonym2015-09-09 05:50:41

P2 harrasing for business

Anonym2015-09-08 05:55:05

DONT TRUST- BLOCKED!! Claim to be o2 about upgrade. I upgraded with o2 last were and the number I spoke to wasn't this. This number only started calling in last few days!?!? So either o2 data is very out of date or these are scammers!!

Anonym2015-09-06 15:02:05

SCAM!! 0344 826 0202 Claim to be O2 calling to give you an upgrade, I contacted O2 to ask about it myself and they said they would never call customers to upgrade them, this is a scam to get your details!

Anonym2015-08-28 14:36:11

My nan

Anonym2015-08-27 19:05:51

in my case this was a call from o2 about my upcoming upgrade....

Anonym2015-08-26 21:37:03

O2 don't call customers about upgrades so it is definitely a scam call. Just ignore and block.

Anonym2015-08-20 19:42:13

Don't' know but ring twice a day and I do not answer.

Anonym2015-08-19 17:23:34

Called twice in as many days... 22:50 and 23:00' respectively!

Anonym2015-08-16 01:58:28

This is a genuine O2 call as I am at the end of my contract and they are offering an upgrade.

Anonym2015-08-11 02:45:00

Harassment from yet again claiming that they are O2 but they aren't!!, I've lost count of how many times I've told them not to ring me

Anonym2015-08-05 10:47:55

I answered the call and there was no one the other end.

Anonym2015-08-05 06:44:16

checked with Who called -- it could be O2 who may want to offer an upgrade but I'm only interested in reducing the price. For the moment I will ignore the calls

Anonym2015-08-04 04:55:49


Anonym2015-08-02 04:22:45

This number only calls on my TuGo app on ipod, it doesn't go through to my phone. I am due an O2 upgrade. I wont be answering. I've had about 12 calls from them, usually spaced 2/3 days apart.

Anonym2015-08-01 04:22:44

o2 to discuss my new contract.

Anonym2015-07-26 03:38:01

02, they did txt me to say they would call.

Anonym2015-07-21 02:44:46

Caller claimed to be from O2 but it was not possible to confirm this as I'm not interested in an upgrade.

Anonym2015-07-20 20:59:51

Just blocked it - as I do with ALL unsolicited calls ... if it is important, why don't they text first and identify themselves?

Anonym2015-07-13 12:06:07

Call constantly and then hang up when you answer.

Anonym2015-07-12 15:28:59

Answered twice silent on the other end

Anonym2015-07-06 09:50:49

Repeated calls - now blocked

Anonym2015-07-04 11:11:25

My phone automatically rejects numbers I don't have saved. However reading the comments, I did receive a text from O2 this morning saying, "O2: Your contract's coming up for renewal. You can upgrade on 6 January 2017. So we'll call you about it soon. Or if you'd rather talk about it now, call 202." I'm guessing it was them calling as the last 3 digits are the same? Either way I won't be renewing my contract as it's daylight robbery. Guess I better tell them!

Anonym2015-07-04 06:16:04

No one speaks too many calls

Anonym2015-06-30 23:05:14

this is from o2. I am due an upgrade and they did say that they would call me to discuss.

Anonym2015-06-24 06:05:43

I believe its Car Phone Warehouse. They did this to us last year and totally misled us and sold us a phone that was not the model we asked for. Don't use them they proved to be a nightmare when I tried to sort the mess out. They pretend to be your current provider!

Anonym2015-06-23 01:34:31

No idea - keep ringing my mobile, either ring off straight away or silence - right pain

Anonym2015-06-15 22:23:58

02 p*stering me yet again asking if i want to upgrade - keep telling them i'm not interested but they wont stop calling.

Anonym2015-06-15 07:48:32

I'm afraid that legislation is needed to prosecute Companies or individuals that harass the general public in this way. Most of us can ignore or shrug off their persistence, but the more vulnerable are at risk to these commercial predators.

Anonym2015-06-10 15:15:49

It's o2's upgrade team, seeing if their contract users might wish/be able to upgrade early. They're not nuisance calls really, chances are they you're an o2 customer and they just want to retain that offering an early deal. It doesn't connect at first, took around 10 seconds. FYI, today they let me know Samsung were looking to pay off some contract excess' if you're will to take one of their phones on a new contract..

Anonym2015-06-08 15:56:26

O2 Upgrades

Anonym2015-06-05 18:11:21

Keep getting calls from this number. I actually won't answer my phone at all now and am probably missing genuine callers. They should be stopped from harassing people.

Anonym2015-06-03 22:31:46

they keep ringing and leaving txt msgs, wish i knew how to block on my old Motorola phone, cos I'd really like to!!

Anonym2015-06-03 14:46:17

Called regards my upgrade but didn't even know what phone I had,3rd party I think.

Anonym2015-05-31 12:48:17

I'm in the States for fxx sake. Why don't these id**ts realise that cold calling MOSTLY causes upset to people as they may be on business or on holiday abroad. It costs 90 pence / minute just to RECEIVE a call in the U.S with a European network mobile. Send us a free text O2, but don't disturb people by phoning I will NEVER stay with O2 once my contract is up in May.

Anonym2015-05-28 06:35:54

O2 Unwanted sales calls

Anonym2015-05-27 15:48:27

Who called

Anonym2015-05-19 17:23:05

Nuisance call. I answer an no one speaks. Now blocked it. Really annoying

Anonym2015-05-16 00:12:09

Didn't answer

Anonym2015-05-03 21:30:21

Second time they have called. Another nuisance call. Waste of my time and theirs.

Anonym2015-04-09 08:56:04

Missed call, no voice mail. It seems from the comments it's O2, but If they want me they need to call when I'm not at work, or leave a voice mail if I don't answer - as a nurse for obvious reasons I can't answer the phone when I'm working.

Anonym2015-04-09 03:37:08

Called twice in last few days. Labelled as a nuisance call

Anonym2015-04-05 19:14:52

Stop harassing me I’m not interested in a new phone,contract etc if I was I would go and sort one out myself

Anonym2015-04-05 13:28:53

Call missed. No voicemail left.

Anonym2015-04-04 22:36:28

Block this number,it's a scam.

Anonym2015-04-02 05:50:01

Daily calls from this number but no message ever left. Very annoying.

Anonym2015-03-31 19:49:22

This is a scam and not an official upgrade offer from 02. Offering an upgrade!!!!

Anonym2015-03-29 03:34:15

I have an o2 contract that has just ended and thought it was 02 because of the number and I rang o2 myself and arranged sim only deal for £11 for 12 months this is not 02 just a company pretending to be.

Anonym2015-03-27 03:01:51

O2 call

Anonym2015-03-26 02:40:49

It's not a scam - it's O2 outsourcing their outbound call centre to phone their O2 customers regarding an upgrade.

Anonym2015-03-24 10:42:49

Multiple calls - never answered - never left a message. I have now blocked the number

Anonym2015-03-23 11:22:30

Call 42 times in 2 weeks including at 5am on a Sunday. Spamming putas.

Anonym2015-03-22 03:56:29

This is carphone warehouse on behalf of 02 if you are due an upgrade - rude staff though!!

Anonym2015-03-17 23:38:50

These guys say they're O2 but they definitely are not! Nearly got me last year. I called O2 and they said this wasn't them and they wouldn't do this. Don't trust!

Anonym2015-03-14 19:26:24

Called me 30/04/16. Didn't answer, googled number. Confused! Some say it's o2, others saying its not.

Anonym2015-03-10 05:32:29

Utter pain in the arse, ring all the time, answered once and was trying there best sell me a phone contract, if I want something i’ll Find it myself not be harassed by some numpty who thinks it’s ok to constantly ring

Anonym2015-03-09 19:52:17

Someone claiming to be o2, told them I wasn't the contract holder, simply the owner of the phone, haven't been called since.

Anonym2015-03-06 20:49:16

Just blocked this number and have received a text message alert saying I've missed the call and this is a free Call Alert. I only need to dial 901 to disable this. And how much will that cost me? Go away!

Anonym2015-03-03 16:57:24

Those little posts saying it's o2 - rubbish reckon the scammers posted this they are all writen in the same tone. I went to 02 and no I am not eligiable for an upgrade - just ****little scammers. They may be able to identify the network provider by the mobile code

Anonym2015-03-03 03:09:18

i had a text message from 02 saying they were going to call me on this number (I had already blocked this number months ago because they phone me every day) it said I was due an upgrade.

Anonym2015-03-01 01:00:14

Rang no answer.

Anonym2015-02-24 18:51:34


Anonym2015-02-21 11:15:25

O2 to discuss current tariff and possible upgrade. The lady was polite, I explained I don't want to upgrade my phone currently and she checked and said my tariff was at the best it could be and that was it. No bother or pressure to do anything I didn't want.

Anonym2015-02-18 14:32:54

Repeated calls and no message left

Anonym2015-02-12 10:47:35


Anonym2015-02-11 18:10:21

O2 about a phone upgrade

Anonym2015-02-09 00:21:46

they say they are from O2 and offering an upgrade. I own by phone and on a sim only contract.

Anonym2015-02-08 16:47:51

Called back, from a different phone. I got a recorded message... This is an O2 courtesy call etc.

Anonym2015-01-30 09:59:01

O2 asking if my upgrade had been delivered.

Anonym2015-01-28 21:11:14

courtesy call from O2 to check "all is well" was the message when I called the number back

Anonym2015-01-28 11:23:04

Yet another id**t post immediately below.

Anonym2015-01-24 10:20:03

o2 upgrade team

Anonym2015-01-23 21:28:08


Anonym2015-01-20 08:43:36

Don't pick up, block the number

Anonym2015-01-19 18:45:33

Get call two or three times a day, no answer when I pick up

Anonym2015-01-14 06:56:46

Don't know hung when I answered, rang my mobile several times daily also I suspect my house phone as answer machine flashing but no message left

Anonym2015-01-13 14:19:42

Nobody answered so hung up

Anonym2015-01-12 14:19:48

Told me they are O2 but check O2's Twitter page and they have said it's not. Do say 'Yes' on the phone as this is the latest scam. They record you and use it for automated purchases.

Anonym2015-01-12 02:48:56

Just blocked the number if it's 02 no one answers And They ring late evening this is harassment.

Anonym2015-01-09 19:12:32

This is clearly from a company not based in the uk as the numbers shows a prefix of +44. Wont answer them as this is bound to be cold calling

Anonym2015-01-06 08:20:39

O2 Service

Anonym2015-01-04 16:10:19

Caphone Warehouse on behalf of o2 - you probably purchased your contract via a 3rd party and they log this and follow up year on year to get another round of commissions

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