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Who called me 07935698494

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Phone number: 07935698494
Country: UK
Region: UK
Kind of number: Mobile
Operator: O2
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If you know the number 07935698494 and you want to share this information with other Internet users, leave your comment. Remember that according to the law in force, at the request of the owner of the phone, the comment may be removed and in specific cases the phone number may be blocked in our database.

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Comments for the number 07935698494

anonym2019-02-16 04:18:34

mary brown

anonym2019-02-16 04:18:34

fake IRS debt threatening call

anonym2019-02-16 04:18:34

They straight up came out ta no where and said aye bitch and when I asked who it was they said me bitch tf you asking for

anonym2019-02-16 04:18:34

Spammer with no value - blocked the number. PLEASE STATE YOUR NAME AND GLOBAL VOICE WILL TRY TO CONNECT YOU! Are you kidding me!!

anonym2019-02-16 04:18:34

01204 918855. caller did not speak. I eventually hung up.

anonym2019-02-16 04:18:34

Just looking

anonym2019-02-16 04:18:34

Number calling me don't know who it is

anonym2019-02-16 04:18:34

I just been getting called from it late at night

anonym2019-02-16 04:18:34

Threatened automated phone calls without saying who they are speaking of legal action.

anonym2019-02-16 04:18:34

unknown foreign caller - seems suspicious to me

Anonym2019-02-04 06:40:57

Keep calling me but thanks to this feed back blocked the number

Anonym2019-02-04 00:55:19

Tel call rcvd on mobile while at work. Guy with accent claiming to be from Citizens Advice. Said name was Garry Jones... When I questioned him he said he had been looking at my facebook profile and knew I had just been dumped by my ex and had been crying (i have actually been happily married for several years!). He wanted to propose to me, told me creepy things like I have a s**y voice and I am really hot. At this point I have my phone on speakerphone in the office so we are all listening. Incredibly creepy pervert style talking. I have no idea why he didn't hang up as we were all laughing and taking the micky out of him! Had to hang up after 20 minutes as getting bored by his repetitions.

Anonym2019-02-03 17:51:58

called saying from credit investigation services. apparently I have debt, when I told him he was in breach of Data Protection he told me how dare I teach him, I asked to speak to his manager when he replied he was the manager. he rattled off my address and said he was sending the police to my door and was taking legal action against me. when that didn't get a reaction he told me to f**k off you motherf**ker

Anonym2019-01-30 14:56:42

Be careful as when you block this number they change it slightly and try again. Now trying to call me from 07935698492 just the last digit changed but same people. Blocked this number too.

Anonym2019-01-20 22:03:09

?07935 698494? You six and I’ll speak to Mr ????? and I said White white whitew Where do you get my number and my name and He put the phone down

Anonym2019-01-14 16:04:34

Called three times in quick succession because I cancelled the call, have no wish to be harassed at work. Pleased I didn't respond after reading these comments.

Anonym2019-01-10 11:57:00

Harassment calls

Anonym2019-01-02 21:51:12

07935698494 asked for me by name and stated they were calling from citizens advice bureau and they had been given information that I had debts I was paying off. Told them I was debt free so were mis informed and wasn't interested then hung straight up on them and blocked number

Anonym2018-12-11 17:12:59


Anonym2018-11-19 02:07:10

tried their own medicine... called them back with no caller ID about 10 times and kept hanging up...then they decided to call me back again but with no caller ID too! i can play at this game too M****f****b**ches!!

Anonym2018-11-13 22:55:05

From reading the comments I'm glad I didn't pick up. Definitely going on the block list.

Anonym2018-11-02 06:08:48

I've had two call''s from this number now . First on Friday the 6th of October . second today Monday 9th of October . Both times it was an Asian guy called sesh claiming to be from the Citizens Advice Bureau knew my name and and that I'm in debt and said the names of some of the debts I have . Told him he call Friday and I was not interested then and I'm not interested now he told me he did not call Friday and this was the first time he has ever called (all my calls are recorded) also told me if I did not go ahead with the help my creditors would take me to court and make me pay in full . When I told him all my creditors had agreed to the payments I was makING and that they are happy as I have received correspondence from them he hung up

Anonym2018-10-30 08:18:43

claimed to be from CAB asking about debts when questioned he was abusive and hung up.... blocked

Anonym2018-10-22 19:37:44

Asian guy claiming to be from CAB. Was saying I had unsecured debts and they can help. When I asked if he can prove he was CAB because I believe you are a liar he swiftly hang up.

Anonym2018-10-21 04:26:55

African said he was from credit investigation unit, said I had unsecured debts. Told him I was registered with gov tps and I was going to report him, put the phone down, will report them as someone elderly could really be taken in. s*cm on the sewers of the world.

Anonym2018-10-19 07:55:21

An Indian man claiming yo be from citizens advice

Anonym2018-10-15 01:15:41

After having 2 missed calls from this number (07935698494), I decided to research the number - Found this page and was ready to have it out with these guys next time they called - not being verbally abused over the phone and wanted them to delete my details. Of course they called again, spoke to someone named 'Neil' who advised he had been sent my profile and if I was 100% certain I had no debt. I said no please delete my details, to y surprise he apologised for wasting my time and confirmed they would be deleted! Doubt it will be! Best just block - obviously massive scammers

Anonym2018-10-14 13:45:19

Repeatly called by this number & swiftly followed by a call from this number 01925 563930. I did try to call the mobile number back yesterday after a missed call from them but it doesn't work & the call is cancelled straight away.

Anonym2018-10-11 20:22:54

low life

Anonym2018-10-08 07:25:46


Anonym2018-09-30 21:41:13

Indian guy knew my name. Apparently I'm in debt haha. Scam!

Anonym2018-09-25 19:28:35

Since blocking 07840 521249 and 07840 521248 I then also had calls from this number! Beware same scammers, they just keep changing phone numbers!

Anonym2018-09-22 22:15:33

Called me on viber tried to call back call didn’t go through

Anonym2018-09-13 17:38:05

they called me like 5 times from different numbers,..always the same guy Jeff...

Anonym2018-09-05 02:51:36

Indian man called asking for me he repeated my name twice i said speaking he said he was from some consumer government company i said i am at work he replied f**k you f**k you f**king b*tch Not a nice person number BLOCKED

Anonym2018-09-03 02:05:11

Had numerous calls from this number and also 07518 587 791. Called saying it was someone from CAB and that I had outstanding debt, which I don't. Now blocked!

Anonym2018-08-18 06:53:41

Just had a call from someone. When I challenged him and asked he to take my name off the list he called me. F******g Idiot. Not happy.

Anonym2018-07-17 00:31:12

Called but I did not answer. So pleased given the feedback on here. Blocked.

Anonym2018-07-16 03:42:56


Anonym2018-07-15 12:17:01

I received a phone call from this number in the morning. A man with Indian accent asked for me by saying my correct full name. He said that he is calling from the "credit fraud department". I challenged him by asking him "department of which company?", he hanged up without answering my question.

Anonym2018-07-14 07:30:51

Indian guy called saying he was from DRF and that I had insecure debt of £6000. When I questioned him asking who I owed and tell me more information he shouted f**k your ass ok, f**k your ass....and hung up.

Anonym2018-07-13 05:13:00

Clearly fraudulent call, claiming to call on behalf of the UK Government from a mobile number. When I asked him for his department and work landline number he confirmed the phone number he was calling from was computer generated. I confirmed I would be reporting him to the police and that the call was obviously fraudulent so he hung up.

Anonym2018-07-12 18:04:59

Claming to be from the citizen advice bureau asking if I had any outstanding debt when I said no he questioned if I had and bank, overdrafts loans council tax sort of debt I said no he said no problem and hung up very worrying it came from a mobile number

Anonym2018-07-10 06:05:29


Anonym2018-07-07 16:14:00

This number is a scam, saying from citizens advice!! They knew my name which is quite worrying and said about debt when I said nicely NO thank you, she put the phone down on me, have now blocked, they call of a mobile number which I didnt even think not to answer, I will think twice again before answering mobile numbers I don't know ?????

Anonym2018-06-30 20:06:24

Rings repeatedly, hanging up every time. Tried calling back and just cancels call. Blocking as has now called me 6 times in 5 hours and obviously a scammer scrum from the comments here.

Anonym2018-06-17 06:17:52

Very abusive!

Anonym2018-06-16 11:13:57

Said he was calling from citizens advice bureau. I replied i knew he why lying and i was going to report him, we argued for a bit about how much joy he must get from his job, he called me stupid, said he was going to call me 5 times a day then hung up

Anonym2018-06-10 19:00:15

This person is rude and full of it.. Calls constantly saying I owe debts and is rather abrupt want me to verify my name and details seems to get very perturbed when I wont . I have now blocked the stupid idiot, the trouble is he will keep doing this until the powers that be DO SOMETHING TO STOP HIM....

Anonym2018-06-06 07:35:20

some indian sounding guy claming to be from CAB said i was in some sort of debt. when challenged that he was not from CAB he started getting abusive. Scammer. watch out!

Anonym2018-06-04 04:57:16

Asian guy about credit or something. Told him the call was being recorded ..he proceeded to tell me I had a very s**y voice and asked if I was married. Got a piece of my mind especially as signed up to TPS so shouldn't get these calls ..hung up and blocked!

Anonym2018-05-26 02:17:14

An Asian woman knew my name and said she was from citizens advice and told me I had debts (i dont) She then went on to ask me how much debt I had. When I challenged her she put the phone down.

Anonym2018-05-22 17:09:46

Had this number phone me 8 times since 8 am annoying now doesn't even speak when answered

Anonym2018-05-11 21:30:53

Well well well after reading some the comments cannot believe the cheek of it, this was an Asian man calling from UK advice and said he was working for the government, said he could clear debt, asked if I was a home owner, told him I am not comfortable answering questions from a call on my mobile don't even know who your are, PLEASE BEWARE

Anonym2018-05-10 20:40:22

Keep calling and hanging up 6 time in the last 2 day

Anonym2018-04-27 04:39:07

Silent call. I have tried to call back but calls dropped off immediately. Another group of scammers / nuisance.

Anonym2018-04-25 03:50:51

Keeps calling from different numbers to try and catch you out clearly they are scammers and I think that it is time that's the government did something about these nuisance phone calls and third parties giving peoples numbers out should be against the law if you have given a company your number then that company should not be allowed to pass your number on to anybody else

Anonym2018-04-22 06:33:55

'Mark' rang and asked if I had any credit cards or loans outstanding. Told him that I don't talk about financial matters over the phone.

Anonym2018-04-15 05:45:14

Some Asian man claiming I am in debt, same number continuously ringing for a good few weeks now, when I’ve cslled it back before it just cuts off, but I answered this time and find him saying I’m in debt, as soon as I said no I don’t think so he hung up. Weird. Don’t answer and block!

Anonym2018-04-11 00:45:53

The person just called and hang up on me

Anonym2018-04-08 15:37:10

Just hung up when i answered. Blocked.

Anonym2018-04-08 05:44:21

Whoever this was called me 3 times 1st on viber...the missed called me normally?? I tried to call back but didn't even connect. Strange. From reading the comments seems like some nuisance calls and will not entertain.

Anonym2018-04-04 13:46:27

Keeps calling and hangs up when I answer. Just rings off when I tried to call back.

Anonym2018-04-01 17:49:36

told me i had a tax rebate and wanted my bank details.

Anonym2018-03-27 04:18:34

They called me and I answered. I asked them a number of times what there name was, what company they worked for and why they were even calling me but they didn't answer any of the questions. First time they rang me they started being rude when I questioned them so I had some choice words to say then hung up. They called me back straight after and said that he needed to go through some things, I just hung up. Number is now BLOCKED!

Anonym2018-03-26 21:10:04

An Indian woman claiming to be from citizens advice to talk about my outstanding debts!!! scam!

Anonym2018-03-20 07:34:08

Guy said he was from credit bureau and I had multiple debts on my credit file. I said I was not interested and at work and I hung up. He called me straight back demanding to know why I was not interested ! I lost my temper and shouted "how dare he call me back !" and he hung up - maybe scared of women ?? SCAM !!!

Anonym2018-03-06 14:10:01

No one on the other end when answered....after reading comments it will now be blocked!

Anonym2018-03-05 00:26:07

I was told they were calling from the Citizens Advice Bureau, that they had got hold of my credit profile and seen that I have outstanding and that I had to pay them because the bailiffs were coming to my house. I told him to remove my number form the database and not to call me again. I hung up and he called straight back, quiet aggressively telling me the bailiffs were coming. When i told him he had broken the law by calling me back and that I was going to the police he said, "you do that then"

Anonym2018-03-04 23:08:46

I had this number call . Asked me if I was having a good day. I said I would be if I stopped getting nuisance calls. The person in the the other end said " f**k off stupid lady"

Anonym2018-02-19 03:42:28

Asian man called knew my name said he was from the C.A.B about debts i had. He asked how much my debts were i said 4.2million. He asked what i payed monthly i said 100k he said if i pay him 200k into his bank he will reduce my debts by 2million. Kept calling me a millionaire saying he wanted to help me spend more money. He gave me his name postcode and a bank number.

Anonym2018-02-12 18:35:53

Indian sounding man telling me I had a lot of unsecured debts and he could help me to write them off. Got quite cross when I said that I was totally happy with my financial situation and didn't need his help! He then got very defensive when I told him writing off debts plays havoc with your credit score. I told him not to call me again and hung up on him. DON'T answer this number!!

Anonym2018-02-06 22:16:13

he called me too I just hang up and blocked the number

Anonym2018-02-05 17:37:44

Called my mobile and quoted my name before starting to waffle, I said before you say anymore please tell me which company you are calling from.......caller then hung up. Number now barred,

Anonym2018-02-02 05:00:50

He phoned me today asking me to pay for my debt very dangerous guy please block but what is really shocking is that he knew my full name!!!

Anonym2018-01-28 12:08:23

They don't speak when you answer. You can't ring them back and you can't text the number. Clear harassing or scam and should be blocked....

Anonym2018-01-27 07:41:46

"Credit Investigation" said details given by my Bank about unsecured outstanding debts i don't so i asked for it in writing and he put the phone down BLOCKED

Anonym2018-01-26 05:22:31

Lady called claiming to be from Citizens Advice Bureau - had my name - said she was calling regarding my debt on loans and credit cards. Told her I did not have any - she put the phone down.

Anonym2018-01-24 20:34:29

Asian man claiming to be from citizens advice with regards to unsecured debt (BLOCKED)!

Anonym2018-01-19 05:09:26

Indian sounding bloke, said I had debts, think I'd know if I had, worrying because he knew my name, it's a scam to get personal details about your financial situation I would say. I advise everyone to block this number, I don't usually answer unknown numbers, won't again ! Beware everyone!

Anonym2018-01-06 09:16:33

Idiots have rang me three times in the las 24 hours. Last call was some woman who said my name and started laughing

Anonym2017-12-26 16:58:53

Didn’t answer googled number comes up credit investigation dept scam. Now been blocked.

Anonym2017-12-19 06:15:10

Asian man telling me I have debts that he can sort out. Asked for me by name. But the phone down on me when I said I didn’t have debts!!!!!

Anonym2017-12-12 07:29:55

Nuisance call when call back totally blocked possibly not legitimate...

Anonym2017-12-11 08:59:53

I received a phone call from this number in the morning. A man with Indian accent asked for me by saying my correct full name. He said that he is calling from the "credit fraud department". I challenged him by asking him "department of which company?", he hanged up without answering my question.

Anonym2017-12-08 13:29:05

Called also from 07518 587 791 claiming from Citizens Advice Bureau that they have my debts details ??? and I have to pay. Do not know what I have to pay for as I did not bother to listen full bullcr**. Asian man introducing himself as Michael. AVOID!

Anonym2017-12-05 03:57:14

Foreign sounding man telling me i had multiple credit card debts and he could write it off taking 70% off any balance enquiries. I searched company online and FCA warn against them. Big scam.

Anonym2017-12-02 19:31:42

Credit Investigation Department? I don't think so. Blocked it.

Anonym2017-11-26 16:29:07

Thank you to this site, I have blocked this number. I don't answer numbers that I don't know anyways, but will block the number now. Thank you

Anonym2017-11-06 03:18:46

Has rung twice today. I didn't answer and they left no message. Have blocked the number having read the information left on here.

Anonym2017-11-03 08:42:23


Anonym2017-11-02 22:18:06

The number called this morning but I dont pick mobile numbers that i dont know . so the same way I did to this. Checked on truecaller it shows credit investigation dept SCAM...hahahaha. Action : BLOCKED

Anonym2017-11-01 01:49:01

07935 698494 Idiot tryed telling me he's from the government debt investigation he starts telling me he's got information that I'm in debt starts babbling loads of crap He asked me how much debt I'm in I said ur ringing from government so you should know how much debt I'm in then he puts the phone down Nobhead !!!!!

Anonym2017-10-27 17:41:03

28 times in 4 hours !!!!

Anonym2017-10-12 05:37:10

irritating and time wasters. They told they are credit investigators, who are they?

Anonym2017-10-05 14:37:17

told me he was the police and I had parking fines to pay and asked for my bank details, told him to f.... off , he hung up.

Anonym2017-09-25 00:01:01

Scanner saying from CAB beware folks... after your bank details

Anonym2017-09-22 02:05:36

Asian 'gentleman' calling from Uk Government debt investigation - outstanding debts BS obvs told him to foxtrot oscar - s*cm

Anonym2017-09-17 18:15:41

Asian man called about debts. I told him I am a millionaire :) (I wish!!j and stop calling me again. He started swearing, but hung up when told to F*** Off.

Anonym2017-09-17 01:29:47

Didnt answer rang off after 7 dial tones

Anonym2017-09-13 05:00:09

Saying I have outstanding debt, I said Nope, then he hung up on me. Blocked!

Anonym2017-09-01 06:08:59

Bloke with an Asian accent called “John” just called from a debt company said that I had debt and he could help out, told him to remove my details and then he got slimy and said I love You.. My husband took the call and said this is being recorded and to remove my details and asked how he was and where he lived.. this is a scam so please do not give any details out!!.... number now blocked!!

Anonym2017-08-31 20:37:25

Has called twice this week, I answered last night and got silence?? Having read the comments I have now blocked, funny as I was comparing prices for insurance earlier this month!!

Anonym2017-08-25 12:22:09

called three times in two days

Anonym2017-08-24 20:38:20

07935698494... this number rings me several times a day. Afte answering they hung up. Tried runging back and you cant...afterr reading these comments iv now blocked.

Anonym2017-08-19 00:26:32


Anonym2017-08-13 14:47:46

Didn't recognise the number so didn't answer then googled it on here and seen EVERYONES COMMENTS SO NOW BLOCKED!!!!

Anonym2017-08-09 21:26:00

The same man called me from 07935698492 on Monday and now called from this number today. Definitely a scam of some sort. Blocked both. We'll see if they have a '6' on the end of their number when they attempt to call back on Monday. Pain in the ass!

Anonym2017-08-04 12:22:06

UK Government Debt recovery something or other. Lady spoke so fast I had to ask her to repeat the company name 3 times! I asked her where she got my number from, she rambled out another random company name and then hung up on me. Very Rude! Don't bother answering. Block straight away.

Anonym2017-07-28 15:27:11

Didn't answer, no message left. Tried to call back but wouldn't connect

Anonym2017-07-28 02:15:37

I didn't answer they left no message

Anonym2017-07-20 15:03:31

Received calls from this number several times a day when I finally picked up it was an Asian man saying I have outstanding debts. Hung up and blocked the number.

Anonym2017-07-15 20:06:37

These people have now called me twice claiming to be CAB they soon hang up if you say you haven't got any debt. this number is now blocked.

Anonym2017-06-27 08:17:05

Rang asking to speak to ( gave me my name) and when i asked what for he hung up ... sounded Asian.

Anonym2017-06-25 19:07:30

Blocked now didn’t answer it after seeing comments on here

Anonym2017-06-15 16:44:13

Didn't answer didn't answer

Anonym2017-06-10 20:15:50

Asian caller asked for me by my first name, and said they were from Credit Information when I asked who was calling. I asked him where he got my number from, and told him not to call again. Then hung up.

Anonym2017-06-06 19:52:10

arrogant man on the phone wouldn't stop calling was 12 times today. He was calling me an id**t and also a slut because I told him the phone wasn't my husbands. Eventually I let it go to loud speaker and after the 3rd time on loud speaker he didn't call back.

Anonym2017-05-23 13:40:43

Have received several calls from number - Never answered call ? They never leave a voicemail and if you try to call number back you are the one blocked ? not a good call so suggest you block number if they try you .

Anonym2017-05-16 11:59:09

Indian scammer claiming to be from citizens advice. just go along with it but dont give any details all they have is your name and phone number. i said why are you calling from a mobile he said its not when i said it clearly is and he said you cant call this number back and i said you have incoming calls blocked then he hung up. honestly dont know who would fall for this stuff.

Anonym2017-05-12 22:13:15

An Asian man claiming to be from citizens advice... calling about my credit file. Obviously, a scam... put the phone down.

Anonym2017-05-02 11:49:22

Had a call today saying they were from the Credit Information Dept regulated by the FCA - suspected scam and confirmed once I read the feedback on this site. Number now blocked too!!

Anonym2017-04-22 05:39:10

Saying he was from CAB asking about my debt etc. Stay away from number

Anonym2017-04-16 11:33:44

Received a call from 07935698494, didn't pick up. Thanks for the comments, will definitely block it.

Anonym2017-04-12 18:14:58

They called yesterday on a different number whichbi blocked when I realised it was a scam. They've called today now on this number. I've yet to actually speak to them but if they call a third time I will lose my patience

Anonym2017-04-12 07:31:04

?07935 698494? - id**ts pretending to be the Consumer Credit Advice Bureau. A company based in Bolton that dissolved in 2012. These people are scammers. Hang up, take note of the number and report it to your network provider, then block it.

Anonym2017-04-11 05:54:30

Called me twice now claiming to be citizens advice. Saying I had outstanding debts firstcall was a man heavy Indian accent, second time woman heavy Indian accent. Both hung up as soon as I denied any debts.

Anonym2017-04-04 08:01:03

Not answered as I came straight to this site to check the number as it is unknown to me. Thank goodness for all the people who have reported this number as a scammer and they have been blocked

Anonym2017-04-02 10:08:23

Same as everyone else. Indian guy claiming to be from citizens advice. Told him i wasn't up to being scammed. Hung up and blocked number

Anonym2017-03-26 17:17:40

They called twice say from talk talk. Ask for my name, when I said he should know my name if he was from talk talk. He didn’t went on about data protection. I would not give him my details he rang off and called again x2

Anonym2017-03-22 23:28:24

Had a call off this number said his name was Robert from the crime investigation unit . Said u wasn't untreated and hung up.

Anonym2017-03-22 07:05:03

Indian guy said I was in lots of debt - worrying thing he knew my name and address!!! How do they get my personal info? Quite worrying- I made out that it was a wrong number he called - not giid

Anonym2017-03-18 00:02:22

SCAM!!! English guy called my name and said my name is in Govt Debt list and offer free advisory service

Anonym2017-03-10 19:23:48

Just got a call from the above number. Didn't answer as I don't answer unknown numbers.

Anonym2017-03-03 20:53:12

woman rang with foreign accent saying she was ringing from "capital" and they have information that I owe debts I told her to get lost! And but the phone down immediately - Again I feel sorry for the vulnerable people in our society who might be taken in by these dreadful liars!

Anonym2017-03-02 19:44:23

they just phoned me and hung up this is the fith time

Anonym2017-02-24 06:16:14

Tried calling me - they hang up because I challenge him - told him CAB don't ring - who told you I am in Debt? also when he said he can clear my debt ask him things like how that will affect credit rating lol

Anonym2017-02-21 05:36:23

Citizen advice. I hung up

Anonym2017-02-19 03:30:12

bad and I hate them

Anonym2017-02-11 00:53:51

didn't answer but looking at the reports just for today , will be blocking

Anonym2017-02-08 01:17:56

Guy with an accent claiming he worked for the County Court. After asking him to clarify who he was on two occasions, he then decided to abuse me by asking me if I was a f-ing id**t before ending the call! My wife had also been contacted 2 hours earlier, we think by the same guy as we never receive hoax calls as a rule and his verbal presentation was similar. He knew her name, address, post code, but also basic information about our bank and that he was calling from the bank. She was immediately suspicious and ended the call, so be warned folks, he may also fish for personal info in other ways.

Anonym2017-02-05 10:15:04

Asian guy called said I had to outstanding debts I told him he had the wrong number he said you are f**king with me before hanging up the phone

Anonym2017-02-01 20:16:38

asian guy said he wasnt a scam after i was straight onto them - government needs to take much stronger action on these ass holes

Anonym2017-01-11 09:56:01

Saying they were from CAB saying I had best- I don’t. They swiftly said ok and hung up. Number blocked.

Anonym2017-01-03 08:07:25

This number calls me regular. When I answer there is no reply.have messaged to ask who is calling but got no reply.

Anonym2016-12-25 23:25:49

Asaian gentlemen asked by my first name, said he was from credit investigation. When aked which one he said Manchester then when queried again he told me to F///k off ! and hung up. CONMAN Beware.

Anonym2016-12-23 09:49:36

I didn't answer this call as my phone identified it as harassment. Have blocked it.

Anonym2016-12-11 05:40:11


Anonym2016-12-09 21:29:21

Claimed he had a file of unsecured debts in front of him and kept saying "right?" Waiting for me to say yes. I don't have any unsecured debts so I kept saying no. I asked him what exactly does he have in front of him . He hung up. Blocked.

Anonym2016-12-06 06:20:51

Woman with Indian/eastern accent claiming to be from citizens advice bla bla, she knew my name but I didn't confirm it, I just said I hadn't time to speak and hung up, how do they know my name?

Anonym2016-12-05 22:27:24

government dept ? re writing off debts

Anonym2016-11-30 23:26:08

One of many now calling off mobile numbers saying they are from cab- obvious scam

Anonym2016-11-25 19:09:35

He just called me too and I decided to enter his number on Google but when I saw this, I didn't answer. Someone is gonna be getting blocked now!

Anonym2016-11-23 09:47:54

Another call from David/Frank/Gupta/Singh or whatever name he is calling himself. Apparently after the car crash I was involved in, my insurers were not going to pay out for the damages I incurred. I told him I was in hospital on the day I was supposed to have been in an RTA, also that I don't yet drive. I don't have a car. He hung up on me. How rude!!! hahaha

Anonym2016-11-18 23:10:49

This guy called yesterday and this morning, he said my name and said I was in debt. I shouted GO AWAY, JUST GO AWAY really loud and he told me to f*** **f. I have blocked this number

Anonym2016-10-28 15:03:01

07935698494 Mobile 05 Oct 2107 Phone call from this number miss represented as Citizen Advice Used foul and abusive language when challenged. 07935698494

Anonym2016-10-27 18:42:03

Had a call from that number, Asian stating he was calling from Citizens Advice and said he knew I had debt and wanted to help. I told him I didn't owe anyone a single penny (which is true) . I then wasted some more of his time and offered to lend him some money, all I needed was a few details from him so that I could do a credit check on him .. Kept him going for a little while longer before he hung up..

Anonym2016-10-27 04:55:55

Twice already today ! first Indian accent man , 2nd Indian accent women both saying citizens advise debt help when I said I have no debt I was told to shut up !

Anonym2016-10-10 18:22:36

Keeps calling, thanks to this feed I've blocked.

Anonym2016-10-02 06:33:01

Blocked after checking on here. Thank you!

Anonym2016-09-30 21:00:21

A scammer

Anonym2016-09-24 13:24:22

Came up on my phone as scam or fraud so gave me the option to block

Anonym2016-09-13 08:44:05

Tried to pretend they were a credit investigation department, when challenged they hung up I feel there is some serious attempted fraudulent activity going on with this lot - Have now blocked the caller

Anonym2016-08-17 09:24:25

this number called and threatened to send someone round to m,y house at 6pm this evening.

Anonym2016-08-07 02:36:23


Anonym2016-08-05 18:47:04


Anonym2016-07-31 10:14:04

This number called me today. I don't answer calls from mobile numbers that are not on my contacts list so cut off. If the call had been genuine they'd have sent a text.

Anonym2016-07-18 06:10:44

Just took a call from this number on my teenager’s mobile. Foreign sounding caller claiming to be from Citizen’s Advice Bureau and could help clear my debts. Told him he’d called a child’s phone and there was no way he cpild have any debts so he should just f*** off! Number has now been blocked!

Anonym2016-07-13 15:20:30

Scam do not answer

Anonym2016-07-05 13:57:39

I was called and a male Asian guy called "Vladamir" said there were outstanding debts against my name. I laughed said No there aren't and hung up. Have warned as many people as I can. Do not give them any details...obviously a scam call.

Anonym2016-06-20 11:13:45

Idiot, just now somebody called Mike if this his real name , phoned me telling that he was calling from Credit Investigation Department, and when I asked again if was calling on the behalf of who, he hanged up calling id**t, Well he is an id**t and he din't scam me today.

Anonym2016-06-16 23:41:53

07935698494- criminal gang, do not answer, liars and cheats

Anonym2016-06-03 13:30:32

Phoned me twice, 1st time it was from CAB telling me I was in debt, asked were he got my number from and he said the "police". Told him I was going to the police so he hung up. Got another this morn & was told it was a credit agency. I questioned why they were using a mobile number to call people the stupid woman said she wasn't & demanded that I listen to her. When I said I had the number & was contacting the police she hung up. It says it's on an O2 number so will be contacting them and ask g why it's not been disconnected

Anonym2016-05-28 22:40:59

Called and silence

Anonym2016-05-28 17:25:41

Got a call this morning and answered it but it cut off straight away. Checked the number and read all the feedback so the number is now blocked.

Anonym2016-05-21 06:57:05

re 07935698494 0n the 20th Oct 2017 they tried 078999666495 I did not answer. I bought a mobile number on Ebay I never use this number its a Lebara sim card sold buy an ebay sim dealer. Who is 100% up to no good. re ppi robinsonway and child support. etc Its a pity the law of Uk fails to make it a crime.

Anonym2016-05-21 03:50:47

Dunno how but called my ma when i was in school and ask for my name dont know how but he knew my name

Anonym2016-05-19 08:52:42

Indian voice said from credit investigation I put phone down straight away and blocked the number

Anonym2016-05-18 10:13:01

Despite already being told not to call me again.....up pops this number in my missed call list!!!!!

Anonym2016-05-13 10:34:32

When I answered the person at the other end of the phone said they from citizen advice bureau and they were a free government scheme that was offering free advice at no cost .when I said could you email me the information so I know what company it’s was from and they could not supply me with information dodgy scam company do not give details to these people they are trying to rip you off

Anonym2016-05-13 06:19:22

Someone called Robert called from some debt management agency. He said he was aware I was paying back some debts on a monthly basis which said that wasn't correct (I don't have any debts) and he hung up soon after. Phony.

Anonym2016-04-30 03:24:10

I am blocked this numbers

Anonym2016-04-29 23:40:52

Some guy who sounds Oriental saying I have outstanding debt, etc. This is the SAME day I got a text message from HS-BC (Seriously, this is how the text came to me.) saying to click on a link was my account has been compromised. Except, I do not bank with HSBC... I asked him what the call was about, as he had 5 seconds to tell me. He cursed at me and hung up. BLOCKED!

Anonym2016-04-27 21:45:12

An Asian person saying he had information from CAB that I have a debt, which I do not have. They have rung on four occasions even though I have told them to remove my number and stop calling. I have now blocked the number

Anonym2016-04-23 01:22:46

I received a call Re credit investigation when I didn't invite further conversation the male proceeds to talk in a lude & vulgar s**iest speal...AVOID THIS CALLER AT ALL COSTS

Anonym2016-04-22 21:41:11

rang my mobile 18.10.17 checked on here thanx glad i dont answer strange numbers...blocked!!

Anonym2016-04-12 20:54:00

07935 698494 Called me today. Knew my name and address. Asian accent. Said I was in massive debt and he was from cab . Starting getting s**ual . Very creepy

Anonym2016-04-01 22:39:46

07935698494- very rude keeper saying mother f**ker down the phone couldn't understand anything else keep changing from a man to a woman very rude don't answer

Anonym2016-03-30 13:46:38


Anonym2016-03-26 14:43:09

Called me again today from this mobile number! Thanks for posting info, now blocked!

Anonym2016-03-18 14:00:46

Called me, advised he was from Citizens Advice Bureau and that I had debt outstanding. I queried why CAB were calling from a mobile number, he started asking why I was wasting HIS time!!! I asked for his full name and the office he was calling from he gave me ''mike'' When questioned further he said bye and hung up. Becareful

Anonym2016-03-07 18:49:21

Gentleman with an indian accent, said his name was Sam Williams calling from the Citizen Advice Bureau. Mentioned some debts that I reportedly have (I don't have any). Advised him his information was incorrect and asked him to remove my phone number from the mailing / calling list (he called my mobile and asked for me by name). He then hung up. My phone was registered well over a year ago with the telephone preference scheme. He wasn't rude as such (except perhaps for not saying thank you / sorry / good bye!), but it makes me wonder where they got my contact details from, and whether this was legal. I suspect not as it's an emergency bat-phone that I keep on all the time, and only give the number out very selectively.

Anonym2016-03-03 21:47:50

Scam told I had debts but I have none so hung up..... be careful

Anonym2016-02-18 17:43:23

An Asian guy called and said he was calling from the Citizens Advice, telling me that I was going to be in debt for 10 years. I have just gone through a DRO and he said he was going to cancel it. He was very aggressive and then hung up on me.

Anonym2016-02-17 06:17:10

indian man from citizen advice said i was in debt,i said that he should not have my information as its covered under data protection act .oops he rang off.

Anonym2016-02-13 14:05:50

a scammer

Anonym2016-02-06 12:00:23

South African guy called from Best Finance, claimed I had debts, told him I didn't and take my details from the database. He then proceeded to tell me to "be a f****** lady and hang up, you b******"... Great customer sevice BLOCKED

Anonym2016-01-25 04:55:29

I've had three mobile numbers call me recently and when I google them they all point to an Asian guy from Citizens advice. I haven't answered any because I don't recognise the number. Each time I have blocked it and then a different number calls.

Anonym2016-01-24 15:57:00

Had a call of an Asian man. Telling me I was in debt. I told him I had no debts he then called me a liar and hung up. Blocked the number. Obviously a scam!

Anonym2016-01-24 10:36:21

Cold calling, pretending to be CAB.

Anonym2016-01-22 02:34:40

Called today; didn't answer, checked this site - just as well! He's a busy boy!!

Anonym2016-01-11 19:55:57

Something about unsecured debt, loans and credit cards.

Anonym2016-01-03 23:35:49

I answered my mobile when this number called. The guy who asked for me by name sounded as if he came from the Far East. I am him who he was and his reply was that he was from the criminal investigation department. I told him to stop wasting my time ended the call and blocked the number.

Anonym2015-12-30 01:10:16

someone telling me they were from Citizens advice. Using my first name and telling me I had unsecured debts ( I don't) told him if I do that they are my business. Quite rude but intent on using my first name and insisting on telling me that the government were backing this scheme. Number blocked. Easily a scam and I know for a fact that CAB do not cold call!!!

Anonym2015-12-06 08:58:00

Said he was from the government debt collecting department of the Citizens Advice Bureau... I pointed out that the CAB is a charity not a debt collectors and asked him where he got my information from and he got agressive and started shouting abuse and swearing at me down the phone, I hung up and blocked the number.

Anonym2015-11-30 13:44:20

Asian guy said he was from citizen advice and that he could write off 75% of my debts when I said I didn’t have any he said he knew I did I hung up

Anonym2015-11-29 04:40:24

this person called claim to be part of the government he swore down the phone when i did not want to speak with him , his parents must be so so proud that they brought a l cheat and thief and liar into this world bless

Anonym2015-11-28 15:59:13

Asian man telling me he was from a credit company. Didn't get any further than that. He knew my name but I told him he had the wrong number. Hung up and blocked.

Anonym2015-11-08 14:26:30

'Mark' rang and asked if I had any credit cards or loans outstanding. Told him that I don't talk about financial matters over the phone.

Anonym2015-10-27 23:05:09

Received call from this number at 8pm claiming to be credit investigation team and asking for me. Then hung up. This is scam but why the UK mobile number?

Anonym2015-10-15 17:14:01

Have received a number of calls that I missed then received a call from an indian accented man. He mentioned depts. and some sort or dept recovery. I told him I have no depts. and he put the phone down on me.

Anonym2015-10-03 07:18:27

the caller name is Anda Mancrsteris and he states it is a credit investigation and that you have unsecured debts, to which I told him I am a debt counsellor and for some strange reason he hung up !

Anonym2015-09-22 02:44:54

Keep calling. Pain in the backside. Blocked now!

Anonym2015-09-21 07:23:59

this number rang me. when I answered they knocked the phone off. now blocked

Anonym2015-09-19 05:09:27

Rude and very aggressive. Scam.

Anonym2015-09-18 20:54:36

had a phone called from an asian man who told me to f*** off! awful. this company should be banned.

Anonym2015-09-08 00:56:35

Disgusting, starts off with the sweet talk, I cut in and asks "what's this call regarding because I'm in a rush" he then snaps and says "will you let me speak... actually, you've ruined my mood now you f**king id**t, f**k off" and then he hung up. Don't be fooled, this guy is out to scam you, he'll act like your friend until he feels he's been figured out.

Anonym2015-08-27 12:02:21

if they you forward there number on to the police , there s*cm liars these type off people should be put down at birth (ANGRY )

Anonym2015-08-27 11:42:30

Just called and hang up....

Anonym2015-08-24 10:29:55

Some fresh Indian man called me saying I had debts that I needed to pay back and he could manage it for me. I said I had never heard of his company and he told me to f**k off and locked off on me. When I tried calling back, it wouldn't ring because he had blocked me immediately.

Anonym2015-08-20 03:11:38

Just had the same Indian chap call who everyone else seems to get. Wanted to discuss my credit rating and tried to imply he was working for Government! Now blocked.

Anonym2015-08-13 01:46:11

07935 698494 Asked for me by name, said he was calling from Citizens Advice, told me that I had debts and he wanted to help, I told him I didn't have any debts and he has the incorrect information, he then got abusive and told me that the bailiffs will come knocking at my door if I don't speak to him, I told him to let them come knocking I don't care, he then hung up!!

Anonym2015-08-13 01:10:13

Very rude Asian man asking for MICHEAL no one here by that name.

Anonym2015-08-07 18:08:25

Multiple calls then when I answer they hang up

Anonym2015-07-26 13:43:11

Have had repeated calls from both this number and the one ending in 91. On the 91 number they hung up when I answered.This number also called me on the 6th, but I rejected the call. Today the guy made a common mispronunciation of my name (he had thick Indian accent too) so I told him he had the wrong number and hung up. Number blocked now as it seems very suspicious having read other comments here. I am on telephone preference service, so nothing good would come out of a call like this. I have no debt and my bank does not make contact via phone. I have no debt or credit issues, never had PPI, so nobody has any business calling me for reasons cited by others here. Hence marking the call as DANGEROUS.

Anonym2015-07-11 18:41:15

No message left, rang back, call terminated, obviously time wasters

Anonym2015-07-11 07:21:44

Said he was from Citizens advice dept. Not Bureau as it should have been. obviously a scam. Hung up. Blocked the number

Anonym2015-07-06 00:47:39

Said hello many times, no matter one talked to me. Thanks guys for your comments. Blocked now

Anonym2015-07-05 03:47:38

Verry rude man telling me I had debts. He said he had a file on me, I told him to send it back and he told me TO GET LOST and hung up.

Anonym2015-07-02 13:22:06

A man called me, sounding overly friendly, claiming to be from Citizens Advice asking me about debt. I know I do not have any debt and ended the phone call straight away. BE WARNED.

Anonym2015-06-30 00:28:22

Man with a heavy accent claiming to be from a debt agency - challenged him as to where he got my details and he became short-tempered. Hung up. Do the same!

Anonym2015-06-19 19:34:16

Answered but they hung up straight away, read this only so tried to text the number to get a response but won't send, the guy is probably just checking if people answer to sell 'active' numbers and to marketing companies. People like this are why we get so many nuesience calls

Anonym2015-06-11 02:06:46

They are trying to get you to say the word 'Yes'. he asks many questions and it appears he cannot hang up until you have said that word. They use that recording of you saying yes for something bad.

Anonym2015-06-07 09:47:35

Strongly accented man claimed to be from a Debt Relief company and that I had debts and was only making minimum payments. Claimed he got my information from the government. I advised that no one is authorised to give my details out and I would take legal action against anyone doing so. He stated he would take out legal action against me for my debts (don't have any!!!) Told him to remove my details from his list. He kept wanting to tell me that I was in trouble and needed his help. I advised I was not willing to continue the conversation and hung up on him.

Anonym2015-05-11 22:34:09

Very glad I didn't answer after reading the comments. Now blocked!

Anonym2015-05-10 00:55:33

called everyday but no sound

Anonym2015-05-06 07:18:44

Very rude gentleman when I asked him what he was calling about and that he could leave a message, told me to "put the phone down id**t" so you can imagine what I told him!!!

Anonym2015-05-06 04:25:13

I had a phone call from this number from someone claiming to be from the Citizens Advice. I told him he was not as I have never been to the Citizens Advice, and he said that I had the wrong end of the stick! I just kept repeating that he was not from the Citizens Advice and he eventually hung up.

Anonym2015-05-01 15:10:38

Called me today on this number, after already blocking them from two different numbers based on information from this site

Anonym2015-04-30 11:14:29

Keeps calling multiple times a day, annoying scammers

Anonym2015-04-22 08:16:29

Knew my name. I asked who was calling rather than confirming, and he hung up. Clearly s scam call who didn't like me not taking the initial hook.

Anonym2015-04-18 18:01:35

This guy called and wanted to speak to my daughter he said her name he said he was calling from credit investigation team.. She has no credit cards she goes to school. so he was rude and said its me and I'm lying and called me a Pakistani an hung up.

Anonym2015-04-18 14:35:07

CAB - ringing on a mobile number, talking about debts???? I think not!!!!!! Blocked. Although it seems pointless to do so, as they are constantly ringing me on different numbers.

Anonym2015-04-15 21:52:30

Just called, didnt say a word but looking at these reviews instant block

Anonym2015-04-12 10:58:45

Asian man called , saying from CAB & that I had debt problems !! Told him that he was lying ,as I haven't !! He hung up !

Anonym2015-04-04 03:49:48

Called three times in the past 2 days; answered today: a man with an asian accent told me he was from the liability department; I asked 'the liability department of which company and he told me 'Debt Advice' - I said that didn't sound like a company name - what's the company number? When he started to give me a Manchester phone number I told him I meant the company's registered number, as Debt Advice doesn't sound like a real company name. He hung up. Usually I get calls like this after I've used a price comparison site. Lo - I logged in to Compare The Market 2 days ago....... Compare The Market refuse to take any responsibility for bogus companies accessing their member data.

Anonym2015-04-03 10:22:08

Called today, when I called the number back to ask who it was hung up.

Anonym2015-03-15 00:13:03


Anonym2015-03-09 07:01:31

I answered they put phone down I tried calling back got C button. Now blocked

Anonym2015-02-27 12:45:01

Missed call 07935698494

Anonym2015-02-24 07:21:41

6 phone calls in 4 days to my mobile no. When I answer, it cuts off. I rang the number back and it disconnects, as though the number doesn't exist. Registers on phone as 07935 & +447935. Now named as Scam on my phone list after reading what everyone else has written. Block block block !!!!!!!!

Anonym2015-02-04 02:21:57

Scammers I think

Anonym2015-01-31 12:51:15

Called allegedly from citizens advice bureau, saying they have been advised i have lots of debt which i am paying off monthly. This is incorrect, when i told her and asked her where she got my number from she hung up.

Anonym2015-01-28 22:25:26

The person said they were calling from the Citizens Advice bureau & said they have legal documentation stating I have unsecured debt & was this correct. When I said no that's absolute crap, the person said f*** off then & hung up!

Anonym2015-01-26 10:57:22

Indian man very rude claiming to be from Citizens advise I told him it’s a school boy error to Claim to be such a big company calling off a mobile and if he is legit to read me my full name address and date of birth. Funny seemed he ran out of signal :)

Anonym2015-01-14 23:52:53

Claimed he was from citizens advice.. On a mobile number. When I told him I didn't have any credit card debt he started getting really aggravated. I told him he was wrong and it take my records off file and don't call me again and blocked. Don't answer this one guys.

Anonym2015-01-07 20:50:09

This guy called and wanted to speak to my daughter he said her name he said he was calling from credit investigation team.. She has no credit cards she goes to school so u so he was rude and said its me and I'm lying and called me a Pakistani an hung up

Anonym2015-01-06 15:38:35

I get called at least 10 times a week asking for Lily Clarke, when I say there is nobody here by that name they hang up. The thing is I then get called by various different numbers asking for the same person.

Anonym2015-01-01 03:49:11

Called but didn’t leave message. Similar calls yesterday from similar number. Both Blocked!

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