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Who called me 08000522162

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Phone number: 08000522162
Country: UK
State: Unknown
Kind of number: Unknown
Operator: Unknown
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Comments for the number 08000522162

anonym2019-05-04 11:22:32

calling me everyday then when i answer it close

anonym2019-05-04 11:22:32

Recording was something about my credit card and reducing interest rate. Did not specify a name. Said eligibility was up today and press 1 to continue. I hung up. All my credit cards are handled by mail or online and they would not have called me unless there was suspected fraud. They probably would have asked for personal information.

anonym2019-05-04 11:22:32

This number that called me stating they were calling from a police department stating I owed the IRS 2500$ . saying if I don't pay it today that I would be dealing with federal court .

anonym2019-05-04 11:22:32

This number rang me today stating I had not paid my credit card and was in debt, when I asked sarcastically if they would like my bank details they put the phone down,

anonym2019-05-04 11:22:32

Bogus solicitors (accident claims) when you sonny want to proceed they say you have to pay cancellation fees or be taken to court

anonym2019-05-04 11:22:32

Someone is call me from this number

anonym2019-05-04 11:22:32

Keep calling. Map says they are walking, near my house. I need a name, location

anonym2019-05-04 11:22:32

I don't know more about this no. But owner not telling any thing just moving his mouth

anonym2019-05-04 11:22:32

Scammers from Pakistan. Number is spoofed.Originates outside of the US. Don't try to call back, dead end!

anonym2019-05-04 11:22:32

Has called me a couple of times. Each time I quickly cut the male caller off, saying I don't own the home in which I live, but rather rent. Apologises and hangs up.

Anonym2019-02-02 20:45:27

It IS Virgin Media. You haven't paid your bill. No scam, it's them calling for payment.

Anonym2019-01-31 18:27:31

Virgin media https://community.virginmedia.com/t5/Forum-Archive/0800-052-2160-Is-this-a-valid-Virgin-Number/td-p/2850020

Anonym2019-01-15 16:47:11

Sales virgin media annoying

Anonym2019-01-04 04:31:44

Virgin Media Collections. Pass word details asked by random letter only. Genuine.

Anonym2018-11-17 21:39:18

Don't trust this number they ask for password details almost straight away and how much I pay a month!Claim they from Virgin as I am a Virgin customer they would surely know this!

Anonym2018-10-25 16:13:24

They wanted my password when I asked why they said they could,nt tell me because of data protection. I hung up

Anonym2018-10-12 07:06:22

Customer service for Virgin. Either called when you owe a bill or when your contract is ending

Anonym2018-09-22 18:18:06

Virgin scammers

Anonym2018-09-21 21:23:25

Could you stop colling? As I don't want your service...otherwise I will follow the legal procedure for the scam.

Anonym2018-08-24 21:48:10

Constantly hassling me with rubbish about my virgin account. I no longer have virgin account as i transferred number to another network. When caller was told this he became rude and abusive

Anonym2018-06-18 14:03:15

Keep saying stacey gave us this number told them over and over again never had a virgin account dnt know a stacey but still phone 4 times a weekso i've just marked on phn id as dnt answer !!!

Anonym2018-06-11 16:45:14

I pay my bills, they phone me every day. Ask me for my password etc, I don’t give it. Told them to stop phoning me!

Anonym2018-04-27 15:04:01

It’s Virgin Media

Anonym2018-04-25 15:59:11

Suposedly Virgin media .Rang my phone early in the morning. Answered the phone and they hung up......?! Really fed up with it.... work shifts sovery inconvenient. ..

Anonym2018-03-13 11:16:56

 Owner: Not virgin

Anonym2018-01-14 09:04:34

It's Virgin mobile collections team!!!

Anonym2018-01-04 17:59:48

Keep calling, definitely not virgin as they have a different number, however the numbers are similar. Think it may be a scam so I advise you not to answer.

Anonym2017-12-22 11:32:11

Ive had phone calls from this number. Said they were from virgin mobile. I DONT owe VM any money. He asked for 3 letters from my password. No way! have blocked them

Anonym2017-12-16 00:54:10

They called me but I missed it and I don't like being called by someone and not know who they are.

Anonym2017-12-02 01:14:53

I have been called by this number twice this week. They said they were calling from Virgin asked for my password and proceeded to tell me they were calling cause my account was up to date and they wanted to check I was still happy with my dd date and rattled off my mobile number they were calling me on which is no longer with virgin as I transferred it 6 months months ago. Very strange to

Anonym2017-11-11 20:13:19

Virgin mobile I just rang back the number and it is the real virgin mobile it is the collection department.

Anonym2017-11-08 09:55:15

So is this virgin or not lol not that I care

Anonym2017-10-02 11:35:58

Keeps ringing me but when I answer they hang up!!

Anonym2017-09-23 10:28:27

It is virgin. Stop being paranoid, they ask for your security information to ensure they are speaking to the right person as per the data protection act. If you don't want this number calling you then pay your bill.

Anonym2017-09-21 20:13:29

Is this virgin ???

Anonym2017-09-15 03:15:41

They Called and ask for my password straight away which i thought a bit odd ' as iam no longer a customer

Anonym2017-06-21 17:43:27

Ofcom fines EE £6.3m and Virgin Media £7m for breaking consumer protection rules Both levied excessive charges to customers who ended their contracts early Ofcom has today fined EE and Virgin Media a combined total of £13.3m for overcharging phone and broadband customers who wished to leave their contracts early. The penalties are the result of investigations into EE’s and Virgin Media’s early-exit charges.

Anonym2017-05-10 14:11:31

I was just called by this number

Anonym2017-04-01 19:36:23

Random calls all the time

Anonym2017-03-02 12:19:32

They call me every day 3or 4times!!! &just now, bank holiday! I put their number at my harassment filter but even if i never picked a call since they started to call (months ago)they still calling me!! If it's virgin, i never been with them!!! Total parasites!!!

Anonym2017-02-27 06:01:45

All of you bastards saying it is virgin... you belong to them scammers of course you f***ing c***s. this is not virgin people this is not virgin are you idiots?!?!?!

Anonym2017-02-06 07:53:42

Constantly hassling me with rubbish about my virgin account. I no longer have virgin account as i transferred number to a mother network. When caller was told this he became rude and abusive

Anonym2017-01-26 00:19:55

I don't have a contract with virgin, they still keep ringing.

Anonym2017-01-19 09:24:18

There is something fishy.... If Virgin admin acknowlwdge this number they must address the reservations mentioned at this forum. I also faced suspicious behaviour from the person who called me from this number

Download the full report for the number 08000522162 SHOW

Comments to other numbers:

anonym - about number: 01315614532

rang me at 2am when I rang back it said number invalid rang me again today at 11.30am man answered said hello twice I asked who it was so he hung up I rang straight back number invalid again?

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Right pain, tries every couple of days, blocked.

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what to know if this is scam number for Ontario safety standard for carbon filter rental agreement

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This number has called me twice, the first time they tried to convince me there was something wrong with my computer after a minute of me questioning him and asking what I needed to do to assist him I think he realised I was being sarcastic he said 'mam what you need to do is take my F***ing dick and shove it up your f***ing arse,.... Months later he's just called me again and you can gues what I said 'I QUOTE'!! I think he hung up .........

anonym - about number: 03332004455

got a job interview.......bt dnt know the time & place.........need to know asap

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Called a few times , don't know who's number it is

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i need to know

anonym - about number: 01183040465

Number calls work place and family members threatening to serve papers. Called and was hung up on for asking questions. People there are awful.

anonym - about number: 02078553116

Automated text to speech service, claiming to represent the Canadian Revenue Agency, requesting call back at this number. Calling service states nature of call is urgent and time sensitive, and warns of severe consequences if call is not returned quickly. CRA does not call individuals by phone; flag and ignore!