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Who called me 03450724281

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Phone number: 03450724281
Country: UK
State: Unknown
Kind of number: Unknown
Operator: Unknown
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Comments for the number 03450724281

anonym2019-02-22 20:06:33


anonym2019-02-22 20:06:33

Receiving random texts from this number. The texts aren't a language, just random keys

anonym2019-02-22 20:06:33

Standard dodgy call. No answer when call picked up and then it cuts off - presumably because the 'operators' are all busy annoying someone else

anonym2019-02-22 20:06:33

Keeps calling me and not leaving voicemails.

anonym2019-02-22 20:06:33

Young lady assisted in finding a good home for my two dogs we rehoming. Very sweet and helpful. Learned a lot. Name was Lynn

anonym2019-02-22 20:06:33

Dzwonią i mówią,że coś wygrałeś, każą wysłać SMS, a jeden SMS kosztuje 30 zł.

anonym2019-02-22 20:06:33

Claims to be from a firefighter support fund. Odd thing is I am in San Antonio, TX, and this area code is nowhere near me. Getting sick and tired of the DoNotCall list being completely toothless. At least with those indian/pakistani Tech Support scams you can have fun with them if you are computer literate, and get them to yell curse words and other profanity, which is fun. What I despise are state-side fundraisers who ignore the DNC list.

anonym2019-02-22 20:06:33

Same number keeps calling me

anonym2019-02-22 20:06:33

Keeps calling driving me mad as it ring hangs up at all times of day and night

anonym2019-02-22 20:06:33

Unknown number

Anonym2019-02-04 16:16:09

From SSE to arrange smart meter fitting. They confirmed my electricity account number over the phone to prove it was them and understood the need to check.

Anonym2019-01-28 08:26:24

SSE wanting me to have a smart meter, not interested at present and have told them so before.

Anonym2019-01-15 14:12:46

sse trying to get me to have a smart meeter

Anonym2019-01-14 16:53:49


Anonym2019-01-10 01:08:40


Anonym2019-01-09 04:43:12

SSE . Prob wanting me to put in a smart meter as they keep moaning at me to get one. Also recieved a letter this morning telling me they are putting their prices up by 50 quid a year! So probably genuine... but bloody annoying!!!!

Anonym2018-12-26 22:59:56

‭0345 072 4281‬ No-one spoke when I answered then line went dead after a couple of seconds

Anonym2018-12-21 14:40:19

Have been calling for months, have never left a message until today when a voice mail was left to call their number, left no reason as why I should call. Have already told them earlier his year that I'm not interested in a smart meter. Definitely won't call back, have blocked their number!

Anonym2018-12-18 14:40:28

Sse Smart meter. Speaking so quickly it took a while to work out who they were. I don't think they had my surname, sure they were asking for a random name???

Anonym2018-12-10 05:07:39

This number claiming to be SSE has called me about 6 times now asking if I want a smart meter fitting - they have already fitted the smart meter and each time I tell them this they promise to stop calling!!! I have now blocked the number but they will no doubt pester me again by calling from another number.

Anonym2018-12-08 03:23:55

15 missed calls in 3 hours I take it's regarding a smart meter as per comments

Anonym2018-12-07 16:02:40

Keep ringing. I don't want a smart meter. It's harassment.

Anonym2018-12-04 19:31:29

SSE trying to flog smart meters but not prepared to shield from the dangerous microwave emissions they spread over 90 metre diameter. Should be made to declare this danger to health

Anonym2018-11-26 08:30:56

This number is SSE. They called us 5 times in two days. When we answered, they LIED, telling us twice that it was mandatory to have a smart meter fitted. These were selling calls and should not have been made as we are registered with TPS

Anonym2018-11-21 18:41:58

Geordie accent, claimed to be from SSE, wanted to speak to my elderly mother; told him I deal with account; he said he couldn't deal with me, thereby convincing me he wasn't from SSE. Ended up telling me we had to change our meter as "old meters are dangerous". But unwilling to contact my mother by post, surprise surprise.

Anonym2018-11-21 15:42:57

Yep, SSE keep phoning me. Asked man on phone to take number off list and he refuses each time. Also lies about the call saying he's not trying to sell smart meters. Went onto SSE website, live chatted a customer service person who said they had just removed details from ALL marketing, including smart meters. Nope the calls keep coming. Wrote an email of complaint and have heard nothing back. Today I went onto Twitter, told em that we're now leaving SSE because the fact they cannot honour a customer request about marketing easily and simply then we have no faith in them as a company. I cannot wait to leave quite frankly. I not 100% on this but I was under the impression that if a request is put in to stop marketing then it should be followed because it's the law.

Anonym2018-11-19 00:09:01

Claimed to be from SSE and wanted to discuss our payment schedule ... yeah. When I asked them to put the information in writing or email they declined.

Anonym2018-11-17 03:33:41

Called from this energy provider today just be firm and say not interested. The caller was Asian sounding female who was obviously reading from a prompter. Their job , and they are prompted via screen to keep the conversation going.Just say no thank you and put the receiver down. These people are doing a job however unsavory it is to us. Be firm and polite is the way to go. Do not overthink and stress out over a call you are always in control Simples!

Anonym2018-11-15 21:52:07

smart meter pushers

Anonym2018-11-15 08:49:54

If you are reading through these comments about harassing phone calls and the "selling of smart meters" and "I'm not interested" then bear in mind that SSE is trying to comply with the UK Government's requirement for smart meters to be rolled out by 2020. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/smart-meters-how-they-work While I'm not defending SSE's phone calls, the other posters here shouldn't be so arrogant.

Anonym2018-11-14 13:39:34

smart meter I don't think so

Anonym2018-11-13 09:06:02

Southern electric - regarding installation of a smart meter.

Anonym2018-11-12 12:38:33

SSE.Told them I did not want a Smart Meter and asked them to stop calling.Twice.They continued to call.Now blocked.

Anonym2018-11-08 16:52:05

Though I know that calls about smart meters can be annoying, I think we should all be aware that it is not SSE’s choice to install smart meters: it is the UK Government that is forcing electricity suppliers to install them. So blame your government for the inconvenient calls and contact your MP if you really believe that government policy should be changed.

Anonym2018-10-22 07:27:01

Absolute nightmare they do not give up... I've been promised twice that I will not be bothered again and taken off their list but the very next day 3 calls from the same number. Its for a smart meter with sse. I feel like the police should step in and stop this harassment or at least the CEO of the company!!!

Anonym2018-10-18 22:11:11

SSE Power harassing people to have a smart meter.

Anonym2018-10-18 04:44:30

Stated they were SSE, requested personal details, I did enquire why they wanted my personal details after all they phoned me. Provided my Met Police email and strangely as yet have had no message !!!!!!!!

Anonym2018-10-16 07:34:31

I was called supposedly by SSE this afternoon informing me that they needed to make an appointment with me to come and replace my existing meter with one of their "Smart" meters. I was then asked to confirm my full name and then the caller was trying to ask for other personal information... at this point I stated I was not prepared to do so and the caller was less than understanding and stated that should I want their meter I could book an appointment on line, the caller was not very polite or happy. We are constantly reminded not to divulge personal data over the phone to third parties, so why are SSE continuing this approach, it is wrong. Besides, to call them Smart meters when they can not be used by other suppliers should I want to switch to another supplier is somewhat ironic!

Anonym2018-10-09 20:40:22

Received call on my mobile. Not answered message left by caller. No Name. invites call back to 0345.0724281. Do not call back. Block Number Block calls.

Anonym2018-10-06 16:38:31

Bank holiday Monday and they call at 09.15am. Wouldn't mind but the UK has fewer bank holidays than most countries - please leave us to enjoy our few days of rest.

Anonym2018-10-02 01:51:29

SSE trying to arrange smartmeter installation! I am not having one GO AWAY

Anonym2018-09-26 07:21:14


Anonym2018-09-21 01:06:35

As above, said was from SSE about an appointment to install a Smart meter. Not convinced genuine

Anonym2018-09-20 06:43:49

Hi this No. keeps calling and asking for me, when my husband is days off, they phone and ask for me saying I have asked them to call. This is rubbish.

Anonym2018-09-10 23:51:17

Keeps calling me ...no one on the end of the line...It takes me at least 7 rings to get to the phone,no message left I am a T P S number,so actually an unwanted cold call,,presumably SSE..I don't want a smart meter either!!

Anonym2018-09-04 19:08:24

Phones twice a day but no replies who is it

Anonym2018-08-27 18:56:36

0345 5072 4281 rang me this morning on my mobile rang 2 rings then stopped now i,ve seen who it is i wont bother answering it either thanks for the info x

Anonym2018-08-25 12:23:39

SSE SMART METER AGENDA DONT GET ONE FOLKS, THEY'RE DEATH METERS!! SEE stalk me non stop via calls, texts, letters. Industry have paid and conducted false tests, we live in corporate dictatorship, along with 5g for those of us who survive the onslaught of dementia, cancer, strokes caused by emfs we're already swimming in, we will have no freedom, no cash, in human settlement zones. Research people don't rely on tv/msm owned by same corporations. Agenda 21/30 is happening

Anonym2018-08-20 14:09:25

Missed call, no voicemail. Blocked after finding these reports; I don't want a 'smart' meter either.

Anonym2018-08-10 14:39:54

Pain in the backside. I am disabled and often confined to bed. Getting up to answer these calls is painful for me and it's becoming annoying.

Anonym2018-08-10 06:28:43

they have called 6 times last two days, NO I dont want a smart meter, you know where you can shove it!!! They never leave a message a proverbial pain in the butt!!!

Anonym2018-07-27 20:03:05

If SSE really cared,they could save money and effort by cutting back on TV advertising and nuisance phone calls.

Anonym2018-07-23 17:01:55

Called me on mobile, voicemail message was opening hours only no identification

Anonym2018-07-21 12:51:50

I have blocked the number now whether it,s from SSE or whoever they are a real nuisance if people wanted to change their meters surely they would phone the necessary people and not be plagued by these calls.

Anonym2018-07-18 21:36:40

Note to the tinfoil hat brigade, smart meters, wifi, etc are NOT dangerous to your health. They are, however, very insecure and will doubtless form part of a botnet when there are enough of them to interest anyone in cracking the dubious security on them.

Anonym2018-07-16 02:13:05

A recorded automated message about smart meters. Didn't get the whole message as my voicemail only picked up half the recorded message but enough to know that its just telemarketing trying to sell something you don't need. Blocked.

Anonym2018-07-03 15:49:56

They have phoned a few times over the last week but I didnt answer. Dont want a smart meter

Anonym2018-06-30 06:03:33

Claimed to be fitting smart meter did ask for me by name. Was busy and not paying attention got rather more into a conversation that I planned and may have said something foolish! Will note it now as a scam.

Anonym2018-06-29 18:50:56


Anonym2018-06-27 03:49:22

Silence when answered.

Anonym2018-06-23 04:09:53

This number has just phoned my husband pertaining to be from 'Southern Electric' asking if we would like to change our meter for a new one. A man with a geordie accent. So be warned. We put the phone down.

Anonym2018-06-22 03:42:34

SSE - smart meters - despite requesting they don't call me again this is the 10th call in 2 weeks

Anonym2018-06-14 15:50:13

It was apparently about a smart meter, but I am not with this company. I am also TPS registered, so said no.

Anonym2018-05-24 09:36:36

Absolute nuisance. Only get voice mail on my mobile. Tells me to call number given to stop the nuisance calls--- but it does not connect.

Anonym2018-05-20 14:52:01

Scottish Hydro, smart meter appointment made. Genuine.

Anonym2018-05-17 19:35:53

About smart meter, AGAIN. They've already been told we don't want one, wish they'd **** OFF!

Anonym2018-05-12 14:58:34

Recorded message to my old landline number about a smart meter. I've changed my landline number, but ported the old number to a VoIP service for people to leave messages if necessary. Anyway, I've told SSE my new contact details, so it wouldn't be SSE calling my old number. I guess this must be a scam.

Anonym2018-05-02 04:29:53

SSE offering to fit a smart meter I'd requested

Anonym2018-05-01 08:34:34

Keep getting this. Just don't answer.

Anonym2018-04-13 14:21:39

I was driving so couldn't answer this call. It was on my old phone that I keep as a spare. So ignored it and didn't ring back. suspected it was a nuisance call. I've had calls and junk mail about smart meters a number of times. Why, when you have said no several times, do they still try to get you agree to a smart meter? What is in it for them?

Anonym2018-03-30 19:08:24

Have received 4 calls a day from this number for several weeks now - not one message left by the caller. If it is SSE, they are a pain in the neck.

Anonym2018-03-29 11:08:40

Did not answer as I didn't recognise the number, They left a voice mail which was a pre recorded message when I played it back. I have now blocked this number on my phone.

Anonym2018-03-28 22:04:57

Been called 12 times telling me lies about how they HAVE to change MY meter as the government has told them to and implying that i would be breaking the law if I refused. Keep refusing to remove my number from their database and just call back again-and-again. They are an outsource company SITEL UK LIMITED working for SSE and people to complain to are Jamie O'Brian & Jane Grimes on 03450 724281

Anonym2018-03-27 09:00:10

The guy on the phone said is from sse organising installation for smart meter, I spoke to sse Customer service and they said it's not scam, it's from their company.

Anonym2018-03-23 13:35:48

Keep having missed calls from this number on my landline even though I have changed my contact details to my mobile number with SSE

Anonym2018-03-10 17:23:52

ringing everyday, v.annoying

Anonym2018-03-06 10:58:47

This number calls my landlines twice every day. I don't answer. But getting fed up with them.

Anonym2018-03-03 13:36:24

This number called 3 times over last 3 days and did not leave a message - I didn't answer and having looked it up here today I have blocked it.

Anonym2018-02-16 09:58:29

Asked to be taken off call lists becoming a real nuisance!

Anonym2018-02-03 06:22:53

Received a call today, left no message. Looked up here and glad I decided not to answer now. I am TPS registered but this appears to deter no-one.

Anonym2018-02-02 10:02:47

this number has tried to call me every other day for the past 3 days........

Anonym2018-01-27 23:33:27

pretending to be someone from swalec smartmetres

Anonym2018-01-20 03:50:22

No I don't want a smart meter

Anonym2018-01-17 06:59:17

3 to 5 calls a day in last week ignored the first few answered several off them and each time they are asking for someone else strange asked them to remove my name on the calling list 20mins later phone rang again. Beyond a joke

Anonym2018-01-16 02:25:37

Roll on 25th May 2018! Why you ask? Well that's when GDPR comes into effect and the great powers that ordinary people will have to be able to annoy these people back. We will all now have the ability to demand, and enforce, that these people remove you from the database, and tell all the companies they have passed your data onto, or face huge fines. Look up GDPR and know your rights!

Anonym2018-01-09 20:26:36

03450 724281 these people continue to call and will not take 'no' for an answer. Have blocked their number so hopefully BT will stop these annoying calls, fingers crossed!

Anonym2018-01-09 02:23:41

SSE. I have been a customer for many years but won't be much longer if they don't stop calling. I don't like liars, smart meters are not mandatory, check the government website. The BBC did a story about the incompatibility of smart meters if you to switch and the problems it causes. They are trying to stop people switching!!!

Anonym2018-01-08 03:28:31

Ha really a big nusience we want no no no new smart phone here

Anonym2017-12-31 11:06:13

They've started with me now. Bad timing because I'm waiting for hospital test results so it has caused me some worry. ???? They rang twice yesterday and once this morning. Luckily I have an app that rejects this kind of call on my smartphone automatically so I just see it in my missed call list - it's getting moved to permanently reject now that I've checked out just who these annoying ba???????????? are. I'll also be changing my energy supplier from SSE permanently.

Anonym2017-12-25 01:37:23

This number has called a few times recently, but always rings only about four or five times so I have never got to answer it - which is probably just as well as I don't want a smart meter (although I am an SSE customer).

Anonym2017-12-25 01:17:47

This number rang 5 mins ago said my husbands name said he was from SWALEC and that "they" were in our area and could come and fit a smart meter my husband declined. They have rung before no message left, not sure how many times.

Anonym2017-12-17 04:54:11

ringing to say about smart meters but wanting all my details over the phone, how do we even know for sure that they work for swalec

Anonym2017-12-10 17:20:27

missed the call -- thanks for the website great stuff :-)

Anonym2017-12-08 11:07:28


Anonym2017-12-06 03:30:30

SSE Power harassing people into having a smart meter.

Anonym2017-12-02 23:04:57

Think they said call was from SSE saying I needed a new electric fitted as mine is old. Said don't want smart meter yet. Said I have to have a new one. Told them I would rathet deal with my local SSE. So they said they will send me a letter which should be interesting if I ever receive it. Interesting thing is that I fairly recently spoke to my usual SSE people insisting I did not want smart meters until I have to. They did not insist I have one because of the age of mine. Don't know whether to ring them or let it lie.

Anonym2017-11-12 05:57:00

Not a vert smart meeter!! They are wasting their time as we all know that so-called smart meters are really rather stupid. So give up caller as there are better things you could be doing, like reducing charges

Anonym2017-11-10 09:12:05

Someone allegedly from SSE phoned my 93 year old mother saying it was urgent, and that she needs to have a smart meter installed. My mother has been worrying all day, and didn't know who to call to report this. Pure harassment making an old lady very upset and distressed.

Anonym2017-11-09 10:48:06

I did not answer as I suspected it was a scammer. Checking on this site confirmed that it was SSE. No I do not want a Dumb Meter either !!!

Anonym2017-11-08 15:09:20

Answered they hung up ??

Anonym2017-11-07 22:13:52

SSE called to pressure us once again into fitting a new smart meter.... NO! NOT INTERESTED! For those of you still deciding, these are some of my reasons AGAINST fitting a smart meter: These devices send your energy usage data wirelessly to their centres. This info could be intercepted, read & altered by hackers in the future. Among the many dangers of this would be that the hackers (& SSE) will know when you aren't using energy & thus are probably out of the house or on holiday - an ideal opportunity for them to break into your home. Or your bill could be tampered with maliciously. Also, there have been reports of many of the new smart meters being badly wired up, potentially causing fires (because the energy companies have had to hurredly train many new installation engineers to fit all the new meters). The benefit of fitting a smart meter to me is pointless. I already know how much energy each appliance uses, because they have that info written on them. I already try to save as much energy as I can. Knowing how much it is costing me every minute won't help me save more, if anything it will just cause me unnecessary stress.

Anonym2017-11-07 14:59:26

Called me sooo many times in one day. Couldn't answer because working. Still keep calling me now. Definitely getting blocked!

Anonym2017-11-07 12:37:05

I've had the same experience as others. The caller addressed me by name and explained about a new smart meter to be installed. He asked me for my account number. I told him he would have it if he had my name and address on his system. He persisted that I needed to give my name, address, and account number "for data protection" reasons. I asked for his name and where he was calling from. He was a little taken aback but gave a Newcastle address but when he said "I think" about the location it made me cautious. I asked him to send details of the smart meter scheme by post, but he said SSE do not do this. I told him I wasn't convinced he was not a scam and therefore could not give him my account number. Rather sarcastically he said it had been a pleasure talking to me and rang off! These procedures are no good. SSE need to take note and approach customers differently.

Anonym2017-11-02 17:55:51

Do not know who called If it is SSE they should know not to call me Think it may be time to go off grid

Anonym2017-11-02 17:22:44

The caller is SSE regarding the fitting of a smart meter. I have checked this out with my electric company and this is a genuine number calling from SSE with the purpose of changing everyone to a smart meter by 2020.

Anonym2017-10-30 08:04:48

?0345 072 4281?

Anonym2017-10-29 20:23:36

It's genuine and is southern electric.

Anonym2017-10-29 16:09:00

Asking re smart meter i refused to give personal details as did not find them tbe genuine

Anonym2017-10-25 20:13:07

I just gave my name date of birth to them after being told it was important to have the metre i said i wasnt ready . been getting loads of cards stating how important it is to have one. I am getting fed up with all of this .

Anonym2017-10-22 01:12:33

Claimed to be from SSE and about smart meters. But I have already told SSE I do not want to have a smart meter, so I think this must be a hoax scam call where they are going to try and get personal details from you.

Anonym2017-10-16 03:50:35

Phoned my mobile a few mins ago. I didn't answer as I didn't recognise the number. Now that I've checked it out on this site I'm glad I didn't answer. Now blocked

Anonym2017-10-11 07:30:33


Anonym2017-10-10 23:29:04

Clearly from a multiple dialling centre as I hadn't enough time to answer before the caller rang off. This site tells me it's SSE touting smart meters - which I don't want.

Anonym2017-10-08 10:55:41

Ha really a big nusience we want no no no new smart phone here

Anonym2017-10-07 07:06:38

Rang my mobile 1330 today. Rang off before I could answer.

Anonym2017-09-27 09:33:21

Nuisance they call about 4 times a day, fed up don't answer the SSE Smart Meters...

Anonym2017-09-24 20:44:53

Got a call re installing a smart meter, no name introduced, not even SSE or Southern Electric but 0345 072 4281 number given. I have just come off a length tel con with the Smart Section call centre at SSE who were able to confirm to me both the timing of the call to me, which corresponded exactly with the timing of message received, and the telephone number did in fact emanate from SSE. I have to say that SSE are one of the better utility companies I deal with as regards customer service (also based in the UK which helps !) and it will be interesting to see if their procedures change as a result of their 'anonymous' call. I hope this has at least helped someone. Don't believe me then get an SSE telephone number off their website, there is actually one for inbound calls for all matters Smart Meter related.

Anonym2017-09-23 02:23:11

Three calls today, the first at 7 45 have now blocked number,will they call from another number ?? I guess they will, so much for BT preferential calling, hopeless..

Anonym2017-08-22 08:16:13

Wanting to offer a smart meter constantly!

Anonym2017-08-12 04:59:48

I have received multiple calls from this number despite being registered with the TPS. In this context I understand such calls are illegal.

Anonym2017-08-06 09:12:01

Constant nuisance calls about having a smart meter fitted ..... They can't give the damn things away because the 1st generation meters won't work on the stage two system ( hear the Radio 4 article last week ) steer clear .....

Anonym2017-07-31 18:10:10

SSE ringing about smart meters.Do not want one,because they are not smart.

Anonym2017-07-26 18:45:51

Why are people are so weird, they just want a meter reading, you know.... so they can charge you correctly.

Anonym2017-07-21 12:18:22

Nuisance caller Sse

Anonym2017-07-19 20:14:54

this number rang me 4 times today and did not leave a message I find this very disturbing as work shifts and it has woke me twice please can some one put a stop to this company

Anonym2017-07-14 08:33:06

I have received 2 calls from this number, both times asking about a meter change in my property, each time they say they need my postal address and account number, when I ask why they need my account number I am told they have to lookup my account first before they can arrange a date to change the meter. When I ask for a letter regarding the meter change they say they cannot do it without having the details of the account. I find this disturbing as previously they sent a letter with a date with a number to call if you wished to change the appointment, no talk about postal address or account numbers. Not sure if it a scam or not.

Anonym2017-07-10 21:20:39

Something about smart meter installation but get the feeling it could well be a scam call, because tried to get personal details off me and my supplier would have those surely.

Anonym2017-07-05 22:57:36

Foreign sounding woman asked to speak to Mr Curtain? Told her to pull herself together and hung up

Anonym2017-07-05 06:33:56

Rang three times this morning between 10 and 11 rang off after four rings, left no message. Not what you want on a sunday morning. Fourth call sse ref smart meters, told them not to ring again.

Anonym2017-07-03 07:33:57

My friend in Aberdeen asked me to look into this number which called her three times, and such persistence over a 24 hour period, which can indicate something ominous but this number is genuine. However, she used Hydro for her electric and this is SSE but for this they seem to be one of the same thing? I did not like the fact that they wanted her Date of Birth etc. but they told her this was for marketing purposes! Was this so they could sell her details away to other organizations such that she becomes besotted with everyone calling from the Outer Mongolian Peasants Relief Organization to Fly-By-Night Windows & Garage Doors Ltd? Whatever, always give a fallacious date but remember it so you can possibly track them down in the future, especially when companies send "Birthday Greetings" As for the meter. Well, they do not have the best of reputations, and can you then use a different utility which can accept the readings? Is it compatible?

Anonym2017-07-01 14:56:31

Been called so many times by this number, about a smart meter, i explained i don't want one, i'm not interested & to remove me from their caling list.....needless to say, they are still calling, so i answer & ask them to wait one moment & just leave it next to my desk & carry on

Anonym2017-06-04 22:11:25

It’s just SSE calling about installing smart meters. No they’re not trying to ruin your life nor are they trying to rip you off, they are just doing what is required by the government. Think you all need to calm down ❤️

Anonym2017-05-16 10:32:15

They've started with me now. Bad timing because I'm waiting for hospital test results so it has caused me some worry. ???????? They rang twice yesterday and once this morning. Luckily I have an app that rejects this kind of call on my smartphone automatically so I just see it in my missed call list - it's getting moved to permanently reject now that I've checked out just who these annoying ba???????????????????????? are. I'll also be changing my energy supplier from SSE permanently.

Anonym2017-05-16 03:17:02

Went dead as I picked up but see it's a nuisance call. Blocked. Thank you 'Who called Me"

Anonym2017-05-16 00:50:32

Why would sse want my date of birth!! Not convinced it is sse! Fishing for info.

Anonym2017-05-10 16:46:58

Never answer this number but they don’t give up , they ring every day , I suppose they will soon start to ring from a different number, to try and catch me out

Anonym2017-05-09 22:10:17

Claimed to be from Swalec asking for my wife as the account holder. Unless she has a secret house somewhere it was a scam! The electricity is in my name and is not with Swalec

Anonym2017-05-04 17:09:32

Very helpful site. Went onto Phone-scam website and the number wasn't showing up there. I haven't answered as I don't answer my phone to cold calling etc. If it was important like the bank/police phoning me up, they'd leave a message. I don't want a smart meter either. It is harassment and I don't like it. So sod 'em.

Anonym2017-04-20 09:02:55

Yet another call from SSE re Smart Meter installation! Very persistent! Getting fed up with hearing about how wonderful they are and installation in FREE! Yippee - but still not interested.

Anonym2017-04-17 02:49:46

This number called but I didnt answer as i didnt recognise the number. However now see that it is SSE regarding installing a smart meter in spite of the fact that I have declined their offer to install one. The call was not appreciated especially as I was in the middle of having a shower!!! I agree with your other callers it is very bad practice on the part of SSE, who are normally very good, not to leave a message. I suppose its to do with the cost as if they left a message a charge would be incurred.

Anonym2017-04-11 07:45:04

trying to promote smart meters..no thanks!!!

Anonym2017-03-26 22:12:27

This is NOT a scam. I have checked it out. It is a separate office to the main SSE who deal with all the usual business. The office that is ringing you, deal exclusively with smart meters! So stop worrying! I am a retired Police Officer - so I know how to check things out! (and why wouldn't you want a smart meter? It saves you the hassle of meter readers knocking or having the hassle of having to read your meters and then enter it online). Just saying!

Anonym2017-03-21 17:36:54

this number called me today at 11.09 and was supposedly SSE Southern Electric, the caller said that his name was Brett is this genuine.

Anonym2017-03-17 05:54:58

Called 3 times yesterday & have called previously. I do not want a smart meter, & if I do, I will do it because I am ready, & will then call up the supplier I want to use, having researched the best one according to my needs. Having spoken to others who do have one, I learned that every time you change your supplier, they will want to install their own smart meter, so there is not one generic smart meter all suppliers use. This seems ridiculous, especially in these times of conserving energy & supplies, especially from an energy company. My friend now has a redundant smart meter, unless they choose to go back to that supplier, & by then it will probably have been superseded. I will watch & see how this unfolds, but it is mostly for the supplier's benefit because they will not have to employ meter readers, so presumably, they will all be out of a job!

Anonym2017-03-16 09:23:44

Calls, then noone speaks, line goes dead.

Anonym2017-03-16 01:17:47

A person called from this number at 1555 today 14February2018. Claimed to be from Swalec but as others have said more likely to be an agency working on behalf of Smart Meter Installers. This is pure harrassment now, call after call and other means of contacting us week after week. Another complaint Into SWALEC.

Anonym2017-03-14 00:03:26

Foreign sounding bloke who said he was from SSE and quoted the postcode or our rental property. He said it was a courtesy call checking the details were correct, which made me very wary as SSE/SWALEC usually write if there is a query. He wanted my full name and date of birth. At that point I told him that I would never give that information over the phone and that I was going to finish my tea. I put the phone down on him. Makes me wonder where they get the information from.

Anonym2017-03-09 09:26:16

03450724281 Called today they called me by my name but i did not confirm, sse smart metre, apparently engineers are in my area for the next few months to install smart metres, i told her i did not want one as all i have heard is them catching fire and she replied "oh no,that only happens with british gas not sse" what a pile of crocodile crap i thought! So she said she will update my file and say we dont want one yet, Although every one must have one by 2020 again pile of crocodile crap.

Anonym2017-03-06 11:55:16

SSE appear to have changed their policy without letting anyone know - ??? Extract from their policies. Our policy on cold calling We understand the inconvenience of receiving an unexpected sales call, or picking up the phone in fear of speaking with a salesperson – or even a recorded message. In 2013, after listening to our customer feedback, we became the first energy company in Great Britain to end cold calling. Now, we’re encouraging other companies to do the same, by backing the ‘Which?’ campaign, “Calling Time On Nuisance Phone Calls”. We’re proud to make a difference, ensuring that contact with customers is on their terms and that any great deals we offer are relevant to what our customers want. So, in line with the ‘Which?’ campaign, we use Caller Line Identification (CLI) for all marketing calls; we let other companies in our data chain know whether you’ve opted out of all marketing calls or texts; and we make sure we contact with you within six months from the time you gave consent when your initial consent was given via a third party. We also make it easy for you to withdraw your consent; we screen all telephone numbers against the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), except where customers have specifically requested a call from us; and we carry out an review of the effectiveness of these policies every year. Our Sales Director, Gary Pickering, is responsible for our policy on cold calling. If you’ve received a cold call from us, or anyone else, you can report it to the relevant industry bodies by using the simple complaints tool on the 'Which?' website. Please see link at the bottom of this page.

Anonym2017-03-04 16:25:48

just keeps calling - bloody nuisance!

Anonym2017-03-02 08:13:52

I'm am sick of SSE phoning me every day to the point of harassment! As I have to have my phone on mute while I'm at work, I've never actually answered the calls. I have however complained about their constant badgering via the Telephone Preference Service, who will take the complaint up with SSE. If you are registered with the TPS, it is illegal to be contacted with marketing calls.

Anonym2017-03-01 02:16:10

I had your no if I not now your no I put the phone down

Anonym2017-02-28 07:24:08

SSE again! I’ve told them repeatedly I don’t want a smart meter yet they continue to harass me. The yearly saving of having a smart meter is far, far smaller than a days wages lost by having to sit in and wait for installation! They have now taken to cold calling at my house too!!

Anonym2017-02-26 02:44:59

Called my elderly mother, who is already inundated with nuisance calls. I called back and discovered that it was SSE about smartmeters. There is an option to remove your number from their calling list, which I did.......option 2.

Anonym2017-02-14 21:13:33

Sse wanting to install smart meter . Don't have one they are bad for your health. Google smart meters and ****electricity.

Anonym2017-02-10 03:40:09

Obviously SSE on a Bank Holiday as well....recorded message re smart meter.

Anonym2017-02-01 14:05:58

SSE calling they are calling me on average every two days harassing me to have a smart meter after I have advised them months ago that I do not want one. When I told the call centre member that I would report SSE To OFCOM he stated that I had a bad attitude, this is a call centre work around so that they can terminate calls they do not want to process. I now ignore the calls and am no longer with this company, who obviously have no idea about customer service is. Need to provide training to their call centre staff. Avoid SSE as a supplier.

Anonym2017-02-01 09:05:01

SSE hounding us for death meters. Industry funded flawed tests, they are not safe. These will cause cancer dementia etc do not get them installed folks

Anonym2017-01-25 00:34:03

Called today. I don't answer these type calls, screen them, so came on here to find out who it was. Seems SSE I have filled in the contact form on SSE website for a smartmeter a few weeks ago so have no problem with them calling. SHAME they didn't leave a message or identify themselves. Have put the number into my phone as 'smartmeter' so next time they call will answer. As I said, SHAME THEY DIDN'T IDENTIFY THEMSELVES so I could pick-up the phone

Anonym2017-01-14 18:35:35

Many nuisance calls day in day out. It believe from SSE Power, who are trying to sell smart meters. I am not with SSE and already have such a meter.

Anonym2017-01-08 16:02:53

Didnt get to phone in time. There was a message. It was the operator saying 'so you're not interested then ...you sure? I'm going to play a game of solitaire now and finish my tea. He was then heard to be having a jokey conversation with another operator about the message he had just left

Anonym2017-01-04 09:12:37

SSE, wanting to install a smart meter

Anonym2016-12-30 06:44:48


Anonym2016-12-29 11:33:59

No message ever left, but keep calling, a bloody nuisance. From your website appears to be SSE, I told them months ago I do not want their meter. Willblock future calls

Anonym2016-12-24 00:10:25


Anonym2016-12-22 14:58:30


Anonym2016-12-21 20:03:56

SSE attempting to book smart meter installation have called up to 4 times a day every day for the past week, I missed all but the last call where I politely suggested where they could insert their smart meter. Anyone considering a smart meter from SSE should read ALL the terms and conditions, some are well hidden and difficult to find on their website. Shocking what they are trying to do.

Anonym2016-12-02 16:12:49

Persistent scammer

Anonym2016-11-09 19:27:59

SSE about a smart meter - asked for my wife as she is the person on the bill. Lady told me what it was for and when I said we didn't want one I got told she couldn't deal with me...?? Since my wife told them we don't want one, they have not called back.

Anonym2016-10-12 11:51:42

Called twice today within 10 minutes- Spoke very uickly bu tI think he got my name wrong - insisted I have smart meter fitted as team in the area and they are from SSE (which is my supplier) asked for DoB and Address which i declined and suggested he give me a direct number to call him back and I can check it with SSE first. Then an undignified exchange whereby he said "I could give you any number, what difference would it make if you don't believe i am from SSE" so he didn't give me number in the end i sprinted to PC and put number in google and read all this feedback!!- Clearly a scam to get personal details -DO NOT GIVE THEM

Anonym2016-10-06 06:39:38

Rang my mobile, I didn't answer but they left a voicemail. I am not an SSE customer

Anonym2016-09-26 09:07:43

This number rang me several times and didn't leave a message on the answaphone so I checked it out on here!

Anonym2016-09-19 14:41:30

Tiresome business. SSE don't take no for an answer. As with other posters I am suspicious why the company is so keen to install these things. I could paper my toilet with the letters SSE have sent me me urging installation of a smart metre. I make it a policy never to buy anything over the phone. End of story. Have now blocked the number

Anonym2016-09-15 18:09:12

Told them I didn't want a smart meter....NOW or in the Future.....Aaarh!!! they still keep calling

Anonym2016-08-29 08:29:39

Claimed to be making an appointment for a smart meter. Keep calling me. I have blocked there number and now I get voicemail which I have listened to and there is no message just background noise.

Anonym2016-08-15 18:00:15

Rang me,but the line went dead after I said hello....!! Now I know who it is I won't be answering it again....

Anonym2016-07-20 17:13:48

several calls over three days, v annoying SSE re smart meter

Anonym2016-07-16 01:19:57

Told them I didn't want a smart meter....NOW or in the Future.....Aaarh!!! they still keep calling

Anonym2016-07-03 19:48:53

Phoned me three times today but I was unaware of the calls until I checked my ‘calls information’ on my BT8500 Advanced Call Blocker landline. Need to have caller display but phone (two handsets)cost around £40.00 from John Lewis, Instructions for use easy to follow....and it works! When I first got this phone around two years ago and checked my ‘calls information’ there were sometimes as many as 10 calls blocked. On checking, I found all we’re cold, nuisance or scam calls. Now when I check I may see 1, or as today, 2 calls with a Red Cross against them. Checked and found it to be this number - suspect, like all the others they’ll give up trying after a while. Has it’s drawbacks as callers not included in your call list have to give their name but we’ll worth the effort!

Anonym2016-06-27 12:22:32

I didn't answer but i got a voicemail from a recorded automated message, something about smart meters ... deleted and blocked

Anonym2016-06-12 16:44:52

Sse, they can’t even install in my house

Anonym2016-06-10 18:17:59

Looks like SSE. 4 times a day..I don't answer Getting really fed up.

Anonym2016-06-06 17:41:47

Always call when in work but becoming a daily routine

Anonym2016-05-08 19:53:29

Claiming to be from Sse hydro wanting to instal a smart metre. Wanted my to give name, address, DOB

Anonym2016-04-30 14:47:57

It was SSE, or an agent of theirs. They put a card through the door a few weeks ago asking for a date to install a smart meter but none of their time slots were available so I binned it. When they rang today, I didn't answer but googled the number, found out who it was and called them back. The girl who answered said she would put me on to someone who knew what I was banging on about but disappeared for her tea break so, not wanting to use up any more of my mobile minutes, I put the phone down and, bearing in mind the above comments, blocked the number. They can write to me again if they want to set a date but I don't want a smart meter in any case.

Anonym2016-04-28 04:18:55

smart meter

Anonym2016-04-21 01:35:05

I got a load of calls from this number that I didn't answer, checked on here and saw it was SSE smart meter (which I had enquired about) so answered the next call - booked an appointment for 1600-1800 on 25th September. They didnt turn up. Contacted SSE via chat this morning and they said that someone rang them and cancelled the appointment (it wasnt me). I gave the girl the number that rang me and she said it isn't one of theirs - even though when you ring it it says thanks for ringing SSE. Seems that a fairly well drilled scam is working. I knew I shouldnt have trusted the Geordie chav on the end of the phone when I was speaking to him, sounded like he was ringing from the side of a motorway

Anonym2016-04-15 09:39:52

Wanted my personal details

Anonym2016-04-12 23:34:29

Goes to answer. Never leaves a message... Calls twice a week on average

Anonym2016-03-30 12:28:32

I was under the impression that cold calling was now a fineable offence. If the main phone companies are aware of these calls (and the govt. regulator). Then why can they not be stopped. As for SSE, they should not be allowed to say this is not us but a third party, they should stop these third parties using their name. I now block all these calls, but I do miss abusing the call centre staff.

Anonym2016-03-23 23:32:27

I answered the phone to this number and there was just silence on the other end, then they hung up.

Anonym2016-03-23 07:55:28

SSE with wrong number

Anonym2016-03-21 21:49:47

Smart Meter SSE floggers. Threatened to get a warrant if we didn't comply to get a smart meter. Absolute throbber on the phone.

Anonym2016-03-21 07:05:30

Foreign sounding bloke who said he was from SSE and quoted the postcode or our rental property. He said it was a courtesy call checking the details were correct, which made me very wary as SSE/SWALEC usually write if there is a query. He wanted my full name and date of birth. At that point I told him that I would never give that information over the phone and that I was going to finish my tea. I put the phone down on him. Makes me wonder where they get the information from.

Anonym2016-03-19 05:07:16

Left me a voicemail after i had cancelled the call. Voicemail was a man going "HEEEEH HEEH HEEH" going by other messages i'd received an email earlier in the day from SSE about smart meters. Looks like the same patter.

Anonym2016-03-10 04:14:02

SSE Smart Meter Team

Anonym2016-03-04 16:52:05

Unknown did not leave a message.From information on this site, it seems to have been SSE touting smart meters

Anonym2016-02-26 18:57:49

I had a call today from this number. I don't want a smart meter either. My reason is because I am highly suspicious of their motives. They've been spending a fortune on radio and TV advertising pushing smart meters and telling us that it's all for our benefit - that's rubbish. It'll make THEIR lives easier and reduce THEIR costs, not ours. Also - what's to stop them 'tweaking' up your smart meter on a regular basis to increase your usage and therefore increase your bills? DON'T FIT A SMART METER!!

Anonym2016-02-25 14:54:27

Rung on mobile. All my numbers are with TPS so I should not be getting these calls. No idea who they are, but they are now blocked!

Anonym2016-02-24 15:16:59

some kind of scammer trying to get personal details. Claimed to be from energy supplier but my supplier always sends letters to me to get in contact!

Anonym2016-02-21 05:18:00


Anonym2016-02-19 06:17:08

Thanks to the feedback on this site , i'm not picking up the phone when this number keeeeps! calling (and on my cell phone!) It rings 3 x a day and for the last 2 weeks. They seem to call daily for a month + , then stop for a few weeks, and then start again! Thanks everyone..

Anonym2016-02-16 08:11:05

Unknown possibly SSE did not answer mg mobile as if showed possible spam then got call on landline did not leave message. Came here will now block as I do not want a smart meter

Anonym2016-02-09 22:47:11

They called twice yesterday, three times so far today. ,they are a total pain thankfully my phone blocks their calls.

Anonym2016-01-28 04:51:29

Sse trying to get smart meters fitted - wont take no for an answer

Anonym2016-01-27 11:16:24

SSE Smart meter call. Blocked. Contacted them and said I would move supplier if they kept trying to contact me re: Smart Meters. Representative said they would take me off their list.................but guess what...........they have started to hound me again. Time to DUMP SSE!

Anonym2016-01-23 22:51:50

this no calls every day ,never answer it

Anonym2016-01-18 11:33:25

Unknown company calling on behalf of ‘your’ electric company, in my case, they claimed to be hydro, it was for a smart meter installation... I won’t allow it, and if they try and force it I will be going to a smaller company who don’t have the infrastructure for such frivolity, smart meters only help big business moving towards a structure of having higher rates during specific times peak times, micro management of the consumption per unit price is the end game being lobbied, ps, they are entirely safe in respects to electric magnetic fields, with love... an electrician

Anonym2016-01-15 18:33:57

SSE called about smart meters on my mobile phone I am certainly not interested.

Anonym2016-01-03 18:44:57

This is SSE offering to install a free smart meter as part of a government incentive

Anonym2016-01-03 10:49:08

Harassment - called them back to ask for my number to be removed - theyt wanted me to go and do it using my account details, , , when I informed them I would charge them 50 pounds a minute for my time in doing this , they weren't very happy , and refused to help ;p

Anonym2015-12-26 06:03:02

This company are a pain in the ass, my husband has told them to stop harassing me as i'm not the account holder and I don't want a bloody smart meter, it stopped for a few weeks and now it's started again twice a day they ring but I've never answered it but I know where I would like to shove their smart meter

Anonym2015-12-25 11:02:43

Foreign sounding bloke who said he was from SSE and quoted the postcode or our rental property. He said it was a courtesy call checking the details were correct, which made me very wary as SSE/SWALEC usually write if there is a query. He wanted my full name and date of birth. At that point I told him that I would never give that information over the phone and that I was going to finish my tea. I put the phone down on him. Makes me wonder where they get the information from.

Anonym2015-12-22 10:15:04

0345 072 4281 keeps calling but due to comments on here I don’t answer. Will block now

Anonym2015-12-19 23:24:53

SSE smart meters, I rang and issued a complaint against the company for harassment, and have now escalated the complaint as they have not yet removed my number from the calling list. I am now saving all communication emails I have sent to SSE, and will be forwarding them on to the chief executive of SSE. Now receiving harassing emails so will contact watchdog. My number is on TPS list to prevent harassing sales calls but they have ignored this, hence escalation of complaint. SSE denied using the 0345 number, but has since admitted it has come from Smart meter call centre, don't be bullied or harassed take action.

Anonym2015-12-17 20:15:34

Just had a call from this number. Unknown as far as I was concerned but from previous comments would appear also to be cold calling from SSE. No message left on answer phone. If they're that interested they can write .... otherwise go whistle !

Anonym2015-12-15 22:23:15

Unknown - called 15;14 24/07/18 - elderly vulnerable person answered who couldn't hear anything being said and caller disconnected

Anonym2015-12-03 04:34:02

03450724281 claiming to be SSE wanting to fit a smart meter. Refused to give them details as don't want one but they were very persistent - I hung up eventually obviously dodgy !

Anonym2015-12-01 00:25:01

Southern Electric calling about a smart meter, I had enquired about it before so didn't mind taking this call.

Anonym2015-11-28 02:20:39

SSE. I'm renting, and neither I - more importantly my landlord! - want their smart meter. Have blocked the number.

Anonym2015-11-24 23:41:24

SSE Smart Meter Install (AGAIN!) No i don't want one.

Anonym2015-11-12 22:28:42

Rang me, but 2 rings and disconnected. Give me time to answer !

Anonym2015-11-08 11:11:13

03450724281 keeps calling. If they want me why don't they leave a message

Anonym2015-10-31 15:02:06

Looking at the above comments it’s clearly SSE regarding smart meters. They send me letters monthly or twice a month regarding this, I will be getting a smart meter when I’m ready... I haven’t looked into the benefits of having 1 as of yet but know many who have been able to save money with getting 1.

Anonym2015-10-30 07:41:52

Introduced herself as SSE but I suspect she works for an agency trying to persuade people to have a smart meter.Should be easy to tell them to stop calling but from what others have writte it just is not so. OFCOM are not doing their job.

Anonym2015-10-25 09:48:33

This number 03450724281 has left messages on my home phone for the past three days. The female Geordie voice said it was SSE calling and that it is imperative that I call them back to arrange the fitting of my new Smart Meter. I have no intention of ringing them back OR having a smart meter fitted now or at any time in the future.

Anonym2015-10-21 05:42:30

Half of a voice mail leaving a number to cancel their calls, 0345 is a premium number, so SSE go away.

Anonym2015-10-20 12:44:39


Anonym2015-10-19 03:46:19

1 call yesterday and 2 calls today, only two rings then hang up, didnt answer. From previous comments it appears to be SSE. They sent me a letter regarding smart meter months ago, dont want one. Already blocked this number

Anonym2015-10-16 08:30:56

Someone phoned from this number, judging by the comments if its from SSE ringing about Smart Meters, am really not interested so glad i missed the call!

Anonym2015-10-15 20:10:58

SSE calling about installing a smart meter. They ring me every single day, sometimes 2-3 times. Have blocked the number so it no longer rings, but it is frustrating to see that they are still calling.

Anonym2015-09-19 12:14:00

Hard sell from young lady claiming to be scottish hydro calling to arrange installation of new smart meter - didnt even ask if i wanted one. could see how elderl;y could be conned into thinking they had to comply - appalling. when i asked her if she was paid a commision on sales she clammed up. Told her straight didnt want one as i had no intention to stick to one supplier. The sound of her chewing gum as she drawled her sales pitch was enough for me. GAVE HER MY SALES PITCH...NOPE NOT INTERESTED.

Anonym2015-09-06 16:50:33

SSE calling they are calling me on average every two days harassing me to have a smart meter after I have advised them months ago that I do not want one. When I told the call centre member that I would report SSE To OFCOM he stated that I had a bad attitude, this is a call centre work around so that they can terminate calls they do not want to process. I now ignore the calls and am no longer with this company, who obviously have no idea about what customer service is. Need to provide training to their call centre staff. Avoid SSE as a supplier.

Anonym2015-09-03 12:01:25

Always on the land line can be morning or afternoon. Never leave a message so therefore l never answer it.

Anonym2015-08-21 23:56:11

?0345 072 4281? I’m with SSE but I didn't answer the call as I didn't recognise the number.

Anonym2015-08-16 01:35:29

Geordie accent guy said he wanted to arrange a date to fit a smart meter. I have never requested one so was immediately suspicious. He wanted my address and DOB for security which I did not give, I asked him for information to verify he was bonafide. He gave me a phone number which I did not ring. I am not with the company he claimed to be calling from either. Immediately looked up his number on internet. Looks like its a scam.

Anonym2015-08-15 22:59:59

It is as bad through the post. They just won't give up. We the public are harassed day in and day out. Will we be any better outside of our membership of the EU? No doubt it.

Anonym2015-08-09 03:36:05

Interesting to read the thread. Constant harrassment on my work, home and office phones. We cant get a smart meter because we dont have a strong enough mobile signal but they call sometimes multiple times per day.

Anonym2015-07-30 03:06:42

Called but got the answer phone left no message I added them to junk on 1572

Anonym2015-07-23 01:54:44

Yet another call to have a smart meter,take my advice ...be smart and don't have one! Constant harassment from this number. ,usually when I am up a ladder...

Anonym2015-07-18 01:45:19

SSE . Calling constantly few times a day . I have told them I am not interested but they keeping calling still. 3 calls today so far.

Anonym2015-07-18 00:31:01

SSE asking me about Smart Meters. When I told them my property isn’t suitable, and I told them that earlier in the year, the woman on the phone starting asking for my account details. Seemed strange considering they must have had access my account to make the call in the first place. Number blocked.

Anonym2015-07-16 05:22:10

This number called a few days ago. Out at the time and no message left. It appears to be a genuine number associated with SSE Smart meters campaign. Be warned that they may be free to install but no one has mentioned in the previous comments that it's going to cost you to remove the Smart meter if you want to change supplier in the future!!!! Calls not directly from SSE but from a call centre on high commission I expect.

Anonym2015-06-28 22:46:02

SSE touting for business. I thought cold calling was illegal. They have called 3 times today and once yesterday.

Anonym2015-06-14 09:52:23

Dying to speak to them after 8 attempts in 5 days. Called me today on Good Friday. I loved it. I loved her squirming and wriggling out my questions. She didn't have a clue how to respond. Sorry if she was one of your daughters, a wife, a sister, girlfriend et all. She was calling due to the Government incentive. Best silence was when l said l was acknowledging the worship of Jesus on this holiest of days and was she aware of this? "It's a free service" was her reply. Bring it on.

Anonym2015-06-03 22:06:47

I am another who gets this caller quite regularly. If I do speak to them I will explain that I can solve their problem by changing supplier. We the users have the upper hand, we can cause chaos by changing our supplier regularly and forcing them into lots of paperwork.

Anonym2015-05-31 12:45:16

Not sure who they are as I do not answer calls not listed in my contacts (unless pre-arranged). Called a few times so number now blocked!

Anonym2015-05-21 21:20:03

Pressure selling by SSE. Not would I like a smart meter, said they were phoning to arrange a time to fit one. - Ok, when hell freezes over...

Anonym2015-05-16 19:49:36


Anonym2015-05-10 03:46:32

Block just sales wonting your lifes details

Anonym2015-04-12 02:35:33

Warning this number appears to be a scam.

Anonym2015-04-07 08:38:59

this is sse trying to install a smart meter. dont want one

Anonym2015-03-31 19:49:23


Anonym2015-03-29 03:13:23

A man don't know who he was, said there was a problem with the signal and would ring back

Anonym2015-03-29 03:00:00

0345 072 4281 SSE smart meter brainwashing call Got enough gadgets emmitting microwaves without the need of a dumb meter !!

Anonym2015-03-28 21:21:20

They keep calling my mother in law who has dementia even though I've told them to remove her name from their calling list.

Anonym2015-03-24 23:47:49

SSE calling about Smart meters

Anonym2015-03-23 00:35:25

Calls 2-3 times daily but never leaves a message which I find rude if they want me that bad leave your details, I believe it is sse pushing smart meters which I don't think anyone really wants

Anonym2015-03-22 02:54:08

Even though we cant have a smart meter fitted as we live in an eco house with bio -mas boiler snd solar power, they have continued to call to arrange a fitting.. deny that they can't fit one... even though they sent an engineer out who stood there scratching his head as he had never seen our power set up before. He had to call for help.SSE

Anonym2015-03-14 02:22:45

Yep it's another scam. He asked me for my details and I said give me your details or something about me for security and said unfortunately don't have you email address on file ....i said if you can't prove who you are why should I prove who I am ...so sod off..i hung up

Anonym2015-03-11 09:04:52

they called today said they were SSE re smart meter. After agreeing to get one installed he then could not get his system to accept the date so said he would call back. I have blocked his number.After checking on here I am wary,

Anonym2015-03-02 21:28:45

Polite man wanting to speak to someone, with an unpronounceable name. He said he was calling from SSE. I'm so used to scams, I said goodbye. Then checked the number on this site

Anonym2015-02-24 07:28:58

Call from SSE to arrange installation of smart meters. I checked with SSE themselves afterwards and it is a legitimate number.

Anonym2015-02-13 09:31:45

They want to install a smart meter. I told them I don't want one. This is the second time they've called even after I said not to bother me again! Number now blocked!

Anonym2015-02-05 16:01:10

2 missed calls today but I will not be having no smart meter either!

Anonym2015-02-03 22:28:04

SSE Electric about smart meters. They’re not compulsory or required by government at all. You can opt out of having one. I had this confirmed with them. There just trying to tell you you do so they can help the government monitor you.

Anonym2015-01-26 05:28:00

Claimed to represent SSE. Asked me for 1st 4 lines of address ("A security question"!) I asked if she had the address in front of her, "Yes".I told her 1st 2 lines and said, "Now, a security question for you. What are the next 2 lines". She was "not allowed to tell me". I said that a) This was a cold call and b) that she had failed to answer a security question to show that she was genuine, so the conversation could go no further.

Anonym2015-01-24 16:55:48

Calling repeatedly. I've answered a couple of times but no one has spoken. Annoying. Grateful to who-called.co.uk for telling me who is responsible.

Anonym2015-01-24 00:30:50


Anonym2015-01-18 01:31:42

unknown hang up when answered

Anonym2015-01-11 00:20:59

I have blocked this number but they somehow manage to bypass the block.. it is about fitting a smart meter which I do not want after hearing about how ill they make you..people if you are reading this then I suggest that you go onto YouTube and listen to a documentary called the dark side of smart meters which is hosted by many top scientists...these things give off high doses of 5g radiation when 5g goes live...if you do not know about the damage these things cause then I suggest all should go and watch YouTube now and see how much bad publicity they are getting..

Anonym2015-01-09 10:16:08

Called 6 times in 3 days, can't something be done to stop them

Anonym2015-01-06 08:22:29

SSE called from this number regarding fitting a smart meter. They had called several days earlier and I told them I didn't want a smart meter, and would never want a smart meter. So why would they ring me again to see if I wanted a smart meter?? id**ts! PS....I still don't want a smart meter.

Anonym2015-01-03 22:11:28

I have solar power and have been told I can't have a smart meter. Told them this before and told them to remove my number from their database. They still keep calling. Their billing systems and awful too. Block their calls and don't use their energy either.

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rang me at 2am when I rang back it said number invalid rang me again today at 11.30am man answered said hello twice I asked who it was so he hung up I rang straight back number invalid again?

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